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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 1 - Chapter 4



Within the school's small forest, the scuffle between Zhang Tie and the person on the ground lasted only a moment, the cheap shot not fully utilized. Just as he mounted the fella and threw in two punches, he felt a strong force hitting his back, the whole of Zhang Tie's person was sent flying by a kick.

As the powerful force assaulted his body, Zhang Tie used the momentum to roll away and stood up with a flip. When he stood up, two individuals pounced at him from his left and right sides. Zhang Tie threw a kick at the left attacker but the person shifted his body and lifted his leg, using his thighs to defend his abdomen from Zhang Tie's kick. Gritting his teeth in pain, the attacker used both his hands to grab hold of Zhang Tie's left arm. Just as Zhang Tie is thinking to use his right arm to counter, he found that it was also grabbed by the hands of the other attacker after eating a punch he threw. When he was about to resist, his abdomen received a heavy kick, this kick immediately put Zhang Tie out of commission.

The whole fight ended in less than 30 secs, with everyone's basic abilities on a similar level, in a one versus six fight where one side is totally without defense will the other succeeded in ambushing, anyone can guess the outcome. Especially when comparing the physique of Zhang Tie and his assailants, his yellow skin black hair body is obviously smaller than the rest.

The 15 years old Zhang Tie is 1.75m tall but the group who ambushed him, the smallest is about the same height as Zhang tie while the biggest fella is 1.8m and weighs fifty percent more than him, this is a genetic difference between human races.

With his back bent and coughing, Zhang Tie is pulled up with both his hands locked. Some of the attackers sucked in their breaths as they massaged the sore areas that was hit by Zhang Tie and surrounded him with worsening intentions.

The fella that received Zhang Tie's cheap shot stood up and felt the salty wet taste in his mouth, he touched his bleeding nose and went into rage instantly when he saw the red on his hand. He moved forward in two big steps and threw a same punch at Zhang Tie's nose.

Zhang Tie thought he saw stars as his nose started feeling a sense of soreness and pain, a salty liquid flowed from his nose down into his throat causing him to throw fits of coughing. F*k, Zhang Tie cursed in his mind, isn't this score settled a bit too soon.

Immediately after the hit to his nose, without a shred of pity, the surrounding people began throwing punches and kicks on Zhang Tie's body. In an instant Zhang Tie received over ten hits, with so many hits, if not for being assisted Zhang Tie would have long laid on the ground not moving. In this state, Zhang Tie can only try to maintain his breathing, this feeling, makes Zhang Tie feel as uncomfortable as a suffocating fish that is thrown onto the desert, not even having the energy to move his fingers.

As the fella wanted to throw another punch on Zhang Tie's nose, he was held back by another

’’Doug, that's enough, if you give another one to his nose his nasal bone will shatter completely. Disfiguring him will cause too much trouble.’’

’’Yeah, we have already agreed to beat this kid enough to vent some frustrations, each of us gives him a few punches and not beat him to death. F*k, this daddy* pulled the zipper too fast in the morning and pulled off some hair, until now still feeling the pain.....’’ the person locking Zhang Tie's left arm commented.

(Cuppa T/N Notes: 老子 means daddy, can be used as 'your daddy' or 'this daddy' depending on when it was used, I will switch base on the situation)

’’During training, Big Head this fella normally gives off a normal and average feel. If it is just the two of us, then we might not be able hold him down in the fight today!’’ the one who spoke, is the acne faced youth that invited Zhang Tie to enjoy together this morning, his name is Barry, the most lecherous fatty in Zhang Tie's class. He is also the founder and organizer of classroom masturbation activities. He is one of the well-known low lives in #7 Black Flame National School, at the age of twelve he stole money from his dad, hire a prostitute and ended his life as a virgin in glory. This fella has since been publicizing and showing off his glory to everyone.

(Cuppa T/N Notes: 大头 or Da Tuo which means Big Head, it is apparently a nickname of Zhang Tie in school, for nicknames I will give the translated version to bring us closer to the author's intention)

The bleeding Doug is busy rolling a piece of tissue for this nose while rising his head to control the bleeding. He pointing at showing the condition his nose and in indignation said ’’Why not you guys have a try, f*k, why not you guys have a try. There is six of us here but why am I so unlucky...’’

Doug complained as he stared displeasingly at Zhang Tie before giving a vicious kick at Zhang Tie's stomach. This strike cause the already churning stomach of Zhang Tie to explode, throwing out his lunch like a foundation. A torrent of fresh, warm, steaming substance that is just about to be digested was sprayed all over Doug's head. Everyone stood stunned, eyes wide mouths gaping, looking at Doug with two pieces of tissue in his nostrils and having a head full of vomit, the face of an attacker began to twitch, obviously trying to hold himself from laughing. The two guys beside Doug added insult to injury by moving two steps away from him while the two fellas holding on to Zhang Tie released him from their hold, deeply afraid that he will turned his head to give them some of it, if that happens then they can only cry without tears and end their lives in disgust.

