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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 2 - Chapter 3


B2 Chapter 3: Reclaiming the Wasteland

After riding the tricycle for close to half a day, the sky is already dark when Zhang Tie is reaching home, it is also because his legs lost strength on the return journey from the orphanage that took up more time than usual.

However, Zhang Tie is feeling very happy, being able to help others really increases the feeling of joy of a person, especially when he saw the smiles of those innocent and pure children, Zhang Tie felt really satisfied.

Although the things he delivered are not expensive, some people might even ignore these items, Zhang Tie felt the deed done by his family is very grand and noble one. To be able to use the extra rice soup that will be discarded to perform good deeds, even if it is a small one, Zhang Tie felt very satisfied and very happy.

The nightlife of Black Flame City is very active, every day as darkness descends, some of the pleasure night clubs will begin to start their activities but these have nothing to do with Zhang Tie as he rides his tricycle, whistling a tune on his way home.

When he reached home, Zhang Tie pushed the tricycle into his house by unlocking the locked gate of the shop front. This modified tricycle made by his dad, although is ugly, has one good feature, the additional wheel and storage compartment could be detached and folded therefore reducing the space require to keep the vehicle.

His parents are once again not at home, likely either playing cards at their friend's house or visiting the church, these are the only few hobbies the two of them have, as their son, Zhang Tie naturally has no comments about that.

After keeping the tricycle and washing his hands, Zhang Tie took the half-filled bag given by Granny Theresa and went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, a familiar beef fragrance fills the air causing Zhang Tie's stomach rumble and his mouth began to water.

The dinner is being kept warm inside a pot, the dishes are simple, with the main dish being ’’Potato and Beef Stew’’.

The remaining bit of canned beef from last night after undergoing the skillful hands of his mother, has been converted into a big bowl of culinary delicacy.

Looking at that bowl of ’’Potato and Beef Stew’’, Zhang Tie counted the number of beef chunks inside and knew that his parents did not eat a single piece of the beef leftover from yesterday.

They likely only drank some of the soup and ate some potatoes while setting the beef aside for him to eat.

With unknown feelings, Zhang Tie began to silently clean up every dish in the pot. As he ate, Zhang Tie did not discover that over the past couple of days, his appetite has been gradually increasing.

After dinner and washing the dishes, based on his experience, it should take another couple of hours before his parents will return home. As he was thinking of what to do next, the image of that bald piece of land and the few pieces of crops inside his Castle surfaced in his mind, causing Zhang Tie instantly made his decision.

Although Zhang Tie felt he is being overly sensitive and remembered locking the gates when he returned home, he still did a round of checks, making sure every door and lock in the house is properly locked before feeling relaxed.

Zhang Tie joked at himself, thinking that maybe this is what nobodies will do when they struck the lottery, they will constantly worry that the place where they kept their winning ticket will be discovered by others.

So be it, this daddy is a genuine and true nobody, he is not afraid of being laughed at.

Zhang Tie began to put himself to work, he went to the courtyard and filled two iron buckets with water from the well in the courtyard and carried it towards their home's small bathroom near the kitchen.

The bathroom in Zhang Tie's house is only about two to three square meters wide, normally it is well maintained and very clean, half of the area inside is used for the bath tub which is half an adult's height, although it looks crude but it is very sturdy, the paint-job on the tub is also thick and nicely done. This bath tub is the first gift that Zhang Tie's brother bought for their parents when he received his first salary from the City Defense Army.

The sound of splashing is heard as Zhang Tie poured the two buckets of water into the bath tub, after dumping the water, Zhang Tie ran back to the well to fill up the buckets again.

After repeating many rounds, using more than ten minutes of his time, Zhang Tie finally filled the bath tub to the brim. If his mother is home, she would have nagged at Zhang Tie to heat up the water and have a warm bath as Zhang Tie will always act tough and imitate his brother bathing in cold water.

However, this time, he has no intention to shower therefore he could not be bothered with it. After placing another two full buckets of water beside the tub, Zhang Tie went to the kitchen to grab the bag of seeds before returning to the bathroom. Although the heavy exercising after dinner caused his stomach to fill uncomfortable but Zhang Tie ignored the feeling.

Inside the bathroom, Zhang Tie ensured that the door is locked before clamping the bag of seeds under his right arm and carried the two buckets, one on each hand. After adjusting his posture, Zhang Tie took two deep breathes and calm his mind as he began ’’searching’’ for the mysterious ’’arched door’’......

After his earlier experiences, Zhang Tie notice that if he focuses his will in the space between his brows, he will be able to clearly ’’see’’ the ’’arched door’’, the gate to the Castle of Black Iron, is exactly at the center of his brows.

