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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1025


Chapter 1025: Chapter 1025: Fighting the Imperial Protectors of

Chapter 1025: Fighting the Imperial Protectors of the Felicity Empire

Luo Duo revealed a relaxed smile after the piece of jade had been shattered. Even though he was heavily injured, he had no need to worry about his life.

Before Luo Duo had come to the Longqi Kingdom, he had thought about everything that could happen, so he made plenty of preparations. He found the other Imperial Protectors of the Felicity Empire and got them to help out when he was in a crucial moment. The crushing of the jade earlier was the method to contact them.

Although the Longqi Kingdom was very distant from the Felicity Empire, the distance was a piece of cake to a Saint King. They could arrive with any Space Gate they ripped open.

Luo Duo stabilized after flying for several thousand meters. He vomited another mouthful of blood since he could not hold it in. Jian Chen’s punch was equivalent to the full-powered strike of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King. Although he had only withstood a small portion of it, it was still enough to become heavily injured.

The Imperial Protectors of the Longqi Kingdom could not help but reveal different expressions when they saw how Luo Duo had been heavily injured by Jian Chen from just a few clashes. They all revealed extremely ugly expressions.

Luo Duo was what their kingdom relied on the most. He was the pride of the kingdom, so if even he was not their opponent, the kingdom no longer possessed any more power to contend with the people of the Bloodsword sect.

Jian Chen hovered high up in the air as he stared coldly at Luo Duo. He coldly said as well, “Sir, if you only have that much strength, you might not be able to make the people of the Bloodsword sect stay behind forever today.”

Luo Duo was shocked with Jian Chen’s strength, but he maintained a sneer, “Sect master of the Bloodsword sect, you are indeed very powerful. I am nowhere near your enemy, but the interesting parts will occur near the end.”

The space before Luo Duo began to twist violently as soon as he finished speaking, quickly forming a Space Gate. Immediately, two presences even more powerful than Luo Duo began to radiate from within. They surged out like two angered dragons, twisting and turning recklessly in the surroundings. They flooded the entire region.

Before the two powerful presences, the air stopped moving and so did the energy of the world. Even the invisible World Force calmed down.

Two white-robed, ruddy old men emerged from the Space Gate. Their eyes glowed like torches as they sharply glanced over Jian Chen before stopping on Luo Duo.

Their expressions changed at the same time when they saw the horrible shape that Luo Duo was in. They took a step and silently appeared before him. One of them asked with a deep voice, “Luo Duo, are you fine? Who injured you like this?”

“Imperial Protector Fang Yan, Imperial Protector Ta Ji, the one who injured me is the new sect master of the Bloodsword sect. I am not his opponent, so please redeem my honor for me, Imperial Protectors.” Luo Duo’s voice was extremely hoarse.

Fang Yan patted Luo Duo’s shoulder and said, “We’re all one family, so why be so polite? Don’t worry, I’ll help you.” He then looked at Jian Chen’s group and said, “May I ask who the new sect master of the Bloodsword sect is?” Although that was what he had said, his gaze focused on Jian Chen. He had already determined that Luo Duo was injured by Jian Chen with where he was standing.

Jian Chen’s expression remained the same. He clasped his hands indifferently and said, “I am the new sect master of the Bloodsword sect. Is there any areas you have a problem with and you’d like to criticize?” Jian Chen could already tell that the two Saint Kings that had come to support Luo Duo were of the Fifth and Sixth Heavenly Layer. They did not pose a threat to him.

Fang Yan’s expression sank slightly. He said, “I am not worthy of giving criticism, but not only has the sect leader trespassed in the territory of the Felicity Empire, you’ve even injured an Imperial Protector of our empire. If you don’t give us an explanation for this matter, do we, the Felicity Empire, still have any dignity?”

Jian Chen’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard that they were actually from the Felicity Kingdom. He said, “You’re actually from the Felicity Kingdom, perfect. Is Bi Jian a part of your empire?”

“He is indeed. Our empire just happens to have this person. May I ask about your relationship with him?” Fang Yan stared fixedly at Jian Chen.

“He’s an enemy;someone who must be killed!” Jian Chen growled. As he spoke, a powerful killing intent radiated from his body.

The two imperial protectors changed in expression when they heard what Jian Chen had said. Ta Ji took a step and advanced until he was only a hundred meters away with an extremely sharp presence. He growled, “Sect master of the Bloodsword sect, looks like you’re purposefully trying to become enemies with our Felicity Empire. If that’s the case, allow me, Ta Ji, to witness your strength and to see if you’re on Houston’s level or not, to speak in such an arrogant fashion.” Ta Ji extended a finger and the energy of the world in the surroundings immediately became abnormally energetic after it had just calmed down with their arrival. It gathered at the tip of his finger with unbelievable speed, condensing into an extremely powerful attack that shot towards Jian Chen.

