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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 2 - Chapter 9


CoBI, B2 Chapter 9: Captain Colin's Reward

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Zhang Tie's words silenced everyone in the classroom, all of them felt slightly touched by his words, to think that he scolded them for their own good, everyone felt they have judged this guy wrongly.

However, the way this guy scolded them really makes them want to give him a good beating.

Captain Colin stayed silent, the way he looked at Zhang Tie changed slightly.

’’We met in the forest some time ago, I remember your name is called...’’ Captain Colin scratched his head after getting a clearer look, the face in front him brought out some memories.

’’Zhang Tie!’’

’’That's right, it is Zhang Tie. You have scolded well, I am also a bastard that is worse than a pig!’’ after a deep look at Zhang Tie, Captain Colin turned his head and bellowed at the group of animals on his left, his roaring voice shook the whole building ’’You bunch of bastards that are worse than pigs, do you know where have you done wrong?

The next part of this class is for you to run twenty rounds around the parade square while shouting 'I am an idiot that is worse than a pig' a thousand times. The survival class for today is for you to remember that sometimes, being reckless does not mean you have courage, running away does not mean you are a coward. When facing an enemy on the battlefield, your only mission and goal, is to survive while at the same time, either cause pain to your enemy or kill your enemy. Only when you can achieve this will you become a qualified warrior, if not, you are just trash that is meant to be buried...’’


During the latter part of the lesson, the animals circled the parade square while shouting ’’I am an idiot that is worse than a pig’’, ’’I am an idiot that is worse than a pig’’, ’’I am an idiot that is worse than a pig’’, their voices traveled far and wide attracting the attention of every student and teacher in the school, allowing everyone to enjoy the show.

Captain Colin ordered damn fatty, Sven and the student to go to the parade square and count the shouts before calling Zhang Tie to stand in front of him.

*Cough*... *Cough*... ’’The last time in the small forest you have left a deep impression on me, there are few who can endure the beating you went through!’’

Zhang Tie had a couple of dry coughs, he knew that despite the one-eye dragon's rough looks, the dragon has a sharp mind and has likely seen through the lie, it is only because the dragon treated the incident as a small matter that he decided to let it slide, ’’That incident... it is us just fooling around, we are actually good pals so the guys did not use their full strength’’

Seeing Captain Colin's pondering look with his hand touching his scruffy beard, Zhang Tie felt alarmed. From the blood and tears that his seniors experienced, whenever Captain Colin touches his beard with a pondering look, only bad things will happen to the guy in front of him.

’’Haha... There is no need to be humble Student Zhang Tie, I saw how your group fought until everyone have bruises all over. It is lively, very lively indeed. Young ones should act like this...’’

’’No, no... I don't deserve such praise!’’ Zhang Tie's heart is beating madly, he wonders what bad things Captain Colin is planning to bestow on him.

’’Today, your running away theory has allowed me to get to know you once again. Not only can you endure a good beating, you also know how to protect yourself when you encounter danger, this type of quality... *cough* I mean this of character is too hard to meet, you are a person of talent.’’

’’No, no... I don't deserve such praise!’’ Zhang Tie began to feel cold sweat coming out of him, another rule exchanged from the blood and tears of his seniors is whenever Captain Colin praises someone while touching is beard. The probability of the person being unlucky will change from likely to absolutely, ’’Captain Colin, if there is nothing else, please allow me to go out and watch my classmates, in case they slack off!’’

’’There is no need to hurry, I have yet to hand you a prize that is tailored just for you!’’

’’Ah, there is no need for that. Thank you very much Captain Colin, how can I accept a prize from you’’

*Cough*... * Cough*... ’’It is only naturally that I do this, do you think I, Captain Colin, is not a man of my word. Student Zhang Tie, are you questioning the character of this Captain Colin?’’ as he said the words, Captain Colin placed both his large hands on Zhang Tie's shoulders pinning him on the spot, his single eye is filled with sincerity as he looked at Zhang Tie, ’’Let me introduce you to a job, it is a hard to come by position, not only does it pays well, the job can also train your body, it can also allow you to interact with people in the high echelons of the society and broaden your views. If you do well, your abilities will greatly improve, the work location also has tons of beauties. If you grab the chance, you might even be able to get intimate with some of these beautiful ladies. A lot of people begged me for this role but I did not agree, I can find no better person suited for this role than you.’’

This caught Zhang Tie by surprise, can it be the experience of his seniors are not always right, to think that such a good deal can happen to him, or is it due to his explosion of good character recently that caused one good thing after another to befall on him.

This kind of work, not only is the salary high, there is also opportunity to interact with big shots and be surrounded by beauties, there's even a chance to work intimately with a beautiful lady! To think that he is given a chance to work in such a place.

Although the deal had caught his attention, Zhang Tie did not agree immediately, he is still considering the truthfulness of what Captain Colin said.

However, Captain Colin is already patting his shoulder and quickly stuffed a piece of paper into Zhang Tie's pocket, ’’You have agreed, this is great. This is my letter of recommendation, you report to No.18 Great Light Street after school today, if you pass them this letter, the person over there will make the necessary arrangements for you......’’

Great Light Street!? Upon hearing the street name Zhang Tie immediately raised the truthfulness of Captain Colin's words by fifty percent. That street is located within the prime district of Black Flame City and has the highest land value within the city. It is a place where the rich go to spend their wealth, a place where the price of any random item sold in that area is easily more than a normal person's wages for a year. It is an area where the essence of Black Flame City is located, owning a place in the Great Light Street is also a symbol of status in Black Flame City.

