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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 2 - Chapter 15


Chapter 15: Blood Scorpion Warrior

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In the afternoon, Zhang Tie and the animals are in a state of agitation, Ms. Dinah's biology class today has left a permanent mark in their lives, even with class ended, there are still people immersed in their fantasies.

The pitiful youths are still finding it hard to believe that they had made a promise with Ms. Dinah, a goddess that is beyond their reach, may one day, even if it is only a silver of a chance, become their woman?

Even if it is only a tiny bit of chance, it is enough to rally the morale of the animals and causing them to perform at a never before seen level in the training square, it is as though everyone of them are on steroids, even the training instructor was alarmed at the strange change.

Zhang Tie on the other hand, from afternoon till after school and from his work at Tang De's store till he returned home, has only two things running through his mind.

The first, is about the Leak Prevention Fruit. From what Ms. Dinah said, a human's body is constantly losing a huge amount of energy, the urine is one of these channels, so is masturbation and sweating, even the digestive system is also losing energy from the inefficient way the system is digesting food.

The energy lost is huge and immeasurable, no one has been able to gauge its amount. However, after some thinking, Zhang Tie discovers that if what Ms. Dinah says is true, then the reason why he has not had a wet dream for five days already, when if it was before, he will at least have three wet dreams over the five days, is likely because the billions of tadpole life energy created within him has been converted to energy for growing the Leak Prevention Fruit.

No one knows the exact strength of these energy but Ms. Dinah did provide a possibility - The ancient cultivators of the east, uses ancient techniques to convert the life energy into Qi for training - The method of converting sperm matter into the strong formless energy ’’Qi’’ seems to be strongly related to the strong amount of energy generated by the reproductive system.

Yet this, is just a source of energy for the Leak Prevention Fruit. After thinking further, Zhang Tie also discover that his urine seems to be much clearer than before, his appetite also has increase despite the amount of physical training is the same as before, is it possible that this is also the effects of the Leak Prevention Fruit?

Ms. Dinah only described the energy leaks that are visible and discovered, the invisible channels of energy losses is likely even more than the amount known. For example, the body heat that is constantly being emitted by the human body or the magnetic field that the humans discovered before the Cataclysm surrounding the body, or the loss of energy via the electric impulse of neurons in the brains of humans, or the largest loss is of all, the various random nonconstructive thoughts and ideas that are constantly changing in the mind, also known as activities of human consciousness.

A human's consciousness will also result in a huge loss of energy, those that are discovered or noted by the person are conscious activities, while those that are undetected by the person, is referred as subconscious activities.

When Ms. Dinah mentioned that when a person daydreams or have random thoughts, it also creates a channel that drains mental energy, Zhang Tie remembered about his sleep quality recently. Every morning, his mind is especially clear, is it possible that the Leak Prevention Fruit also absorbed this energy of the conscious?

If that's the case, then this Leak Prevention Fruit that has been absorbing the exposed and hidden energy leaks will possess what sort of miraculous effects?

When Zhang Tie thought to this point, a strong sense of anticipation for the Leak Prevention Fruit began to well in him. The current Zhang Tie is unable to completely understand the meaning behind the words ’’Leak Prevention’’ found in the name of the fruit, to him no matter the meaning, what's more important is the Blood Scorpion Warrior Crest.

How can he become a Blood Scorpion Warrior by the age of 20? If he possesses the strength to protect Ms. Dinah, she will become his woman. This question is the second thing that he has been thinking of in his mind. However, no matter how he scratched his head, he found no methods available for him to achieve that goal.

The Blood Scorpion Warrior - Grade 4 Warrior Job. Before becoming a Warrior, there are five ranks as a Battle Soldier, therefore, a Blood Scorpion Warrior is a vocation acknowledged by the Continent's Warrior Guild as a Nine Rank Profession, a powerhouse that has ignited 34 Light Points with powerful combat capabilities that are worshipped by many people throughout their lives.

A 20 year old Blood Scorpion Warrior is an existence that will make anyone be green with envy, if not, it will not be enough to match a goddess such as Ms. Dinah.

As a pitiful youth who has yet to ignite his first Light Point, to raise 8 ranks within 5 years, is the only method available for him to obtain the heart of Goddess Dinah, what level of genius talent must he possess to achieve such a feat......

