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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1023


Chapter 1023: Chapter 1023: The Sect Master Arrives

Chapter 1023: The Sect Master Arrives

The Imperial Protector from the Longqi Kingdom immediately became overjoyed after they heard Luo Duo’s words. He hurried to clasp his hands and said, “Since we don’t need to fear the Bloodsword sect anymore, why stop there, Imperial Protector Luo Duo? We can directly uproot the Bloodsword sect and take revenge for what happened over a thousand years ago.”

A cold light flickered immediately began to flicker in Luo Duo’s eyes. He lowered his head in thought and said, “The sect master Houston is still not dead, so we can’t finish them off. Otherwise, Houston will probably resist with all he has, even if it results in his death. If a Saint King at Great Perfection throws away his life to take revenge against us, it will be a disaster that can completely destroy our Felicity Kingdom. However, if we just kill the Saint Rulers who’re in the Longqi Kingdom, it should be alright.”

Luo Duo’s entire presence suddenly changed. His eyes glowed, and he abruptly stared at the Imperial Protector, who stood to one side politely. Then, Luo Duo said seriously, “Immediately return to the Longqi Kingdom and surveil the activities of the experts from the Bloodsword sect. Just in case, I must see the other Imperial Protectors of the empire before I move against them.”

“Yes sir!”

The Imperial Protector immediately returned through the Space Gate in the imperial palace of the Felicity Empire, while Luo Duo did not hesitate at all. He immediately proceeded toward the forbidden grounds deep within the palace as dense killing intent flickered in his eyes from time to time. “Brother, it’s been over a thousand years since you died in the hands of the Bloodsword sect. Brother wasn’t able to avenge you then, but now that the opportunity has come, brother will swear that I will use the Felicity Empire to immediately wipe out the Bloodsword sect after Houston passes away. I will avenge you.”

Back then, Luo Duo had the choice of staying at the Longqi Kingdom after he had broken through to Saint King. He could have allowed the kingdom’s status to soar. However, he chose to come to the Felicity Empire as an Imperial Protector without any hesitation, with the most important reason being the Bloodsword sect. He had always wanted to use the Felicity Empire to eliminate the Bloodsword sect.

In the Longqi Kingdom, the Imperial Protector brought back Luo Duo’s orders after returning from the Felicity Kingdom. As a result, the four Imperial Protectors did not continue to create trouble for the four protectors. Instead, they stayed in the imperial palace, as they sensed the protectors’ presences. They observed their activity at all times.

However, the four of them fail to notice the two unwelcomed guests had appeared in the imperial palace and were currently hiding silently in a desolate place.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed. It was extremely peaceful during this time, and the imperial city of the Longqi Kingdom functioned as normal. People moved about daily in its bustling, noisy streets. It was very lively.

At this moment, several whooshes rang out. Several figures rapidly approached the imperial city from afar. They traveled extremely quickly and arrived in the air of the city, despite the fact that they were near the horizon a second earlier.

“They’re in this city,” said an extremely handsome young man in black robes. He seemed to be in his twenties. He held a blood-red arrow banner, while his gaze was as sharp as a drawn sword. He slowly swept past the city with his gaze.

They were Jian Chen, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian. After several days of travel, the four of them had basically crossed a large portion of the continent and had arrived here according to the directions of the blood-red arrow banner.

Although they all flew, only Jian Chen was not at the Great Perfection of Saint King. Their comprehension of the mysteries of space was at an extremely great level. They traveled with Spatial Force. Although it was not as exaggerated as traversing millions of kilometers in a single step with a Space Gate, they were still unbelievably fast.

As a result, Jian Chen used an extremely short amount of time to travel over ten million kilometers from Mercenary City whilst Rui Jin carried him.

As soon as the four of them arrived in the air of the city, the four protectors opened their eyes at the same time and roused from their meditations. One of them said, “I can sense the presence of the Bloodsword Token. The new sect master has come. Let’s go welcome them quickly.”

With four red blurs, the four protectors all flew out of the window. They appeared in the air like phantoms and faced Jian Chen.

The four of them first gathered their attention on the blood-red banner arrow in Jian Chen’s hand, before they slowly looked toward him. They became stunned when they recognized Jian Chen properly, where even their gazes became blank. They were filled with disbelief.

