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Castle Of Black Iron - Volume 1 - Chapter 10


The Welfare of Airplane Brotherhood

Everything is peaceful over the following weeks as Zhang Tie got to know more about the members of the Airplane Brotherhood during school.

Whether it was due to their agreement with Zhang Tie or the high risk of getting caught doing the ’’Hand Piston Activity’’ in school. All the members of the brotherhood have ceased any similar out-of-line activities.

This made Zhang Tie sigh in relief, although his power is still very weak but being able to find a way to protect Teacher Dinah feels satisfying to him.

Gree continued his arrogant ways in school, everyday performing his usual deed of bullying the weak inside the school canteen. Yet, he does possess the abilities to back his arrogance.

In the tests that was organised by the school last week, Gree produced excellent results and nearly breaking all the records of every subject. Gree's achievements has basically caused every boy in school to feel hopeless.

The difference between Rank 2 professional warriors and normal peasants is being fully displayed in front of everyone.

Regarding Gree, Zhang Tie and group felt that they were rather lucky, they somehow manage to avoid being targeted by the guy when queuing in the school canteen. However, the pressure that Gree exudes still intimidates people greatly, that naturally also includes Zhang Tie among them.

Every day when he is in the school canteen, Zhang Tie will always have this line of thought running thru his mind.

If one day in the future, someone tries to use his fist to violate something that Zhang Tie is protecting. He will fight, betting his life on the line. Even if he can't win, does it mean he will watch it happen in his face?

The heavy pressure brought about a huge motivation in Zhang Tie. On top of desperately putting everything he can during school training sessions. Zhang Tie also use whatever time he could find at home slowly building and accumulating his strength bit by bit.

To Zhang Tie, the earlier he can ignite his Will Fire within the divine Palace, the faster he can obtain the ability to protect himself. In fact, not only Zhang Tie, every boy that is graduating from #7 Black Flame National School are giving their all.

It is because this is the last semester that they will be spending in school, the second half of the year they will be doing internship outside of school. The surrounding mines outside Black Flame City, the City Guard and the farms outside city as well as various important transport passages, are all places that requires defending, one wrong move in these places might cost your insignificant life.

Once you are outside the protective walls of Black Flame City, it will be difficult to locate a place that can be considered safe for humans. Out in the wild, the mutant beasts and non-human cave dwellers can take your life anytime.

On top of that, there are rumors that within the City Guard are perverted homos that have a fetish for new interns. This is something that has been circulating among the graduating students of #7 Black Flame National School for many years.

If you don't bet your life, then lose your life this is Captain Colin's Mantra that has been tried and tested in this era.

’’Pierce, use more strength. Didn't you eat lunch! Pierce! Use more strength...’’ the shouts of the spear instructor filled the afternoon training square.

’’Bastards! Even if the iron rod you are holding becomes red hot, you are not letting that rod slide off your hands after piercing! Why are your hands losing strength! You lot can't even win a woman...’’

Zhang Tie is drenched in sweat from to the blazing sun, repeatedly performing the dull piercing action of a spear strike. After two hours, the hollow steel shaft of the spear turned hot from friction. Blisters are formed one moment and breaking the next while his sweat and the hot shaft intensified the pain of the broken blisters causing a burning sensation on them.

Holding on to the spear shaft that was baked under the sun, is like holding a piece of burning coal, causing needle-like pains. However, when he saw the serious expression of the spear instructor standing unwavering, straight as a spear, under the same hot sun as him. Zhang Tie could only grit his teeth and convert his pain into an anger, shouting ’’Kill!’’ as he straightens his back and takes a step forward while throwing a pierce, repeating the action like a tireless robot.

For many students, the real reason for their zeal during training is not because of the spear instructor but the record of a certain wretched fella that is being displayed on stage behind the instructor. This is a school tradition, to publicize the results of the term's top performer in dazzling red words on the center of the stage and let people give their respects to it. To some people, this is an honor but to many others, this is a stimulant or to be more precise, a challenge...


- 100m Dash: 10.3 Seconds

- Bench Press: 150 Kilos

- Squat: 310 Kilos

- Punching Force: 510 Kilos (Right Hand), 340 Kilos (Left Hand)

- Leg Explosive Strength: 780 Kilos

- Maximum Armor Piercing Spear Strikes: 137

- Spear Endurance: 13

Spear Endurance is also called Triple-Index, the triple refers to under Standard Terrain, using Standard Marching Speed, the Maximum Distance measured in kilometres a full armor spearman can travel while performing an emergency march and maintain effective combat power. Although it may sound complicated but it is the most accurate explanation available. This index when used on any Spearman unit, indicates the effective combat movement radius of the unit on the battlefield.

