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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 2 - Chapter 13


CoBI, B2 Chapter 13: Secret Technique

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Seeing the bastards of the Airplane Brotherhood, pointing at him and snickering among themselves, Zhang Tie immediately sensed that they knew about him becoming a human sandbag. Although he does not know how these assholes found out but Zhang Tie trust his sixth sense and normally in such situations, it is accurate.

After two periods of classes, the animals of the class exited the classroom and loitered around the corridor to enjoy the sun and have a breather.

When the brotherhood saw Zhang Tie's dark expression coming out of the classroom walking over to join them at the corridor, the bastards deliberate shifted their gaze to other places, every one of them lifted their heads and looked at the clouds, acting as though they are poets enjoying the clear weather.

F*k! Underneath that 'poetic' face of theirs, Zhang Tie can only see the visage of them rolling on the floor laughing out loud, they are just holding it in, if not, they would have laughed till they are having spasms.

’’Laugh then, don't hold it in, don't make yourselves uncomfortable’’ Zhang Tie lightly said the sentence, with that, the bastards cannot hold it in any longer and burst out laughing.

’’Bro, did you encounter an unhappy incident? Do share the joy and tell us, hahaha...’’ when Sista this lecher asked, it caused the other bastards to laugh even louder.

’’Bastards, you guys knew about it since yesterday and still held me in the dark, I was nearly beaten to death by someone...’’ Zhang Tie feigned anger and held Sista by the collar.

Sista hurriedly lifted both his hands in the air, ’’It's because you are being such a damn braggart, Baghdad guessed it but he could not bear to tell you when seeing you bragging your heads off like this...’’

The lecherous Sista cleared his throat while he acts out yesterday's dialogue, ’’Aiya, I wanted to reject the offer but Captain Colin begged me for a long time, therefore I reluctantly agreed in the end. Too bad I have such a nice character and have done too many good deeds, it cannot be helped that I was given such a chance to not only work intimately with beauties but also earn money along the way, even training my body on top of that...’’

Seeing his bragging from yesterday being enacted again, the bastards released another round of laughter. Even Zhang Tie, when he thought back, also slightly flushed in embarrassment. That ancient Chinese saying is correct - Do not act arrogant, else you will be punished by lightning. He only acted slightly arrogant and his just deserts is served.

Zhang Tie looked at Baghdad, that bastard shrugs his shoulders, ’’Captain Colin is a part-time trainer at Iron Bramble Battle Dojo, he often likes to introduce some of our seniors to work part-time over there and the only job they were hired for is to become human sandbags for those rich brats.

’’How come I did not know of this?’’ Zhang Tie gloomily asked.

’’This is actually not a secret, it is just that you normally do not pay attention to news regarding Battle Dojos. The sparring partners for those rich brats have a rather special requirement, due to their height and body not being fully developed, adults who are much taller cannot be paired with them and yet other children of their age cannot handle their strength. Therefore, only people our age are suitable, not only are we slightly older, our body is also slightly stronger, most importantly is that we have yet to ignite our divine Palace Light Point, therefore our abilities will never exceed them...’’

’’What? Can't our abilities exceed them?’’ Sven asked out of curiosity.

’’Of course not, if your abilities exceed them, how can they defeat you?’’

’’Isn't this just sparring? Why must they defeat people?’’

Baghdad laughed coldly as he crossed his arms, ’’This is the difference between us and the rich, we are from different realms. Although they can easily find a person with strong abilities to spar with them but this is not what they wanted, do you know why?

That is because the rich groom their children by instilling them the confidence of beating people down and stepping on them. Once such confidence and mentality is successfully instilled, just the aura emitted by them can supress you in a room. Even if you reach the same level as them in the future, you will still lose to them in a fight. The theory behind this is very mysterious and complicated and can be considered a type of secret technique, I only know of this by chance from someone from a Battle Dojo.’’

