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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 3 - Chapter 4


CoBI, B3 Chapter 4: The Great Art of Black-Heartedness

Here's a late first chapter of the week. My apologies as my laptop have no access.



’’Kid, what's the matter, how come your face is pale?’’ after dealing with two customers, Tang De who is beside him at the counter asked.

As Zhang Tie, who has completed the accounts and closed the books, lowered his pen, he heard Tang De's question.

F*k, is a keen observation an innate skill of all fatties? Not only fat Barry, even the storeowner is like this. A suspicion began to rise within Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie revealed a helpless smile and told Tang De what happened in school today. To Zhang Tie surprise, he felt slightly better after telling the story.

’’Heh... Heh...’’ the store owner laughed at him heartlessly and raised a thumb at Zhang Tie, ’’I did not expect you have such a strong bone*, are you regretting now?’’

(Cuppa: Common Chinese way of complimenting that a person has guts)

’’F*k that, who do they think they are, those trays, if a friend request, I don't mind washing them, I can even wash for the beggars on the streets but I will never wash for them. Are they going to bite my di*k for that?’’ as he is very familiar with Tang De, Zhang Tie did not hesitate to reveal his feelings in front of the fatty, ’’Right, have you met with a similar situation in the past?’’ after venting some of his frustrations, Zhang Tie did not forget to seek some wisdom from the damn fatty.

Having worked in this store for so long, the damn fatty sometimes give Zhang Tie the feeling that he is his half-teacher, he has taught him many things, other matters aside, just the life experiences of Tang De is way richer than himself.

’’It is possible everyone has experienced this kind of thing before, it is because there are too many bastards who are full of themselves in this world. You are just sitting there minding your own business but someone might find you a sore eye and wants to step on your face a couple of times to make themselves feel better. When dealing with bastards like these, you must deal with them viciously. Do you know where you did wrong this afternoon?’’ Tang De asked Zhang Tie.


’’Since you have decided to oppose them, you should not have left things half-baked, you should have ended them viciously, use everything in your power to deal with them. Young man, although you definitely have guts but you are too kindhearted, too indecisive.’’

When Zhang Tie heard this, his eyes opened wide. He has all along felt that he is vicious enough on Gree and his gang but in the eyes of Tang De, he is actually evaluated as kindhearted and indecisive.

’’Since the feud is set, one slap from you or ten slaps from you, will there be any difference in the outcome?’’ Tang De criticized at Zhang Tie without holding back, ’’Are you under the illusion that those bastards will thank you for not choosing to slap them ten times and chose to slap them one time? If I were you, I would have sneakily place those trays inside the toilet, add more to their crimes and deny my involvement to the end, not like you, simply walking away without doing anything.

Tell me, how will your school's one eye dragon react when he discovers that the trays are left in the toilet? What kind of punishment will the school deliver to them? Since they have already thrown away their trays, they have no way of blaming you, what is there to be afraid of?’’

Zhang Tie stared wide eye in amazement, come to think of it, if he really did that, breaking multiple school rules such as ’’Willful stealing of public property’’ ’’Tarnishing the school's reputation’’ etc. can be placed on the heads of Gree and his group.

Even if the school doesn't press charges, the disgusting act of discarding food related items in the toilet will also be enough to ire the strict one eye dragon and cause them to receive more damage and lay on bed a few days longer. He did not think of this option earlier on;can it be he is too kindhearted?

’’That is your first mistake, do you know what is your second mistake?’’ Tang De, who has gotten into momentum, continued to criticize Zhang Tie without stopping.

There's a second? Zhang Tie looked at Tang De innocently.

’’Since those guys have fainted from the whipping, they must have been injured to a certain extent, their overall capabilities should have lowered greatly. At this moment, you should have gather some of your good brothers or encourage those students that have been bullied by Gree and his gang, using the power of numbers to hit at them when they are weak. After school, you can hide along their road home with some weapons prepared, using the opportunity to cripple them in one shot instead of worrying about their revenge, like what you are doing now.

Even if someone died or become permanently crippled from the attack, because this is a group incident by students, you guys have not graduated and will be considered as minors, on top of that, they are the ones in the wrong, often bullying people in school, even if they are to press charges they will not focus on you alone, the law is unable to trial the many, with everyone sharing the blame, what is there to be afraid of?’’

Zhang Tie is speechless, in front of Tang De, he felt like a pure little white rabbit while the store owner became more and more intimidating, he pointed a finger at his forehead, nearly poking him with it.

