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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1061


Chapter 1061: Chapter 1061: Exploring the Tungsten Alloy Deposit

Chapter 1061: Exploring the Tungsten Alloy Deposit Once More

All the mercenaries and merchants stared at the huge statue in shock as it had ‘grown’ from the ground. Many of them became confused.

The statue had completely replaced Jian Chen’s sculpture, but it depicted another person. It was an honest-looking middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties. He was the first captain of the Flame Mercenaries, as well as the founder, Kendall.

Jian Chen stared at the familiar face with mixed emotions as reminiscence filled his eyes. He would never forget how Kendall looked. He was like a scorching brand that had been deeply imprinted into the depths of Jian Chen’s head. He could not forget him even if he wanted, and even though so many years had passed, he could recall it before his eyes exactly like when it happened.

The statue that had ‘grown’ from the ground was created by Jian Chen using his own abilities by taking control of the earth and then modifying it match the Kendall from his memories. This was not an extravagant expenditure;as long as one was a Saint Ruler that could control earth-attributed Saint Force, it could easily be achieved.

However, Kendall’s statue was still very fragile after its creation, and it lacked a certain charm. Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes, and with a single thought, the earth-attributed energy of the world immediately began to bubble, surging in from everywhere with extremely great speed. In the end, it turned into a hazy earthen-yellow light that flowed unceasingly into the statue.

The color of the statue immediately became to change with the input of the energy. It began to whiten at a visible rate, the soft soil turning to tough stone, becoming harder and harder.

Jian Chen could control all six attributes of energy, including light and dark. He had gathered all the earth-attributed energy in a radius of a hundred kilometers, using all he had to construct Kendall’s sculpture.

You Yue, Bi Hai, and the five Saint Rulers stared unblinkingly at the statue as it became harder and harder, observing the unfamiliar face. They all knew inside that this was probably the first captain Jian Chen spoke of.

Although the statue at the center of the city which represented the glory of Flame City had completely changed, they dared not voice any objections even as high-ranking members. This was all what Jian Chen decided, and Jian Chen’s status in the mercenaries was irreplaceably high. Even Bi Lian, in charge of managing the mercenaries, could not object.

Jian Chen had basically become a god to every member of the mercenaries. He was the pillar of mental support for the entire group. A single casual sentence from him was like an edict from god himself.

More and more people gathered around Kendall’s statue, causing it to become crowded very soon. The large square became extremely packed. Most of the people were members of the Flame Mercenaries, and had come with burning rage. They wanted to brutally punished the person who destroyed Jian Chen’s statue.

However, they could not help but become doubtful when they saw Bi Lian and the Saint Rulers just floating in the air, taking no action whatsoever. They sensed that this matter did not seem as severe as they had imagined, but due to the distance and where they stood, many people could not see Jian Chen, so they failed to recognize him.

After ten whole minutes, the earth-attributed energy finally dispersed, and Kendall’s sculpture was completed.

Kendall’s sculpture was currently as tough as steel. Jian Chen had even left a large quantity of earth-attributed energy within the sculpture, causing its toughness to greatly increase. Even Heaven Saint Masters would struggle to break it.

Kendall’s statue did not radiate with any earth-shaking aura. It seemed extremely ordinary. His honest and kind-looking face was created in a life-like fashion by Jian Chen, as if Kendall was still alive.

Jian Chen stood with his arms crossed as he gazed at the statue with deep emotions. He said, “Do you all see? He was the first captain of the Flame Mercenaries. His name is Kendall, and the statue that stands in the center of the city belongs to him, not me. If there was not captain Kendall, the current Flame Mercenaries would not exist.”

Bi Lian and the others all stared at the statue with their full attention. Their expressions became mixed, and they remained speechless for quite some time as the information was just too astounding.

At the same time, the news that Jian Chen’s statue had been changed spread through the entire city like wildfire. It caused a huge commotion, causing people to discuss it everywhere and at all times.

Jian Chen stayed there for a while, before returning to the palace in Flame City. Soon after that, the news regarding Kendall as the first captain of the Flame Mercenaries was spread out as well, traveling through the entire city with lightning speed. Everyone there learned about the truth regarding this matter, as well as the identity of the person that the statue depicted.

