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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1015


Chapter 1015: Chapter 1015: The Seal Loosens

Chapter 1015: The Seal Loosens

Kaiser painfully clutched the wound on him in half human, half dragon form. He could feel the flesh around the area that the origin energy struck disappear at a visible rate, which caused the wound to rapidly enlarge. The agonizing pain tortured his nerves time and time again and caused all his muscles to convulse.

The origin energy seemed simple and possessed no earth-shaking presence, but its power was indescribably terrifying. The energy seemed to be able to eat away everything once struck, able to turn everything to dust.

Jian Chen and Houston stared blankly as the wound rapidly increased in size. Their hearts churned, as they witnessed the power of the origin energy. They had never imagined that a powerful Saint Emperor would be so weak before origin energy.

“Argh!” Suddenly, Kaiser roared out angrily. A tremendous energy surged out unceasingly from his body like a flood. In this moment, Kaiser was using everything he had to stop the residual origin energy within him;he wanted to nullify it.

The disturbance from a Saint Emperor using everything they had would be doubtlessly earth-shaking. Before the supreme power, all the space in a radius of several hundred meters began to twist constantly as black spatial cracks formed everywhere. Moreover, the ground below Kaiser rapidly sank. The powerful energy forcefully pressed it down.

The surroundings were dark. Kaiser’s power was enough to cause the world to lose its color, while the energy of the world and World Force in the surrounding hundreds of kilometers was affected as well. It became violent, no longer as peaceful as its normal state.

All the experts of protector clans in their independent spaces scattered across the continent stepped out. They sternly looked in the direction of Kaiser.

The eyes of the person with the greatest seniority of the Zu faction in the Changyang clan—Changyang Zu Xiao—lit up and glowed like torches. He fixedly gazed into the distance and growled, “Only Saint Emperors can cause such a vast disturbance. The Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent have trespassed our continent once again.”

“Saint Emperors are now invincible existences in the world. Even with the two continents in perspective, there are only four Saint Emperors, yet the magical beast Saint Emperor clearly is using his full strength to make such a disturbance. That’s weird. Who’s so powerful that forced the Saint Emperor into such a state?” said a great elder in thought from beside Changyang Zu Xiao. Shock filled his face.

“The Saint Emperor of the magical beasts must have come to the Tian Yuan Continent for the Winged Tiger God. The Winged Tiger God is with Jian Chen, while Jian Chen has the protection from the two experts with the origin energy items. Have they begun fighting with the Saint Emperor?”

“It doesn’t matter what’s happening. Since they’ve begun fighting on our Tian Yuan Continent, we can’t just stand by. Let’s go see first,” Changyang Qing Yun said with a deep voice. Afterward, he casually waved his hand, and the space before him immediately ripped open. He wanted to construct a Space Gate.

However, the ripped space trembled violently, before it slowly closed up once more. He had failed to create a Space Gate.

Changyang Qing Yun furrowed his brows, “Their fight is too intense. It has broken the balance of space. I actually can’t construct a Space Gate.”

“Let’s designate a Space Gate several tens of thousands of kilometers away from them since we can’t set up one right there. We’ll fly over afterward,” suggested a great elder.

Afterward, the great elders all left through the new Space Gate. They did exactly as one of them suggested and arrived a distance from Jian Chen’s location. Then, they flew over.

At the same time, the nine other protector clans, a few ancestors of ancient clans, and some Saint Kings of various other organizations hurried in the direction that the battle had erupted.

Kaiser raised all the energy within him to contend against the origin energy, but he could not stop its havoc. In the end, his wounds only stopped worsening after the origin energy was completely consumed, as it did not have a constant force.

Currently, Kaiser’s face was moist with sweat, and he was in a horrible shape. He was no longer as awe-inspiring as before. A half-meter-wide hole stood out like a sore thumb in his ten-meter-tall, dragon-like body. It was chilling.

Four tremendous presences flew over like streaks of lightning from afar. Simultaneously, Hei Yu, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and the tiger emperor arrived from the same direction. The tiger emperor stood beside Kaiser while Hei Yu, Rui Jin, and Hong Lian immediately stood before Jian Chen. They all stared at the hole in Kaiser’s body with shock.

“I felt a pure origin energy before. Kaiser, who made you injured like this?” Lankyros growled.