None of them had ever thought that the new sect master was not a member of the upper echelon in the sect, but the young Jian Chen.

Jian Chen remained as usual. He glanced past the four of them before he clasped his hands at the them. “I am Jian Chen. Thank you, protectors!”

Jian Chen was still grateful toward the four protectors. He would never forget that it was the four of them who arrived in time when the Changyang clan faced a disaster. They had prevented the clan from suffering too great of a loss. Otherwise, old man Situ and his cronies would have probably flattened the entire clan. The people they harmed would not just be Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian.

The four protectors returned to their senses very quickly. Jian Chen’s polite treatment surprised the four of them. Without any hesitation, they all dropped to one knee in a single motion and called out, “The four protectors of the Bloodsword sect greets the sect master!”

“What? Sect master?” Jian Chen also became stunned with how the four of them referred to him, but he came to an understanding very quickly. There was probably a rule in the Bloodsword sect, that the owner of the banner arrow was equivalent to the sect master. As he was currently in possession of it, the four protectors naturally took him to be the sect master.

“Please do not misunderstand, protectors. I am not your sect master. Uncle Xiu has only lent me this banner arrow. He intended to let me use it to find the four of you,” Jian Chen hurried to explain as he thought, “I guess Houston was Uncle Xiu’s original name. He was known as the sect master of the Bloodsword sect. He probably changed his surname after stepping back from the continent a thousand years ago. After all, the matter that happened a thousand years ago has affected uncle Xiu just too greatly.”

The four protectors did not rise. One of them said with their head down, “The old sect master has already contacted us using a secret technique to inform us that he is stepping down, and that the person in possession of the banner arrow is the new sect master of the Bloodsword sect. All people must absolutely obey the sect master’s decisions and commands.”

“What did you say? Uncle Xiu passed over the position as sect master?” This time, the surprised person was Jian Chen. The four protectors had described it extremely clearly, so no matter how confused Jian Chen was, he could understand that uncle Xiu had passed on the position of sect master to him.

It was just that the news had come too suddenly, which made it hard for Jian Chen to accept for some time. He had never thought that his status would undergo a huge change the moment he accepted the banner arrow from uncle Xiu. He did not know that he would unknowingly become the sect master of the Bloodsword sect.

The Bloodsword sect was one of the three great assassination organizations, which could shake up the Tian Yuan Continent. It could not be undermined. Although it could not be compared to the protector clans, it was no weaker than an ancient clan.

“The four protectors have been waiting here under the old sect master’s orders for the new sect master, as well as surveilling the two traitors carefully. Please command our next actions,” the four protectors spoke in unison, as if they were mentally connected.

Jian Chen thought in silence. The murderers of his parents were here right now, so he was not in the mood to deal with the entangling matter of sect master. As a result, he placed it aside for the time being and said, “Do you know where the two traitors are right now? Have you still yet to kill the two of them after these years of pursuit?”

“Sect master, the two of them are hiding in the imperial palace right now. The old sect master ordered a few years ago for us to chase but not kill;injure but not capture. As a result, the two of them are still alive,” said a protector.

“Is that so,” Jian Chen came to an understanding. Afterward, he looked towards the majestic imperial palace and said, “Let’s go, head to the imperial palace with me,” as he said that, Jian Chen took the lead and flew off first, while Rui Jin and the other two followed closely behind him. After them were the four protectors, who traveled side by side.

Jian Chen’s group arrived outside the imperial palace very quickly. Then, they directly flew into the space above it bravely. They directly stopped above the center of the palace, levitating several hundred meters in the air, as they looked at the many well-adorned palaces.

“Bloodsword sect, you’ve gone overboard to trespass in the skies of the imperial palace. Do you really think that my Longqi Kingdom is nothing?” A furious voice boomed from below. Although it sounded ancient, it was filled with vigor and resounded through the surroundings. It even dispersed the clouds.

Four ruddy old men flew out from the imperial palace with that. They shot into the air with lightning speed and tremendous presences, facing Jian Chen’s group from a hundred meters away.

The Imperial Protectors’ voice broke the peace of the palace, and it all became messy in that instant. A large number of guards surged out from various places of the palace, but when they discovered that the enemies were in the air, they immediately became dumbfounded. All they could do was watch anxiously.


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