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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 3 - Chapter 9


CoBI, B3 Chapter 9: We Are Brothers

Here's the last chapter of the week. Enjoy.



In fact, all along, Zhang Tie felt a deep sense of pressure that this era had placed on him. No matter how hard he tired, he felt like a small insignificant powerless leaf that is flowing on strong rapids, having no control of the direction of his life made him feel a sense of helplessness at everything else in this era.

He is powerless to make Ms. Dinah love him, he is powerless to prevent his parents from feeling sad, at times, his mind even thought of terrible scenarios that might happen to the people he cared about in his life, that he is powerless to stop, in those scenes, all he could do, is struggle powerlessly, not even possessing the ability to scream and shout.

This night, Zhang Tie had an exceptionally good sleep, it is so good that it could be the best he ever had since he was born. When the Leak Prevention Fruit ignited his divine palace, it has also ignited his flame of hope.

To think, he can become useful, becoming a Rank 1 Battle Soldier! This thought fortified his good sleep, making it very peaceful. The stress and unease accumulated over the years have finally been put to rest.

As usual, when the clock just past six in the morning, Zhang Tie's biological clock woke him up. The woken Zhang Tie looked at the roof of his loft, he felt a never before rush of energy. Maybe due to the ignited divine Palace, Zhang Tie's aching body that he had yesterday, has recovered to only having a few minor areas still feeling sore, his body is basically recovered.

I am now a Rank 1! Zhang Tie talked to his reflection on the mirror in his room before showing a bright smile, Zhang Tie's heart at this moment is also filled with light. After performing a few shadow punches and kicks in his loft, Zhang Tie confirmed his strength has increase by a large factor, the feeling of power he felt is simply to intoxicating.

After he hurriedly put on his clothes and washed himself downstairs. Zhang Tie raised a fire and prepared breakfast for his family, before his mother wakes up, Zhang Tie hopes to earn a Merit point.

Just as he has finished his breakfast porridge, his mother, who's still in her morning daze walked into the room. Zhang Tie rushed up to her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, ’’Mum, I am off to school...’’ and rushed off, leaving his stunned mother wondering - How come this boy is so happy this morning!

The effect of igniting the divine Palace Light Point on the body's constitution and qualities are presented clearly to Zhang Tie during his journey to school in the morning. What usually needs 40 minutes to walk, took him only more than ten minutes to run with his full strength, although he felt slightly tired after the run but it is much better than the feeling of a dying dog when he ran using the same time and speed in the past.

At school, as expected, Zhang Tie was the first in his year to reach, after checking his classroom and confirming that there are no people hiding in ambush, Zhang Tie cleaned the tables, every time he helped these animals, he can earn three Merits after all.

After cleaning, he went to the training square and circled the small forest before humming a small tune and strolls back to the classroom.

As expected, when the animals discover that their tables have been cleaned once again, a commotion started among themselves. It is to the point that they are suspecting it might be a ghost that is doing the tasks for them.

The conversations caused Zhang Tie to seriously think about his methods of earning Merits, his sneaky way of doing things is causing matters to get out of hand. He must think of a direct and open approach - 'Removing Evil and Supporting the Good, is the most benevolent act that creation has bestowed on the mortal world' - remembering the information log that describes Merit has allowed him to have a faint direction on what to do next but he currently still has no idea yet.

As Zhang Tie scratches his head for ideas, Barry entered the classroom.

When he saw Barry, Zhang Tie remembered his actions yesterday and felt that it is indeed a retarded move. Just like what Tang De said, if he is vicious enough and settle this incident once and for all, then he will be in a totally different scenario today.

Before Zhang Tie could greet the damn fatty, the fatty saw him, his eyes flashed for a moment as he shows Zhang Tie a smile while moving towards him and whispered, ’’The brothers of the Airplane Brotherhood have something to tell you after class ends!’’

After Barry, the other members of the brotherhood such as Baghdad, Doug, Sista, Sven, Chad also approached him, causing Zhang Tie to feel strange at their actions. The guys actually treated him even better than before, all of them showed off toothy grins causing Zhang Tie to be suspicious for more than half a day, even to the point of checking his zipper and make sure it is properly zipped many times throughout the day...

’’Ms. Dinah is here...’’ an animal in class shouted before everyone, including Zhang Tie, lined up along the windows, looking at the charming figure of Ms. Dinah walking pass them downstairs. With their view from the top, seeing the powerful, snow white peaks of Ms. Dinah caused every animal to rate this moment as the most beautiful scene in this world.

