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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 2 - Chapter 17


CoBI, B2 Chapter 17: Utterly, Contemptible

Here's the second chapter of the week.



Using the knowledge from his first time here, Zhang Tie took the key and reached the changing room. Last time he was here, he did not take note but on his journey, Zhang Tie discovers that the area of the Battle Dojo is unusually big.

The sixth floor of the dojo is more than 200 metres in length, more than half of the floor is meant for Grade 1 customers and is split into different areas. Within them, the largest is the public training area, within it are various equipment and machines that Zhang Tie has never seen before, just the 100 meter running track, the sixth floor has two of them.

Other than the resting area and changing room, the public training area is also the only other place the employees of the dojo can use. Captain Colin's words do have some truth in them, if you can use the down time during work to train using the facilities here, then, it will be very beneficial at increasing one's abilities and body quality, and it is a very large increase at that.

Compared to the school's training facilities and the training facilities in front of him, it is like comparing a farmer shack with a rich man's mansion.

Zhang Tie nearly drooled as he sees the various training equipment that he has never seen before in front of him.

This training equipment can allow a person to train every muscle on his body. Abilities aside, just by training his body with this equipment over time, Zhang Tie is confident he can develop a full body of ripped muscles like those found on statues, elevating his body qualities and physical strength to a whole new level.

At the side of the public training area are some individual training rooms, Supervisor Beck mentioned that those rooms possess higher level equipment and facilities, it can only be used by customers and is beyond the likes of workers like Zhang Tie. This caused Zhang Tie to be filled with curiosity about the facilities within those rooms.

From the first floor to the sixth floor are staircases and passages meant specially for employees, only customers or important guests have the right to use the elevator. Speaking of the elevator, this is also Zhang Tie's first time seeing one in his life.

Although in this era, there is no longer any electricity to provide energy but some of the devices developed for transport within buildings before the Cataclysm are still being retained and used even now. To substitute electric power, a boiler and steam machine is installed within the building, and in each elevator, are uniformed staff specialized in operating it, making it look very high class.

Along the journey from the first to sixth floor, despite the building's sound proofing, Zhang Tie is able to hear the huge clashing sounds of people and their shouts, there is also a thunderous rumbling sound coming from the ground, the low pitch sound shakes the building as it travels along its walls.

The sixth floor is for Grade 1 customers, the fifth is for Grade 2 customers, so and so for, the rank of the customers are thus separated in such a manner. Initially, Zhang Tie did not understand the reason behind such an arrangement but when he reached the floor, the answer came to him suddenly. The higher your rank, the more destructive are your attacks, the more you should be situated closer to the ground, this is to minimize the damage it will do to the building structure, therefore, the training area from Grade 5 and above is on the ground level.

On the ground level, there are also some small structures being clustered together, however, Zhang Tie does not know what is inside nor does he have the qualifications to obtain that knowledge.

Zhang Tie's locker number in the changing room is 613, the shower room is also connected to the changing room, this is one of the benefits in the dojo, at least it is possible to enjoy a hot shower every time he comes here. In addition, the shower room is also well designed and looks lavishing, if he ignores about his impending beating, being able to shower here every day is also a wonderful thing.

When he reached the changing room, there isn't much people inside, only a man with a body full of buffed muscles wearing shorts is seating on a bench, trying to use his hand to rub a bruise on his back.

When Zhang Tie saw the man, he immediately finds him familiar and remembered that it was the person who woke him up the last time when he fainted.

Seeing Zhang Tie, the man revealed a good-nature smile and raised the orange bottle in his hand, ’’So it's you. Kid, come help me with this’’

Zhang Tie walked over and took the bottle from the man, the bottle emits a strong smell of medicinal oil. Although he is unsure of its contents but Zhang Tie guessed it should be a type of liniment. Zhang Tie rubs his hand to warm it before pouring some of the oil onto his hands and rub on the bruised areas, applying ample strength as he rubs on it.

’’Come to think of it, when you wake me up last time, I have yet to thank you!’’ Zhang Tie mentioned as he rubs.

’’There is no need to be so polite, my name is Arnold. What's yours?’’

’’Zhang Tie’’



’’The Chinese do not have strong bodies, it is rare to see one working as a sparring partner’’

’’Who says so, I will only continue to become stronger!’’ Zhang Tie rebutted at the remark.

’’A kid wanting to be strong...’’ the man mumbled.

After rubbing for a while, Zhang Tie closed the bottle and returned it to the man. The man stood up after receiving the bottle seemingly wanting to go wear his clothes when suddenly, the man threw a lightning fast punch filled with power at Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie has no chance to react as his hair stand in fright, feeling the wind pressure generated by the incoming fist.

Just as Zhang Tie wonder if the fist will explode his head up like a watermelon, the man's fist stopped a centimeter away from his face, causing Zhang Tie's face to pale from shock.

