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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 3 - Chapter 2


CoBI, B3 Chapter 2: A Bloody Case Due To A Few Trays

During afternoon's training, with the blazing sun shining on their heads, the animals are gathering on the training square as the bell rang, they are waiting for their instructors to relay their order but the platform where the instructor is supposed to be standing is empty.

After two suffocating minutes, a figure finally appeared on stage, however, it is not the instructor that everyone is familiar with but the most terrifying one eye dragon of Black Flame City.

The oppressing aura released by the one eye dragon caused everyone below the platform to feel waves of terrifying chills, making them wonder what has happened. Especially when seeing the black whip in the hands of the one eye dragon, some people began to shake on their legs.

As a semi-military management style institute, the school is very strict when it comes to disciplining students who do not follow its rules. Among all the different punishments, the lightest is physical punishments such as running around the field for tens of rounds, a slightly heavier one will be caning, while the most serious punishment, is to stand under trial at Black Flame City's Court of Law.

When they saw the leather whip held by Captain Colin, everyone knew that someone will be getting very, very unlucky. Throughout the past several years in school, every time when the one eye dragon holds a leather whip in his hand, will be the time when a self-serving guy become unlucky.

As Zhang Tie stood in the formation below the platform, looking at the cold steely expression on the face of the one eye dragon, Zhang Tie knew that the moment has finally come.

Will I regret? Zhang Tie asked himself silently.

F*k that! Is Zhang Tie's answer.

’’Gree, Salom, Janal, Zohar, come out of formation’’ Captain Colin loudly shouted the names of Gree's four-man group.

When Gree's name was called, the people who are waiting to watch a good show suddenly skipped a heartbeat, feeling shock in their hearts. Gree? That Gree? It is actually Gree and his gang?

’’Time for a good show!’’ Fat Barry who is standing beside Zhang Tie excitedly said.

Indeed, there will be a good show, it will be a good show from those guys first, then it will be a good show by me after that! Zhang Tie silently said in his heart......

Under everyone's attention, the four that was called began to pale in fright, as they walked out of formation, the one who walked out last, is Salom, who is also the guy who threw the trays at Zhang Tie.

Salom, as though feeling something, turned his head towards the direction of Zhang Tie's position as he walks out, his eyes are filled with a dangerous aura within.

As Zhang Tie coldly stare at Salom, he did not feel any tinge of regret at his choice. His choice might be difficult for others to do but it is very simple for him - What is the choice that will make his parents feel proud? When Zhang Tie asked himself this question, the answer naturally appeared.

As Gree and gang stood in line, the school enforcers who are standing at the side, moved up to them and removed their training armor, exposing their chiseled upper bodies. With this, everyone has confirmed that Captain Colin is here for them today.

’’Captain Colin, I believe I have the right to know the reason for all this!’’ Gree, whose arms are held by two enforcers, shouted angrily.

’’Rule #27, every student of the school is to wash and return their lunch trays to the canteen after lunch. Students who fail to comply will be given 2 lashes. Rule #6, no student is to deliberately damage school property. Students who fail to comply will be given 4 lashes. Gree, Salom, Janal, Zohar, the four of you have broken these two rules when you did not clean your trays after lunch today and deliberately discard them in the small forest. I have decided to give each of you six lashes as punishment, do you accept?’’ the one eye dragon stared sharply at them emotionlessly as they heard the shocking reason.

Zhang Tie who has been keeping an eye on the expressions of Gree and his gang, noted that the gaze of the other three did not fall on Salom after Captain Colin finished speaking, but shifted their gaze to look at his direction instead. This made him realize immediately that the incident this afternoon is not a coincidence but something these guys have agreed beforehand;their aim is likely to oppress him.

However, the bullies who normally target timid students and are used to people silently accepting their demands, did not foresee the possibility that Zhang Tie will reject them when they sent Salom to dump the trays at him and left without checking, leading to the current situation.

After understanding everything up till this point, Zhang Tie began to feel somewhat gloomy. Much as he wants to keep a low profile in school, even to the point of consciously avoiding them, but for some unknown reasons, these guys just have to target him.

Looking at the leather whip coiled around Captain Colin's hand, the faces of Gree and his gang is no longer pale but turned green instead. Salom make a last bid to appeal, ’’Captain Colin, I have something to say...’’

