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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 2 - Chapter 10


CoBI, B2 Chapter 10: An Indecent Act On A Beauty

Here's the second chapter for the week. Enjoy! Cuppa.

After school, Zhang Tie did his usual routine of silently and reluctantly sending Ms. Dinah off on the tram with his eyes before using the alleyways to travel towards Great Light Street.

Although he could only secretly watch from a distance but Zhang Tie still felt that the time flew past too quickly. If it is possible, he will choose to watch the back of Ms. Dinah for the rest of his life.

Alas, the heavens did not make this possible for him, Ms. Dinah left in the end. After she boarded the tram and left, Zhang Tie began to hear rumbling noises coming out from his stomach.

For the past couple of days, his body got hungry exceptionally quickly, school has only just ended and his stomach is already making a protest. Zhang Tie can only helplessly pat his stomach, ’’You had roast meat for lunch today!’’

As he thought of the roast meat, Zhang Tie naturally thought of the job recommended by Captain Colin. Although there is transport available to Great Light Street at the tram station but Zhang Tie decided to save the four copper coins that it will cost to take the transport.

As he ran, Zhang Tie consoled himself by thinking that as a young man, he is filled of energy, so a run is good for him.

This is not his first time visiting Great Light Street. However, whenever he visits the place, every corner of this street makes him feel humbling and out-of-place.

On both sides of the Great Light Street are various businesses, within the windows of the shops are filled with a wide variety of goods.

As Zhang Tie walked past a shoe shop, he could not help but look at the price tag of one of the shoes displayed, the price stunned him for half a day before he manages to react - 16 gold coins!

May heavens have pity on me, the combine wages of my dad and the rice wine sales for a year is only about 16 gold coins, that is 1600 silver coins, 160000 copper coins, it is worth close to 7 tonnes of food!

No matter who long Zhang Tie thought about it, he is unable to see how 7 tonnes of food can be compared to a pair of shoes worn underneath a person.

Although Zhang Tie knows this is a rich person's way of life but this difference has greatly challenge his ability to accept.

After looking at the price of the leather shoes, Zhang Tie got somewhat immune to the other items displayed in the following shops. The more he looked at the stuff, the more he felt life is dull, a feeling of inferiority began to well up in him. In the end, Zhang Tie ignored the items on display as he walks down Great Light Street.

On the road side, Zhang Tie saw a row of beautiful cars being parked, these cars are being cleaned attentively by uniformed drivers and are sparkling from their efforts, Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva before he shifted his eyes away...

The high-class restaurants along the street emits all sorts of enticing fragrance from within, Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva before he shifted his eyes away...

At the entrance of a high-class entertainment club, he saw a row of beautiful and seductive ladies standing there, their high cut skirts revealed their beautiful snow white thighs, hinting a multitude of meanings, Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva before he shifted his eyes away...

Outside the entrance of a hotel, bell boys and service staffs could be seen wearing swallow tail suits and ties, each of them diligently and attentively service customers that enter the hotel, seeing the beautiful angel statues displayed at the entrance, Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva before he shifted his eyes away...

Zhang Tie also walked past a few handsome young men and beautiful ladies of his age, as he saw the clothes they are wearing and looked at the dull uniform he is wearing currently, Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva before he shifted his eyes away...

There are gentlemen and ladies enjoying themselves at a coffee place along the street, casually chatting among themselves with the occasionally light laughter. As he looked at the price on the display board outside the coffee place, Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva before he shifted his eyes away...

Zhang Tie's current look, when judged by the venomous eyes of the people at the entrance of various establishments, is a typical hill billy from the country side or an invisible person. None of them bothered to look at him for more than a second when they saw him.

After walking for half an hour like a floating spirit, Zhang Tie finally reached the door that displayed the number that he is looking for, No.18 Great Light Street. Up next is No.16, while the one behind him is No.20.

Zhang Tie lifted his head to see a bronze number plate being hung, displaying the large words ’’No.18 Great Light Street’’. What cause Zhang Tie to be wide eye is what's above that displayed even a larger set of words - Iron Bramble Battle Dojo.