Maybe I am wrong to doubt Captain Colin? The words 'Great Light Street' caused Zhang Tie to have starry eyes, he instinctively held on to the letter of recommendation tightly, looked at Captain Colin with eyes full of gratitude before solemnly said, ’’Thank you!’’

Captain Colin is really a good person, Zhang Tie at this moment is full of gratuitous feelings towards him.

*Cough*... * Cough*... ’’There is no need to thank me, do not let me down, just do the job properly will be enough!’’ Captain Colin's face flushed for a rare moment before leaving with a laugh......

’’I am an idiot that is worse than a pig’’......

’’I am an idiot that is worse than a pig’’......

’’I am an idiot that is worse than a pig’’......

Seeing the guys shouting as they ran around the square, Zhang Tie felt a sense of superiority. On his hand is the recommendation letter, his heart is filled with expectation at what is to come after school - This bro will soon be entering the Great Light Street and have a taste of what it is like to be in the upper echelons of the society. Bastards, come envy me......

During noon, Captain Colin presented his ’’prize’’ to Zhang Tie, Fat Barry and the other two. When they collect their lunch, they are also given an additional meat dish.

Seeing Zhang Tie and gang holding the hot, fragrant roast meat in their trays, Doug and Baghdad drooled enviously, Doug attempted to use his spoon to get a piece from Barry but was harshly stab by Barry's fork in return, only after a painful scream did he finally manage to control himself.

Baghdad got a stronger sense of control, instead, he started a chant with his eyes closed as he eats a potato, ’’This is roast meat, this is roast meat...’’ causing everyone to be speechless.

Sista and Chad sat on both sides of Sven, clamping him in the middle. Their eyes fixated on the fragrant dish on Sven's tray as they use a gentle and friendly voice and said, ’’Sven...’’

As the words left their mouths, Sven immediately spit the half chewed roast meat in his mouth onto the plate holding the dish and used his spoon to mix the meat before looking at Sista and Chad's twitching faces. After a few blinks, he innocently asked them, ’’What is it? Oh, that's right, do you both want to try this roast meat? Come, it is very tasty, we are all brothers, there is no need to be polite, each of you should try some...’’ Sven gestured to place the second-hand meat that he half chewed onto Sista and Chad's tray, frightening them to immediately move their trays away from him.

After a few minutes, both guys began to bet on who will dare to eat the roast meat, the loser must pay one silver coin to the winner, causing quite a bit of commotion......

’’Come to think of it, this morning I saw you about to rush to the front with the rest, how come you stopped yourself in the end?’’ Zhang Tie asked Barry as he savor the roast meat in his mouth.

Fat Barry stayed silent for a moment before answering him, ’’As I lift my leg, I discovered the smile on Captain Colin is the same as the one he has when he caught me climbing over the school wall two years ago, remembering that moment scared the shit out of me and stopped me...’’

When Zhang Tie heard about the wall climbing incident, he gave a silent prayer in his heart. Although he did not ask what Captain Colin did to Fat Barry but he know that incident will forever be a dark memory of his time in #7 Black Flame National School.

However, after this incident, Zhang Tie had a better understanding of the damn fatty's ability to observe and admire his ability. Just by looking at the expression of a person, he is able to avoid a disaster, this is a very high level skill, Zhang Tie asked himself if he is ever able to master such a skill...

As he looks at the cute bastards of the Airplane Brotherhood, Zhang Tie discovers that every single one of them is actually a damn genius!

’’Oh right, I thought I saw Captain Colin pass you something when he called you over’’ the damn fatty acted blur and tried to hold a casual attitude as he asked while eating his meal, with his question the other bastards of the Airplane Brotherhood also raised their ears trying to listen in.

Zhang Tie viciously slapped onto the damn fatty's shoulder causing the fatty to grit his teeth as he nearly spits out the piece of meat he is chewing, ’’This fella, if you are curious, you could have asked me immediately, there is no need to beat around the bush. Well, as for the item from Captain Colin, it is a recommendation letter, he recommended me for a part time job at No.18 Great Light Street...’’

As he rubs his aching shoulders, the fatty grinned in embarrassment while Baghdad who is chanting roast meat suddenly have a weird expression as he heard No.18 Great Light Street and nearly spit out the potato he is chewing.

Zhang Tie did not notice the weird look on Baghdad and continue to brag, ’’Captain Colin says that this is a prize specially tailored for me, he is not able to find someone worthy for this job until the incident in the small forest when I left a deep impression on him. This job is said to pay well and allows you to interact with the rich and powerful. On top of that, it can help train your body and improve your physical capabilities. Oh, in addition, there is a chance to work intimately with a bunch of beauties!

Aiya, I wanted to reject the offer but Captain Colin begged me for a long time, therefore I reluctantly agreed in the end. Too bad I have such a nice character and have done too many good deeds, it cannot be helped that I was given such a chance to not only work intimately with beauties but also earn money along the way, even training my body on top of that.

Although I will be a proper gentleman and stay focus on my job when I interact with the ladies but I cannot control the ladies if they do not wish to purely focus on work and do other things with me.

*Sighs*... tell me guys, what if a beauty wants to force herself on me, should I agree to her advances or reject her outright? Such a blissful agony, this kind of job really tests a person's determination and yet I am a person who just happen to have a weak determination. Hey! Where are you guys going, I have not finish speaking...’’

Reacting to Zhang Tie's last sentence, the bastards of the Airplane Brotherhood all turned at the same time and raised a row of middle fingers......


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