Looking at the nervous Salom, Captain Colin lightly replied, ’’Go on’’

’’After lunch, I have already handed the trays to someone else...’’

’’Where did you hand them at?’’

’’The small forest!’’

’’How did you do it?’’

’’I... I placed the trays in front of a person!’’

’’In front? Is it on the ground or in his hands?’’

’’The... The ground!’’

’’Why did you place the trays on the ground in front of the person?’’

’’I... I... asked him to help us clean the trays and return them!’’ Even with their arrogant behavior, he is not confident at reporting their bullying actions to Captain Colin.

’’Did the person say anything?’’

’’He... He said nothing!’’ knowing that Zhang Tie is in the formation behind him and can point out any lies that he says, Salom have no choice but to say the truth.


’’And...’’ a flustered Salom looked at Captain Colin, ’’and I walked away...’’

’’I understand what you are trying to say. You are telling me that, because you left the trays in front of someone, because that someone rejected your unreasonable request and ignored your dirty trays, therefore, that person who rejected you should be receiving your lashes instead right? Do you feel wronged? Since that person rejected your humiliation, so from your point of view, he has humiliated all of you, therefore, he must bear the consequences? So, if today you are to place your dirty trays in front of me instead, do I have to whip myself to help you evade your punishment?’’ the one eye dragon expressionlessly said, however, his monotonous dialogue only caused Gree and gang to open their mouths wordlessly, their faces turned even uglier, unable to say a single word.

’’This is a very powerful logic, unfortunately all of you are not powerful enough to convert this bastard logic of yours into the laws and rules of Black Flame City!’’ the one eye dragon coldly smiled, ’’therefore, you will be receiving six lashes on your bodies!’’


After that, an art of whipping is being performed by the terrible one eye dragon of Black Flame City in front of an appreciating crowd.

The whipping history of the one eye dragon is the darkest of #7 Black Flame National School, his punishment will cause the animals to shakes their knees in fear.

The one eye dragon is always able to control his technique to inflict the maximum amount of pain without causing any harm to the bones or internal organs in his strikes. What's even more terrifying is, no matter the number of lashes you are to receive, the one eye dragon will always be able to pace himself and ensure that the last strike he lands will cause you to faint from the pain.

Today, the animals watched while munching their imaginary popcorn and enjoyed twenty-four comforting cries of pain before watching the school enforcers drag away four unconscious bodies away from the training square.

What a fulfilling event! The thought flashed through every single person in the graduating class after watching the oppressive Gree and his gang receiving their just desserts.

Although his body is still feeling sore and painful but being able to rest in the morning has reduce the pain enough to allow Zhang Tie to grit his teeth and finish the training in the afternoon.

Without the presence of Gree's shouts in the training square, the animals got very motivated in today's training, during the breaks in between training, the animals also tried to find out who is the daredevil that played Gree and his gang. Ever since Gree reached Rank 2 and started his arrogant ways, he has not met with any retaliation.

Except for Zhang Tie and Barry, the guys in the brotherhood are also in the state of excitement. Zhang Tie not being excited is due to his considerations on how to face the impending revenge of Gree and his gang, the pain from that twenty-four whips will only spur them to return the favor multiple times on his body.

It looks like my Forged Metal Body Fruit will be getting a sharp increase! Zhang Tie joked to himself inwardly.

Fat Barry also does not have any signs of excitement, since he heard Salom mentioning the small forest, the damn fatty's face has also slowly turn serious.

Zhang Tie going to the small forest after lunch is something everyone in the brotherhood knows, on top of that, Barry is a very observant person and might have notice a change in Zhang Tie in the afternoon. Therefore, he feels that Barry might have guessed that he is that ’’daredevil’’ in question...


After school, Zhang Tie asks the members to gather and wait for him in the classroom. When everyone arrives, he calmly announces his decision.

’’What! Big Head, you are leaving the brotherhood?’’ Doug looked at Zhang Tie in shock, ’’Why? Is there anything wrong with the brotherhood? We are even preparing to make you a real man next week’’

Sven and Sista and the rest are equally shock at the news while Baghdad is seething with rage, his hand formed a tight fist without him knowing.

’’It might be because I am used to being alone. Therefore, please respect my decision...’’ Zhang Tie did not say much, after lightly smiling, he turned and left the classroom without waiting for a reply, leaving the members of the brotherhood to look at each other.

