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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 2 - Chapter 14


Chapter 14: The Human Body's Energy

’’Big head this fella must have randomly thought of a question on the spot, earlier I saw his retarded look, his eyes are half closed while showing a lewd silly smile and he is even drooling! In that dreamy state, it is impossible that he absorbed anything that Ms. Dinah said’’ Chad whispers to Doug seating beside him before Barry lightly kicked at him, shutting him up. Barry did not know that what Chad guessed is actually the truth.

’’Last night after I boiled some water at home, I forgot to keep the boiled water inside a thermal flask to keep it warm. When I wanted to drink it later, I notice the water is already cooled...’’ The animals stared with large cow-like eyes at Zhang Tie, all of them are guessing what is this fool blabbering about. Fortunately, everyone is the most discipline during Ms. Dinah's lesson, if it is in another class, they would have drowned him in a barrage of rotten eggs.

Ms. Dinah patiently listened, she did not hurry him, giving Zhang Tie ample time to organized his thoughts as he speaks.

’’That time I did not think much of it and just boiled the water again. However, just before I slept later that night, I suddenly thought of a question. As I am unable to find an answer to that question so I am hoping Ms. Dinah might be able to help me with it.

Is it possible that, when humans are born, they are like the boiled water? Constantly and unknowingly losing the energy within their body from the moment they are born?’’

This question is very original and very unexpected. Even Chad and the rest have gotten curious about it, to think that Zhang Tie can blindly create such a good quality question on the spot - Is everyone like the boiled water?

This is a question Zhang Tie has thought about from the moment he learnt the information of the ’’Leak Prevention Fruit’’. It is something that has been constantly on his mind, therefore, he decided to use this opportunity to ask Ms. Dinah about it.

’’This student has great insight, this is a rather special question. Base on the school's curriculum, as students in your last semester, a related topic will be taught just before the semester ends. However, since a student has made this discovery, I will bring it forward and discuss about the topic of Human Body Energy with everyone...’’

*Bell Rings*

Just as Ms. Dinah is about to start the lecture, the bell for the period rang, stopping her in her tracks. After the bell ended, she smiled apologetically, ’’Let's stop for now, everyone take a rest, the next topic will take up a lot of time, I will continue this discussion in the next period...’’


When the period ended, some students left the classroom but even more lingered in the classroom. Those how are more daring found all sorts of excuse to get close to Ms. Dinah, deliberately asking stupid questions where the answers were lectured by her just a few minutes ago, however, Ms. Dinah patiently answered every single one of these questions, seemingly unaware that these animals have ulterior motives.

Gree and his three lackeys stood out the most, they have basically surrounded her while Gree will occasionally release a loud laugh and talks even louder, acting as though he is very close to Ms. Dinah. When Ms. Dinah is not paying attention to him, he will turn his head towards the rest of the class and display a smug face.

’’Gree is a real idiot’’ Sista mumbled quietly, ’’If not for his dad providing him better conditions, Baghdad would have exceeded him and beat him till all his teeth are on the floor, he will have no chance to be so smug!’’

When Baghdad heard this, he felt really agreeable to that statement, his nostrils flared and stared at Gree. Everyone in the brotherhood knows that Gree is the goal Baghdad has chosen to exceed and beat in this life.

’’Rumor has it that when the semester ends, they will also confirm the final recommendation list. Gree wishes to have a place in that list and enter the Alliance Military Officer Academy, this is the time for him to flaunt and attract attention. Although a Grade 2 Soldier in our school can allow him to be an arrogant shit but when compared to outside it is nothing. I heard the apprentices recruited by the Alliance Military Officer Academy are at least Grade 3 Soldiers, Gree is still lacking in that department, a Grade 2 hoping to enter the Alliance Military Officer Academy is possible but still not guaranteed.

’’Even if he fails to join, Gree is already very impressive!’’ Sven enviously said.

’’Sven, the Alliance Military Officer Academy to normal people seems great but it is not the greatest place. Us, the Andaman City State Alliance can only be considered a small power in the Blackson Human's Corridor that has just enough ability to protect ourselves. Some more, we do not specialized in martial strength, the Alliance Military Officer Academy although is considered a rather high level place of learning but when compared with the other institutes outside the alliance, it has nothing to be proud of.

