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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 2 - Chapter 7


B2 Chapter 7: Red Scarf Bandits Saga

Another dreamless night went by, Zhang Tie wakes up early once again, this time also slightly after six in the morning. His mind felt crystal clear and his body is filled with energy, feeling as fresh as a cabbage that has been soaked overnight.

When he sits up from his bed, Zhang Tie lowered his head and looked at his underwear, he saw that his 'little bro' is as stiff as a pillar that can pierce the heavens but no thoughts crossed his mind regarding this matter.

He felt the region between his belly and underwear discovered there is no feeling of stickiness, it has been many days since he last had a wet dream, and the sleep quality he had for the past few days is also surprisingly good.

Zhang Tie remembered that after training last night, he cleared his bladder inside the Castle and fell asleep within moments after laying down on the bed.

To be able to sleep without any disturbance throughout the night is something he experienced occasionally, yet this time, it has happened for four consecutive days, this makes Zhang Tie relate that this change might be related to the Castle as he merged with the egg exactly four nights ago.

This relation stopped him from pondering further, to Zhang Tie, his current knowledge about the Castle is limited to the piece of land within it and that it can grow plants. Everything else is still beyond his ability to understand for now.

As he quickly wakes up and does his morning routines, Zhang Tie went to the kitchen to rise a cooking fire and placed a few washed sweet potatoes into the steamer, preparing breakfast for his parents.

After ensuring everything is in place, he picked a washed raw sweet potato and left the house. Today he will likely reach school an hour earlier than usual.

When he left the house, the sky is still rather dark, after finishing the sweet potato in his hand, Zhang Tie picked up his pace and started jogging.

The route to school is still looks the same but he felt a subtle change has occurred making this old road feels fresher and newer than before.

Even the raw sweet potato tastes sweeter than usual causing Zhang Tie to make the decision to plant this in the Castle within this few days, after all the planting method is not complicated.

When a person's mood is different, everything will also feel different.

As he jogged to school, the sky also turned bright, the school gate is also just opened. Although Zhang Tie is not the first to reach school but he is the first few, when he looked at inside the school premises, there are very little students to be found inside of it.

The building for graduates is empty without a single soul and Zhang Tie knew he is definitely the first person of the graduating cohort to reach school.

After he enters the classroom, Zhang Tie sneakily closed the classroom door.

Although a weekend has passed, the floor is still rather clean as no one visited the classroom but a fine layer of dust can be found on top of the tables and chairs.

Zhang Tie took the cloth hanging by the windows and made sure that no one is in the vicinity before he started to boldly clean the dust off the tables and chairs in the classroom.

The dust is easy to clean, after wiping a few, Zhang Tie will pat away the dust at the windows before repeating the action. This cleaning routine is the first thing every student will do when they reach their desk after entering the classroom.

Within twenty minutes, all the tables and chairs has been clean by Zhang Tie. As he notices some students entering the building, he quietly left the classroom and went to the toilet to release a wave of 'bombs' before walking casually back to the classroom.

After deliberately taking his time, when Zhang Tie returned to the classroom, it is already half filled with students.

'This surprise should be big enough' Zhang Tie thought in his mind.

The animals in his class is making a fuss as expected, everyone is curious why someone helped them clean their tables and chairs.

This is strange, who will do such a kind act.

’’Hi Big Head, you are here......’’ Fat Barry warmly greeted as he placed his arms across Zhang Tie's shoulders before asking, ’’Did you discover anything different about the classroom today?’’

’’Different?’’ Zhang Tie looked calm on the outside but he is smiling widely inside his heart, praise me, faster praise me, I am waiting to hear it.

’’An idiot actually helped us clean the tables and chairs in the classroom, Haha......’’

Zhang Tie's restrained smile became frozen on his face, he gritted his teeth and stared at the damnable fatty, dying to throw a punch and make a fountain out of Barry's nose.

’’Did you forget to brush your teeth today, your breath stinks!’’ Zhang Tie shrugged Barry off and gloomily sat on his chair.

Barry breathed into his hand and smelled it a couple of times before saying, ’’No it doesn't, I brushed my teeth every day!’’

Zhang Tie's gloomy mood worsen as he listened to the conversations between the other animals.

’’Ha, who is so stupid, giving us such a surprise!’’