Nonetheless, for the sake of Ms. Dinah, I will bet my life on it! Do not forget, I still have that mysterious sapling in the Castle of Black Iron......

Remembering the promise of Ms. Dinah, Zhang Tie's heart burn with passionate flames.

On the road home from Tang De's store, looking at the road lamps being lighted one by one, Zhang Tie's gaze became incomparably determined, a desire he has never felt before in his life begun to grow within him, the desire to achieve his goal - By the age of 20, become a powerful Blood Scorpion Warrior.

*Rumbles*, his stomach began to growl, Zhang Tie grumbled a bit, feeling that he is becoming more and more like a glutton before starting to quicken his pace into a jog, heading towards home.

When he reached home, Zhang Tie was surprised to discover that the door wasn't locked. It does not seem to be his parents as he knows their habits, can it be a thief? Zhang Tie slowly opened the door and silently walked in, along the way he picked up a wooden rod hidden in the house. As he starts to tip-toe into the center of the house, Zhang Tie heard an unfamiliar voice.

’’I have raised this girl for twenty years, now she is knocked-up, how is she going to face others, who is willing to marry her now? I have now come to the Zhang's house, if you deny that the child inside her stomach is a Zhang, then good, just beat her to death, I will treat it as I never had this person as a daughter, a clean slate. If you admit, then you have to give us the Wang's a suitable arrangement...’’ An angry voice can be heard followed by a faint slapping sound, the person continued, ’’This disgraceful thing, I will beat you to death...’’

A woman's sobbing could be heard, as Zhang Tie was about to enter the living room, he saw the tailor shop owner, Mr. Wang and a woman walking out, seeing the raging Mr. Wang leaving, Zhang Tie quickly hid the wooden rod behind his back and squeezed out a smile, ’’Uncle Wang, please sit a while longer...’’

’’Humph, there are no decent humans in the house of Zhang!’’ the angry man left the house while the woman behind him sent a gauging look at Zhang Tie before releasing a faint sigh and followed.

Seeing the two of them leaving, Zhang Tie quickly lock the door behind them and returned the wooden rod, after faking a couple of dry coughs, he enters the living room.

In the living room sat three people, his dad is locking his brows while smoking, what he is using is a cheap local brand of cigarette, its choking smoke is filling the house. If it were normal times, his mother would have chided his dad at the smell but this time, his mother is busy comforting a sobbing girl. When Zhang Tie saw her, he was reminded of the two months of room noise from his brother's room and understood the situation, naturally, his parents also understood.

To think that his playboy brother has landed in deep shit, heh... heh...

’’The dinner is being kept warm, go eat it’’ Seeing Zhang Tie return, his mother raised her head to instruct him before continuing to comfort the young lass.

His old man also gave Zhang Tie a look, Zhang Tie very understandingly replied, ’’Then you guys continue, I will go have my dinner!’’ before running to the kitchen to eat the delicious home-cooked meal made by his mother.

After dinner, Zhang Tie washed the dishes and tidied up the kitchen, netting more Merit points. As he is enjoying the chore, he saw his father walked in, it seems that his parents has come to a decision.

’’Zhang Tie come, I have something to tell you...’’

’’What is it Dad?’’

’’That darn brother of yours, he and that lass...’’ as a father, having him to explain things the finer details is a bit too much for him, his father paused for a moment.

’’Am I going to have a Sister-In-Law!’’ Zhang Tie teasingly asked.

’’You brat’’ his old man glared at him before using the back of his hand to knock Zhang Tie's head, causing him to jump, ’’Anyway, since your brother will not be home for a period of time, that girl will be staying with us, she will be sleeping in his room. Be obedient and call her elder sister when you meet her okay? Do not make her to feel any discomfort...’’

’’How will she feel uncomfortable, this is not the first time she has stayed in that room...’’ Zhang Tie grumbled silently as he massages his head.

’’What did you say?’’ his old man's eyes turned round as he glare at Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie quickly stick out his tongue, ’’Nothing, I am just feeling happy that in another year, my old man will become a grandfather!’’

Before his father can kick him in the butt, Zhang Tie quickly ran off, Zhang Tie already guessed the outcome when he is having his dinner.

