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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 91


Chapter 91: A Surprise from the Small Tree

Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey

’’Bighead, do you need me to send you a bowl of fish soup at noon?’’ The next morning, seeing

that Zhang Tie was preparing to leave the tree base and walk to the mines, Barley looked at

Zhang Tie with a look full of desire, causing goosebumps to form all over Zhang Tie's body.

’’No need. At noon, I will just casually eat a bit when I'm out,’’ Zhang Tie replied as he hurriedly

put the mining basket on his back.

’’How about I go mining for you? All of my achievements will belong to you. I swear that the

amount will not be less than one ton of ores a day...’’ Bagdad patted his chest, causing ’’Pa Pa’’


’’Really, there's no need! Mining is my hobby. For the time being, I still find it to be interesting!’’

Zhang Tie had also refused Bagdad. Seeing their pitiful looks, Zhang Tie felt that he needed to

show them a bit of hope. For them to be only able to read it for an hour, this was the most

painful thing to them. ’’If I can eat boar meat tonight, my mood might be better!’’

’’Brothers, did you hear that? Boar meat we need to catch a boar today! If we get lucky today,

then we can carry one back by noon...’’ Doug shouted out loudly.

’’Fine. Hurry up, guys! If we fail to capture one with our existing traps, then we will dig another

one today...’’

Leaving one person to keep watch of the tree base, all the other horny students moved on and

became a hundred times more active than Zhang Tie. At the sight of these guys, who were

acting kind in front of him earlier, leaving him alone, Zhang Tie shook his head and inwardly

heaved a deep sigh. It seems the power of the <Iron-Blood Fist Skill>book was truly


As Zhang Tie and the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood had never learned a highlevel

fighting skill or a cultivation technique like the <Iron-Blood Fist Skill>, they had definitely

taken the contents within the book as the greatest fighting skill that they had ever encountered.

After every one of them read it for an hour last night, they were all attracted by this book and

had difficulties parting with it. Every member of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood knew that this was

a rare opportunity, one which could not be easily obtained, thus they all treasured this

opportunity. Although they didn't say it out loud, within their hearts, they all felt a deep

gratitude towards Zhang Tie. They felt that Zhang Tie was a righteous individual and was truly

qualified to be their brother, especially since he was even willing to share secret knowledge

with them.

Seeing them disappear before him with an extremely quick speed, Zhang Tie smiled.

Afterwards, he suddenly had a weird premonition. It seems that the Castle of Black Iron would

bring him a surprise today.


Half an hour later, with a burning torch in hand, Zhang Tie entered that tunnel where he used

to dig in the mine. First, he set up a small trap at the mouth of the tunnel that would warn him

if someone entered the tunnel. Afterwards, Zhang Tie removed his mining basket and inserted

the torch into a gap between two rocks. Walking into the shadow of another tunnel where the

light did not reach, he took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. There appeared the arched door

in his mind lock on... enter!

’’Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, welcome to the Castle of Black Iron!’’

As it was ’’sunny and brilliant’’ in the Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie narrowed his eyes, and

after a short while, he gradually began to adapt to the sunlight. All the light here radiated from

the colorful fog that flowed around the surrounding space. The light was soft; it was as if the

light had shone through a rainbow or the rays of the sun before shining down, giving Zhang Tie

a comfortable feeling. Zhang Tie once wondered whether there were night and day in the Castle

of Black Iron and whether it remained the same even after he left; however, he soon gave up

this thought.

Upon stepping on the firm land in the Castle of Black Iron once again, complicated feelings

burst forth in Zhang Tie. Due to the attack from the seven wild wolves that almost took his life

and had almost forced him to bid farewell to the world forever, Zhang Tie felt as if he had been


Through this crisis, Zhang Tie felt again that strength was very important in this age.

After taking in a deep breath of fresh, aura-filled air, Zhang Tie leisurely opened the basic

attributes panel of the Castle of Black Iron.

Castle of Black Iron

Length: Krosa

Width: 1 Krosa

Aura value: 3968

Merit value: 2117

Basic energy storage: 4285

Special output: void

With the increasing number of plants within the Castle of Black Iron, the aura value had

presently skyrocketed over the past two weeks. At the sight of the quickly increasing numbers,

Zhang Tie became very excited.

The moment he closed the basic attributes panel, a dialogue jumped out automatically.

The liquid yeast has completed its mutation and evolution for the first time. Please view the


Soon after the dialogue disappeared, Zhang Tie recalled that he had used several points of basic

energy storage on the liquid yeast before the start of the survival training, which would

complete its mutation and evolution after 15 days. Therefore, Zhang Tie hurriedly opened the

’’Microorganisms’’ management panel in ’’Carbon-based Living Beings and Species

Management’’ under the ’’Living Beings and Population Management’’ to check the results of

the mutation and evolution.