Of the whole block, which ever classroom that Ms. Dinah walks passed, its windows will be filled with people as a round of saliva gulping sounds could be heard. The first period's history teacher also entered the classroom under the barrage of these sounds...

History is the easiest topic of school, the whole time, the history teacher talked about everything, from common knowledge of humans before the Cataclysm to major historical incidents, all the way to the Black Iron Age where there are many mysterious legends. All forms of knowledge, all sorts of information could be under History lessons. The contents might look insignificant but it has broadened Zhang Tie's horizons, letting him learn about the human world before the Cataclysm. Although the animals in class are not interested in history and will mostly sleep their way through the lesson but Zhang Tie enjoyed himself greatly every time.

This period, the history teacher talked about space exploration done by humans before the Cataclysm, during that era, they launched a machine that is faster than sound into space and used it to circle the two moons of Kun Lun Continent. It was said that they made major discoveries but none of the information related to their discoveries was released to the public, causing a lack of information being passed down to the descendants.

To the people of today, the stories they have heard about their ancestors have become the stuff of legends, can humans really create a machine to fly to the moon? Zhang Tie could not help but be distracted by the thought during lesson.

When the end of lesson bell rang, Barry gave Zhang Tie a look as everyone in the brotherhood left the classroom, gathering at the corner of a small garden next to the classroom building.

’’Big Head, we called you here today because we wanted to inform you regarding a matter’’ Barry solemnly said to Zhang Tie.

Do the guys want to beat me up? It doesn't look like it, Zhang Tie got slightly perplexed as he replied, ’’What matter?’’

’’Your request to leave the brotherhood yesterday was rejected by all of the brothers!’’

’’Do you guys know I have landed myself in deep trouble in school!’’ looking at the decisive look on Barry, Zhang Tie decided to tell the guys the truth.

’’The matter with Gree and his gang right?’’ Baghdad hugged his arms as he coolly said, ’’they are at fault in the first place. Once they messed with one of our brothers, we will fight them till the end!’’

’’Exactly!’’ Doug's large hands landed on Zhang Tie's shoulders, ’’Be at ease, with us by your side, there is no need to be afraid. The brotherhood will support you, being able to have a person of your character as our brother, is something that everyone is happy about!’’

’’Does Gree and his gang have more di*ks then us?’’ Sista thrust his hips forward before placing his hand on Zhang Tie's shoulders.

’’We can always play dirty with them!’’ Sista cunningly continued.

’’Worst case, we can take the beating together!’’ Sven shrugs his shoulders before placing a hand on Zhang Tie's shoulders too.

’’This is the intent of our brotherhood!’’ Barry smiled slyly before placing his hand on Zhang Tie's shoulder, ’’Next week, I am still going to being you out and complete your rites to become a real man. When you enjoyed the brotherhood's benefits, how will you leave after that?’’

As everyone places a hand on Zhang Tie's shoulders, this is an action that was done unintentionally, they just wanted to encourage Zhang Tie but in the end, only Baghdad is still acting cool at one side. When everyone's eyes are on this black brother, Baghdad finally reacted and stretched his hand, placing it on Zhang Tie's shoulders.

In the end, with Zhang Tie at the center, the six members have a hand on his shoulders or back, forming a peculiar ritualistic scene. This group of pitiful youths at this moment, with this action, at this holy scene, cause the seven young hearts to beat strongly in their chests.

These bastards that only know how to wank! Zhang Tie suddenly felt his eyes tearing, at this moment, his body is filled with strength, this power does not come from the divine Palace but from his beating heart, at this moment, nothing in this world can make him feel afraid.

Who is Gree? He can eat shit!

When they returned to the classroom, each of the brothers felt different from before, what exactly is different, they are unable to identify but all of them felt stronger and more fearless than ever, an unknown strength began to well up in their hearts becoming something they could rely on, this feeling, intoxicates them deeply...

Even Fat Barry is also smiling, he also felt that the brothers are now different from before, this is a very good feeling, like who seven different parts have finally come together. At this moment, Barry felt that, once these seven parts have been activated, it will form a powerful machine, strong enough to make people feel safe.

As Barry touched his chin and remembers the scene where everyone placed their hands on Zhang Tie, the more he thought about it, the more Barry felt that is a holy ritual of the brotherhood. In the future when new blood joins them, they can consider testing this ritual again......


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