While effective combat power refers to the spearman's ability to deal more than half of his normal combat power after completing the emergency march and resting for three minutes. Gree's Spear Endurance is 13, that means after wearing full armor and marching 13km, he can still dish out more than 69 armor piercing spear strikes or a right-hand punch with 255 kilos of force... this is the power of a Rank 2 Battle Soldier!

The words on the tall stage are fresh and bright red in color, the way it looks down from the top is as though it mocking every single person that is underneath it. Since Gree's name and results are published by the school, the competitive spirit within the training square has gotten thicker and thicker. No one wants to fall out during this period.

The day when Gree's name was displayed, their unfeeling spear instructor said something unforgettable to Zhang Tie and group. On the battlefield, there is only being dead or being alive, there are no good men nor bad men. Everybody listened with their own interpretation, what Zhang Tie interpreted is that only those that fought on the battlefield and survived are good men.

After two hours of spear training, a 10km run using medium standard military speed while wearing full equipment is next.

When training is finally over, Zhang Tie's legs became as soft as cotton. He casually finds a piece of shade under the trees and threw his butt down to rest, sitting there roughly panting like a dog.

Every member of the Airplane Brotherhood is also staggering about, well... except for Baghdad as he is the strongest member in the brotherhood and also ranked among the top for combat power in school.

As for Doug, his situation is a bit unique, this guy is abnormally excited today. Not mentioning the drooling while giggling like a fool in the classroom, Zhang Tie observed by accident during spear training that although Doug looked dead tired like everyone else, the guy managed to pitch a solid and very straight tent inside his trousers under the hot sun. The scene stunned Zhang Tie as though he was struck by lightning. F*k, to think that training spear techniques excites him and arouse his di*k to such levels. To this brother of the Airplane Brotherhood, Zhang Tie can only give his utmost respect.

During the run, Gree and his group of followers lifted their heads arrogantly as they ran pass Zhang Tie throwing looks of disdain along the way as they saw most of the people staggering and dragging themselves forward.

’’Trash’’ Gree's mouth seemed to have muttered that word but Zhang Tie has no energy to confirm and can only grit his teeth.

After more than ten minutes of rest and recovering some strength, Zhang Tie saw that damnable Fat Barry sneakily walked to him before asking in a low voice, ’’Do you have any plans after school?’’

’’I am working part-time twice a week in a general store, today happens to be my work day.’’

’’Are you still a virgin chick?’’ upon hearing the labelling Zhang Tie got somewhat annoyed, ’’F*k, so what if I am a virgin chick, aren't you guys the same!’’

’’Wrong, after today you will be the only virgin chick in the whole of our Airplane Brotherhood!’’ Barry calmly replied. The look of pity from Barry's eyes caused Zhang Tie to be unable to respond momentarily.

’’What do you mean?’’ Zhang Tie did not understand immediately.

’’You will know after school, this is the welfare for being a member of Airplane Brotherhood. Today is Doug's turn, when I gather more money I will arrange for your turn next...’’ after Barry finished speaking, he stood up and left. Leaving a muddle-headed Zhang Tie sitting on the ground after giving him a few pats on his shoulder.

The feeling after school today is kind of special. Upon reaching the school gates, Zhang Tie discovered Baghdad and the rest of the gang giving Doug a solemn farewell outside the school gates.

As each person said their farewells, they will hook their arms over Doug's neck and whispered some stuff to him before a round of lewd laughter will occur. Doug on the other hand, got exceptionally excited every time, it was to the point that even his ears turned red.

Zhang Tie barely manage to hear some of the contents, something about rinsing the mouth, being clean will get a surprise etc. When it is Baghdad's turn, the lungs of this guy who is much stronger allowed Zhang Tie to listen to more details, ’’The first time will be fast, do not be disappointed. You have a long time ahead of you and can go a lot of times. That time when I went, I came a consecutive seven times...’’

After getting some pats to the back and even some hugs, this group of fellas winked and said their farewells. Sista wanted to tag along but was dragged away by Baghdad and Chad.

Zhang Tie is baffled. Barry said that there is an Airplane Brotherhood activity later and if Zhang Tie has the time, he can join them and broaden his horizons. After enquiring, Zhang Tie learnt that Barry and Doug are heading to the train station thus he decided to accompany them since it is on the way.

On the road, Doug kept asking Barry weird questions while being nervous and excited at the same time.

’’I showered last night but I sweated a lot during training this afternoon, will that be a problem?’’

’’Did you change your underwear?’’

’’I did, changed it after showering last night!’’

’’Then there is no problem!’’

’’Sista said that if I gave my mouth a rinse, I might have a surprise!’’

’’Don't worry, I have prepared something for you!’’ Barry took out a small paper sachet from his pocket. Seeing how the paper sachet is folded up tightly caused Doug and Zhang Tie to feel curious about its contents, straining their necks to have a look. Barry opened the paper sachet to reveal three to four very thin leaves in it.

’’What is this?’’ Doug curiously asked.