The man ignored Zhang Tie's pale face and shakes his head, he withdraws his hand and suddenly started a lecture, ’’As a sparring partner, there are three basic postures you must know. The first, when you lower your head, always use your arms to protect your head, never allow anyone to hit it. This posture must become second nature to you...’’ the man quickly demonstrated a couple of times.

’’Second, always prepare to guard against an attack on your lower body. Although the dojo does not allow the customers to perform such attacks but when you are in the heat of a fight, these attacks might happen in the spur of a moment. Therefore, your right leg...’’ the man pat thick right leg, ’’must at all times avoid leaning your body weight completely on it, this is to allow your body to be half a beat faster when you do this...’’ the man quickly lift his right leg and turned to the side, ’’by doing this, your opponent will subconsciously target the leg and butt that has a larger mass, this can allow your body to easily handle the attack!’’

’’Third...’’ the man stretch his back lightly like a cat before adopting another posture, ’’allow your spine to curve naturally and tighten the muscles. This will create an arch that allows your back to absorb more damage and prevent the attack from harming your bones and internal organs, it can also effectively protect your spine. In the event you are unable to avoid an attack from your opponent, then you must do your best to divert the attack to other parts of your body that can take more damage such as the shoulders and chest... understand, kid!?’’

As he recovers from his shock, Zhang Tie nodded his head. Seeing Arnold who looks more brawn than brain, is such a warmhearted person made Zhang Tie felt slightly touched. Before Zhang Tie could think of something to say, Arnold gave him another good-nature smile and pats Zhang Tie's shoulders, ’’I await the day you become strong!’’ and left after wearing his clothes.

Alone in the changing room, Zhang Tie began to practice the moves that Arnold demonstrated a few times before giving himself a nod and went to open his locker.

In the locker, other than the two sets of training attire, there is also a dry towel and a pair of clean socks, it is well prepared. Zhang Tie quickly strip himself naked before wrapping himself with the towel and proceed to enjoy a comfortable hot shower.

Just as he finished wearing the training attire and socks, an employee of the dojo came to notify him and ask him to head to Room 4 to prepare and wait.

On the other side of the changing room, is a room specially filled with equipment. When Zhang Tie entered the room, two employees quickly came up and started fitting a set of protective equipment that matches Zhang Tie's size.

’’Kid, try not to lose conscious again and make us carry you back here!’’ a guy joked as he fitted Zhang Tie with the complex equipment. After everything is in place, he gave two pats on Zhang Tie's back to signify that he is all set and ready to go.

’’Do you think this kid will be beaten unconscious again?’’

’’I bet 20 coppers that he will lose conscious within 10 minutes!’’

’’I bet he will lose conscious within 5 minutes!’’

’’Ok, deal!’’

Hearing the two bastards betting behind him caused Zhang Tie to grit his teeth. He decided that no matter what, he will do everything he can to last through the sparring.

Entering Room 4 with the same layout as last time, Zhang Tie waited about three minutes when the door opened. Walking in is Mary and a brat with his nose pointing at the sky, seeing Mary's scheming grin, Zhang Tie inwardly felt a bad premonition, to think this woman is actually such a petty person.

As the brat used a face filled with arrogance to look at Zhang Tie, he asked ’’Mary, is this the scum that you told me about?’’

’’That's him!’’ Mary that damn woman nodded her head in affirmation.

’’What if I beat him unconscious?’’ the damn brat began to stare at the swelling chest of Mary before swallowing a big gulp of saliva.

Mary did not reply, instead, she lightly bends forward while smiling seductively and used her tongue to lick the brat's ear, lightly whispering something to him, the brat began to reveal a pleased smile.

Zhang Tie coldly stared at the two of them, seeing Mary flirting with that brat in front of him roused a burning flame in his heart, although he does not know whether these are flames of rage or flames of desire.

’’My name is Zhang Tie, I am glad to be able to service you!’’ upholding Supervisor Beck's instructions, Zhang Tie tighten his fist as he mechanically greeted while walking towards the brat. At the same time, glaring at the gloating Mary coldly.

Due to the thick protective helmet, people from the outside can only see the two black eyes of Zhang Tie and below the eyes are a few holes meant for breathing. Seeing Zhang Tie turning his head and coldly look at her, the gloating Mary suddenly felt an ambiguous and fierce chill emitting from the helmet and shuddered for a moment, her gloating face instantly froze.

’’You should be a smart person, kneel in front of Mary now and give yourself ten slaps on the face, I will let you off today and not beat you up too badly!’’ the brat said in a tone filled with thorns as he walks over.

F*k, these brats from rich families are so f*king annoying!

Zhang Tie did not say anything, he raised a finger in contempt at the brat and bend it in a hooking motion, as though he is summoning a pet dog, ’’Utterly, Contemptible!’’

’’You are looking for death!’’ the brat immediately pounced towards him in rage, using viciousness that does not match his age, he send a kick straight at Zhang Tie's lower abdomen...


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