Battle dojo? Bat... Battle Dojo!

To think Captain Colin actually recommended him a job in a battle dojo, Zhang Tie nearly cry out tears of joy on the spot, to think he doubted Captain Colin, in fact, Captain Colin is a great man!

In this era, martial strength is a person's greatest capital. A battle dojo is the best place for a person to increase their martial strength - Or at least, this is the case within Black Flame City.

After a deep breath, Zhang Tie puffed his chest and felt for the letter inside his pocket before walking towards the entrance of Iron Bramble Battle Dojo in big steps.

Dearest gold coins, dearest beauties, here I come! Zhang shouted within his heart......

’’Halt, state your purpose for entering!’’ there are four armed and armored guards at the entrance, their imposing look causes fear in people, one stretched his hand and stopped Zhang Tie from entering.

Looking at the massive figures in front of him, wearing armor that is polished to the point he can see his reflection on it, Zhang Tie suddenly felt a sense of awe in his heart, ’’I... I am here for a job, Captain Colin recommended me for the position!’’

’’Recommended by Colin? Do you have proof?’’

’’Ye... Yes...’’ Zhang Tie quickly handed over the letter of recommendation, only now did Zhang Tie notice that there is a picture of a bramble printed on the top right corner of the paper, it seems the logo is related to the dojo.

The large man took the letter and read it, he looked at Zhang Tie after a while and returned the letter to him, ’’Hold on to the letter and follow me, do not stray off along the way!’’

Zhang Tie held on to the letter and followed the big guy into the dojo, he imagined that after entering the entrance he will see a scene where a group of strong men are training vigorously in it but reality is different than what he has expected.

Upon entering, what he saw is a large hall, in its center is a water fountain, the floor is made of beautiful white marble and the interior was designed to be clean and neat, there are no objects, not a single stalk of flower or decoration could be seen.

This is quite similar to the hotel's lobby that Zhang Tie walked passed earlier on, the only difference is the atmosphere within the dojo. On the sides of the passage way are rows of armors and weapons, some of them look brand new while some look worn and scarred, an austere aura could be felt emitting from these items.

The hall is very quiet, other than their footsteps, the only sound that could be heard is the water from the fountain.

There are really beauties, as the big guy led Zhang Tie and circled the fountain, Zhang Tie saw not just one but a row of beauties. The beauties are standing side by side behind a service counter, the scene caused a dazzling feeling in him.

However, when he saw every single one of these beauties focusing their eyes on him, Zhang Tie immediately sober up, before he could get a clearer look at each of their individual looks, the big guy pointed at one of them, ’’He is here for the part time job, bring him to Manager Hans office’’

When the big guy mentioned that he is here for the part time job, Zhang Tie felt the beauties retract their curious gazes immediately from him, it is as though he has suddenly become someone of no importance.

’’Follow me than’’ The beauty walked out of the counter and began walking towards a passage at the side, Zhang Tie quickly ran up to follow.

The beauty in front of him has a beautifully done ponytail, she looks to be in her twenties and wears a black body-hugging vest with a pair of white training tights. This getup revealed her infinitely youthful body without any obstruction, a nice scent is also emitted from her body.

As he walked behind the beauty, Zhang Tie noticed that this is his first time being in such close proximity with a beautiful woman, especially when she walks, her slim waist and perky butt that is wrapped by the training tights creates a seductive rhythm, it caused Zhang Tie's blood to flush to his head, his 'little brother' also stood up instantly in response.

This made Zhang Tie embarrassed and he immediately place his hand inside his pocket and tightly pin down the unruly fella in his pants.

The carpeted passage has no one else except for the beauty walking in front of him. As he look at the beauty, Zhang Tie felt that as a man he should start a conversation, finally, after walking for more than ten steps, he finally muster the courage and spoke a sentence.

’’H... Hi, my... my name is Zhang Tie, may I know your name?’’

