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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 1 - Chapter 19


Book 1 Chapter 19 A New Goal

After pressing the ’’Lifeforms and Species Management’’ button, the log that automatically appeared the first time did not show itself but was displayed as a small visible icon in the corner instead.

Zhang Tie suspects that the log window will only be automatically shown whenever the function was chosen for the first time. In the future, if he did not initiate, the log will not present itself again.

For now, Zhang Tie looked at the four buttons that was displayed in the new window:

  • Carbon-based Lifeforms and Species Management (Green, Activated)
  • Silicon-based Lifeforms and Species Management (Grey, Inactive)
  • Sulphur-based Lifeforms and Species Management (Grey, Inactive)
  • Other Lifeforms and Species Management (Grey, Inactive)

Zhang Tie naturally selected ’’Carbon-based Lifeforms and Species Management’’, as for the other options such as Silicon-based or Sulfur-based Lifeforms, he feels that these genres of creatures are beyond his current life.

The term carbon-based lifeforms is the easiest to understand, related topics has been taught by Ms. Dinah before. The knowledge and details regarding carbon-based lifeforms is something that has been discovered by humans before the Cataclysm happened. They are lifeforms whose cells are formed by using the carbon element as its key component, also known as organic lifeforms.

Apparently, majority of life in this world are carbon-based lifeforms, plants, microbes, even magic beasts are also carbon-based lifeforms, and of course, humans and animals are also under this group too.

As for sulfur or silicon lifeforms, Zhang Tie have not heard of them before, they are likely stuff of the legends therefore there is no need to even bother thinking about it.

After ’’Carbon-based Lifeforms and Species Management’’ is pressed, the three options once again appeared in front of him.

  • Microbes Management
  • Plant Management
  • Animal Management

As the ’’Animal Management’’ option card is still grey, meaning it is inactive. As he has checked the Microbes option before, Zhang Tie decided to skip it and select the Plant option card.

After selecting the card, a row of information appeared in front of Zhang Tie

  • Black Iron Calendar, 889 AC, 5th Month, 13th Day, Night. System detected seeds on the body of The Handsome and Stalwart Castle Lord upon entering Castle of Black Iron. Castle of Black Iron Plant System activated.

After a few seconds, the row of information disappeared and a new window appeared.

In the window, there is a three-dimensional image of a potato spinning 360 degrees in slow motion.

When Zhang Tie selected the image of the potato, a new window was displayed and he discovered that it has the same layout as when he selects a microbe.

On the left of the picture is the red cross that represent the wipe off function, while at the bottom are the three sliders that control the Spirit Energy, Merit and Basic Energy attributes for investing.

On the left side of the slider, he saw the number 3 under the word 'Merit'. Zhang Tie got curious and decided to move the slider, stopping only when the number on the right side of the slider displayed an exactly 2. The number displayed below the word 'Merit' also changed, dropping from 3 to 1 at the same time.

Zhang Tie pressed the ’’Confirm’’ button.

A new message appeared:

  • Please select the target to invest resource in!

Below the message, three choices are displayed:

  • Every plant of the species within Castle of Black Iron
  • Every plant of the species within a designated area
  • Select individual or multiple individuals of the species

Zhang Tie chose the third option and a three-dimensional map like the one he used earlier was displayed in front of him. On the map, above each potato pit is a red number, each of these numbers are also flashing.

After Zhang Tie selected the pit closest to the scrap metal, tentatively naming it ’’Pit No. 1’’ in his mind, he discovered that the number turned green it is selected and has also stopped flashing. Zhang Tie confirmed the choice.

To effectively see the effects of his two meager Merits, Zhang Tie did not make the decision to select more plants because he hopes that by concentrating the resources onto one plant, something good might happen. In addition, it is also possible that there might be no changes with just two Merits.

  • Black Iron Calendar, 889 AC, 5th Month, 14th Day, The Handsome and Stalwart Castle Lord invested two Merits into potato seed. Potato seed underwent a mutation and is evolving.
  • Estimated time needed to complete evolution: 56 Days. Please wait patiently, The Handsome and Stalwart Castle Lord.

The two messages appeared for a moment and disappeared automatically.

Zhang Tie initially did not have his hopes for this investment, after all, this investment is only worth two Merits, there is no Spirit Energy and Basic Energy in it.

Since it succeeded, it is a pleasant surprise but even if it fails, Zhang Tie will still treat it as a natural outcome. His main purpose at this stage is to familiarize with the Castle anyway.

Zhang Tie closed ’’Lifeforms and Species Management’’ and moved on to the last item on the menu - ’’Special Seeds and Fruits Produced by Thousand Karma Fruit Treasure Tree of Lycorisradiata’’.

Zhang Tie instinctively understood before opening this function, that anything related to the small tree is a core of the Castle of Black Iron. Although the previous few functions seems impressive but compared to the last function, they just serve the purpose of being ’’green leaves’’*.

(Cuppa: It is a literal translation, it meant side characters or side dishes or secondary function.)