The new information paused Zhang Tie for a moment but after thinking it through, this might really be possible.

If not, the Battle Dojo would have found someone his age that has ignited their Light Point to be sparring partners for those rich brats, there should be more than a handful of such people in the City and they can provide better training experience for them. A good example is Gree who is already a Grade 2 Soldier.

What surprised Zhang Tie is that his job is actually related to a secret technique - A secret technique is only known by a handful of people;the general public will not have knowledge about it. If they do, then it becomes a common technique. If they don't, it is a secret technique. The cost to obtain such secret techniques is very expensive, these are mostly related to information on how to train martial arts or skills.

It was said that before the Cataclysm, the secret technique governing system of human society was developed to perfection. Of the secret techniques during those times, some were categorized as Intellectual Property, some were categorized as Copyrights, some secret techniques with more classified information are held by various secret organizations, a good example is the use of crystals etc.

However, in the Age of Black Iron, most of these secret techniques are generally held by various organizations such as merchant organizations, religious bodies, guilds or clans, all of them have their own secret techniques. These secret techniques formed the foundation of their organization and became their capital to survive in this era, outsiders will not have access at all.

Although his abacus skill is not particularly useful but strictly speaking, it can be considered a secret technique, this is because, the skill can only be taught to a Chinese. Before he learnt the skill, Tang De had strongly warned him that he cannot teach the skill to a non-Chinese. If he does, the consequences will be very dire.

In this era, other than resources, as long as you hold a knowledge or skill that is of great value, then you will be immediately elevated, gold will start flowing towards you and eventually, you can build your own organization or power.

Of course, although secret techniques are either knowledge or skills but they also represent profits. If the knowledge or skill is lost, then the profits is also lost. This is a law of secret techniques and has stayed that way since before the Great Cataclysm.

’’If you can, just quit the part-time job. If you are constantly being beaten up by those brats, it is possible that it will leave a mental scar on you. Once it does, the road to becoming strong will only be more difficult!’’ Baghdad sincerely advised in the end.

’’I will think about it. First, I need to work 600 hours...’’ Zhang Tie deliberately showed a gloomy face and explain the contract to the guys. The compensation of 10 gold caused everyone to be stunned with their eyes wide open.

It is just a secret technique, f*k, is it that great? Can a dog fart secret technique be compared to my Thousand Karma Fruit Treasure Tree of Lycorisradiata and the fruits it bear?

Look at the Forged Metal Body Fruit, just the name itself is awesome. The most important thing is, all he needs to grow the fruit, is to constantly receive a beating. Not only will he receive money from others, they will also diligently assist him to forge his body and feed him this little fruit, where can he find such a good deal? What mental scarring, Zhang Tie really felt none of it coming.

Just as Zhang Tie rolled his eyes and wanted to tell the bastards about Mary praising him, the whole corridor suddenly went silent. Zhang Tie turned his head and saw Ms. Dinah carrying a wooden snail model entering the classroom. The animals at the corridor stayed silent for a few seconds before looking at each other. Suddenly, all of them rush into the classroom in a blink of an eye, all of them trying to grab the closest seat to the front like hungry wolves fighting for food.

In #7 Black Flame National School, only when it is Ms. Dinah's class, will the animals actively seat themselves in the classroom before the bell rang.

The best seats at the front row, are naturally taken by Gree and his lackeys, as for the brotherhood, they normally take the middle section of the seats, neither good nor bad.

Seeing everyone seated, Ms. Dinah did not tarry and immediately started the lesson. With a chalk in hand, she wrote two words on the blackboard, announcing today's lesson content.

Blood Clan

Ms. Dinah swept her beautiful gaze across the classroom, all the animals have their backs as straight as a spear, putting on a serious expression with a look yearning for knowledge.

’’Students, for today's lesson I will be introducing the lifeform called the blood clan. In our current era, the blood clan we know now and the blood clan that was known before the Great Cataclysm are two very different things.

