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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: The Beginning of the Survival Training

Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey

Wild Wolf Valley was only about 70 km west of Blackhot City. If they brought nothing with

them, it would not be difficult for Zhang Tie and the other students of Seventh National Male

Middle School to arrive there during the day, although they would have to expend some effort.

However, as each of them was carrying tens of kilograms of luggage on their backs, it was

undoubtedly a huge struggle for everyone.

The scenery outside the city walls was completely different from that within the walls. Within

the areas 10km away from the city walls, they were able to see patches of farmlands and the

farmers working in the fields. There were watchtowers set at a specific distance between each

other. These watchtowers had two functions: the first function was to send warnings, and the

second function was to provide refuge for the farmers in the event that they suffer an attack

from any dangerous living beings at any point in time.

One kilometer away from the city, they passed the first farming town. Compared to the high

city walls that were about 30m high in Blackhot City, the walls in that farming town were only

about 5m in height. It looked extremely easy to destroy, as a height of 5m was not much of an

obstacle for many magical beasts and dangerous living beings. The small town covered less

than one square kilometer, as the farmlands were outside the walls. In the daytime, many

farmers would work in the field. Seeing those students, many of them stopped their work.

’’Which school are you from?’’ an uncle that was about 30 years of age standing in the wheat

field asked.

’’Seventh National Male Middle School!’’ someone replied.

’’Ha...Ha... I graduated from Tenth National Male Middle School. Guys, kill more beasts for us.

Lately, there has been more and more demon beasts outside the city walls...’’

’’We will...’’

’’Come back alive! Remember not to excrete your bowel in the woods...’’ the farmer shouted.


’’Don't expose your bare butts in the air...’’

’’F*cking lunatic!’’ hearing the farmer's words, that students cursed as he caught up to the team.

Seeing that farmer, whose skin had turned black under the sun, Zhang Tie was moved and then

kept his words in mind.

The farther the towns and villages were from Blackhot City, the smaller they would be and the

lower the walls would be. Finally, when they were 10 km away from Blackhot City, they saw the

last town, which was only surrounded by a wooden fence that was about 3m in height. As they

passed this town, they suddenly heard the continuous urgent ringing of bells drifting from a

wooden watch tower in the field outside the town. Hearing the ringing of the bells, the farmers

hurriedly dropped their tools and ran inside the town. At the same time, a team of fullyarmored

people mounted on horses rushed out.

’’Defend your positions!’’ Captain Kerlin shouted as he instantly rushed out with a spear in hand

like a galloping war horse. It was only at that moment that the students from the Seventh Male

Middle School realized how powerful Captain Kerlin was.

’’Oh my god, Captain Kerlin's speed is at least 20m/s...’’ all the horny students shouted as they

kept their eyes on Captain Kerlin.

Only a few breaths had passed, yet Captain Kerlin was already 100m away from the group. Soon,

they saw a huge totem of a Bloody Scorpion rising up from behind Captain Kerlin.

’’Battle Qi! That is Captain Kerlin's Battle Qi! Captain Kerlin is a Bloody-Scorpion Fighter...’’

more horny students shouted. At the same time, Captain Kerlin jumped directly from the

ground like a hawk as he threw his spear like a bolt of lightning. The heroic gesture of Captain

Kerlin made everybody fascinated. Even many years later, Zhang Tie would still be able to

remember that man who was flying like an eagle in the air as he threw his spear.

The moment the spear was thrown, the shrilling sound of breaking wind drifted from far away

along with the miserable shriek from a beast. Afterwards, everything returned back to normal...

The group then marched on again.

After walking 200m, all the horny students were able to see the results of Captain Kerlin's spear

a Lv 5 mutated magical beast, a colorful leopard, that was almost 2m in length without

including its tail was nailed onto one side of the road by the spear when it had drilled out from

the woods. About 3 feet of the spear had entered the ground, meaning half of it was buried.

Captain Kerlin said a few words to the soldiers rushing out from the town, then he turned

around and pulled the spear out from the magical beast. Afterwards, he led those horny

students back on the way again.

