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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 69


Chapter 69: A Disgusting and Terrifying Thing

Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey

Zhang Tie was also attracted by those female students as they poured out of the railway station.

Ever since he was born, he had never once seen so many enchanting female students. Before

those female students drew close, with the help of a breeze, the various fragrances from those

girls carried by the breeze had already excited the horny students so much that they began to


Wherever the female students went, they would always cause those horny male students to

jump up from the ground as if they had been possessed by ghosts. Making cool gestures, they

raised their chests and gazed at those female students who were passing by.

Under the gazes of those horny male students, the female students arrogantly raised their

heads like peacocks. At the front of the line were several solemn female teachers and coaches

who were glancing at those horny male students on the roadside with a stern look. Behind the

female teachers and coaches, some of the female students kept looking ahead, while the others

bashfully stared at those foolish guys.

In total, there were more than a thousand female students from those two national female

schools, causing Zhang Tie to be dazed...

’’So huge...’’ Hearing that inharmonious voice, Zhang Tie turned around, only to see Hista

drooling uncontrollably as his eyes were fixed on a female student with an excellent figure.

That girl was tall and plump. She had short red hair and wore a delicate, close-fitting leather

armor that made the features of her elegant figure stand out. At the sight of that female

student, Zhang Tie was immediately attracted by her plump breasts and forcefully swallowed

his saliva.

Zhang Tie didn't know whether she had heard Hista's remark or had noticed Zhang Tie and

Hista's rude gaze, but as she suddenly turned her delicate face around, she shot a furious gaze

at the two. Because of that conspicuous black pot on Zhang Tie's back, she could not help but

give him another fierce glare.

’’Kristine, what happened?’’ a slightly petite girl beside the red-haired female student asked her.

’’Nothing, I just saw a boring guy with a black pot on his back,’’ the se*y red-haired female

student replied.

’’Take care of yourself. The teachers have warned us that those male students are dirty rascals.

Although we still have to complete our survival training in conjunction with them and may

need their help, we still need to keep a distance from them. If they are too close to you, they

might do something disgusting and terrifying!’’

’’I know, Shirley. If anyone dares to do something disgusting to me, I will use this to castrate

him!’’ the red-haired female ferociously said as she patted the short sword on her back. In her

mind, the image of the guy carrying the black pot flashed through her mind. The distant Zhang

Tie suddenly felt an inexplicable chill.

’’I have heard that those male students only need to remember how you look. Even if they're not

near you, they would think about doing disgusting and terrifying things to you!’’

’’Ah? That is so disgusting!’’ The female student called Kristine was so frightened that she

suddenly turned pale. ’’Shirley, what should we do then?’’

’’I also don't know. Let's hope they don't remember you...’’


After meeting those cute female students in the westernmost railway station of Blackhot City,

all the horny students immediately became highly spirited. The male students didn't want to

lose face in front of those female students, and neither did the female students want to lose face

in front of those horny male students. Hence, during the remaining 40km journey, the male

students from the two national male middle schools competed with each other, while the

female students from the two national female middle schools gritted their teeth and tried not to

give off a weak appearance.

After leaving that railway station, they saw fewer and fewer people, and the roads became

narrower. The roads were covered with weeds, and the nearby trees and plants were much taller

and were lusher. In addition, there were more and more sounds of various insects, birds, and

other animals. Gradually, they entered the twisting hills neighboring the Blackhot Mountain


Continuing on this path, after traveling for an hour, they would take a 15 minute break. Finally,

before the sun had set, they saw a huge, magnificent castle at the top of a mountain 1km away

from them. The setting sun was cast onto the castle, which caused the castle to give off a rosegolden

color, making people feel as if it was a kingdom from a fairytale.

’’Wild Wolf Castle! We have arrived!’’ someone shouted. Everyone then began cheering. Plucking

up their courage, they surged towards that castle.

10 minutes later, some of the faster guys had already arrived at the foot of the castle, after

which more and more people arrived. Carrying his heavy luggage, Zhang Tie was neither fast

nor slow. He entered the Wild Wolf Castle together with the majority of the students from the

Seventh National Male Middle School. Afterwards, everyone was shocked by the Wild Wolf

Castle and the Wild Wolf Valley which it protected.

The castle's appearance was a typical western castle, and it occupied the highest point on the

mountain. It comprised of two parts: an internal castle and an external castle. Standing in the

granite square outside the castle, Zhang Tie raised his head and could only see the tall wall of

the external castle that was 30m in height. Within the wall, there was an arrow tower as well as

some other powerful city defense equipment.