The blood clan before the Cataclysm are artistic and fantasy creatures called vampires that can turn into bats, these are not real. However, the blood clan in the Age of Black Iron, refers to the various lifeforms that has mutated after the Cataclysm and they come in all shapes and sizes.

To identify a blood clan there are a few specific traits you can look out for, the first, is from its exterior look, the whole body of a blood clan is blood red in color, it is a very distinct feature that you can identify in the wild and also the reason for its name.

Next, all blood clan lifeforms thirsts for fresh blood, they are carnivorous creatures that are the most vicious killers in the wild. Any creature that has blood flowing in their veins are food for the blood clan.

Third, due to their mutation, the physiology of a blood clan greatly changes and cause them to develop special abilities. These abilities make them even more vicious and difficult to handle. Using the blood sucking snail as an example, I will discuss with everyone on the methods of dealing with these things if you meet them in the wild...’’

Zhang Tie stared at the beautiful face of Ms. Dinah, listening to her sweet voice has caused him to become slightly retarded. To many people, they cannot be bothered to focus on what she is teaching, as long as they can listen to her voice as she stands there, it will be the greatest pleasure in life for them.

Rumor has it that Ms. Dinah encounter a bad incident while teaching in class, causing her great displeasure. This caused #7 Black Flame National School to impose a weird school rule since - During Ms. Dinah's lesson, all students must place both their hands on the table and make sure they are visible.

Therefore, whenever Ms. Dinah is teaching, the animals will sit like kindergarten kids, all of them will have their backs straight with their hands placed on the table, their faces filled with an expression that thirsts for knowledge. However, if you listen closely, you will hear sounds of saliva swallowing as well as a dull rhythmic knocking sound of a cloth covered rod hitting the bottom of the table, all sorts of weird and creative acts could be seen.

As for Zhang Tie, every time when it is Ms. Dinah's lesson, he will begin some weird fantasizing, entering his own world, like now......

Ms. Dinah is wearing a short skirt, revealing her snow-white and beautiful thighs while her voluptuous chest has forced open the buttons on her shirt. The whole classroom room is empty except for Zhang Tie and her, as Ms. Dinah sits on the podium, she called Zhang Tie to stand in front of her before bending her body forward to reveal her alluring cleavage and pressing Zhang Tie's head towards her chest, laughing flirtatiously as Zhang Tie is blissfully being suffocated between her snow-white peaks.

When Zhang Tie is reaching his limited, she pushed him away and used two of her slender fingers to hold a straw and began blowing pink bubbles. As the pink bubbles floated towards Zhang Tie and pops, a smooth hand began to caress his face, causing him to be intoxicated among the floating pink bubbly atmosphere...

’’Baby, do you want me?’’ Ms. Dinah seductively smiled at Zhang Tie as she used her finger to form a hooking gesture...


’’Yes!’’ Zhang Tie suddenly stood up, causing the brotherhood beside him to jump on their seats. When he stood up, it happened to be immediately after Ms. Dinah asked the students if they have any questions

Suddenly, everyone in the room focused their attention on Zhang Tie, his body temperature also began to rise rapidly.

Gree, who is in the front row also turned his head, the irritating look on his face is apparent, he had thought of two questions regarding the blood sucking snail, hoping to score brownie points with Ms. Dinah and use the chance to interact with her, however, his plan is disrupted by this random guy who shouted out.

The moment when Zhang Tie stood up is also the instant he woke up completely, seeing the glaring eyes of the people surrounding him, cold sweat started to flow out of him.

’’This student, do you have any question regarding today's topic? Ms. Dinah asked.

Fortunately, Zhang Tie with his somewhat quick mind, instantly thought of a question to handle the situation.

’’Ms. Dinah, I have more or less understood the contents of this lesson but I have a question regarding another topic, it is related to biology, can I ask Ms. Dinah about this question of mine?’’ Zhang Tie asked without hesitation.


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