The real geniuses, are those like our senior Li Shi Zhen, who is recruited by an elder of the Great Continent Alchemist Guild, becoming his close door apprentice, only that is considered truly impressive, a hundred times more impressive than Gree. Even if it is Gree's dad, he will also have to grovel in front of that senior!’’ Barry patted Sven's shoulder as he lectured like a wise old man.

’’I heard that an alchemist is a very lucrative career?’’ Zhang Tie is interested in all types of high paying jobs. Therefore, when Barry mentioned about alchemist, the first thing that pops up in his mind is the money and gold coins it will bring.

’’In the whole of Black Flame City there are only four alchemists, three of them are staying in the top three battle dojos of the city as consultants while the fourth is being supported by the Coal Steel Federation, how much do you think they are paying them? The number of jobs that are more lucrative than alchemists can be counted by hand...’’

’’If only I am an alchemist!’’ The silly black Doug casually commented as he heard Barry's words.

When Doug opened his mouth, no one spoke, everyone turned their heads and solemnly looked at Doug. As Doug wears a proud expression on his face, after a while, Barry patted Doug's shoulders and said, ’’Doug, I did not notice it before but you are actually quite humorous!’’


The ten minutes break quickly went by, the last period of lesson has started, the animals of the classroom returned to their seats and once again placed their hands on the table. Without saying a word, Ms. Dinah took a chalk and started drawing on the blackboard, within a few minutes, a drawing of an old tree covered by countless vines is drawn onto the board, no one understands what it is for, Ms. Dinah upon finishing her drawing, put down the chalk and turned around to face the class.

’’Let us start the question brought up by your classmate regarding the human body, is it true that the body is constantly losing energy? For starters, let me use this drawing of our anatomy to explain, this is a drawing that shows the anatomy of a human's abdomen area highlighting the bladder and blood vessels.

The drawing that looks like an old tree is the urinary tract, while the vines surrounding it are the blood vessels. These blood vessels are like the roots of a tree, it absorbs the beneficial substances and minerals within your urine and return them into the human body, they are there to prevent wastage of these minerals and elements.

The advances of anatomy knowledge over the years has discovered a mysterious tool within everyone's body, however, knowledge regarding this tool is still limited and being researched, this is because our body is the most mysterious machine in the world and its mysteries cannot be explained by simple anatomy studies. In fact, despite the various systems and functions within our body to prevent excessive energy being waste, our body is still constantly wasting a huge amount of energy.

Let me explain about our urine for an example, as most of you should have learnt during Survival class, holding your urine in a cold environment can allow you to hold 5 hours longer than people in a normal environment. In situation where there is no food or water, if you collect your urine and drink it, it is possible for you to last 48 hours longer. Why a pool of urine can affect a person's life and death? This is because, within a human's urine, it contains large quantities of our body's energy and beneficial substances. These energy is supposed to be kept within our body but was loss without reason, despite our body possessing various methods to prevent the loss but it is only slightly useful, more energy is lost via various methods.

I know a group of special people that treat their urine as a tonic that is beneficial to the body, improving their vitality and life span. The first thing that these people do when they wake up in the morning, is to collect their urine and drink it, this is because they believe this method can prevent them from losing the energy and beneficial substances within their body*...’’

(Cuppa: So I did a search about urine drinking and found that people from a group called China Urine Therapy Association, founded in 2008, practicing it. The Chinese government bans the act of drinking urine apparently but there are followers who does for its believed medical reasons. You can read the articles found by google by clicking this link. I also found a small group of religious Hindus in India that practices drinking cow urine. More can be found here.)

This information is even more juicy and shocking than those ’’blood clan’’, the animals in the class are listen with their eyes wide. Especially regarding the knowledge about ’’drinking urine’’ that came out from the mouth of Ms. Dinah, that weird interest began to excite the animals into howling together.

’’Ms. Dinah, there are really people who drink urine?’’ An animal seating in the front row is unable to contain himself anymore and asked.

’’It is true!’’ Ms. Dinah made a serious expression, replying without any hint of embarrassment. Within the eyes of Ms. Dinah, she sees the question as purely ’’academic’’, ’’Those that drank their first batch of urine of the day believed that the energy within them can keep them youthful and healthy and in fact, these group of people are also famous people known for their longevity, they even view the urine of kids and babies as medicine that can treat all illnesses, they believe that the urine of kids and babies possesses the purest form of life energy!’’