Standing in the square in front of the castle, the instant Zhang Tie moved his gaze from the

castle to the Wild Wolf Valley beneath it, he was able to see the entire Wild Wolf Valley.

At dusk, Wild Wolf Valley was more or less quite dim. It was an irregular, trumpet-shaped

valley that was more than 30km in length, and had many intersecting mountain ridges and

hills. What left an impression on Zhang Tie the most was the exaggerated number of caves on

the hills and mountains that surrounded the entire valley. Some of them looked similar to

abandoned mines, while nobody knew how the other caves came into being. There were many

of those strange caves everywhere. Zhang Tie didn't know why, but when he looked at those

weird caves, Zhang Tie felt that something was weird about Wild Wolf Valley.

Wild Wolf Castle rightly occupied an important spot on the eastern side of the trumpet-shaped

Wild Wolf Valley.

This was where the numerous horny students would show off their survival skills in the coming

two months.

Standing at the top of the mountain, Zhang Tie sucked in a deep breath and muttered, ’’At least I

can breathe quality air here.’’

More than 10 minutes after those male students had arrived, the female students from the two

national female middle schools also arrived. Different from those horny students, all the female

students entered the castle while chatting with each other. Less than 10 minutes after the

female students had entered the castle, a company of soldiers safeguarding the castle orderly

departed from the castle as they rode on their war horses, soon disappearing behind the


When the teachers and coaches were counting the number of students from each school, Zhang

Tie and the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood occupied a patch of land in the square

outside the castle as they unloaded their luggage. Sitting on the ground in a fatigued manner,

they rubbed their swollen shoulders and numb legs.

’’20 years ago, this was the westernmost war castle of Blackhot City. Nowadays, the

westernmost war castle of Blackhot City has been pushed to the one that occupied the point

200km west of Blackhot City, thus this Wild Wolf Castle has gradually lost its uses. Only a

company worth of soldiers would be dispatched here to perform maintenance on the war castle,

and they had just left. Now, the right to use this war castle has been transferred to these


’’If only we could sleep in the castle tonight! There are more than 1000 female students. They

must be lonely over there!’’ Hista, the rascal, said admiringly as he stared at those narrow, shiny


’’If you castrate yourself, you might be able to enter. There is not even a single man inside the

inner castle of Wild Wolf Castle. Even the male teachers and coaches of the two national male

middle schools are forbidden to enter. I heard those female teachers and coaches from the two

female national middle schools are old, abnormal virgins. In Blackhot City, once any man made

a mistake, they could only f*ck beauties in their dreams for the rest of their lives!’’ Leit said

emotionlessly as he shrugged his shoulders.

Hearing Leit's words, all the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood felt a chill at their

crotches and drew their legs closer.

’’Hadn't something happened during the past survival trainings?’’ Hista doubted. ’’I don't

believe that with so many beauties in front of us, that the other men would be gentlemen like


’’Yes, there were some incidents; however, those horny guys all died in the end!’’

’’How could that be possible?’’

’’During the survival training, the teachers and coaches would act in accordance with the decree

that's sent out during times of war by the Andaman Alliance, so you should know how they

would treat people who violate the rules!’’

Hearing Leit's words, Hista started to touch his neck...

Later on, when all the horny students were resting in the square, the teachers and coaches

began to tell the rules to the horny students and thus verifying what Barley and Leit had said.

Firstly, all the horny students were allowed to sleep in the square of Wild Wolf Castle tonight,

but none of them were allowed to be sleeping here when the first rays of the sun shone

tomorrow. Afterwards, they are expected to stay in Wild Wolf Valley. This square will be used to

do trading, form teams, organize activities, and accept missions. The square will be open from

8am to 6pm every day.

Secondly, from now on, they will have act according to the wartime decree of the Andaman

Alliance. Any dispute will be dealt with accordingly. Teachers from the four school have already

formed a temporary committee that will supervise them. The committee will ensure the

successful completion of the survival training and will also execute the wartime decree during

the duration of the survival training.

Thirdly, the toilets in the external castle are open for all the horny students tonight. Nobody is

allowed to casually expel their waste. Anyone who is caught dirtying the areas of Wild Wolf

Castle would suffer a miserable punishment once caught...

Two hours later when it became completely dark outside, fires were lit from several huge fire

baskets. Those horny students had already spread their own sleeping bags on the square. After

eating some food and going to the toilet, they felt too fatigued and soon fell asleep.

Zhang Tie hid himself in the sleeping bag in the smooth, granite square. Hearing those growls

from the wild wolves in the Wild Wolf Valley, he trembled and could not sleep well throughout

the night...


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