Although many people believed it still should have been Jian Chen as a statue, they did not show any objections, let alone any dissatisfaction, since Jian Chen had personally saw it through.

Jian Chen gained an even clearer understanding regarding Flame City from Bi Lian. Everything happened smoothly;it could be said that ever since Jian Chen had returned from the sea realm and had taken back the city from the Extinguishing Alliance, the status of the Flame Mercenaries skyrocketed on the Tian Yuan Continent, allowing the mercenaries to successfully develop in an extraordinary fashion.

Also, Jian Chen learned from Bi Lian that the first few members of the mercenary group had completed their training in Walaurent City. They had all returned to Flame City and had successfully become a part of the Flame Mercenaries with the token of identification Jian Chen had given them all those years ago.

Jian Chen treated them with particular importance as they were loyal subordinates. He met with them in person. Through the years outside when they had trained on the edge of life and death, they had undergone a baptism of blood, forged an iron willpower, gained powerful battle prowess, and nurtured a spirit that did not fear death.

However, during their adventures on the Tian Yuan Continent, there were members who were lost, as well as some loyal, bold mercenaries that joined. Under the fluctuating number, there were sixty-five of them now. Each and every one of them had reached Earth Saint Master, and they all possessed battle skills. Their strength was incomparable to ordinary people.

On the other hand, the Golden Fur Tiger King cub they had obtained in Walaurent City had fallen in an intense battle before it had fully matured.

Although no one reached Heaven Saint Master out of all of them, a few slightly-talented members had reach the Fifth Cycle of Earth Saint Master. They were only an inch away from Heaven Saint Master and had grasped Heaven Tier Battle Skills.

Jian Chen had decided many years ago that he would use everything he had to nurture this group of people. As a result, he took them all into the artifact space, providing them with a quiet environment and all the resources required for cultivation, so that they would cultivate diligently to increase their strength. He even used invaluable heavenly resources of high maturity to change their constitutions.

“Jian Chen, even with the increase from the heavenly resources in their talent, they can only reach Saint Ruler at most due to innate restrictions. Some of them will even struggle to reach Saint Ruler. Is it really worth it to expend so much effort and resources in raising them?” Rui Jin found Jian Chen’s actions rather wasteful.

“Currently, the Flame Mercenaries are completely under my control. There were a few Saint Rulers who joined us, but they’re completely untrustworthy. If the Flame Mercenaries wants to become truly powerful and maintain a steady, unmovable position on the Tian Yuan Continent, it needs to possess its own powerful force. They will be that force in the future,” said Jian Chen. His decision in raising all of them was not wavered at all.

“There is no need to worry about their talent. There may be limits in what thousand-year heavenly resources can change, but ten-thousand-year heavenly resources will definitely be able to change them completely. I may not be able to pull out that many heavenly resources at such a maturity right now, but looking for them would not be difficult with my current strength. There’s also a wondrous item in the sea realm called the divine water of the world. Its effects far exceeds ten-thousand-year heavenly resources. Once I find enough of it after I proceed to the sea realm in the future, they will be able to undergo metamorphosis, making it such that their future accomplishments will reach Saint Ruler at the very least,” Jian Chen enthusiastically explained as he had planned everything out.

Rui Jin fell silent. He did not say anything more, as Jian Chen obviously had his reasons for what he did.

Allowing the elite squad of the Flame Mercenaries to settle down, Jian Chen and Rui Jin arrived in a mountain range several dozen kilometers from the city. It was the mine where they had discovered the tungsten alloy deposit.

However, the mountain range was no longer as majestic as before after so many years of mining. It was now filled with holes, and several mountains had been mined away. Several huge pits had been dug where tungsten alloy ore was more concentrated.

There was indeed an extremely great quantity of tungsten alloy ore in the deposit. Even after building the city walls for quite a large city, there was still a lot left. However, the ore was extremely pure, so the mining process was extremely difficult. Even Heaven Saint Masters would probably struggle to leave a mark if they struck with all they had, so the Flame Mercenaries stopped the mining process. They just did not possess the power to continue.

Jian Chen arrived in the center of the mine with Rui Jin, staring down like a lord looking over his citizens. Below him was a large mass of jet-black tungsten alloy ore, littered with the marks from mining and gathering.

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