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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1043


Chapter 1043: Chapter 1043: Saint King Killing Formation (Three)

In a grand fashion, terrifying, surging energy erupted in the square within the divine hall. The energies from all the Saint Kings coiled together and immediately transformed into an extremely great force that flooded the surroundings. It knocked all the Saint Rulers and people below Saint Rulers far away. The Heaven Saint Masters and Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters were affected especially heavily. They all vomited blood, as they flew backward. They were all heavily injured, while the fragile Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters had suffered even worse injuries.

Jian Chen, Hei Yu, Hong Lian, Kara Lot, Kazda Jianxiong, and the great elder of the protector Changyang clan gathered together. They all knew You Yue and Jian Chen’s relationship, so they all worked together without explicit communication to create an energy barrier around You Yue and Kara Liwei, which prevented the two of them from being harmed in any way.

“This should be a method fairy Hao Yue left behind to deal with Saint Kings in particular. Get the two of them far away from us first, so that we can move without worry. Otherwise, it’ll be very hard for us to take care of them once we come across true danger,” growled the great elder of the Changyang clan.

“Brother Jian Chen, what do you think?” Kara Lot looked toward Jian Chen.

“Sure.” Jian Chen hesitated slightly, before directly striking the protective barrier around You Yue and Kara Liwei. He knocked the two of them far away.

“The killing intent here is rapidly becoming stronger. If it continues like this, probably even Saint Kings at Great Perfection will struggle to resist it…”

“This killing intent is odd. It’s not purely killing intent. There seems to be something else within it. Once it invades our bodies, it’ll wreak havoc like maggots in the bone.”

“Let’s advance faster and pass through this region…”

Everyone called out. Afterward, they all used their surrounding Saint Force to resist the invasion of the killing intent. They continued toward the depths of the divine hall step by step. However, the deeper they traveled, the denser the killing intent became. Some First Heavenly Layer Saint Kings even began to struggle with resisting the killing intent.

Jian Chen did not emit energy like the everyone else. He created a protective barrier on the surface on his body to resist the killing intent and expanded the Chaotic Force within him to fill every inch. He completely utilized the advantages of the Chaotic Body, which made resistance even easier. The weird killing intent permeating the divine hall could not break through his body’s defenses at all.

Jian Chen looked around at the others, and a sliver of suspicion appeared on his face. Even Saint Kings found it rather difficult to resist this killing intent, let alone Saint Rulers. If Saint Rulers had entered this region, they would definitely fail to resist the invasion of the killing intent and die. They would not be able to pass through the place, so why did fairy Hao Yue leave such a warning on the tablet?

“Perhaps fairy Hao Yue just didn’t want the divine hall she spent so much effort into crafting to fall into the hands of others, which was why she cast down this killing formation here to prevent the entry of Saint Kings and Saint Emperors? And that it’s not that those below Saint King can enter the divine hall safely, but their strength is just too weak, so they do not catch the fairy’s attention? Maybe that was why she did not explain it on the tablet?” Jian Chen analyzed inside. He already began to doubt whether everyone had misinterpreted the tablet. If the killing formation did not affect those below Saint King, why would he be faced with the attacks of such a powerful killing intent? After all, his comprehension remained at the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler. Only his prowess in battle reached the level of Saint Kings.

At this moment, a barrier silently appeared. It was extremely large and not a normal white. Instead, it was a silvery moonlight condensed from Moonlight Force. It filled the entire hall and enveloped Jian Chen’s group as well as the Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Masters behind.

Moonlight Force immediately began to surge within the barrier. It condensed into countless sword Qi that fell like rain that traveled toward all the people within the area with unbelievable speed. This included the Saint Rulers, Heaven Saint Masters, and Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters.

With this, You Yue, Kara Liwei, and the other experts all changed drastically in expression. Despair filled the eyes of many people. This was an ability from a formation a Saint Emperor cast down, so its strength was self-evident. How could they resist it?