’’This is a very exquisite item called Tea. I took it from my dad's, it was gifted by someone and he was reluctant to use it, this is stuff from the Eastern Great Continent. Here, put in your mouth and hold it there. Do not swallow or chew, just hold it inside your mouth. It will be more effective than just rinsing!’’

Doug cautiously received the leaves before placing them inside his mouth, clamping it shut and not saying a single word, deeply afraid that the leaves will fall out of his mouth.

’’How many times can I do it?’’ Doug could not help asking after the guys walked awhile.

’’Within three hours you can do as many times as you want!’’

’’Can I do the hole behind?’’ Doug, like a curious child, asked another question within a few minutes.

’’Behind...’’ Barry was startled, ’’Where did you hear that from?’’

’’My elder brother...’’

’’This... I don't think so because Sista and the others have not tired it before’’

’’Okay...’’ Doug returned to being honest and continue to hold the tea leaves in his mouth.

Feeling that he did not answer Doug's question well enough and might affect his authority. Barry seriously explained after being silent for a few seconds, ’’The one behind, is very expensive. Yes, very expensive and not hygienic...’’

Zhang Tie at this moment already have an idea of what is going on but his burning curiosity and constantly rising testosterone levels caused him to continue travelling with Barry and Doug, nervously accompanying them all the way from school to an old residential area near the train station.

After entering a small alley and making some turns for another five minutes, the trio finally reached a red door that is more distinct and cleaner than the other old broken ones in its surroundings.

As the trio stood in front of the door, Barry knocked on the door. A few pedestrians walking pass glanced at the faces of the trio when Barry knocked, their looks are filled with an inexplicable meaning, Zhang Tie's face began to slightly itch suddenly as though there are fleas running on it.

Although unsure what's special behind the door but Zhang Tie's instinct is telling him that it will be very exciting, making him feel nervous. Doug on the other hand, is so nervous that he is beginning to sweat buckets.

As he heard the noise of someone swallowing beside him. Zhang Tie turned his head and saw Doug making dry coughs, even using his finger to dig something out of his throat.

This shocked Barry when he noticed, ’’What happened?!’’

’’I became nervous and accidentally swallowed the leaves when swallowing my saliva, it is now stuck between my throat... and got uncomfortable...’’

’’Idiot...’’ Barry smacked his own forehead as he chided Doug, ’’This is so disgraceful... don't dig anymore, ask for water when you go in later and flush it down!’’

’’Ou...’’ Zhang Tie heard a sound and stared wide-eyed as he saw Doug's face becoming red instantly.

The blood vessels on Doug's neck became visible and thick as something is trying to rush out of his throat, his mouth puffed up as he forceful shut it by using a hand to block it. Finally, with a great gulp, he swallowed everything down...

’’Okay, I am fine now. I manage to keep everything down, fortunately my reaction is quick!’’ Doug patted his chest, looking as though he had just fought and survived a disaster.

As he finished speaking he embarrassingly gave a toothy grin, this grin also happens to display the greens of his half-digested lunch between his teeth.

Zhang Tie's face went pale, his stomach began to churn. This is too... powerful, now whenever Doug opens his mouth, a sour stench will attack his nostrils making Zhang Tie thought of vomiting instead.

Barry also stared blankly, he did not expect that a person's 'prowess' can reach to such a level.

Zhang Tie felt defeated, the pitiful youth's soaring curiosity and testosterone levels has receded like the turning tide, ’’You guys go ahead and enjoy, I am leaving!’’

Barry reacted quickly and brought out four silver coins from his pocket. He placed them on the other hand of Doug and said, ’’Later you will enter yourself. Remember! Do not mention that I am the one that brought you here, or rather, don't even mention that you know me!’’

The two of them hastily left and hid in a corner, leaving a flustered Doug standing in front of the door scratching his head.

The red door finally opened although Zhang Tie did not manage to see the person inside, he saw Doug staring for a moment before displaying a 'shy' smile and said, ’’Hello...’’ The person on the door is likely barely standing from that sour stench attack.

As the words left his mouth, 'Bam!' the door closed on him.

Doug felt odd, after some thinking he turned his head and looked at where Barry and Zhang Tie is hiding. Seeing Barry encouraging him with a hand gesture, Doug puffed his chest and knocked on the door again. The door opened once again, Doug still used his 'shy' smile but also showed the four silvers in his hands this time. Seeing Doug's actions, Barry could only painfully pat his head.

The door closed without hesitation, this time with a louder noise. The force used is very strong, one could understand the feelings of the person that applied that force.

When Doug knocked on the door the third time, Zhang Tie saw the door opened for a split second as a torrent of water was thrown out, turning Doug into a wet chicken*, his 'shy' smile became frozen... what an unlucky fella!

(Cuppa: The raws said 落汤鸡 which meant the person is soaking wet)


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