When Captain Kerlin returned to the group after killing that magical beast, he had already

become the hero in the heart of every one of the horny students. No matter how terrible that

one-eyed man was at school, he really made people reassured outside the city walls. With its

body and its blood, the colorful leopard reminded the passersby that this was just the


’’Did you guys hear the screeching sound drifting from the air when Captain Kerlin threw his

spear?’’ Bagdad asked the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood.

Zhang Tie and the others nodded.

’’No crap, anyone could hear that!’’ Fatty Barley answered weakly. ’’I have never expected that

one-eyed guy to be that powerful!’’

’’You guys didn't understand what I meant!’’ Bagdad scratched his face, as he didn't know how

to express his thoughts. ’’I meant what's the reason of that shrieking sound?’’

’’Very good, very powerful!’’ Doug replied foolishly which directly won him a contemptuous

glare from Bagdad.

’’Do you mean that attack was special?’’ Leit rolled his eyes as he asked.

’’Of course, I'm guessing that attack was a sonic boom!’’

’’What do you mean by sonic boom?’’ Sharwin asked curiously.

’’I've heard about sonic boom at the fighting club. It means when the attacks of those great

fighters can reach a speed faster than 340m/s, which is the speed of sound transmission. Once

they reach that speed, they would break an invisible barrier called the sound barrier.

Afterwards, a huge shrieking sound of breaking air could be heard. This is called sonic boom, a

symbol of great fighters!’’

’’You mean...’’ Barley stared at Bagdad in a look of amazement.

’’Right! I felt like the moment it left Captain Kerlin's hand, the spear was already faster than

340m/s. We heard the shrieking sound of air breaking when it moved faster than the sound

transmission speed!’’ While explaining, Bagdad, with an admiring look, looked at the huge

shadow of the one-eyed man who stood at the forefront of the team. ’’Captain Kerlin is truly a

very powerful man!’’

’’Is it that difficult to reach the speed of sound?’’ Zhang Tie asked curiously.

’’Yes, very difficult!’’ Bagdad nodded his head. ’’I have heard that there are powerful bowmen

who are able to make use of super heavy war bows that could shoot arrows out at a speed that's

faster than the speed of sound. But! There are less than 50 such people in the entire Blackhot

City. Anyone who could reach the speed of sound using a super heavy fighting bow would

immediately be awarded the rank of a second lieutenant and would be able to enjoy its

respective treatment. The military of Blackhot City had long had a dream to build a ’’Sonic

Boom Matrix’’ that utilized super heavy fighting bows to launch long distance attacks alongside

the three top pikemen matrices, but unfortunately, they have failed even after so many years.

From this, you should be able to tell how valuable this skill is. Earlier, Captain Kerlin was able to

achieve this by throwing his spear, which is even more difficult than using a fighting bow!’’

Hearing Bagdad's explanation, everyone else understood how valuable the sonic boom skill was

as they idolized Captain Kerlin.

After those horny students from the Seventh National Male Middle School had trekked about

30km, they finally arrived at their resting point as they heavily panted, feeling like tortoises

with the luggage on their backs. They were at the westernmost railway station that was nearby

the Glang Iron Mine northwest of Blackhot City. Passing that railway station, the rails would

gradually extend towards the Glang Iron Mine in the north. The trains that commuted between

Blackhot City and Glang Iron Mine were responsible for the transportation of goods and as well

as commuting between the two locations. As the iron ores from the mines supported the

prosperity of Blackhot City, the trains would transport them to the steel-making mills in

Blackhot City every day. Glang Iron Mine, which contained more than 6 billion tons of iron ores,

was the largest iron mine in the Andaman Alliance and was even ranked 3rd in the entire

Blackson Human Clan Corridor. Half of Blackhot City was established by this super iron mine.

Taking a rest nearby the railway station, Zhang Tie and the others saw their companions, those

horny students from the Second National Male Middle School, arriving twenty minutes later.

Following them, the next to arrive was the Fourth National Female Middle School and the

Eleventh National Female Middle School. Seeing the charming female students, all the horny

male students turned to stone as they drooled.


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