Two messages instantly popped out

No new liquid yeast variant was formed through the mutation and evolution, thus the

mutation and evolution has failed!

If you wish to attempt to mutate and evolve the liquid yeast again, the system suggests you

to increase the amount of basic energy storage points!

Thinking of how he had inputted 0.1 basic energy storage points into the liquid yeast last time,

Zhang Tie felt embarrassed. After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie attempted for a second time

to mutate and evolve the liquid yeast. This time, Zhang Tie decided that he will definitely

succeed. Aside from using the maximum amount of basic energy storage possible, Zhang Tie

also increased the amount of merit value points by ten-fold and doubled the amount of aura

value points.

After a series of steps, two dialogues popped out again

On June 13rd, 889th year of the Black Iron Calendar, Handsome and Magnificent Castle

Lord had inputted 600 points of aura value, 50 points of merit value, and 340 points of basic

energy storage into the mutation and evolution of a bottle of liquid yeast.

It is estimated that the mutation and evolution will take 360 hours. Handsome and

Magnificent Castle Lord, please wait patiently!

Since the surprise didn't come from the mutation and evolution of the bottle of liquid yeast,

then it could only come from the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree.

Moving towards the small tree, before he had even been able to stand before it, he had already

smelt an unforgettable fragrance; the fragrance was a mix of the Leakless Fruit and a fragrance

that contained both the smell of sandalwood and fruits. However, this time, the fragrance

coming from the Leakless Fruit contained something special.

As expected, the tree brought Zhang Tie a huge surprise

On the twig where the first Leakless Fruit had once grown were two Leakless Fruits. Judging

from its color, one of the two fruits had already become ripe, while the other one would ripen

soon. At the sight of the two hanging Leakless Fruits, Zhang Tie finally recovered his

composure. Previously, whether a ripe Leakless Fruit would fall off the tree or whether it would

delay the growth of the next Leakless Fruit had always been a concern of Zhang Tie's. However,

at the sight of the two Leakless Fruit hanging closely, Zhang Tie felt at ease.

This Leakless Fruit has become ripe. Usage: Pick and direct eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot

be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its

energy and vitality will gradually decline.

31 hours left before this Leakless Fruit becomes ripe!

Zhang Tie read the above two warnings regarding the two hanging Leakless Fruits.

Looking at the two Leakless Fruits, Zhang Tie felt really happy. Beside the Leakless Fruit, Zhang

Tie found the Iron Body Fruit, though it looked different than last time. He then checked its

progress bar; upon finding that it was three-quarters ripe, Zhang Tie burst into laughter. At the

sight of the progress bar, Zhang Tie remembered his tumbles within the deep hole dug by the

Gold-Eating Boas. Never would he have that the collisions and friction from the tumbles would

have such a marvelous effect. It was almost the same as him being beaten! It seemed that he

didn't necessarily need to find people to beat him. As long as he received damage to his body, it

would stimulate the growth of the Iron-Body Fruit. With this, this gave Zhang Tie many new

ideas, causing the road before him to become much broader than before.

However, the biggest surprise was neither the Leakless Fruits nor the Iron Body Fruit; instead,

it was the strange fruit that hung on the other side of the tree. Ever since his last encounter

with Huck and Snade, Zhang Tie realized that this small tree could produce fruits even without

his consent. With external stimulation, the tree would be able to produce fruits. Since that

incident, Zhang Tie had made it a habit to circle around the small tree to check whether new

fruits were hanging somewhere.

There really was a strange, hexagonal pitch-black fruit that was the size of a plum.

Stretching out his hand, Zhang Tie instantly got its information.

The Trouble-Reappearance Fruit has already become ripe. Usage: Pick and direct eat it.

Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having

been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

The moment the above words disappeared, another paragraph of words appeared.


This is the fruit of killing. The laws of the universe continue to circulate between life and

death. Among all deaths, deaths through fights between different species are both the most

common as well as the most frightening. Let's be brave and face the inevitable killings and

deaths in this virtual space. Let's be brave and attempt various challenges inside this virtual

space. After experience the same killings and deaths again and again, you will lose your fear

towards death and killing. You will gain freedom from killing and death, moving onto the top of

the chain of evolution! Keep in mind that the body is the container for the soul, and the soul and

spirit experience the same sensation as the body. Everything in the virtual space, including

every strand of grass or wood, is a reflection of the physical world. With the exception that you

will not die inside this virtual space, everything else is the same as that in the physical world

outside. The existence of everything inside this virtual space makes the universe treats your


Reading the above words, Zhang Tie came up with a thought, ’’I'm really rich now! The

Trouble-Reappearance Fruit looks really powerful.’’

Continually rubbing his palms, he was truly excited...



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