“Crap!” Jian Chen’s expression changed drastically. He used the Illusory Flash and shot toward You Yue at his greatest speed. At the same time, the saint artifact shot out from the center of his eyebrows and transformed into a huge golden tower in the blink of an eye. It shot toward You Yue and wanted to approach her. Then, it could suck her into the artifact space.

If the saint artifact wanted to suck away someone, it needed to be within a suitable proximity. However, the Moonlight Force sword Qi were just too fast, much faster than Jian Chen and the saint artifact. Before they could even approach You Yue, the sword Qi had struck.

“Yue’er!” Jian Chen cried out. He was utterly enraged and filled with regret. If he had known earlier, he would have sucked You Yue into the artifact space long ago.

At the same time, Jian Chen shook violently. Over ten sword Qi had struck him at the same time, but they were only as strong as attacks from Saint Kings of the First Heavenly Layer. It could not break through the defense of his Chaotic Body, so they splattered apart like eggs as soon as they struck him. They recondensed into Moonlight Force and did not disperse.

Jian Chen also arrived beside You Yue. However, just when he wanted to send her into the artifact space, he suddenly became stunned. He stared blankly at You Yue as disbelief flooded her face.

You Yue stood there with panic in her eyes, yet she was completely fine. She was unharmed.

“You Yue, you are fine?” Jian Chen asked in surprise. He had personally experienced the power of the sword Qi and every single one of them was as powerful as a strike from a First Heavenly Layer Saint King. An attack like that was extremely fatal to someone with You Yue’s level of strength.

Kara Liwei also stood there, still badly shaken. She could not help but break into laughter when she saw just how much concern Jian Chen had for You Yue. She patted her chest and said, “Yang Yutian, I never thought that you’d care for your fiancee so much. Don’t worry, we’re fine.”

You Yue warmed up inside when she saw Jian Chen’s expression. She smiled sweetly and said, “Jian Chen, don’t worry. I’m fine. The sword Qi from before doesn’t seem to be able to harm us. Remember the warning on the tablet? These attacks won’t affect anyone below Saint King.”

Jian Chen looked around and realized that everyone weaker than Saint King remained unharmed. Other than a few people injured from the eruption of energy from the Saint Kings, no one else suffered any injuries.

Jian Chen came to a realization when he saw this. The warning on the tablet was indeed true. The formations within the Bright Moon divine Hall indeed could not injure people below Saint King. Although he was still technically a Saint Ruler, he could display the strength of Saint Kings, which was why the formations recognized him as a Saint King.

“Jian Chen, be careful. The sword Qi has condensed again,” You Yue warned.

Jian Chen paid no attention to the sword Qi. The thirty-meter-tall saint artifact floated above him. Then, he said to the two of them, “Do you two want to enter the saint artifact?”

“Jian Chen, it’s not like we’ll be harmed if we stay here, so why don’t we stay outside? I’ve never witnessed such a major matter before.” You Yue turned down Jian Chen’s suggestion.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly on that, but he still agreed with You Yue in the end. He did not force You Yue into the artifact space, but he did hand the saint artifact over to You Yue. He secretly ordered the artifact spirit to immediately suck the two of them away once they faced danger.

The sword Qi condensed from Moonlight Force once again and shot toward everyone like a blanket. All the Saint Kings used various abilities to resist the sword Qi attacks.

As Jian Chen had the Chaotic Body, he was able to resist against attacks from Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings. Unless they reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer, they would not be able to break through his body at all, which was why he had it the easiest out of everyone present.

However, Jian Chen could clearly feel that the attack this time was much more powerful than before after the densely-packed sword Qi struck him.

“Argh!” Suddenly, a miserable cry rang out. Sword Qi had struck a First Heavenly Layer Saint King, and tremendous energy began to float unceasingly from within his body. All of it dispersed in the divine hall in the end.

“Sh*t, this bloody Moonlight Force is devouring my energy,” the person cried out in horror. He began to panic.

The complexions of all the Saint Kings present changed, becoming extremely horrible.


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