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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 1 - Chapter 5


Airplane Brotherhood

Under the observation of Captain Colin's fiery golden eyes, the five guys can only bring out their money as their noses bled, the lowest amount at five copper coins whereas the highest amount is more than ten copper coins, the money is pocketed by Zhang Tie without hesitation. When it was the damn fatty Barry's turn, only to see the quivering fat Barry dig into his clothes before placing nine copper coins in Zhang Tie's hands, his face showing an ugly smile of fawning, ’’You have won....’’

Zhang Tie looked at Barry, not speaking but his eye's murderous intent is slowing brewing, his outstretch hand not retracted, ’’Are you sure this little bit of money is everything you have? I remembered our bet saying everything, everything, you understand.....’’ Zhang Tie emphasized heavily on the word 'everything'. Being classmates for so many years, he is more than familiar at the how rich this damn fatty is, he often brings people to restaurants, how can there be so little money on him.

Barry stared at Zhang Tie while Zhang Tie glared at him, the two nose bleeders one big eyed and one small eyed exchanged looks for a few seconds. In the meantime, Zhang Tie's imposing manner is getting stronger, his chest getting more puffed and straight. Seeing Zhang Tie's mouth was about to speak, the fat meat on Barry's face twitched a couple of times, even the oily sheen on his acne seemed also lost its shine, ’’Ke... Ke... I would have forgotten if you hadn't reminded me, I still have some here....’’ Barry stretched his hands into the left side of his clothes as he said. After some searching and unwillingness, he produced four shiny silver coins before closing his eyes and, without looking, placed them on Zhang Tie's hands.

The moment he saw the four silver coins, Zhang Tie opened his mouth slightly, this is jackpot! A silver coin is equivalent to 100 copper coins, to think this damn fatty stole money from his old man again.......

This amount of money is considered ’’a huge’’ fortune to Zhang Tie but to Captain Colin, he cannot be bothered with the likes of just this bit of silver coin. Seeing Zhang Tie viciously plundered this unlucky eggs, Captain Colin with his arms placed in front of his chest, one hand rubbing his bristle-like short beard and using his single eye to look at Zhang Tie with a tint of inexplicable feelings.

’’Hmm, this is interesting, kid what's your name?’’

’’Zhang Tie!’’

’’Aren't you pretty resilient, to think you made such a bet with people. Good, I remembered you!’’ after speaking, Captain Colin turned and walked away.

With Captain Colin gone, everyone present, except for Zhang Tie, had their butts on the ground. All of them felt their legs are as soft as noodles that has been cooked for three days. Just now was too dangerous, if Zhang Tie were to let his mouth slip, the few of them would be goners...

’’Big Head, this makes us even....’’ Barry who was sitting on the floor head raised, trying to reduce the amount of blood flowing out of his nose, ’’We gave you a beating, you also gave us a beating, you got your hands on our money, yet you also saved us from Captain Colin. Looking at the situation, we should also give our thanks!’’

’’Don't mention it.....’’ Zhang Tie hurriedly dug into his trousers for some paper to block his bleeding nostrils, ’’We are afterall classmates, having some scuffles is nothing, on top of that we do not have any deep-seated hatred with each other. I also do not wish for anything serious to happen to you guys, just like how earlier on you guys do not wish to see me anything serious happening to me!’’

With his nose blocked by the paper, his voice became weird and felt quite uncomfortable but there is no helping it.

’’Do you still have paper?’’ Barry stretched out a fat hand.

Zhang Tie took out the remaining toilet paper kept in his trousers and begin handing them out to everyone, the guys each of them hurriedly stopped their bleeding the same way. After a moment, the six guys in the forest looked at each other, they all think that their looks are infinitely ridiculous and was reminded of the phrase 'Inserting spring onions inside nostrils, acting elephant'*, damn, this really does look like elephants, everyone wanted to laugh but is unable to laugh out.

(Cuppa Trivia: In the raws it wrote 鼻孔上插葱,装象, it is derived from 猪鼻孔上插葱一一装象 translated to inserting spring onions into a pig's nostrils to act as an elephant, it meant 'putting up an act to deceive')

After Fat Barry and others gathered to discuss in a low voice, they solemnly said a sentence that Zhang Tie wasn't expecting.

’’After today's incident, we all felt that you have a fine character, hence, we decided to solemnly invite you to join our organization, hope you can consider our offer.......’’

’’Your organization?’’ Zhang Tie doubtfully looked at Barry and few. This group who is like me, people that scrape by waiting for death and ragtags who don't stand out in a crowd, have an organization?

Seeing Zhang Tie's doubtful look, Barry and gang tried to put on a heroic look with great effort, although the beat up and swollen faces on each of them lacks persuasiveness, it still made Zhang Tie feel that they are serious.

