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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1054


Chapter 1054: Chapter 1054: New Master of the divine Hall (Two)

“What’s happening? Why can’t I feel the suction force? Has it stopped working on me after its realized that it can’t suck away my Chaotic Force? Or has something else happened in the divine hall,” Jian Chen thought.

“So many days have already passed. I wonder how You Yue and the others are right now. Have they successfully gained control over the divine hall…”

At the same time, a woman in blue robes currently sat within a sealed room as she cultivated a thousand meters below the surface of the earth at the Huanggu clan. She was extremely pretty, possessing beauty that could outshine the moon and few could rival. She could enchant countless men.

A faint layer of water-blue light shone in the woman’s surroundings as extremely pure, water-attributed Saint Force pulsed from her body. It caused the air in the room to become moist, while droplets of water hung from the surrounding walls.

The woman was Huang Luan, currently trapped here by the ancestor of the Huanggu clan and forced to cultivate the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower.

She had already been trapped here for many years. During that time, she had always been imprisoned in that room, never to be able to leave it. She was completely cut off from the world, only able to cultivate and then cultivate some more.

She possessed the Water Spirit’s Body, while the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower was a high tiered cultivation method extremely suitable for people with Saint Force of the water attribute. As a result, the rate at which her strength increased could be described as extremely great during the years where she worked hard in the method, reaching the Sixth Cycle of Heaven Saint Master, now only an inch away from Saint Ruler.

Although her speed was far from Jian Chen or Tie Ta’s, it was equivalent to a prodigy that would only appear once every ten thousand years on the Tian Yuan Continent.

After several years, Huang Luan’s temperament had undergone a great change from before as well. The most evident part was that her pride and arrogance from before were now gone. She was becoming stronger willed, even more mature, and silent.

Suddenly, the water-blue light around Huang Luan vanished. She slowly opened her eyes and within them hid a sliver of deep hatred.

“The Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower really is wondrous. After these years of cultivating with it, most of the poison left behind by that old bastard has been purged. There’s only a small residue left, which can’t affect me. If I continue to work hard on cultivation, I’ll immediately break through that old bastard’s barrier once I reach Saint Ruler. I’ll charge out and fight him to death. Afterward, the clan should hear about the news very soon, so they’ll definitely come help save great-grandfather,” Huang Luan calculated inside as determination flooded her face.

After being trapped for so many years, she had seen through and understood a lot of things. She knew that the Huanggu clan wanted something from her since they were holding Huang Tianba as hostage, imprisoning her there and forcing her to cultivate. As a result, she had already made up her mind about the fact that she would die. The only reason why she focused on cultivation now was so that she could burst out of the room and spread the news, so that her great-grandfather could be saved.

Suddenly, a muffled rumble rang out. The door slowly opened and a simply-dressed old man slowly walked in. He was the ancestor of the Huanggu clan.

“My dear Luan’er. Why haven’t you been cultivating? You must work hard on cultivation and reach Saint Ruler as soon as possible. Once you reach Saint Ruler, I’ll let your great-grandfather go,” the ancestor smiled at Huang Luan. However, it seemed rather sinister in the dimly-lit room.

“How is my great-grandfather right now?” Huang Luan suppressed her intense hatred inside and asked in a composed fashion. She was not an opponent of the ancestor right now.

“Don’t worry. You great-grandfather is fantastic right now. I haven’t mistreated him one bit at all,” the Huanggu clan ancestor smiled as he observed Huang Luan. He sighed inside, “The Water Spirit’s Body sure can cultivate at an unbelievable speed once it finds a suitable cultivation method. I never thought that this girl would reach Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master so soon.”

The ancestor slowly made his way to Huang Luan’s side. He bit his index finger and squeezed out a droplet of blood. It hung in the air, and then he used it to draw an image with his index finger.

“What are you trying to do?” Huang Luan’s face changed slightly when she saw what the old man was doing. She fell an ill omen, and immediately began to back off cautiously.

A while later, a complicated and indecipherable inscription was drawn by the ancestor of the Huanggu clan. It glowed with a demonic red light and seemed to be filled with malevolence.

The old man looked at Huang Luan and sniggered, “My dear disciple, don’t worry. You’re master’s beloved disciple after all. Master would never harm you. Come, come to your master’s side,” the old man slowly drew closer and closer to Huang Luan.

The room was not big at all, so Huang Luan hit a wall very soon. Although the door was wide open, a barrier was present outside, so she could not flee at all. Even though she did not have an escape route, she did not show any fear at all. She knew that any attempt of resistance against the Huanggu clan ancestor, who had reached Saint Ruler many years ago, was futile. After some thought, she closed her eyes and began to silently accept this situation.

The old man arrived before Huang Luan and sinisterly smiled. He slowly guided the inscription at the tip of his finger to the region between Huang Luan’s eyebrows

As soon as the blood-red imprint came in contact with her skin, it disappeared into her head. Huang Luan suddenly began to show signs of pain, and she moaned in uncontrollable agony. She felt her head ache with extreme pain, as if her soul was being ripped apart.

The old man’s smile became even more sinister after the formation had successfully entered Huang Luan’s head.

A long while later, the pain in her head finally began to slowly recede. She stared at the old man with a rather pale face and coldly asked, “What was that before? What did you do to me?”

“This is called the Blood Servant’s Imprint. I learned it recently from an ancient scripture. The Blood Servant’s Imprint won’t cause you any harm. All it does is connect our fate. If I die, you die too.” the ancestor slowly explained as he sighed a breath of relief inside, “Now it’ll be easy. I’ve planted the imprint in the girl, so I’ll be safe even if Jian Chen or the ten protector clans come knocking on the door. I hope this girl can reach Saint Ruler a little after. Once she reaches Saint Ruler, the potential of the Water Spirit’s Body will be completely activated as well. At that time, if I absorb all her hidden potential and strength as a human cauldron, I’ll reach Saint King immediately. I might even be able to reach Saint Emperor in the future.”


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