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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 1 - Chapter 14


Book 1 Chapter 14

Cuppa: I have changed the title of Dinah to Ms. Instead of Teacher as it sounds better. The early chapters have been amended.


The next day when Zhang Tie wakes up, two things happened that caused him deep regrets. The first, is that he did not hear his alarm and will be late for school this morning. The second, is that he had forgotten to blow out the oil lamp allowing it to burn overnight, wasting quite an amount of the expensive oil.

As he hastily blows off the fire in the oil lamp, Zhang Tie began scrambling to wear his clothes.

Just as he lowered the steps and was about to leave the attic, he paused himself and went to retrieve the two ’’shells’’ of the yellow iron ore laying on the floor.

He chucked them into an inconspicuous musty old box laying inside the storage area before running down the house.

At this hour, his dad as already left for work only his mum is currently at home. His breakfast of thin porridge that has long been ready is now being kept warm inside a pot.

Hearing the noise created by the rushing Zhang Tie cleaning himself in the bathroom, his mother walks into the kitchen from the rice wine shop front and began preparing the porridge in the pot for him.

Nagging as she prepares, ’’Did you slept late last night, you should cherish your body more. Oh right, I have washed that underwear you hid inside your drawer yesterday. Next time if you are too busy to clean it, just put it in the laundry basket will do!’’

Zhang Tie who is rinsing his mouth got choked by the water when he heard that last sentence.

After several bouts of coughing, his face is shaded red unsure if it is due to the choking or from embarrassment as he replied, ’’Mum, I have already said a few hundred times, I will wash my own stuff. Can you please don't flip through my belongings, I am not a kid anymore!’’

That piece of underwear contained the residue of the dream he had two nights ago, as Zhang Tie could not find the time to wash the following morning, he decided to temporary hide it inside the drawer of his closet and wash it later.

However, when he reached home last night, Zhang Tie forgot about the underwear as his mind got preoccupied with the discovery of the mysterious object.

The thought of his mother helping him wash his underwear and discovering the 'secret' stuck on it, Zhang Tie felt ashamed as all his dignity seems lost.

’’I know, our family's Little Fruit* has already become a man. Mother has been raising you from the moment you are born, what things have I not seen......’’ Zhang Tie's mother replied him in a nonchalant tone.

(Cuppa: This is a pet name the mother is using, I thought of translating it to an English equivalent like Munchkins or something but.... found that he is pitiful enough, so a literal translation instead)

Knowing his words are useless, Zhang Tie can only be careful in the future, if people were to find out that his mother is still washing his underwear at his age, he will be laughed by everyone.

While maintaining his silence, Zhang Tie hurriedly drank the porridge in a few quick gulps before running out of the house. After running a distance, he seemed to hear his mother's nagging reaching him, ’’Do not run with a full stomach, walk slowly...’’


On his journey, Zhang Tie unprecedentedly spent two copper coins riding the tram for a few stops, hoping to shorten the time needed to reach school by taking the public transport.

However, when he finally arrived at school, what welcomed him is the bell ring that marks the end of the second period lessons.

Ms. Dinah's class has ended! Every alternate Friday of the week, the first two periods interchanges between the important class taught by Ms. Dinah and the Natural Science Class. Today is her class and he missed it!

This realization caused Zhang Tie to feel greatly depressed, he can only blame himself for oversleeping.

As Zhang Tie rushed to his classroom, as expected, Ms. Dinah is no long there. Only the chaos created by the graduating animals in his class running to the toilet could be seen.

Under normal circumstances, whenever it is Ms. Dinah's class, these animals will rather hold their bladders for two hours then to leave the classroom. The reason, not wanting to lose Ms. Dinah from their sights for even a moment.

’’Ms. Dinah is becoming more and more beautiful!’’


’’I dream of her again last night!’’


’’My two hours of observation in class concludes that Ms. Dinah's boobs have gotten bigger!’’


’’That firm and perky ass of hers is too damn se*y, it is filled with the allure of a mature woman. I wonder how it feels like if I touch it?’’


’’I got hard for two whole hours, it is so uncomfortable. Goddess Dinah really knows how to torture people!’’

The conversations of the animals traveled into Zhang Tie's ears as they walked pass him, their contents are all more or less similar. As for what was taught during Ms. Dinah's biology class, no one bothered to discuss about it.

In the end, the animals of the Airplane Brotherhood also approached him. As Zhang Tie looked at them and they looked at him, he caught the damnable Fat Barry giving him a wink while Doug stared at him, the nervous look on Doug's face confuses him.

’’What happened, you were late?’’ Barry asked as he pat on Zhang Tie's shoulders.

’’Ya, I overslept a bit’’ Zhang Tie scratched his head embarrassed.