’’We won't acknowledge till we fought, we felt that you got a fine character, and decided to pull you in after we discussed. Do not look down on us, who is to say that the sapling of today will not become a heaven piercing big tree tomorrow, no one is born a big shot, as long as we stay united, sooner or later we will have our place in this Black Flame City!’’

Zhang Tie's heart was slightly shaken by the words of Barry, he really did not expect that these guys have such ambitions. In comparison to them, he felt that he is unable to match up to them. Seeing Zhang Tie is beginning to consider, Barry continued to use his glib tongue to encourage, ’’We will be graduating this year, after graduation everyone have 8 years of compulsory military service, it is unknown what dangers and difficult hurdles that will be faced. In this era, when one person felt life is hard to continue, you can get a few brothers to help. No matter what happens, there will also be one more path available. Even when inside the army, having more brother can reduce the chances of being taken advantage of!’’

The last words of Barry have finally moved Zhang Tie and pique his interest of their organization, ’’What is the name of your organization!’’

’’Airplane Brotherhood!’’ Barry proudly declared.

Airplane Brotherhood, this is what the name of the organization of these guys? Remembering this morning's classroom scene, seeing these fellas standing in line parallel to the windows swiftly jerking themselves, the name sent a cold shiver down Zhang Tie. It was said that before the Cataclysm, humans invented a flying machine that can travel the skies called airplane but it was unknown how this term used for flying machines was added with the word 'shoot' and became one of the must have lessons of every youth. No matter how Zhang Tie ponders, he is unable to find the link between the monotonous and plain hand movement with the flying machines of stories. Upon thinking that one of these days he will be standing together with this damn fatty along the window to perform the monotonous hand movement, Zhang Tie felt the last holy sanctuary in his will be tainted.

(Cuppa Trivia: 打飞机 or 'Shoot Airplanes' a term used to refer masturbating in Chinese. Same as the term 'Wank off' used in English)

’’I can join but you must accept one of my conditions!’’ Zhang Tie told Barry after a few seconds of thought

’’What condition!’’

’’From now on, do not perform the same acts on Teacher Diana in school!’’ as the condition was said, the 15 years old beat-up youth felt honorable inside, his heart feeling excited. Although he is currently still small and weak but he can use his own methods to protect Teacher Diana.

’’No problem, it's a deal. From today onward, you are a member of the Airplane Brotherhood!’’ Fat Barry readily agreed. Although today is not the first time, in addition an unknown number of other beasts in school also does the same thing daily, but after today's incident, Fatty and group also felt that this morning is indeed a bit too risky. What if they are seen by Captain Colin, then they are goners. Even if they can't do it in school, no one can stop them at home. Zhang Tie's condition is technically not even a real condition.

Just like that, Zhang Tie joined the Airplane Brotherhood. After recruiting a member, the feelings and morale of Barry and group rose, as though the unhappiness that happened just now has been forgotten. Obtaining the coins in his pockets, Zhang Tie has no intention of returning them, this is a decision that Zhang Tie has made. If Barry, this damn fatty uses the guise of the brotherhood to get him to return the money, then he will immediately leave the damn brotherhood.

From Barry's mouth, Zhang Tie has also obtained some information of the organization structure of the brotherhood. Except himself, Barry and Doug, the remaining members of the brotherhood are all also the present few - Sven, Baghdad, Chad, Sista, all of them are familiar people and there is currently only rule in the brotherhood for now - Any information regarding the brotherhood must be kept a secret from all non-members. This also includes family members, there is currently no leader in the brotherhood, therefore all decisions will be discussed and decided via voting.

What surprises Zhang Tie is that, this brotherhood that is only several months old already has rankings within and the rankings has also been accepted by everyone and felt fair. The currently highest ranker is naturally Barry, based on Sista and the other's explanation, Barry has the greatest contributions to the brotherhood. Therefore, based on the contributions, Barry becomes the one and only Rank 2 member of the Brotherhood. The so-called Rank 2 member is that during times of voting, Barry's vote will be considered as two votes, Rank 3 will have three votes and so and so for. As he just joined, he will be the same as everyone and the voting power of only one vote.

After walking out of the forest, Fat Barry looked at Zhang Tie, after some hesitation, ’’About... About the money.....’’

’’It's mine!’’ Zhang Tie tightened his grip in his pockets and stared at Barry with a face full of alertness

The damn fatty frustratingly scratched his head before smiling bitterly, ’’Then never mind, let Doug wait another two more days...’’

Upon hearing Barry's words, everyone's face formed a lewd smile.

’’Doug this fella is really unlucky today, hahaha...’’ Sven squinted his eyes, ’’A really unlucky fella!’’

’’For today, that guy has endured for two weeks already!’’ Sista shook his shoulders.

’’Let him endure another few days...’’

’’If he endures another few days he will definitely grow acne on his face!’’


Zhang Tie does not understand a single word the guys are talking about, only felt that they have an air of lewdness on them as they speak.

’’He... He... you will know in the future, this is a benefit of our brotherhood!’’ Barry mysteriously said.


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