Ta Ji’s strength was at the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. He was stronger than Fang Yan. Jian Chen could no longer deal with such a powerful attack as easily as he had dealt with Luo Duo. He immediately removed his Emperor Armament from his Space Ring, directly stabbing out with lightning speed.

A gray light shot from the tip of Jian Chen’s Emperor Armament. It ripped the surrounding space with an aura of destruction as it shot towards Ta Ji with great speed.

The gray sword Qi advanced with no hindrance, traveling through Ta Ji’s finger attack of World Force before continuing on towards Ta Ji with no reduction in force.

Ta Ji’s complexion changed. He had never thought that the new sect master would be so powerful. He immediately became much more cautious. At the same time, extremely powerful Saint Force surged wildly out of his body, quickly condensing into a long sword that was three fingers wide in his right hand. Afterwards, he chopped out with lightning speed, shooting out a powerful and sharp sword Qi which collided with Jian Chen’s attack.

Boom! A great sound rocked the area as the two sword Qis collided. The powerful residual energy caused the surrounding space to tremble non-stop.

Ta Ji’s sword Qi disappeared mid-air, dispersing in the form of basic energy. The sword Qi condensed from Chaotic Force remained fine, continuing towards Ta Ji and arriving before him in the blink of an eye.

Ta Ji’s expression abruptly changed. It was already too late for him to dodge, so all he could do was hold his sword horizontal before him.

A great boom exploded as soon as the Chaotic Force sword Qi collided with Ta Ji’s Saint Weapon.

Ta Ji was knocked back uncontrollably. He flew for over ten kilometers before stabilizing himself. He was in shock, completely shocked by the strength of the new sect master of the Bloodswrd sect. Even with his strength as a Saint King at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, he struggled against a single sword Qi from him, which filled him with disbelief. The new sect master was just too strong.

“Imperial Protector Ta Ji’s actually been knocked back by a single sword Qi from the new sect master. T-this is impossible. Have I seen wrong? Imperial Protector Ta Ji is a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint King.” Luo Duo stared at Ta Ji in disbelief as his eyes bulged. His heart began to churn.

“Emperor Armament. It’s actually an Emperor Armament!” Fang Yan cried out. He stared unblinkingly at the weapon in Jian Chen’s hand as deep envy and shock leaked through his eyes.

Ta Ji wielded his sword with his right hand and fused with the surroundings space. He arrived beside Fang Yan over ten kilometers away with a single step and stared at Jian Chen’s Emperor Armament in interest. Only after a while did he sigh in surprise, “It really is an Emperor Armament. The power of Emperor Armaments really are just too powerful. The reason the sect master can knock me back with a single attack is all because of the Emperor Armament. If you didn’t have it, you definitely would not be my opponent.”

Fang Yan’s eyes grew cold and he said, “Ta Ji, since we’re not the sect master’s opponents on our own, let’s work together. We cannot let the prestige of the Felicity Empire fall here no matter what.”

“Sure!” Ta Ji agreed without any extra thought. A surging presence began to radiate from him as he charged at Jian Chen with Fang Yan at the same time.

Jian Chen’s gaze grew cold as well. He said, “I’ve held back with the previous attack, but since you have no idea what you should and shouldn’t do, it’s no longer my fault.” Jian Chen’s presence suddenly changed as soon as he finished speaking. In that moment, he seemed to have become a peerless divine sword. Extremely sharp sword Qi radiated from him all over and his arm holding the Emperor Armament suddenly shook. He chopped out mercilessly, producing a sword Qi that ripped through space as it shot at Fang Yan.

The strike was equivalent to the full-powered attack from a Saint King of the Seventh Heavenly Layer. Wherever it passed, space would rip, and from afar, it seemed like a streak of black light shooting through the sky.

After that, Jian Chen charged up with his sword. He continued towards the more powerful Ta Ji as his Emperor Armament glowed with a blinding dark light. He stabbed out three times with a devastating aura.

The three strike were extremely fast. Each and every one of them left behind a blur, and it seemed like he had struck out three times all at the same time.

Fang Yan was only a Saint King at the Fifth Heavenly Layer, so how could he resist a sword Qi from Jian Chen who was equal to a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King? He was heavily injured by the attack. The sword Qi passed through his chest, leaving behind a clear hole.

Ta Ji became extremely stern-faced as he dealt with the three strikes from Jian Chen. He used everything he had as a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint King, pouring everything into resisting Jian Chen’s three attacks. However, due to their difference in strength, Ta Ji only managed to block two of the attacks. The third strike pierced his heart, causing his entire body to be impaled by the sword.

Bam! Jian Chen kicked Ta Ji’s chest along the way and knocked him far away as he vomited blood.

In the blink of an eye, all the supporting Imperial Protectors of the Felicity Kingdom had been heavily injured by Jian Chen.

“No, impossible!” Luo Duo and the four Imperial Protectors of the Longqi Kingdom all paled when they saw what had happened. Fear began to quickly rise in their hearts.


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