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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 79


Chapter 79: Being A Bit Famous

Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey

The first rain of June abruptly came. The sky was still clear two days ago, but on the evening of

the same day, the sky became covered with dense clouds as heavy rain fell. It continued to rain

until last night.

Since it rained most of yesterday, most students chose to stay in their bases, and so did the

members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood. Barley fetched a set of cards, and those guys spent the

entire day playing cards in the tree hollow. That was a marvelous feeling. While it was heavily

raining outside the base, they really enjoyed themselves in the tree hollows. Besides the sound

that came from the raindrops falling onto tree leaves, no other sounds could be heard, as the

insects and the birds had already hidden themselves. They could no longer hear the chirping of

cicadas and birds. As the animals had already hidden themselves in such weather, naturally, it

was not that easy to hunt them.

On the eighth day since the start of the survival training, god then allowed them one day of


In the past eight days, the tree base had been further renovated. When they had free time or had

no firewood to burn, they further expanded the previous three levels of space, resulting in each

of them having more space to sleep. They also hung a bamboo curtain, which they obtained by

exchanging it for food with the girls, outside each of the tree holes. In addition, they also

gathered several old vines, and in one night, wove them into a simple vine ladder for them to

climb up and down. On the third floor, they expanded several pits and moved in some soil,

wildflowers, and green plants from the valley to make the tree base more pleasant.

In the area under the tree, they dug a pond that was about 2 m2 and filled the bottom of the

pond with pebbles and broken stones. They then dug a small ditch that was longer than 30m

and cut several pieces of bamboo. Using the bamboo, they split the ditch from the middle and

placed the pieces of bamboo inside, effectively creating a miniature water diversion system,

which they used to start cultivating fish in the pond.

Although the water in the pond could easily seep into the ground, with the fresh water

constantly flowing in, the depth of the water in the pond remained above 50 cm at all times,

which was sufficient for the shoal of fish to survive.

After such renovation, the tree base had become completely different than before. A couple of

days ago, they successfully invited a group of female students to visit their tree base and ate

roasted fish together. As expected, with such an appealing tree base, those girls were greatly

amazed, so much that they even entered the tree base to have a look. After those girls returned

to Wild Wolf Castle, they began to tell the other girls at Wild Wolf Castle, thus causing their tree

base to be well known among girls. Many girls started to learn of the male students who lived

in a huge tree base and farmed fish inside a pond under the tree, and they knew if they were to

visit, they would be able to drink delicious fish soup and eat roasted fish. Besides, it seemed that

those male students worked hard and were able to hunt other beasts. Generally speaking, those

boys were always able to obtain a sufficient amount of food. Once they set out to hunt, they

would always return with something...

In order to allow the brothers of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood to not leave empty handed, Zhang

Tie taught them how to dig those traps. In the recent days, under the collective hard work of the

members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, Barley and the rest had dug two traps that were deeper

than 6m at a location about 5 km away from the tree base. These two traps, in addition to the

fish trap that Zhang Tie made and the other traps made from twigs and stones to create small

preys, greatly improved the living standard of the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood. On

the sixth day since the start of the survival training, they had successfully captured a wolf by

placing the fish innards that oozed a fishy and terrible odor in the first pit. It was finally

miserably shot to death by ’’Iron Gate T21’’. On the same day, the members of Hit-Plane

Brotherhood also enjoyed roasted wolf meat for the first time and acquired their first wolf hide

in this survival training. After experiencing the success of the traps, every one of them

thoroughly enjoyed setting traps. If it were not for the rain, they would have already made a

third deep pit.

After they succeeded with their first trap, their tree base gradually became more and more

famous. After feeling satisfied physically, the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood started to

dream about women. In the past couple of days, they had often frequented Wild Wolf Castle to

pick up girls. Some of them had even successfully convinced some girls to work together to get

through the survival training. For the girls, aside from having to return to Wild Wolf Castle each

evening, they were free to do whatever they wanted. Realizing this, those male students worked

harder. Many teams had gradually entered deeper into Wild Wolf Valley, as it was truly a

paradise for beasts there. Naturally, they would be able to capture more difficult preys there.

