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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 876


Chapter 876: Excessive

After making an arrangement in setting free maritime animals in Embracing Tiger City, Zhang Tie received Zhang Yang's message . Therefore, Zhang Tie soon returned to Golden Light City by airship from the airport in Embracing Tiger City .

After spending one day with Zhang Tie in Whitesand Gulf, Zhu Dabiao and Feng Cangwu both had a new recognition of Zhang Tie .

Zhang Tie also reached his target .

Of course, Zhang Tie was not coming back hurriedly to make love with Aimei and Aixue;he always respected them . No matter what, after asking for the two girls from Huaiyuan Palace, he would be their husband from then on . Therefore, he had to treasure them .

When Zhang Tie was going back to his berth cabin to absorb earth-elements crystals, he was stopped by Zhu Dabiao . Rubbing his hands, Zhu Dabiao flickered his eyes .

"If I always buy maritime animals and set them free, will I also cultivate the animal controlling skill like you?"

'What is this guy thinking about?'Zhang Tie became speechless . 'If animal controllers could be bought, they would never be so rare in the world . '"You want to be an animal controller?"Zhang Tie threw a glance at Zhu Dabiao .

"Of course, your performance today was so cool . If I could also master this skill, I could accost girls in this way!"

'F*ck, you want to learn animal controlling skill only to accost girls?'Zhang Tie swore inside, 'If this guy wants to learn from other animal controllers, for this reason, he might be beaten to death . '

"The animal controlling skill relies on your realization . Listen to me, you can buy a pet and stay with it . One day, if you find that you could communicate with it even being silent, it indicates that you have the potential to be an animal controller . Otherwise, it wouldn't work no matter how many animals you set free . However, according to the God of Protection Church, the more you set free, the luckier you will be . You will get the protection of Gaya, the mother of land!"Zhang Tie explained patiently like it was real . He didn't want to disappoint Zhu Dabiao .

"Is that real?"


"Well, I will find a cat or dog to test whether do I have the potential to be an animal controller after coming back!"Zhu Dabiao said as he walked towards his room as he made a hand gesture in the air out of excitement . . .

Seeing Zhu Dabiao off, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile before coming back to his own cabin . After that, he closed the door and took out one earth-element crystal from Castle of Black Iron in order to absorb it .

Through the master artisan in Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie's nanobead had become a mithril finger ring in only 2 days . The finger ring looked square and slightly big and coarse, making it plain . Additionally, it carried a rune effect of recovering one's physical strength by 11% . Nobody could see the nanobead embedded in the finger ring .

With this item as a cover, nobody would doubt that when Zhang Tie took items out of Castle of Black Iron . The space of the nanobead was like a private safe . Besides Zhang Tie, nobody else would know what he had stored inside it .

. . .

Golden Light City was only 250 miles away from Embracing Tiger City . The airship would arrive at Golden Light City in about 2 hours, during which period, Zhang Tie could rightly absorb one earth-element crystal .

When the airship landed in Zhang family's manor, Zhang Tie had almost absorbed one earth-element crystal .  The dusk had just fallen when the lamps in the courtyard of Zhang family's manor had just been lit up .

When he was getting off the airship, Feng Cangwu was still tightly frowning his eyebrows as if he was concerning about something . Being simulated by Zhang Tie's performance in the daytime, after telling Zhang Tie about his intention, he had hurriedly returned to his own courtyard . Although it was late, Zhu Dabiao still let a guard of Zhang Tie's family lead him to a pet trading market in Golden Light City for selecting a pet .

Zhang Tie rapidly entered the main mansion as he knew that his family members must be waiting for him to eat supper due to the arrival of Aimei and Aixue .

Feng Cangwu and Zhu Dabiao had finished their supper in the airship . In normal times, Feng Cangwu used to eat in his own courtyard;however, Zhu Dabiao ate everywhere;he used to eat outside .  Occasionally, he would eat with Zhang Tie's family members in the main mansion without feeling bashful at all .

. . .

When he caught sight of Aimei and Aixue, he found they were sitting on Linda's side and talking with his family members .

Today, Aimei and Aixue both wore a beautiful longuette, which looked elegant and graceful . Watching Zhang Tie entering, Zhang Tie's family members instantly threw their glances at him .

"Uncle has new wives . . . "Zhang Chengze and Zhang Shiyu applauded as they exclaimed .

Aimei and Aixue's faces blushed . Only after throwing a glance at Zhang Tie, they had moved their eyes away rapidly . Zhang Tie also felt his face hot . 'Although Aimei and Aixue were arranged by Huaiyuan Palace, they might be very satisfied to be here . However, as I asked for them from Huaiyuan Palace, I feel like being a villain in the village who forcibly occupies beautiful girls of some family . '

"Ahem . . . ahem . . . you're all here . Come on, let's start the dinner . . . "Zhang Tie walked to his chair, pulling it out and taking a seat in a calm way .