’’This bastard! I should have given another punch on his nose when we first met!’’ Baghdad strike his fist on the wall of the classroom, causing a small dust cloud to fall from the force...

’’To think we treated him as our good brother!’’ Doug spits at the direction of the door where Zhang Tie stepped out. ’’That guy has never treated us as brothers!’’

’’What actually happened...?’’ Sven is still trying to understand the situation as he looked at the others.

’’How can there be such a dumb person, he should have waited after enjoying the rite of passage prepared by the brotherhood’’ Sista said.

Chad looked at his left and right while Barry lowers his head in silence. As the rest noticed Barry's silence, they also turn silent.

Seeing everyone isn't speaking, Barry finally lifted his head and looked at each of them.

’’This afternoon, I had a guess about the show we had at the training square and Big Head's actions has confirmed it. All of you have wronged him, the reason Big Head volunteered to leave the brotherhood is to keep us out of trouble!’’

’’Trouble? You are saying...’’ Sven seems to understand something.

’’Big Head is a daring person, the person who did not wash the trays for Gree and his gang and caused them to receive the punishment, is him!’’ Barry told them his analysis, causing everyone to open their mouth in shock, ’’Gree and his gang will definitely seek revenge at him, therefore, to avoid dragging us into this, he chose to leave the brotherhood!’’

Barry looked at each of them solemnly, ’’It is expected that the revenge of Gree and his gang will be very fierce, if Big Head is still a member of the brotherhood, we will need to face their wrath along with him and it will affect our personal safety and benefits. On this matter, no one can represent the other to decide.

The reason I did not hold back Big Head, is to clarify this matter with everyone and let you make the decision. If we choose to let Big Head stay, we will be facing Gree's revenge. If we allow him to leave, then everyone will be safe. Each of you should think about this seriously, you have five minutes, after five minutes, we will vote!’’

The members of the brotherhood went deep in thoughts in the classroom...


After five minutes, Barry solemnly looked at everyone, ’’Those who agree to let Big Head stay, agree to shoulder the burden of Gree's revenge along with him, raise your hands!’’

Everyone looked at each other but none spoke.

’’Alright, since no one wants to speak first then I will start. Although Big Head is the guy that broke my nose and caused me to be labelled with that disgusting 'Slime Monster' nickname but, I feel that he is a loyal guy, therefore...’’ Doug raised his hand, ’’I want him to stay...’’

’’Gree is only a Rank 2 Battle Soldier, I have been looking for a chance to exceed him!’’ Baghdad raised his hand.

’’If we forsake our brother because of a small problem today, then, when we face an even more difficult problem in the future, does that mean that we should disband? There is no point forming this kind of ass fart brotherhood!’’ Sista raised his hand.

’’I got a feeling that guy will always do things outside our expectations and I think that, having a guy who will run away without hesitation when facing a red scarf bandit in our brotherhood, is a guy that will not push others into danger, just like today. It is also possible Big Head that guy have an insurance u his sleeves, having this type of person as a brother, I will feel relieved!’’ Chad shrugs his shoulders and raised his hands.

’’Since everyone has decided then I have no reason to say no but I must say, I feel that everyone is exceptionally cool today!’’ Sven lightly smiled as he raised his hand.

Seeing everyone's gaze on him, Fat Barry's serious expression immediately turned into a bright smile and raised his hands, ’’Gree and his gang will be the Airplane Brotherhood's first step of building our foundation in Black Flame City, we can only be called real brothers after facing trials together. Come to think of it, I have to thank Big Head, a trial that I have been hoping our brotherhood can face together, has finally come!’’

As the members of the brotherhood looked at each other, their eyes slowly begun to shine. After making a sincere choice from their hearts, everyone felt a stronger bond with each other, a silent warmth began to fester in their chests, that warmth, contains courage, contains trust...

’’What is the motto of our brotherhood?’’ seeing the rising spirits in everyone's eyes, Barry loudly asked.

’’No tooth decay!’’ Doug loudly replied but quickly shrunk his body as he saw the deadpan eyes of everyone around him and realized that his joke is not as funny as he thought.

’’One more time, what is the motto of our brotherhood!’’ Barry loudly asked once again.

’’Whoever pokes our brother, we will poke them back!’’ the animals howled together...


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