’’Exactly, can it be that this dumb idiot is from our class!’’

’’We should not say that, it will harm that person's pure and young soul. It might be one of the juniors hoping to find a big brother for protection’’

’’I am guessing someone might have a crush on me, this is a form of confession!’’

’’If that the case, then cleaning all the tables in class...’’

’’That means the person had a crush on all of us! Hahahaha......’’

’’Shit, be careful of your assholes, it might be in danger of getting poked...’’

These bastards, if not for the Merit points, this daddy would have left you guys to die. Zhang Tie continues to grit his teeth, he decided on the spot that if this act yields less than two Merit points, this daddy will never do such a stupid thing again.

This minor incident was quickly forgotten when the first period came. The first lesson on Monday morning is survival class, this is a class that has many things in it and covers a wide range of topics.

The class often change teachers, each of them will touch on an area they think is important and is linked to survival. There's one time, a teacher taught the class about pickup techniques, spending two hours on how to get girls, his reasoning is that it is related to producing the next generation of humans, it links to the survival of the species.

In the end, that two hour lesson caused the animals in class to become restless for a week.

Survival is also the favorite class of everyone, this is mostly because of the relaxing atmosphere of the class. Rather than feeling like a lesson, it becomes more of an experience sharing between a senior to a junior. Under everyone's expectation, the teacher in charge of today's class walked into the room.

After seeing that it is the most terrifying one-eye dragon of Black Flame City, the relaxed atmosphere in the classroom immediately became frozen. Everyone immediately straighten their backs, not even daring to breathe to too loudly. The aura emitted by Captain Colin is enough to completely suppress this bunch of restless animals.

As Captain Colin quietly stood on top of the teaching platform, his sharp single eye scanned across every single person in the classroom, more than half a minute passed without a single word being spoken.

As he is not sure what the one-eye dragon is planning to do, Zhang Tie become to feel perturbed due to the atmosphere.

After causing a silence that is enough for a person to hear an ant crawling on a sheet of paper, Captain Colin opened his mouth.

’’I believe everyone should know about the Red Scarf Bandits so I will spare the details. Today I will be teaching everyone a very important survival skill, it is related to the Red Scarf Bandits.

If at this moment, you happen to meet a member of the Red Scarf outside of school, that person is standing in front of you, like how I am currently standing in front of you, what will you do?

There is no need to answer immediately, take two minutes to think about it. There will be a prize for the correct answer but if you get it wrong, you will be punished! You can discuss about it among yourselves......’’

After Captain Colin finished speaking, the whole class broke into discussion. What will everyone do if there is a Red Scarf Bandit in front of them? Seeing the expectant look on the fearsome one-eye dragon, the animals felt a surge of blood lust, knowing the Red Scarfs are scums that should be put down, what answer can they give? There is only one......

’’Kill him!’’

’’Correct, kill him together!’’

’’Remove this pest for the people!’’

’’Rush up and kill him!’’

The animals in class began to shout, some of them hesitated but after some thinking and seeing the expectant look on Captain Colin, they joined the rest in their 'declaration', hoping to earn some brownie points, Barry is one of them.

Zhang Tie observes the reaction of his classmates, among the brotherhood, initially only Doug and Baghdad reacted and shouted to kill the Red Scarf Bandit while Barry is silent and lowered his head. After gauging the situation and looking at Captain Colin's expression, Barry decided to join the rest in the shouting.

Sven upon seeing Barry's stance followed him without a thought, although Chad and Sven were also hesitant, they decided to support Barry's decision and joined in with him.

Zhang Tie ponder about Captain Colin's question, compared to these group of hotheads, two things crossed his mind:

Why did Captain Colin, who always gives off an impression of bravery and toughness, asked this question in a Survival Class?

If right now a Red Scarf Bandit is really in front of Zhang Tie, what will he really do?

Some people will normally choose to join the majority. However since young, Zhang Tie has always weigh the choices in his heart, this is something that was taught by his mother. She says that a person's life is about making a series of different choices under different circumstance and reaching different results.

All these choices when linked, will eventually become a person's life, the road of life can be said to be also a road of choices......

No matter how others might judge you, when you need to make a choice, ask your heart, as long as you decide with a clear conscience, then you will live a life of clear conscience...


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