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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 3 - Chapter 7


CoBI, B3 Chapter 7: Igniting The divine Palace

Sometimes, the difference between decadent and morals is separated by a simple word called patience.

When he thought about it, Zhang Tie revealed a determined expression and slowly retracted his hand. After he has completely retracted his hand, a small smile of victory could be seen on his face as he draws in a deep breath and looked at the small tree before locking onto the mysterious arch door in his mind and left the Castle of Black Iron......

Zhang Tie did not know that this seemingly insignificant choice of his regarding patience has developed his mentality and maturing it by another step.

When he returned to the confines of his simple loft, Zhang Tie sat on his bed and started his visualization training with the <<Godly Abacus Mental Arithmetic >>. When he is done, he took the charged crystal on his window sill and proceed to polish his divine Palace Light Point. After fully exhausting his mental energy, Zhang Tie went for another round of visualization training.

When his routine is completed, Zhang Tie looked at his alarm clock, seeing that there is still an hour more to the fruit's completion, he resisted the urge to enter the castle and chose to sleep instead.

Halfway through his sleep, Zhang Tie suddenly woke up from his dreamless rest due to a full bladder.

Using the faint moonlight from the window, Zhang Tie checked his alarm clock and discovers that it is close to four o'clock in the morning. Two hours have passed since the first Leak Prevention Fruit has matured.

Wearing only his underwear, Zhang Tie jumped out of his bed and immediately locked onto the mysterious door in his mind and disappeared from the loft...

When he arrived in the Castle, Zhang Tie did not immediately run to the small tree to harvest the fruit. Instead, the first thing he did, is to drop his underwear and pull out his 'weapon', after positioning his back to face the small tree that is ten meters away from him, he released a refreshing torrent of piss.

With the pressure on his bladder removed, the content Zhang Tie pulled up his underwear and walked towards the small tree.

As the approaching Zhang Tie is four to five meters away from the small tree, a refreshing fragrance assaulted his nostrils. The fragrance is rather special, not only does it have the smell of a ripe fruit, it also contains the scent of sandalwood* as well as another mysterious, indescribable scent.

(Cuppa: About Sandalwood)

Zhang Tie took in several huge breaths of the enticing fragrance before his attention was attracted by the source of the smell, the ripe Leak Prevention Fruit.

The current Leak Prevention Fruit looks different from a few hours ago, although the fruit is still the size of a chicken egg, its color is now a mature deep red and exudes a faint glow. The smooth shiny surface of the fruit has turned slightly translucent and within the fruit, one can see an amber like substance that emits a dark golden glow flowing within it.

*Gulp* Zhang Tie could not help but swallow his saliva as his legs uncontrollably stepped forward as his hand stretched out to touch the fruit.

  • The Leak Prevention Fruit has matured.
  • Usage method: Please pluck the fruit and consume it.
  • Warning: The fruit cannot leave the Castle of Black Iron. After being harvest, the energy and vitality within the fruit will slowly diminish after twelve hours.

The floating translucent panel automatically appeared in front of Zhang Tie alerting him the matters to take note of.

As the panel slowly disappears in front of him, Zhang Tie puffed his chest and took in two deep breaths. He sharpens his gaze and pluck the fruit from the tree without hesitation.

After giving the fruit a couple of sniffs and casually inspecting it with his eyes, Zhang Tie lifted his head, opened his mouth and ate the fruit in one bite.

As Zhang Tie's teeth pierced into this special fruit, his mouth is instantly filled with a thick and sweet juice, the delicious taste immediately caused every pore in his body to open in comfort.

*Slush* with one sound, Zhang Tie devoured his first mouth of fruit juice, the fruit in his mouth has also reduced to nearly half its size. After swallowing another two mouths of juice, nothing is left in his mouth.

Although the texture of the Leak Prevention Fruit felt like a ripe tomato, its taste and smell is something that Zhang Tie has never encounter before, it is the most delicious fruit he has ever tasted in his life.

After consuming the fruit, Zhang Tie licked his lips, hoping to savor any remaining flavor left behind while guessing how much change will the fruit bring to him. Just as the thought appear in his mind, Zhang Tie suddenly felt a warmth spreading out from his chest.

