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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1045


Chapter 1045: Chapter 1045: Saint King Killing Formation (Five)

Hei Yu shot into the sky with his origin energy machete, and he chopped at the sky with lightning speed.

A magnificent ray appeared. It shot through the sky as if it could destroy the surroundings and immediately caused the space of the formation to violently tremble. Hei Yu’s machete had not even struck the formation, yet it had suffered great disruptions and showed signs of breaking apart.

All the Saint Kings trapped in the formation stared unblinkingly at Hei Yu. Their faces burned with greed and hope. There was no one present that Hei Yu’s powerful origin energy weapon did not tempt, but none of them had the courage to try and steal it.

“He has finally personally moved. How can this mere formation stop us since he’s someone who can even go up against Saint Emperors?” All the Saint Kings who knew Hei Yu’s strength showed expression of relief. None of them believed the formation could withstand Hei Yu’s attack, as it was just too mighty. They all shivered inside just by standing to one side.

At the same time, the illusory woman’s eyes immediately lit up in the sealed room at the top of the divine hall. She said, “How can you people break through the Illusory Formation of Nine Moons I personally cast down? I may not be able to use the full strength of the formation due to the limitations of my strength, but it’s still not something Saint Emperors can break through. Even experts in the Origin realm will need to expend a great effort to break through it. Nine moons as one!” The woman formed a seal with her hands, which constantly changed before her chest. Immediately, the eight other smaller moons that floated above the sculpture fused with the first moon and completely became one.

All the people below Saint King stood blankly afar, as they watched everything unfold. To them, they had completely lost sight of the Saint Kings. An extremely huge moon stood in the previous location of the Saint Kings. It seemed extremely like the moon, illuminating the entire area with moonlight.

The moon originated from the formation, which was extremely profound. The area within the formation was an independent space that trapped all the Saint Kings.

Within the formation space, Hei Yu’s machete viciously struck the barrier of the formation. However, now that the nine moons had fused as one, the formation’s power had greatly increased. It was nowhere as weak as before, so Hei Yu’s attack on the level of Saint Emperors could only cause it to tremble gently after he struck. It stabilized very soon and did not shatter.

“This is impossible!”

All of the hopeful Saint Kings changed in expression when they witness this, as they immediately cried out. Disbelief filled all of them.

This clearly stunned Hei Yu as well. He lowered his head to look at his machete as disbelief clouded his eyes.

“The formation has suddenly become much more powerful. With its current strength, probably even Saint Emperors will struggle to break through it,” Hong Lian said from beside Jian Chen. Her eyes had already become red, as if two balls of flames burned inside. She was using a secret technique to observe the formation.

“Crap. The formation has strengthened greatly, and the energy within me is leaking out at a great speed,” someone cried out. All the Saint Kings present bathed in a thick layer of Saint Force, as their energy leaked from their bodies at a rate several dozen times faster than before. Then, their Saint Force dispersed in the surroundings. The mysterious suction force present in the formation space drew it out. Hei Yu and Hong Lian were not spared from it either. No one could stop it.

Jian Chen’s complexion also became rather horrible. Now that the suction force had grown, the Chaotic Force that he had just stabilized began to lose control again. Strands of it flowed outward uncontrollably, except it was nowhere near as fast as the Saint Force in the Saint Kings.

Strands of weak, gray energy appeared around Jian Chen. An aura of destruction filled it, which was extremely different from the energies within the other Saint Kings.

All the Saint Kings naturally detected Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force, but no one paid attention to the unique Chaotic Force, as they were struggling just for themselves.

A sliver of panic appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes. Chaotic Force was extremely difficult to replenish. He could not afford an over-consumption of Chaotic Force.

Suddenly, Jian Chen roared at the sky. His eyes shone, as he poured all his strength into controlling the Chaotic Force. It immediately stopped flowing outward under his control, and the Chaotic Force around him also began to approach him bit by bit. It eventually returned into his body in the end.

“Odd. Just what is this power? I can clearly feel the greatness of this power, but why have I never seen it before?” The illusory woman murmured in the room at the very top of the divine hall. She furrowed her brows in thought.

Suddenly, she seemed to think of something. Her eyes immediately lit up, and disbelief filled her face. She said, “I remember my father once mentioned a powerful energy called Chaotic Force. Why does the characteristics of this energy match up with the Chaotic Force my father mentioned? I- i- is this Chaotic Force…”

However, the woman suddenly shook her head. “Impossible. How can Chaotic Force appear in this world? Isn’t this a great power that only people in that world can cultivate…”


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