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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1031


Chapter 1031: Chapter 1031: Fighting Zaar Caiyun (One)

Chapter 1031: Fighting Zaar Caiyun (One)

As soon as Zaar Caiyun heard what Jian Chen said, her faced immediately changed. She said, “Jian Chen, I don’t care what disagreements you have with Bi Jian, but I hope you can resolve your differences in the future. I cannot hand Bi Jian to you right now.”

“Since you can’t hand over Bi Jian, I can only go and get him myself.” Jian Chen’s gaze became rather cold as great battle and killing intent surged from his body. It quickly skyrocketed while the Emperor Armament had appeared in his right hand. Destructive Chaotic Force slowly poured out, revolving around the weapon.

“Wait!” At this moment, an old voice hurriedly rang out. An old man who seemed to be in his seventies shot up from below, carrying a person in his hand. It was Bi Jian.

The Zaar family had a total of two Saint Kings. One was Zaar Caiyun while the other was the old man before them.

“Jian Chen, greetings,” the old man first greeted Jian Chen before continuing, “Jian Chen, I am Zaar Veimor. My Zaar family is willing to hand Bi Jian over to you. I hope we can dismiss any previous disagreements and enmity, and we are willing to apologize to you for what we did before. I hope the slate between us can be wiped clean and we can start anew.” The old man spoke with sincerity. He did not want Jian Chen as an opponent at all.

Bi Jian could not move since he was in Zaar Veimor’s hands. When he heard the old man’s words, he paled in fright. He knew exactly what would happen if he ended up in Jian Chen’s hands.

“Save me, senior Caiyun, save me. If I die, senior Caiyun will never be forgiven by senior Hao Wu,” Bi Jian loudly pleaded. He placed all his hopes on Zaar Caiyun.

Zaar Caiyun’s eyes darkened as a sliver of determination appeared. With a slight movement, she silently appeared beside Zaar Veimos and struck at him with a handful of powerful energy. At the same time, she reached for Bi Jian with her left hand.

“Caiyun, are you crazy? What are you doing?” Zaar Veimos’ expression drastically changed. He had never thought that Zaar Caiyun would suddenly attack him. He was her great-grandfather after all.

Although Zaar Caiyun had moved suddenly, Zaar Veimos was still an experienced Saint King. He reacted in the shortest amount of time. He gathered a thick layer of World Force in his hand in an instant and struck out with lightning speed.

Bam! The two palms collided, and a muffled sound immediately rang through the air. A terrifying ripple of energy radiated in all directions, knocking away all the Saint Rulers who had gathered in the surroundings to watch.

Although Zaar Veimos was Zaar Caiyun’s senior and far older than her, his strength was much weaker than hers. He was knocked far away by Zaar Caiyun’s casual strike, flying several thousand kilometers before stabilizing himself.

On the other hand, Zaar Caiyun stood firmly where she was, like a mountain. Her body did not even tremble, as if her attack before was a careless strike. She had also taken Bi Jian back from Zaar Veimos, trapping him before her left hand in invisible energy.

“Get down and stay there,” Zaar Caiyun coldly said before throwing Bi Jian down into the huge estate of the Zaar family.

Zaar Veimos was only shaken up by Zaar Caiyun’s attack, so he was not injured. He immediately began to panic inside when he saw that Zaar Caiyun wanted to protect Bi Jian, so he flew over from afar. He pleaded, “Caiyun, do you know exactly what you are doing? Have you ever thought about what kind of disaster you would bring upon the clan with what you are doing? Have you ever thought about the clan? Caiyun, stop being silly. Bi Jian has nothing to do with our Zaar family, so just listen to your great-grandfather. Hand over Bi Jian for the clan. It’s not worth it to put the entire family into jeopardy over an outsider.”

Zaar Caiyun did nothing. She only coldly stared at him as a sliver of obvious resentment appeared in the depths of her eyes. She coldly said, “Do you still remember that matter all those years ago? It was because you forcefully interfered all those years ago that I separated with Hao Wu, agonizing me for my entire life. I only resent that I wasn’t strong enough back then, that I could not resist the orders of you seniors, so I could only abide, but now, I am no longer the past Zaar Caiyun. You no longer have the right or power to control what I want to do today.”

Zaar Veimos felt like his heart was being pierced by a needle as he listened to the cold words of Zaar Caiyun. He painfully said, “Caiyun, I know I was wrong about the matter all those years ago. It’s me who cannot make it up to you. It was your great-grandfather who destroyed the happiness in your life, but you’re still a member of the Zaar family. The blood of the Zaar family runs in your veins. Are you really willing to see the Zaar family fall into depravity?”

“Zaar family, Zaar family. Don’t come talking to me about the Zaar family. In your eyes, there’s only the Zaar family.” Zaar Caiyun suddenly became agitated. She stared at Zaar Veimos with a shocking glare as pain and resentment boiled inside. She gnashed her teeth, “Since you’re so afraid of me bringing trouble to the Zaar family, I, Zaar Caiyun, will be cutting all ties with your Zaar family. From today on, anything I do will have nothing to do with the Zaar family.”

The experts from the Zaar family and the Saint Rulers of the eight clans all had their expressions drastically change with that statement.

“No, ancestor, you are a pillar of support for the Zaar family. You can’t abandon us.” The experts of the Zaar family all fell to their knees in the air and became torn with sorrow.

“No, Caiyun, you can’t do that. You can’t do that. Even with all the mistakes great-grandfather has made, you can’t treat the clan like that. The clan cannot go on without you.” Zaar Veimos’ heart ached as tears streaked down his face. He was filled with regret.

The president and grand elder of the Radiant Saint Master Union looked at each other after witnessing this. This had far exceeded anything they had imagined. Before they left, they had never thought that such a great disaster would befall the Zaar family. As the most powerful ancestor, Zaar Caiyun had declared that she was leaving the clan. This was a devastating piece of news.

Zaar Caiyun closed her eyes in some pain. She had stayed in the Zaar family for a long time, so she had formed some attachments to it. However, she found that love was more important than the clan.

“In all these years, a certain estrangement has always been present between Hao Wu and me. Since Bi Jian said he can eliminate this estrangement, I am even willing to die here for to eliminate it,” thought Zaar Caiyun. She then snapped open her eyes, and in that moment, her presence underwent an overwhelming change. It was no weaker than the supreme battle intent from Jian Chen as it surged into the sky.

In that moment, sorrow had disappeared from her eyes. She became extremely determined.

“Looks like you insist on protecting Bi Jian,” snorted Jian Chen. His presence also began to skyrocket, vaguely surpassing Zaar Caiyun’s.

Zaar Caiyun coldly glared as a light-azure sword appeared in her hand. She said, “Jian Chen, if you want to kill Bi Jian, do it over my dead body.” With that, she attacked first, stabbing out with a gentle stroke as her sword danced in her hand.

The strike seemed simple, but it possessed an overwhelming level of mysteriousness. The sword seemed to be slow, but it fused with space. It had traversed the distance between them in an instant, silently arriving before Jian Chen.


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