The comfortable warm feeling surged from his chest before slowly transforming into a warm energy wave that began to circulate between his chest and abdomen.

After circulating for less than two rounds, the warm wave suddenly pounced towards Zhang Tie's divine Palace Light Point like a python that has found its target.

Feeling that his divine Palace is being targeted, Zhang Tie's face turned to shock and immediately crossed his legs and entered his meditative state, trying to sense what is happening.

Around his navel where his divine Palace is located, Zhang Tie discovered a surprising transformation. The huge and powerful energy wave heading towards his divine Palace felt like a fiery dragon returning to its cave home but the hole is too small for the dragon to enter, therefore, it began circling around the Light Point instead.

His divine Palace, like a black hole, reacted by ravenously devouring the threads of warm energy emitted by the fire dragon. These energy threads began to expand the 'hole' as it is sucked in. As the hole enlarges, the fire dragon begins to circle faster, increasing the speed of the hole's expansion, eventually, the expanding hole began to emit a glow that shines brighter and brighter.

After ten minutes, a sudden 'roar' resounded within the space, the glowing green hole that has expanded to twice its size has turned blue. However, the new blue colored hole is still too small for the fire dragon, causing it to continue circling the hole, injecting even more energy into it.

After another ten more minutes, the blue light became stronger and stronger and with another sudden 'roar', the blue hole that has expanded to twice its size, turned purple. Seeing the hole turning purple, the dragon seemed to have gotten even more excited and continue to release more energy into the hole.

As the shiny purple hole increases in size over half an hour, it finally expanded enough to allow the fire dragon to enter. Without hesitation, the fire dragon head into the hole immediately.

With another loud ’’roar’’, the long fire dragon disappeared into the hole and the purple glow instantly turned into a flash. Replacing the glow is a red fire spark that appeared at the place where the dragon disappeared into.

As the spark began to burn, it transformed into a raging flame that is constantly spreading its warmth and light to the surrounding cold darkness.

When he the clearly sensed and 'saw' the burning fire within his divine palace. Zhang Tie, who was still sitting on the ground, cried. After a face full of tears, he continued with a laugh, like a craze man laughing at the heavens. He never expected that the day his divine Palace ignites, is today and be ignited with such a method.

Just the effects of a single Leak Prevention Fruit can produce such surprising results, easily allowing him to perform a triple breakthrough clearing green, blue and purple stages in one go, rising him from a normal militia into a Rank 1 Battle Soldier.

Can it be that the purpose of the Leak Prevention Fruit is to ignite Light Points? This question flashed through Zhang Tie's mind as he stood up from position and felt for the effects of his first Light Point coursing through his body.

It is a strange powerful feeling, his whole body felt empty within, there is no feeling of any organs, muscles or skeletons, more like an air bag.

A soft wind seems to blow from his divine Palace, spreading it throughout his body. Like the spring wind, it is warm and smoothing, wherever it reaches, it will bring life to that place.

Zhang Tie once hear his brother said that, when a light point has been ignited in the body, it is also a process of enhancing and improving the quality of the body. The process is unique to the person, some may feel comfortable while others might felt pain or other various strange feelings.

Some might even feel such intense comfort that can outmatch the feeling of orgasms during se* while some who feel pain during igniting, might felt an intensity that can rival the pain of a woman during childbirth, making them feel as though they are like an emerging butterfly exiting a cocoon.

The warm smoothing wind from his divine Palace blew for another seven to eight minutes before it finally stops. Zhang Tie felt is whole body cracked in multiple places, after the cracking noise went by for more than a minute did it finally stop. This is a process called ’’bone fixing’’ that everyone will experience after igniting a Light Point for the first time.

Zhang Tie enjoyed the process thoroughly, it is as though there is an invisible hand of creation controlling the process, the hand just needs to casually touch a few times and the bones around that area will be processed like a new machine fresh out of the factory.

After the calibration and adjusting, Zhang Tie felt a never before sense of agreement harmonizing between each bone in his skeleton, this filled his body with power while bringing him a new sense of balance, causing him to shout out in unknown happiness.

Living in this era, only when a person reached this point, will he be considered to have started his road of cultivation.

’’Ms. Dinah, here I come! I have ignited my divine Palace! Ah....’’

Zhang Tie screamed at the heavens!


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