Wild Wolf Valley was naturally the paradise of wolves. In this age, even the species of wolves

are categorized differently than the most universal categorization of animals. Wild wolves were

the most common type, which did not differ to the wolves before the Catastrophe. According to

the most universal classification of animals, wild wolves were categorized as Level 0 living

beings, whose fighting force was equivalent to a common human soldier. A Huge Wolf was a

Level 1 living being that had physically evolved and mutated after the Catastrophe and was

much larger than the normal wolf. The Huge Wolf was much more fiercer, stronger, and more

agile. A Golden Wolf was a Level 2 living being which had further evolved and mutated from a

Huge Wolf. A Golden Wolf looked brilliant as it shone with gold all over and was also larger than

a Huge Wolf. It was said that a matured Golden Wolf could easily kill three LV 1 human fighters.

Above the Golden Wolf were the Level 3 Bloody Wolf and the rarely seen Level 4 Shadow Wolf,

which was said to be the top of all the beasts and magical beasts that had been seen in Wild

Wolf Valley in the past few decades. Actually, people had rarely seen beasts above Level 2 in the

past decade, which was why Wild Wolf Valley was selected as the location for the survival

training of the students of Blackhot City.

Zhang Tie heard that no beasts above Level 4 were found in Wild Wolf Valley because there were

once many Gold-Eating Boas here. Although those Gold-Eating Boas had been exterminated,

their high-level Qi still lingered in this valley. The more advanced the beast or magical beast

were, the more sensitive their Qi would be and the farther the beasts would stay away from


On the sixth day since the start of this survival training and also the day before it started to

rain, the team headed by Burwick from Seventh National Male Middle School besieged and

killed four Huge Wolves. That was the first time for students to have hunted four Level 1

magical beasts at once. Burwick greatly shocked Wild Wolf Castle this time. A large number of

female communities and teams requested to cooperate with Burwick. Compared to Glaze, who

was hapless these days, Burwick really obtained a good reputation this time.

One week after the survival training started, the excellent figures from the different schools

also gradually stood out.

When Burwick's group gained the four Huge Wolves, a male student from the another school

who excelled in archery, the one Barley had mentioned to Zhang Tie, became well known as

’’Bowman Blues’’. In contrast to the achievements acquired by Burwick, which was obtained

through a group effort, ’’Bowman Blues’’ from Second National Male Middle School’’ climbed

atop a tree alone and shot two Huge Wolves to death. Compared to Burwick, Blues was an

individual with more heroism and easily aroused the adoration from the girls. As a result,

’’Bowman Blues’’ also became Mr. Perfect for every girl.

Of course, there were more excellent figures among the four schools...

The blacksmith workshop in Wild Wolf Castle gave off black smoke around the clock. The

cutleries and the swords as well as some of the productive tools made in the workshop had

already been placed on the square for sale. In the same workshop, it was said that someone had

already started to build the model of the first steam machine.

There were also two female students who were excellent characters. It was rumored that there

was a girl who showed her superb skills of identifying and finding plants, as she had already

easily found a 100 kg root of a kudzu vine buried in the soil. Another girl displayed her amazing

ability of implementing administrative management, as she well organized all the items in the

inner castle of Wild Wolf Castle. There was even one girl who was a LV 1 fighter, was even

braver than most boys, and had already gone hunting with several friends, causing the other

male students to be embarrassed.

Those elites gradually showed off their talents, leading to this survival training becoming more

and more boisterous.

Compared to those glamorous figures, Zhang Tie's miserable life as a miner had seemingly just

started. Two days ago, he went to dig traps with the other members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood.

Yesterday, he took a break due to the rain. According to the regulations, if Zhang Tie wasn't able

to submit more than 300 kg of iron ore today, then he would not be permitted to be a miner


Therefore, the morning after the rain stopped, under the blessings and condolences of his

brothers, Zhang Tie, once again, looked like a miner that was destined for the job. After

checking his equipment, he silently carried that ugly mining basket and set off on his trip


’’That is too miserable!’’ The other members of Brotherhood sighed at the sight of Zhang Tie's



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