The ponytail beauty stopped and turned around, she took a quick glance at Zhang Tie, her brows arched as she showed a sarcastic grin, this grin also contained a coldness that seems to push people a thousand miles away, ’’I am called Mary but you do not need to know my name. Although we are all here to make a living but you should realize that people like you will never be able to intersect with my life, a toad should not be lusting after a swan's flesh......*’’

(Cuppa: This is an idiom, it can mean: to crave for what one is not worthy of;or an ugly man shouldn't have hopes to marry a pretty girl)

This is the first time in his life that his attempt at striking a conversation was brutally and destructively shot down, causing Zhang Tie's face to turn slightly pale, he felt the muscles on his smiling face became stiff.

Zhang Tie felt wronged, he did not understand where he made a mistake, all he did is ask for a name, is there a need to call this daddy a toad? At the same time, the humiliation and belittling began to stroke flames of anger within him.

Facing such humiliation, Zhang Tie's personality is to double it and return what he felt. What's more, as a male secondary school student growing up in a boy school environment, Zhang Tie learnt a rule for over the years - When someone bullies or humiliates you, you should immediately retaliate, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or when you are prepared. It should be immediate, immediately retaliate on the spot.

Anyone who overlook this ’’retaliate immediately when being humiliate’’ rule, have all become the unlucky ones or cowards that are always bullied, no one has been able to escape this outcome.

Therefore, with courage that is born from nowhere, Zhang Tie took a step forward and viciously glared into the eyes of this woman called Mary. Under her frightful eyes, he used his hands to grab her exposed shoulders, ’’Woman, do you believe that one of this days you will strip yourself naked and crawl up to me, begging me to f*k you! Just like this ...’’ Zhang Tie copied a lewd action that he often saw Sista doing and savagely thrust his waist forward a couple of times.

The critical thing is, when Zhang Tie released his hand earlier, his right hand that was pinning his ’’little bro’’ bounced into its natural position, creating a big and solid tent within his pants. This led to a tent with two layers of cloth hitting Mary's slim and smooth abdomen twice...

Having someone holding her shoulders while being ’’rod’’ twice has nearly caused Mary to be dumb from shock. It never occurred to her that someone who she met for the first time, under broad daylight, along the passage way of a battle dojo, will do such an excessive thing to her, what's more, it is by a kid that is still growing his hair and applying for a part time job.

Before Mary could scream, Zhang Tie released his hands and took a step back before placing his right hand back into his pocket, pinning his ’’little bro’’ down again. He thrust his chin forward a couple of times in a challenging manner and created a thuggish look on his face, ’’Lead the way, woman!’’

Zhang Tie's heart is currently beating wildly inside him, he is still coming to terms with what he has just did, to actually perform an indecent act on a beauty he met for the first time. As he remembers that two wonderful sensation just now, he felt a strange sense of excitement welling up within him causing his whole body to have goose bumps from the excitement.

Mary's face flushed from red to white and from white to red again, she wanted to speak but her mouth in the end, she has a finger pointing at Zhang Tie while her whole body began to tremble in anger. In the end, after viciously staring at Zhang Tie for more than ten seconds, she angrily turned her head without uttering a word and started leading the way once again.

Zhang Tie released a sigh of relief in his heart, he decided earlier on that if the woman started shouting, he will immediately turn and run away......

The Iron Bramble Battle Dojo is very big, after walking for nearly a minute down the passage did Mary finally brought Zhang Tie to their destination, a door with the sign ’’Manager's Office’’ written on it......

’’This is Manager Hans's office, I have brought you here, you can go in yourself!’’ after she finish speaking, Mary lift her head like a proud swan and walked off without looking at Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie knocked on the door.

’’Come in!’’ a man's voice could be heard from inside. Zhang Tie could not help but remember Tang De that damn fatty when he heard the voice.

When he pushed the door, as suspected it is really a damn fatty. A heap of flesh is seating behind a luxurious office desk. On one eye is a crystal monocle as he used a green silk cloth to polish a shiny yellow bronze button on his coat...

This Manager Hans is a person that will make Tang De, a miser who has never treat him dinner before, look like a philanthropist. This is the first impression Zhang Tie has about Manager Hans when he saw him.


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