"Come on, eat . . . "Zhang Tie's dad uttered while all the family members started to move their chopsticks .

Although it was just a simple dinner, it indicated that Aimei and Aixue would become members of Zhang Tie's family from today on .

It was a bumper dinner . Zhang Tie nipped dishes for Aixue, Aimei and Linda by chopsticks .

Gradually Aimei and Aixue became relaxed .

After supper, Zhang Tie's mom gifted one pair of her bracelets to Aimei and Aixue respectively . Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law and wives also presented gifts to Aimei and Aixue . Zhang Tie's dad warned Zhang Tie with a "solemn"look to not bully Aixue and Aimei from then on .

When the kids of Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang seriously queued up to call Aimei and Aixue aunts, the sisters'eyes turned red .

As two girls who had become orphans since childhood and could not sense the warmth of family, they felt like dreaming about everything in Zhang Tie's family .

Before coming to Zhang Tie's family, although the two sisters were surprised about being selected by Zhang Tie, they were afraid of being not able to get along with his with his family members . Therefore, they felt restless and pretty meticulous . However, after coming to Zhang Tie's family, they were really shocked by the harmonious and warm atmosphere in Zhang Tie's family . Even Linda, Beverly and Fiona were pretty kind to them, not to mention Zhang Tie's dad and mom . Therefore, Aimei and Aixue felt reassured .

. . .

After the reunion, Zhang Tie's dad and mom said they were going to bed, the other family members then returned to their own bedrooms too .

Linda, Beverly and Fiona led Aimei and Aixue to Zhang Tie's private mansion;showing them around the mansion and introducing their servants to them .

The bedrooms of Aimei and Aixue were newly furnished, which were spacious, luxurious and jubilant .

"We will hand him to you tonight . You'd better prepare well for that . I'm afraid that he will not let you sleep well tonight!"Don't let your elder sisters-in-law laugh at you if you cannot get up early the next morning . "Fiona joked as she threw an "enchanting"glance at Zhang Tie .

After hearing Fiona's words, Aimei and Aixue blushed at once . Zhang Tie also felt a bit bashful as he threw a "threatening"glance at Fiona .

"Fiona, don't scare Aimei and Aixue anymore . Zhang Tie will care about their feelings!"Beverly smiled .

"Well, let's go back . It's too late!"Linda said in a tolerant tone .

"Thanks for your care, three elder sisters!"Aimei and Aixue threw a glance at each other before crossing their hands and putting them on the left side of their waists before lowing their bodies towards Linda, Beverly and Fiona with Chinese characteristic .

"Ahh, I almost forgot that our bedrooms are soundproof . You can exclaim as loudly as you can, nobody else could hear that!"Fiona added . . .

"Pah!"Zhang Tie, who couldn't stand her anymore, patted Fiona's plump butt . . .

. . .

Linda, Beverly and Fiona then left the room, leaving Zhang Tie, leaving Zhang Tie, Aimei and Aixue inside .

Watching the pair of beautiful sisters, Zhang Tie's heart started to race crazily .

"Ahem . . . ahem . . . it's too late . I will take a bath . Then, we will take a rest!"Zhang Tie said with a "solemn"look .

After exchanging a glance with each other, Aimei and Aixue moved close to him with rosy cheeks before saying in a low voice like mosquitoes' buzz, "Hubby, let us take off clothes for you!" 

They then started to undo Zhang Tie's waistband with their quivering hands . . .

. . .

This night, Zhang Tie was immersed in the gentle and soft dreamland with two Hua girls for the first time . . .

. . .

However, Xuanyuan Hill, a mysterious place being far away from Youzhou Province which was admired by all the people in the world was also not tranquil over this night . . .

An urgent message sent from Youzhou Province through remote-sensing crystal only contained a few words . After being deciphered, they were recorded on a secret piece of paper before being placed in a sealed metal cylinder . After being posted with an urgent symbol, the cylinder was finally presented to a dignified man with a yellowish face in the shortest period after passing some checks through some postmen .

The man uncorked the metal cylinder and took out that secret piece of paper . After spreading it on the desk, he saw a line of words——

——Zhang Taixuan appointed Zhang Yuanshan as the new dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province;Zhang Mushen resigned and became a bounty hunter!

"Excessive! You're seeking for death!"

The man just replied with a cold harrumph while the secret piece of paper, the metal cylinder and the desk had become powders in a split second after being twisted . . .


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