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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1


Jian Chen, the publicly recognized #1 expert in the underworld. His quick sword techniques reached perfection and no one could defeat it. After one battle with the exceptional expert, Dugu Quibai, who disappeared for a hundred years, his body died and he deceased.

After death, Jian Chen's soul was reincarnated into a foreign world. He grew up with flying speed, but at the end, because of overflowing enemies and from heavily injuries by them, his soul abnormally changed at the border of life and death. From then on, he stepped onto a completely different path of sword cultivation and became the Sword God of the generation.

Strength System, from low to high Saint, Great Saint, Saint Master, Great Saint Master, Earth Saint Master, Sky Saint Master, Saint Ruler, Saint King, Saint Emperor

Chapter 1 - Jian Chen

In the middle of a never-ending vast mountain range, two sword-shaped mountain peaks that were ten thousand feet tall and a hundred meters apart towered under the boundless ocean of clouds.

The two sword-shaped mountain peaks were very precipitous. If one looked at them, it was as if two huge versions of god swords stabbed into the ground without any area for climbing.

The distance between the tip of the two sword-shaped mountain peaks and the endless ocean of clouds in the sky was under a hundred meters. On the tip of the peaks, there were even faint fog lingering around and it blurred the scene around the tip of the peak and made it hazy and unclear. However, vaguely, it could be discovered that on the tip of the two sword-shaped mountain peaks, there were two people silently standing there. They were like a stone statue as they did not even move. Only their hair and clothing fluttered with the mad wind in the sky.

One of the two people looked like a young man who was not even 20 years old. The young man was extremely handsome. His 5 facial organs were perfect, and he could be said to be completely unparalleled. It was simply the lady killer of the world. His calm and normal eyes had a special attractiveness. They were extremely charming as if they could take one's soul.

The young man had black long hair that went straight down to his waist. His hair was not tied in any way and he let it insanely flutter next to him by the wild wind. The young man had a long sword on his back, and the sword blade was covered by a thick white cloth. On the revealed sword hilt that was incomparably exquisite, the two words ’’Light Wind’’ was clearly carved on it. However, the strange thing was that the entire sword was not tied to anything. It was as if it was stuck to the young man's back and it did not fall. That scene was obviously difficult to explain.

That young man was called Jian Chen. He was the #1 expert whose name shook the heavens in the underworld. He even had the title of ’’Sword God’’ and he was a great master of sword techniques in his generation. His quick sword techniques already reached perfection and he reached the realm of extreme heights. However, he was only 20 or so years old.

Very little people knew information about Jian Chen. Other than knowing that he was an orphan and belonged to no school nor sect, nothing else was known about him. Where he came from was like a riddle. No one even knew where he learnt his strong martial arts and his fine sword techniques.

As for the person whom he was facing, the person who stood on the other sword-shaped peak that was a hundred meters away had a large physique and black long gown. He stood there and he was distantly opposite to Jian Chen. That person was an old man that looked like he was 50 or 60 years old. He had a lively face and bright pair of old eyes. Within his eyes, energy radiated everywhere and his strict gaze was like a blade, making others not dare to directly look at him. Within his hand was a thick, black-coloured huge sword. But the strange thing was that his huge sword did not have an edge.

The old man was a legendary character that disappeared from the underworld for a hundred years-Dugu Quibai. Dugu Quibai was only his title and no one knew his real name or identity because a hundred years ago, he defeated all the extremely strong, invincible people all over the world. Today, those who had some information about Dugu Quibai and still lived in the world could be said to be miniscule within miniscule. Even so, his incomparably glorious light was still passed down generation by generation. A hundred years later, his strength was even higher than before. Today, no one knew what stage Dugu Quibai's strength reached.

Dugu Quibai's eyes silently stared at the Jian Chen who stood a hundred meters away and did not seem too much older than 20 years old. His gaze was extremely sharp, as if it was as sharp as a blade, and occasionally, a cold light flashed within his eyes.

’’Jian Chen, you have strength that is no weaker than me at your age, and your attainment in the path of the sword reached a height that even I wish to catch up to. Sadly, you killed my only disciple and I have no choice but to avenge him. Today, no matter what, I must demand justice for my only disciple.’’ Dugu Quibai said in a heavy voice, and within his seemingly calm tone, it was filled with bloodlust that would make people tremble.

Jian Chen's face was matchlessly serene. His eyes calmly stared at Dugu Quibai and his white-coloured long gown waved in the wind. His long hair that reached his waist crazily danced in the chaotic wind and it was not elegant at all.

’’That cannot be blamed on me since your disciple offended me on his own accord. As for him dying under my blade, it could only be blamed that he lacked the skill.’’ Jian Chen's lips lightly opened and closed and his faint voice spat out from his mouth.

Dugu Quibai's laughed in anger, ’’Nice nice nice nice lack of skill. Today, I will experience how able you are, or whether I will be executed under your Light Wind sword as well.’’

As he said that, Dugu Quibai waved the black iron heavy sword in his hand, and instantly, an incomparably huge energy left the sword and came out. With sharp sword energy, it quickly shot towards Jian Chen who was a hundred meters away with lightning fast speed.

Jian Chen had a calm expression on, and with the sound of the blade leaving its sheath, the long sword appeared in Jian Chen's hand. The 4-foot, 2 finger wide treasure sword emitted a layer of silvery-white light, and following that, Jian Chen's long sword quickly stabbed out. A strong sword energy left the sword, went out, and with speed impossible to be picked up by the naked eye, it shot towards the sword energy that Dugu Quibai shot towards him.


The two sword energies collided and a deafening boom exploded out. Strong ripples of energy spread out in every single direction with the collision point as the center and it dispersed the linger clouds and fog.