Still badly shaken, Kaiser stared at Xiao Ling and said, “It’s that girl. I never thought that she’s actually the barrier spirit of Mercenary City.”

“What! She’s the barrier spirit of Mercenary City!?” Lankryos cried out uncontrollably in his surprise, and he immediately looked toward Xiao Ling.

Lankyros immediately became intrigued when he discovered that Xiao Ling only seemed to be a young girl. He had only read about the barrier spirit of Mercenary City in some ancient records stored within the Beast God Hall, which previous magical beasts left behind. This was the first time the barrier spirit revealed its true form. He just never thought that the barrier spirit would be a young girl.

“Didn’t the records say that the barrier spirit cannot leave Mercenary City? How has she left Mercenary City right now?” Lankyros cried out with his deep voice. Doubt filled him.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian all stared unblinkingly at Xiao Ling. They all felt shocked when they thought about the purity of the origin energy that had come from the small girl. They all knew that only those beyond Saint Emperor could control this power. The young girl before them had actually surpassed Saint Emperor.

Xiao Ling paid no attention to everyone’s shocked gazes. She stared angrily at Lankyros and Kaiser. “You both bullied big brother. You’re all bad. Xiao Ling must teach you a difficult lesson for big brother.” Xiao Ling swung her hand once more with that and shot two strands of origin energy toward them.

The expressions of the two Saint Emperors changed drastically when they faced this seemingly ordinary origin energy. However, a feeling of being unable to dodge appeared in both their heads, as if the origin energy had locked tightly onto their presences. It was to the point where they would be struck no matter where they ran off to.

“Since I can’t dodge it, I’ll face it head-on!” Similar thoughts flashed through their heads. They gritted their teeth and roared out at the same time. Terrifying ripples of energy began to surge from their bodies. Then, they struck the incoming origin energy as hard as they could.

However, origin energy was not something that Saint Emperors could block. It passed through their attacks like a hot knife through butter, before it directly shot through their bodies.

“Argh!” Both the tiger king and Kaiser immediately shrieked out miserably. The origin energy caused wounds that began to expand rapidly at a visible rate as their flesh and blood disappeared bit by bit.

Suddenly, Xiao Ling at a distant region of space said angrily, “Hmph, do you really think that Xiao Ling can’t see you just because you’re hiding? You’re even worse than the two of them to actually work with them and harm big brother together. Xiao Ling must teach you a hard lesson this time. It won’t be as easy as the times before.” With that, another strand of origin energy shot out from Xiao Ling’s hand, as it struck the empty space with lightning speed.

“Argh!” Immediately, another miserable cry rang out. Suddenly, the path lord of carnal desires appeared, with a fist-sized hole on his chest. The origin energy had punched a hole through him and the wound constantly expanded.

“As long as your souls are uninjured, you won’t die. Hmph, Xiao Ling will capture you all for big brother to deal with after Xiao Ling has taught you all a lesson. Big brother will be very happy,” said Xiao Ling, before she sent three more strands of origin force toward the three Saint Emperors. It added another hole to their bodies.

“Let’s go!” Lankyros roared angrily at Kaiser. A mist of blood sprayed out from his body and when it dispersed, he had disappeared.

With the tiger king gone, Kaiser and the path lord of carnal desires also used fleeing techniques. They instantly disappeared after they paid quite a heavy price.

Xiao Ling stood with her hands on her hips, as she said unhappily, “With me here, it doesn’t matter where you run off to. Watch as Xiao Ling captures you three bad people.” Just as Xiao Ling wanted to do something, Mercenary City violently trembled. The entire city that was several kilometers away shook violently, as if it was amidst some great earthquake. Huge cracks formed on the ground of the city.

Xiao Ling’s naive, pure face changed abruptly. She cried out involuntarily, “Oh no, that’s bad. A very, very scary expert is attacking the seal.” Xiao Ling no longer bothered with the fleeing trio and disappeared before she had even finished speaking. She had reappeared in the depths below Mercenary City.

Hidden below Mercenary City was a huge seal. There were extremely few people who knew of its existence. For most of history, there was only Xiao Ling, other than Mo Tianyun who had cast down the seal all those years ago.

Mo Tianyun had sealed the entry to the World of Forsaken Saints there. The single seal had prevented experts of that world from reaching the Tian Yuan Continent, which created so many years of peace of the continent.


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