A commotion started in the classroom.

’’My purpose for using urine as an example is to allow everyone to understand that our body is constantly wasting a lot of energy under normal conditions. As for how much it is lost, no one knows exactly but I do know that if a person can collect the energy lost, even if it is a small amount, it will be an astronomical figure. Other than urine, our body is also constantly wasting energy from many different channels!’’

’’What are the other channels Ms. Dinah?’’

’’Wet dreams and masturbating!’’ Ms. Dinah replied calmly with a serious expression, however, when she said the two words, the whole classroom went eerily quiet. The animals looked at each other, each of them have a weird look on their faces before they lower their heads, not daring to look at Ms. Dinah.

Zhang Tie looked at the brotherhood beside him and discover their splendid expressions.

No one dare to speak this time, after Ms. Dinah swept her gaze over everyone, she continued, ’’When a male's sperm combines with a female's egg, it will create a wonderful life. Each sperm possesses the miracle of life that is waiting to descend. Have you thought of the reason behind this theory? Within every sperm, it contains are large amount of life energy, an adult woman can only release an egg once a month while an adult man can produce hundreds of millions of sperm every day, which is also millions of life miracles, do you know how powerful is the combined energy within this millions of sperm?

You do not know, so do I. However, the ancient east from thousands of years ago, have a group of practitioners called Qi Cultivators. These Qi Cultivators view the energy within their sperm priceless treasures that can assist them in improving their abilities. Other than bearing children, they will not allow their sperm to waste and leave their body.

There's another channel of wastage, it is from the random thoughts constantly flowing in our minds, these countless thoughts are constantly wasting a huge amount of mental energy. In our era, at places you can only imagine, there exist powerful cultivators or clan guardians that cultivates and improve their strengths by using secret arts that are related to self-restrain or control. Using the huge amount of life energy and mental energy generated within the body, they convert and direct them to ignite the bottlenecks of their Light Points, eventually becoming the powerful warriors or racial guardians that are worshipped by many. The road of the strong is never tied with being heedless...’’ seeing the pondering looks of her students, Ms. Dinah revealed a beautiful smile, ’’Do you know what is my greatest wish?’’

The animals in the classroom all stared at Ms. Dinah stunned, a glint also flashed through Zhang Tie's eyes, it is unknown what he is thinking.

Under the anticipating eyes of the animals, Ms. Dinah said something that will change their perspective on how they view life and the world.

’’Teacher's greatest wish in this life is to see one of my students become a powerful warrior or even a racial guardian that are powerful individuals that represent and protect humanity. After that, I can doll up myself and marry him. Sadly, so far, Ms. Dinah has yet to find such a person, therefore I would like to request everyone something, a promise...’’ Ms. Dinah revealed a smile full of mature charm, her alluring and sparkling eyes caused the animals to stare at her in a daze, unable to speak, what they did not know is that she is about to say something even more surprising.

’’Ms. Dinah would like to make a promise with each of you, when you become strong and powerful, enough to protect Ms. Dinah, will you let Ms. Dinah marry you?’’

Will you let Ms. Dinah marry you...

Will you let Ms. Dinah marry you...

Will you let Ms. Dinah marry you...

Her voice echoed within the brains of the animals, everyone could not believe what they have just heard, suddenly, an uproar exploded in the classroom.

’’Are you willing to make this promise with teacher?’’

’’Willing!’’ the animals shouted in unison, nearly shattering the windows in the process.

’’Good, then it is our promise. All of you are men, a woman's youth is very precious, Ms. Dinah is not going to wait for you for the rest of my life. Therefore, I am adding an extra detail, I will marry the first person that obtains a Blood Scorpion Crest or something of similar ranked!’’


At this moment, the animals did not know that in this world, there is something called the deceit of love, not only can it create the most beautiful blessings and wishes in the world, it can also become the greatest source of strength or whip that assist a person's growth.

The eyes of the animals are now red, looking at Ms. Dinah, their breathing became rough as they felt both their heads, big and small, are expanding due to a rush of blood.

Zhang Tie also lost his calmness, the only thing in his mind is that constant echo - Obtain a Blood Scorpion Crest before 20...


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