After that, Jian Chen and Dugu Quibai flew up at the same time. They left the peaks that they were standing on and flew to the middle of the two peaks and started an intense battle in mid-air.

Their attacks were mysteriously fast, and the collision and friction sounds by the weapons resonated endlessly. Strong sword energy shot out everywhere from where they were battling and made huge holes in the peaks that surrounded them. Countless rubble fell down ten thousand feet to the ground.

Just in the short period of time that was worth several breaths, Jian Chen and Dugu Quibai already exchanged several hundred blows. After that, when the two of them landed on the two peaks again, both of their bodies were a bit pitiful. Their originally undamaged clothes had several splits and they seemed a bit broken.

Dugu Quibai had a serious face as he looked at Jian Chen and his expression became extremely heavy. He said in a low voice, ’’Such a quick sword. No wonder no one can defeat your quick sword techniques. However, it is in vain against me.’’ Dugu Quibai paused before continuing, ’’If we continue like this, it will be too difficult to determine the victor. Let us just use our strongest strike at the same time and determine the match with one strike.’’ As he said that, Dugu Quibai's aura suddenly rose sharply as if a huge sword was rushing towards the skies and pierced through the clouds.

Jian Chen's face became heavy as well. Following that, he also emitted an aura that was not inferior to Dugu Quibai's in any way.

The aura of the two of them continuously rose and it covered the skies and ground. They filled the entire sky with their combined aura, and it directly enveloped the entire mountain and went as far as 108 thousand miles. Even the clouds in the sky got a huge hole punched out by their aura and they quickly dissipated. The mad wind in the sky screamed and made ear-piercing sounds that were like the cries of ghosts and the howl of wolves. In the forests, countless beasts emitted frightened cries as they flew and ran in all directions to escape. The auras of the two people on top of the mountain peaks were still constantly rising and they were fermenting the strongest strike.

*snap* *snap*

In the nearby mountain forests, quite a few little trees could not endure the strong auras from the two people and all of them bend their waists and snapped off. After that, they flew up into the air from the enormous auras and flew far away.

Jian Chen and Dugu Quibai's auras were still rising. Around their bodies, a strong real energy stream swirled around their bodies and were quickly spinning. The flowers, grasses, trees were all bent by their powerful auras and countless huge trees unstably swayed back and forth.

At the same time, the Light Wind sword in Jian Chen's hand and the black iron heavy sword in Dugu Quibai's hand were emitting a dazzling white light and jet-black black light.

The real energy streams around their bodies became larger and larger. At the end, Jian Chen was engulfed by a thick white light, whereas Dugu Quibai was engulfed by a black-coloured light. Both of their bodies already disappeared, and in mid-air, there were only two lumps of opposite-coloured, dazzling lights left there.


The long sword in Jian Chen's hand trembled and extremely bright light already lit up from his sword. The powerful sword energy would make one's heart frightened. His long hair and white long gown fluttered in the crazy wind and his entire body was hung in the air. Looking at him, he was like a battle god with unbeatable might.

When the auras of the two rose to the extreme, suddenly, the two of them let out an angry yell that would shock the heavens at the same time. The sound shook the skies as if a mine suddenly exploded. Their yells were ear-splitting and following that, a magnificent white light and an incomparably dark black light collided with one another with lightning speed. The instant that they crossed...

There was no sound of collision that one would imagine. When everything calmed down, Jian Chen and Dugu Quibai switched positions and stood on the tip of the two mountain peaks that were 100 meters apart. Both of their faces were ghastly white and on Jian Chen's chest, fresh red blood quickly flew out. It speedily dyed his white-coloured gown red, and at the lightning-like exchange, Dugu Quibai already pierced his heart.

Dugu Quibai already lost his entire red arm. The him who lost his right arm could not carry a sword. His black iron heavy sword already fell ten thousand feet down, and after piecing Jian Chen's heart, he also lost an arm.

Jien Chen was silently standing on top of the peak as blood flew out from his mouth. His face became more and more pale. After a short moment, he was already as pale as paper. His heart was pierced by Dugu Quibai, so he already sank into a situation in which, without a doubt, he was going to die.

’’Ha ha ha...’’ Suddenly, Dugu Quibai who was on the tip of the other peak abruptly started to laugh loudly. He said, ’’Jian Chen, with your talent, if you had a few more years, I would certainly not be able to beat you. However, what a shame. What a shame. Although your current strength isn't too far from mine, you were still defeated by my hands.’’ Speaking to there, Dugu Quibai sighed and said, ’’Sigh...Such a genius dies by my hands, and it is really regretful, but to avenge my disciple, I had no choice but to do that.’’

Feeling his never-ending escaping life, Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes. At that instant, he was extremely calm. Life and death was not important to him. After all, Jian Chen had killed quite a few people as he traveled around. Life and death was already diluted to him, and his only regret within his heart was that he had no more chances to discover the extremes of the sword.

Just as Jian Chen submerged himself into a realm of neither sadness nor happiness, suddenly, a strange feeling appeared in Jian Chen's brain. At that crucial point, Jian Chen's soul was as if it melded as one with his long sword. He was the sword, and the sword was him. Between him and the sword, there were no differences. It was like the sword became a part of his soul.

At the same time, traces of pure and strong energy arrived from the skies and the earth. It followed along Jian Chen's brain and entered his mind and perfectly combined with his soul. With the pouring of the sky and earth energy, Jien Chen clearly felt that his ’’soul’’ was strengthening at an inconceivable speed. At the same moment, his soul was as if it left his body and flew towards the endless wilderness that surrounded him. At that instant, every single scene within a circumference of 10 miles appeared with unrivaled clearness in his brain. He could even clearly feel the actions of the mosquitoes and insects on the ground.

At the border of death, he, suddenly broke through...


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