’’He... He... overexerting at night and using too much energy. It is only natural to oversleep!’’ no matter the occasion, the lewd tone in Sista's words is as striking as the acne on his face. Even as he said the sentence, his lewd expression makes people understand what he is inferring.

’’You seemed somewhat pale, did Sista hit the bulls-eye? If you experienced the brotherhood's welfare, it must have been difficult going to sleep last night!’’ Chad squint his eyes as he said.

’’What did Ms. Dinah teach in class today?’’ Zhang Tie ignored the two guys and asked Sven.

Within the Airplane Brotherhood, if there is anyone that might be seriously listening to what was taught by Ms. Dinah, then that person can only be Sven. He is the only one in the brotherhood that will take down notes during lessons, often being laughed at by many people for doing so.

’’Basic treatment methods for Erosive Boils and the habits of Man-Eating Spider, if you need I can lend you my notes’’

’’Okay, please lend it to me later!’’

’’I can't hold it anymore, let's go!’’ Baghdad urged and the guys rushed to the toilet with the rest of the army, however Doug slowed his steps and left the group discreetly. Seeing that the rest had walked away, he sneakily dragged Zhang Tie to a corner.

’’Let's make up!*’’ a chill ran down Zhang Tie's spine as he heard Doug's words.

(Cuppa: The word used 和好 means make up which is used for closer relationships such as couples.)

Seeing Zhang Tie's expression, Doug understood his mistake and immediately clarified, ’’Ah, no. What I meant is let's settle our differences!’’

’’Settle our differences?’’ Zhang Tie curiously looked at Doug, what is he trying to say.

’’If you don't tell the others what happened yesterday, I will forgive you for vomiting all over me earlier on. Do you know? Many people saw me that day and branded me the nickname ’’Slime Monster’’!’’ Doug's face begins to distort in rage.

Zhang Tie finally understood why Doug has been ignoring him or giving him the cold treatment for the past week, what a petty guy. If anyone dares to call Zhang Tie by such a disgusting title in school, especially if it was being called in the presence of Ms. Dinah, he will surely beat up that person until their mum can't recognize them.

’’Fine, let's do that. I will not speak of what happened yesterday’’ since it doesn't affect him anyway, Zhang Tie graciously agreed, ’’What would do you want me to say when the others started asking?’’

’’Just say you saw me enter the place, only coming out after three hours. I have also spoken with Barry about this.’’

’’Okay, you only came out after three hours. The woman even personally sent you out, reluctant to see you go. She requested you to find her again the next time you visit before giving you a goodbye kiss!’’

’’That's my bro!’’ Doug excitedly place his arm over Zhang Tie's shoulders, looking as though he met his best friend.

Zhang Tie can only admit defeat.

The next lesson is two hours of carpentry classes, Zhang Tie and his class of animals spent the time practice using the two-man double saw in the training workshop. Their hands swelled over the two hours of sawing when they finally heard the bell that ends the class.

Afternoon, it is physical training and testing. As usual, this type of lessons allowed Gree to once again flaunt his abilities. He has broken the record he set last week in the Squat and Maximum Armor Piercing Spear Strikes categories reaching 320 Kilos and 139 Strikes respectively. Even the instructor praised Gree that he is a born natural warrior.

When compared with the outstanding Gree, the results of most the brotherhood members are as flat and ordinary as the legendary airplane runway that exist before the Cataclysm.

Only Baghdad manage to achieve a 10.8 sec record in the 100m Dash Category, entering the top twenty list for the first time, becoming the only star within the brotherhood.

As for the others, such as Zhang Tie, their results are not even recorded. This is because the instructor will only note down the results of the top three performers of each twenty men group tested.

Zhang Tie's 100m results is normally within the last ten places of the test group, the best result he achieved before today is 9th place, he can only dream if he wants to be recorded.

However, in the test today, Zhang Tie is four places behind the 3rd person who obtained a 11.2 seconds timing. He estimates that his timing should be about 11.6 seconds, which among the animals in the graduating class is basically on the level of insignificance.

As for Fat Barry, his result for 100m Dash is 13.7 seconds, absolutely the last among the animals in class however the damnable fatty does not feel any bit of shame about it.

After the physical lesson, Zhang Tie held his latest personal data in his hands

Zhang Tie

- 100m Dash: 11.6 Seconds

- Bench Press: 90 Kilos

- Squat: 170 Kilos

- Punching Force: 240 Kilos (Right Hand), 190 Kilos (Left Hand)

- Leg Explosive Strength: 270 Kilos

- Maximum Armor Piercing Spear Strikes: 48

- Spear Endurance: 4

In this era where power is the only thing that matter, Zhang Tie's results is as pitiful as his youth.

Before the divine Palace is ignited, the difference in body qualities between professional warriors and normal people is absolute. Between individuals of the same age, this becomes an insurmountable gap.

I must quickly ignite the Will Fire of my divine Palace! The thought once again flares up within the youth....


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