’’Ah.........’’ the unlucky Doug released an unnatural shout before throwing two more hits at Zhang Tie ignoring his condition and in a never seen before speed, disappeared without a trace instantly, likely went to god knows where to clean up.

Seeing the running Doug far away, the two closest guys retreated cautiously, deeply afraid that the incapacitated Zhang Tie that cannot even walk, will give them a slimy vomit attack...

The quivering Zhang Tie stood up and stand in attention, looking at the bear-like figure that appeared out of nowhere behind the attackers while struggling to squeeze a smile on his face, ’’Captain Colin...’’

’’Haha, are you thinking of attacking us when we turn our heads? Big Head, do you think of us as idiots? Did you read too much cheap hero novels?’’

’’Do you want another round of beating from us!’’

’’Haha, this is too childish, I have not heard of this for many years....’’ Fat Barry laughed shamelessly, the fat in his body shook as his shoulders trembled.

’’Is it!’’ a voice said lightly from behind, instantly the proud five freeze like frozen quails, their body hardens, their faces changed greatly as large beads of sweat formed on their heads while their small legs began to shake uncontrollably. The instant transformation surprised Zhang Tie, he wonders how these fellas can pull off such high-level acting and actions in such a short span of time. Hearing Captain Colin speak, there is no change to Zhang Tie outside but his brain instantly started processing at a quick rate.....

The most terrifying one-eye dragon of Black Flame City hugged his arms, leisurely strolling out from the little forest behind them. That single eye shined like those of a big wolf staring at a chick, using a superior and judging attitude, swept a glance at the faces of the few people.

’’Ca.... Capt.... Captain Colin!’’ their tongues tied.

’’What happened here?’’ Captain Colin lifted his head and used his nostrils to ask them.

’’We... We are here....’’ Just as Barry is replying in stutters when he was cut short by the rough and reprimanding voice of Captain Colin.

’’Shut your mouth, did I allow you to speak?’’ Colin glared at the them before turning his head, facing the miserable looking Zhang Tie, rising his iron rod and pointed at him, ’’You speak, what happened here?’’

Upon hearing Captain Colin asking Zhang Tie, the face of Barry and the rest went pale, nearly shocking them to dumbness. With their eyes opened wide, they looked at Zhang Tie in fright, their eyes full of plead and despair. If Zhang Tie were to explain everything that has happened, Barry use his virgin asshole to guarantee, that when Captain Colin hears that his precious Goddess is being defiled by a bunch of students, he will really make it so that they will never have the ability to defile women for the rest of their lives - due to the special nature of the education system and due to the special nature of certain subjects, Black Flame City allows every boy school to have casualties without investigations as long as the amount is small.

’’Reporting Captain Colin, we are betting...’’ Zhang Tie's mind has made up, if there is no fighting in boy school, then can it still be called a boy school? Although he has not fought with anyone over the past few years and he was in an unfavorable situation, this is nothing much. Didn't his dad always tell him? Learn to forgive and forget but they must also pay a small price.

’’Betting...’’ Captain Colin frowned, he looked at the calm Zhang Tie before turning to look at Barry and group. ’’He said betting, is that true?’’

Betting? Would they dare to say it is not betting? The five of them instantly nodded their heads like chicks that have been starved for three days.

’’How did you bet, what is the wager? Are you trying to lie to the wise Captain Colin?’’ Captain Colin looked at Zhang Tie, a 'don't think you can lie to me' look on his face.

’’We bet that if they ganged up to beat me and I did not concede till the end. I, in return, can give them a beating and all the money on them will be mine! They have already conceded defeat, hope Captain Colin can be my witness...’’ Barry and gang stared at Zhang Tie, some gave a sigh of relief while some gave a painful look, this kid, even at this moment still did not forget to scrape a profit to get back at us.

As Zhang Tie spoke, he cleaned the blood off his nose and walked forward, and in front of Captain Colin, gave each of them a punch to the nose and a kick to the stomach. Instantly causing all five of them to have nose bleeds, their faces nearly touching the ground, painfully sucking in air, yet no one dares to retaliate.

When the five of them stood up, Zhang Tie stretched his hand in front of them, rubbing his thumb and forefinger, in an action that everyone knows...

Asking for money after beating people up, Zhang Tie felt that this kind of life is incomparably wonderful.


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