Although Zhang Tie is not clear of the details, he decided to not give a damn about it, if it worked well, who will bother researching in depth about such stuff......

See. Lock. Enter.

Zhang Tie, who is carrying two buckets of water as well as the bag of seeds under his arm, disappeared from inside the bathroom.

As he felt the atmosphere changed, Zhang Tie opened his eyes and discovered that he is inside the Castle of Black Iron.

Surrounding him is the vast and empty piece of land, as well as the Thousand Karma Fruit Treasure Tree of Lycorisradiata standing in the center of it, and of course, the sentence that inflates his small ego also greeted him.

  • Welcome to the Castle of Black Iron, The Handsome and Stalwart Castle Lord!

As he saw the sentence, Zhang Tie find himself getting spirited, his stomach is no longer painful, his intestines are no longer twitching, his legs are no longer shaking, every part of his body seems to be filled with energy and vigor, *coughs*... *coughs*...

’’This daddy is the owner of this place...... AH......’’ the pitiful youth released a shout as he feels his vanity expanding inside of him. If he is outside, this shout will result in the police coming over to investigate but inside here, Zhang Tie could not even hear an echo.

Since no one can hear his shouts, Zhang Tie decided to shout out his frustrations and to his surprise, he felt a remarkably refreshing feeling after venting his feelings, his heart strangely feels much more comfortable.

Therefore, Zhang Tie decided to do it one more time...

’’This daddy is the master of this world...... Ah......’’

Feeling slightly more comfortable, he shouted again...

’’This daddy will let father and mother have beef to eat everyday...... Ah......’’

Feeling more comfortable......

’’Ms. Dinah I Love You...... Ah......’’

Another sentence...

’’I will become a rich person...... Ah......’’

Another sentence...

’’All the big ass and big breast beauties, the daddy of your dreams is here ah...... Ah......’’

After howling like a damn ghost for some time, Zhang Tie felt his heart feeling much relaxed than before, very invigorating. Zhang Tie is not sure if this method was tried before by others but he is glad to have discovered a method to release his pent-up feelings and frustrations.

After releasing everything, the refreshed Zhang Tie threw the bag of seeds onto the ground and carried the two buckets of water towards the corn and potato patch. Although the earth seems suitable for growing plants and is constantly moist but Zhang Tie feels out of place if he did not water the seeds after planting them.

This place does not seem to rain, god knows if it will affect the plants, what if he caused the crops to die because he wanted to save the trouble of watering them?

As he reached the area where the corn and potatoes are planted, Zhang Tie placed a bucket on the ground and carried the other bucket to water the corns that has yet to sprout, each bucket allowed him to water a quarter of the corn patch, with two buckets he barely manage to water half of the corns.

After both buckets became empty, Zhang Tie closed his eyes and focus on the area between his brows......

See. Lock. Exit.


The next moment, Zhang Tie is back inside the small bathroom, he is standing at the same position as he left. He proceeds to open the draining mechanism of the bathtub and filled the two buckets with the drained water. Once filled, Zhang Tie stood up and closed his eyes once again...

See. Lock. Enter.


After repeating this for another five times, the land where the corns and potatoes are planted has been thoroughly watered. Zhang Tie stood in front of the scrap metal marker, panting heavily, although his heart is feeling satisfied, he felt an empty sensation inside his brain.

He did not notice it earlier as he is focusing on his task, only discovering the change after it is completed, Zhang Tie tried to focus his will on the center of his brows and ’’saw’’ that the mysterious ’’arched door’’ is different from usual.

The ’’arched door’’ has become unstable, shifting between a transparent and solid state, after some effort, Zhang Tie manage to lock onto the door and issued an ’’Exit’’ order but an unexpected incident happened...

Zhang Tie suddenly felt a heavy sensation in his brain and his mind blacked out, a feeling as though he is falling from the sky into a bottomless pit could be felt. His standing body suddenly lost its balance and caused him to seat on his butt, after half a second, a pale face Zhang Tie opened his eyes as he began to recover......

What... What happened, Zhang Tie began to feel flustered.

Amid his confusion, a row of words appeared in front of Zhang Tie and provided the answer

  • System detected The Handsome and Stalwart Castle Lord has greatly overused his mental energy. System suggests The Handsome and Stalwart Castle Lord to temporary rest or meditate inside the Castle of Black Iron before leaving.

    System hint: Continuously entering and exiting the Castle of Black Iron over a short period will greatly deplete mental energy. It is advised to avoid multiple entries and exits when mental energy is low as it will damage your mental strength......


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