Knowing the personalities of his parents, he knows that they will not force the girl to abort the child, that is too much bad karma. What's more, the girl is rather good looking and her family background is also very proper. Both families have lived on the same street, his parents have watched this young girl grow up and do not see much fault in her. If anyone's to blame, the person will be his brother, for not handling his mess properly.

When his older brother returns, the two families will likely discuss about marriage. Zhang Tie also felt that, despite his old man's angry expression, when he mentioned about him becoming a grandfather, a faint happiness could be seen hidden behind his eyes.

With that, Zhang Tie did not cause any more trouble. After dinner, he cleans himself before giving a small greeting to his mother and future sister-in-law and returned to his loft.

In his loft, Zhang Tie sat on his bed and began to practice <<Godly Abacus Mental Arithmetic>>, over the past few days, he discovered that if he practices the technique before and after he cultivates igniting his Light Point, the effects seem to be better.

After practicing the mental technique and cultivate his Light Point, his mental strength seems to be even more focused than usual and after he finishes cultivating his Light Point when his mental strength is exhausted, by visualizing the golden abacus in his mind, his mental strength also recovers much faster than usual. Zhang Tie discover a great use of the visualizing technique of <<Godly Abacus Mental Arithmetic>>.

As he trained over the past few days, Zhang Tie also noticed that he is able to enter the state of meditation much more easily. In the past, he will need a long time, sometimes even up to two hours if his thoughts are distracted, but now, all he needs to do is to close his eyes and he will be able to enter the state. There are no random thoughts running amok in his mind making it feel sharp and crystal clear.

The teal light of his navel's divine Palace Light Point also began to shine more and more as he use this purer form of mental power to ’’grind’’ it, the connection between the Light Point and his cultivation crystal also becomes stronger, at this rate, he will reach the stage of blue color in a few months' time.

Is this also the effect of the Leak Prevention Fruit? Zhang Tie cannot confirm his guess but this is nonetheless a good thing for him, so he decided to just go with the flow.

The only thing that is lacking now, is the crystal that Zhang Tie is currently using, in the past it was not apparent but when as he is approaching a bottleneck in his cultivation, the more he dives into cultivation, the more he feels that the energy provided by the crystal is becoming more and more lacking, becoming unable to fulfill his current needs.

This feeling is like a thirsty person opening his mouth under a water tap but discover that after he opens the water tap, the amount of water flowing out is as thin as a needle, the person has no way of quenching his thirst properly with this strand of water.

This is also the sad reality of a poor person, if he can save enough money to buy a pyramid crystal, Zhang Tie believes he would most likely have reached the purple stage.

After two hours of cultivation, Zhang Tie stood up from his bed, after stretching his numbing legs, he placed the white crystal in his hand back onto the tray of crystal sand on the window sill to recharge it. Looking at the empty streets due to the curfew, he closed his window - as his house is located in the residential area, there are no street lamps along the roads.

I wonder what brother is currently doing at this moment? The question flashed through Zhang Tie's mind.

Before he sleeps, Zhang Tie habitually entered the Castle of Black Iron to take a look.

Eyes closed... Lock... Enter.

The process of entering is becoming more and more smooth...

Zhang Tie opened his eyes and found himself standing within the Castle.

  • Welcome to the Castle of Black Iron, The Handsome and Stalwart Castle Lord!

Zhang Tie opened the Castle Attributes panel.

Castle of Black Iron

  • Length: 1 Krosa
  • Width: 1 Krosa
  • Spirit Energy: 7.3
  • Merits: 52
  • Basic Energy Stored: 0.5
  • Specialties Produced: None

His Merits increased by 5 as expected, 2 from home and 3 from school, however, the jump in Spirit Energy surprised him a little. After closing the Attributes panel, Zhang Tie decides to investigate the area where he planted the crops.

It is fortunate he did a check, if not, he would have miss the surprise. On closer inspection, the area where he planted corn has a row of healthy looking sprouts.

The corn has finally germinated - Zhang Tie is full of joy at this instant, the time it took the corn to germinate is also three days earlier than expected, it seems the soil in here is very suitable for growing plants.

As Zhang Tie thought of the increased in price of rice during the weekend and the empty plot of barren land in front of him, a crazy idea began to formulate in his mind, is it possible for him to get rich if he plants a 100 acres worth of grains and fruits within the Castle......?


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