Before the management menu appeared after being pressed, a message pops up.

  • Is the universe a friendly place? This is the final and largest topic that all creatures will confront and pursue. However, from now on, you can answer that question with a, Yes!

Before Zhang Tie could think deeply and comprehend what the message is trying to say, it disappeared within a few seconds. A picture is displayed in front of Zhang Tie instead, attracting his full attention immediately.

Zhang Tie stood stunned as he stared at the rows of words packed tightly within the picture in front of him, providing all sorts of information about various things.

After one minute, Zhang Tie's mouth began to drool unknowingly......

After two minutes, Zhang Tie's eyes began to widen and began to emit an enlightening shine......

After three minutes, Zhang Tie's body began to sweat......

After four minutes, Zhang Tie's breathing began turning rapid......

After five minutes, Zhang Tie's face began to flush, his hands began to quiver......

After six minutes, Zhang Tie feel as though his brain is lacking oxygen......

After seven minutes, Zhang Tie feel a slight pain in his chest due to the heavy beating of his heart......

After eight minutes, Zhang Tie's eyes rolled back showing its white, he fell backwards with his hand clutching his chest and fainted.

A beggar of the streets that uses the wind as his blanket and the sky as his roof, who was shun and despised by people every day for the fifteen years of his life. Suddenly, found himself being caught by a large amount soldiers and dragged to a beautiful heavenly place, a place the beggar could never dream of.

In that place, he is given a bath by big breast maidens, scrubbing off the dirt and assisted him to wear robes fit for a king. After eating three stomach worth of precious and exquisite food, the beggar was sent to a towering grand palace and forced to seat on the golden throne in it. After seating on the throne, what greeted him is a large group of people on their knees, kowtowing and worshiping him as they called him ’’Your Highness'.

The beggar, that has just gotten a small taste of the joys of life, was of course shocked to the point where his soul nearly left his body. After inquiring, he discovered that the previous emperor had passed away, his first to eight hundredth successor fought with each other for the throne eventually resulting in every single one of them dead, even descendants who are still growing in their mother's belly. With no survivors, it caused the bloodline to be broken. The empire that has lost all its legitimate successors was on the brink of collapsing, the ministers began feeling anxious of what's to come and used all their resources to find a solution.

Finally, it was discovered that during the previous emperor's younger days, he forced himself on a match selling young commoner girl when he was visiting the city undercover*. After the emperor paid the girl and forgot about her after his deed, the young girl got pregnant and died from childbirth nine months later. Since no one looked after the child after he was born, he grew up not knowing anything, so of course he will not know that his scoundrel father is the emperor.

(Cuppa: There are records about emperors of ancient China leaving the palace incognito, wearing casual clothes only bringing a small handful of elite guards to accompany him. There are various reasons for this decision, both political and personal)

Due to the work of fate, the crown of the emperor was forcefully placed on his head, he has no choice in the matter. After hearing the story, what do you think will be the beggar's expression upon experiencing such a huge life turning event?

You will know by looking at the unconscious Zhang Tie laying on the ground, hands trembling with white froth coming out of his mouth. His state at this very moment, is exactly like the beggar.

Is this real? Zhang Tie asked himself these questions just before he fainted.

Probably... Maybe... Perhaps... There is a very small chance that... it is real! Zhang Tie who is feeling unbelievable told himself.

And then, both darkness and happiness assaults him at the same time...


When a human loses conscious, it is a type of self-protecting mechanism. When a person feels that his mind and body is experiencing pressure beyond its capabilities, this protection mechanism will activate.

The effect of this mechanism is to allow you to obtain the ability to face the pressure. A person who is grieving will become stronger and braver, a person who is weak will recover their mental and physical strength, a person filled with happiness will become calm and stable.

As long as you wake up, as long as you have the courage to face it, you will discover that, everything is not as bad as it seems.

Half an hour later, Zhang Tie wakes up. As he laid on the grounds of the Castle, he opened his eyes and saw the seven color clouds above, his heart began to calm down. As he quietly laid there, looking at the constantly changing colorful clouds, his mind cools down developing an ethereal feeling.

If he is not that beggar, then he will not have that throne placed in front of him and will just be another 15 year old commoner of Black Flame City. Just a pitiful youth who does not even have the courage to look at his crush, Ms. Dinah, in the eye.

Due to some dog shit luck, he picked up a special yellow iron ore, providing his life with lots and lots of possibilities.

He wonders which deity or Buddha in the heavens happens to pass by his life, maybe out of goodwill or simply out of pity, they used their hand to pat his head and point him in the right direction.

Not all luck could be converted to strength and allow every dream to become real. The path between luck and strength, the road between luck and dreams, only has one name Plain old hard work! hard work! And hard work!

The heavens will only reward diligence! To the commoners and nobodies, this is the most important rule in the Age of Black Iron.

As for commoners and nobodies who got lucky, there is an even more important rule, before you obtained the power to protect your luck, you absolutely cannot let anyone know that you are that lucky guy.


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