The agitated Tang De began to spray even more saliva onto Zhang Tie's face, ’’Do you know what is your third mistake? This is also the most unforgivable of all, you actually kept quiet and left that air whatever brotherhood of yours without giving them a reason. Are you an idiot? You have so many brothers available for you to use, yet you want to act the hero, act tough, voluntarily breaking this line of aid when facing danger, is there even a point to this?

A pig is smarter than you by a hundred times! You should have told them about the incident, explaining what has happened and arrange to beat the hell out of those bastards after school. If the brotherhood asks you to leave or dare not accompany you, then it is them who has wronged you, when you see them in the future, you will not feel bad nor will they dare to make things difficult for you.

Yet, you chose to leave without saying a single word, this will reverse the tables, making you the one who has wronged them, if they do not know the real reason and thus despise you, or worst, turn you into their enemy...’’ the agitated Tang De can't hold back anymore and poked viciously on Zhang Tie's forehead, ’’Is your brain damaged by those boring knight novels? or damaged when hitting a door on your head? You can't even understand such a simple matter!’’

Hearing Tang De's analysis, Zhang Tie wanted to hide his head inside his trousers. He once thought that he is very magnanimous, very brave but when he thinks from Tang De's point of view, he felt like a total idiot.

If he applied the three points mentioned by Tang De, Zhang Tie believe that at this moment, he will be beating the crap out of Gree and his gang outside of school, using wooden rods to hit them with the other animals in class.

The group ambush will cause the weaken Gree and gang to be rolling on the floor asking for mercy, immediately crippling a couple of them is also possible.

This will settle his problem in one shot while suppressing Gree and his group's tyrannical ways in school once and for all. What's more, the brotherhood might even expand and strengthen from this incident, pulling more candidates to join them, becoming a decent force, how come he did not think of these, why did he not reach Tang De's level?

After wiping the saliva off his face, looking at the angry Tang De despising gaze on him, Zhang Tie scratched his head awkwardly, ’’What can I do now?’’

’’What to do now? You have already missed the best chance, what more can you do. Tomorrow, talk to your brothers and clarify with them the reason you left, even if you cannot rejoin them, at least you can obtain their forgiveness and prevent a possible problem.

Next, it will be up to your luck and fate. Just remember one rule, never think that your opponent or enemy will be as kind as you, or observe those dog fart morals.

In this world, the most terrifying thing is the human heart. The humans that died under the hands of other humans are definitely much more than those that have died under the hands of non-human races. The human heart is the most terrifying thing and you have to be even more careful when dealing it.

It is okay if you cannot beat Gree in a fight, don't strike a rock with an egg. Instead, if you have more friends than him, then activate them to suppress him. If you have a higher position than him, then use your authority to pin him down completely. If you have more money than him, then use money to kill him. If your brain is smarter than him, then use schemes to end him. If you are ruthless enough, then use sneak attacks and deal with him. If you are shameless enough or thick face enough, use all forms of underhand methods and play with him, for example, you can kneel in front of him and ask for his forgiveness, allow him to punish you however he wants and join his group, obtain his trust and goodwill, at a crucial moment, slam a rod up his asshole and forever put him down.

Ask yourself what areas you can exceed him, then use these specific areas to play with him, play till he is dead. If you have nothing that exceed him, you can always hide far away from him, this is the rules of the game in this world. Understand kid?’’ Tang De normally rarely educates people, therefore he used this opportunity to fire off like the steam-powered automatic bow guns mounted on the city walls, causing Zhang Tie to clamp his mouth shut.

It is as though this is Zhang Tie's first time meeting this black-hearted store owner, only after staring at Tang De's old face for a long while, nearly causing the damn fatty to undergo another round of agitation, did he finally nod his head firmly, replying with a hint of embarrassment, ’’I seem to have understood a little’’

’’Slowly digest what I have said. In the eastern continent, what I have just said, is a secret technique that our Chinese race use to handle those shameless bastards. This is the essence of The Great Art of Black-Heartedness!’’ Tang De's shifty eyes caused the credibility of his words to drop by a large margin.

The Great Art of Black-Heartedness? Isn't this simply just being thick face and black-hearted, this is a secret technique? Zhang Tie was highly suspicious at Tang De's claim but although he is suspicious, he felt that his words are still logical. Enough of suspecting, he is now in need of help, at most he will receive a beating by those guys, it is no big deal.

When he thought of the maturing Leak Prevention Fruit, the flames of anticipation began to burn within Zhang Tie's heart......


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