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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 651


Chapter 651: Reap the Booties
After injecting some spiritual energy into that long sword, Zhang Tie had seen the attributes of the long sword——

Autumn Frost Golden Sword——

Surplus rune effect: LV 3 sharpness;LV 3 consolidation.

Rune effect on strike: increases LV 2 freezing damage effect and the sword qi striking distance by 3 percent.

Special effect: rapid recovery——by holding the sword's handle, one could increase his strength recovery speed by 10 percent.

Alchemist's gem inlaid: LV 1 brave gem.

State: perfect combination.

Effect of alchemist's gem: LV 1 brave gem could increase one's courage by two times and help its owner to prevent from being afflicted by doubts, restlessness, fear and spirit-shocking secret skills.

In the autumn of the 851st year of Black Iron Calendar, it was produced by Gongye Qianqiu in Swords Cleansing Pool, Taixia Country, Eastern Continent.


'How lofty it is!' Zhang Tie kept his mouth widely open when he read the message one line after another. 'What a knight's equipment! It's really unrivaled. It contains 5 rune effects, one of which is the same as that carried by my ring of vitality that I obtained for the first time, namely accelerating one's "recovery" ability. However, compared to that ring of vitality which could only increase recovery speed by 4 percent, this sword's surplus recovery effect is much greater.' Zhang Tie sighed with emotions.

The same kind of rune effect could not be accumulated on one's body. If one rune equipment's rune effect increased by two times, the price of the rune equipment would at least increase by 5 times;the price of a few rune equipments might increase by more than 10 times. Therefore, given only the rapid recovery effect, the sword would be worth at least 100,000 to 200,000 gold coins, not to mention the other rune effects on this sword.

As to the LV 1 Brave Gem, the alchemist's gem being inlaid on the sword, it must be more expensive;the alleged Brave Gem was a tiger's eye. It was inlaid on the top of the sword's handle. It looked like a golden tiger's eye. Common tiger's eye was just a semi-gem, which was not expensive;however, after being processed by alchemists, it would also have a terrifying, great value.

Although the effects of Brave Gem were not displayed on the sword, the moment Zhang Tie held it had he felt being full of strength, braveness and very clear-minded.

'Great!' That thought filled Zhang Tie's mind. Zhang Tie was not familiar with the craftsmanship of the rune equipment and was confused about many rune effects on the sword. For instance, he didn't know the effect of "LV 2 freezing damage effect" and the special "perfect combination". However, undoubtedly, this sword was extremely valuable.

Zhang Tie casually waved the long sword in the air, causing a chilly light and a desolate killing intent.

Even the knights in Blackson Humans Corridor were using weapons which were produced in Taixia Country. Thus, Zhang Tie understood the influence of Taixia Country.

Of course, Zhang Tie put away this long sword.

Zhang Tie threw the long sword to Heller who was right on his side.

"You can tell Edward to make a proper sheath for this sword. Edward could slightly change its look while keeping its rune effects and power lest of being recognized by others." Heller suggested.

"Does Edward have such a talent?" Zhang Tie asked with a surprised look.

"Castle Lord, have you forgotten about his talent? As long as you give him the opportunity, he will surprise you for sure!" Heller answered.

'Surprise. Sure, I'm very surprised now.' Zhang Tie mumbled inside.

"Hmm, we will talk about it later!"

Zhang Tie was full of respect towards that human knight who fought to the death. As this was the human knight's weapon, Zhang Tie was was not anxious about changing the look of the Autumn Frost Golden Sword. It would arouse others' doubts for sure if he took this sword out of Castle of Black Iron at this moment. There would be no problem if he took it out when he arrived at the Eastern Continent or after a couple of years. Additionally, based on his current battle force, it would be too eye-catching if he used such a valuable sword which was worth at least 1 million gold coins. Such a priceless treasure was favored by too many people. If someone killed him just for the sake of the sword, it would be a tragedy.

'I'd better be low-key.' Zhang Tie thought.

"As you wish!" Heller seemed having understood Zhang Tie's thought.

After achieving a super weapon, Zhang Tie became vigorous as he rubbed his hands, crouching down and started to search over the corpse of the knight of Three-eye Association.

Zhang Tie took off the corpse's finger ring for the first time.

It was a bronze finger ring with rose grains on it. As it was a bit wider than common finger rings, the finger ring could cover a greater half of a dactyl.

The moment Zhang Tie took the finger ring had he injected some spiritual energy into it.

Rose Finger Ring——this finger ring could increase the recovery speed of the wearer's physical strength by 10% and improve the wearer's effect of meditation by 15%. Additionally, it could accelerate the blood circulation of your fingers and gradually improve the wearer's physical strength.

Zhang Tie had not imagined that it could have a rune effect of rapid recovery, 'It seems that the rune effect of rapid recovery is very popular and practical. Whereas, the rapid recovery effect of this ring was a bit better than that of the Autumn Frost Golden Sword as it could reach 11%.

By contrast, the other two rune two rune attributes were rarer. 'At least I've not seen them before;especially the blood circulation acceleration effect, which is really great. Although very little blood could flow through that finger per second, with this blood circulation acceleration effect, it could accelerate my blood circulation per second. Gradually, it could improve my physical strength.'

'What a treasure!' Zhang Tie exclaimed inside.


He then threw the rose finger ring to Heller, "How long would it take Edward to change its look?"

"One day at most!" Heller smiled as he replied.

Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he continued to search over the corpse.

Zhang Tie remembered that that guy carried a medicament container. He then found it in his waist. Zhang Tie opened it and saw some vials of pills and medicament. Besides different colors, he saw special symbols which looked like trademarks on those vials. There was no introduction about their names or functions. Therefore, Zhang Tie started to scratch his head as he glanced at Heller with a desiring look. Heller almost knew and could control everything that appeared in Castle of Black Iron.

Heller walked over and took the medicament container from Zhang Tie's hand and introduced those items to Zhang Tie one after another.

"This is a super recovery medicament;it's a bit more effective than senior recovery medicament. The very medicament that he drunk just now which had not fully taken effect in his body!" Heller explained after taking out the two black vials of medicament.


Zhang Tie revealed a big smile.

"This is a long lasting night viewing medicament. With one vial, you will have dark vision capability within 2 years!"

Heller then took out another one.

"This is a secret knowledge medicament;it could make it more possible to succeed in cultivating some battle skills and secret methods above knight!"


"This is a concealing medicament. After taking it, your heat source and heat source and infrared signature would disappear completely. Within a short period, your skin would look like being stonified!"

"Ah? What's the function of this medicament?"

"In a special state, some magical beasts which seek for their targets based on the heat source and infrared signature cannot find you easily after you take this medicament. Of course, some secret method can also realize such an effect;however, before you grasp that secret method, it's nice to choose this medicament!"

"Is there any magical beasts which seek for targets based on the heat source and infrared signature?"

"There are so many such magical beasts in the deep underground world, some of them are very powerful!"

"Being so powerful that even knights have to disguise themselves in front of them?" Zhang Tie goggled at Heller.

"Right, you will understand it when you think about the levels of the living beings that could be controlled by the Great Wilderness Sutra. You cannot imagine how powerful some living beings are in the universe!"

Zhang Tie nodded.

Heller continued introducing about the other vials which contained special pills. Besides one of the pills which could rapidly supplement one's spiritual energy, Zhang Tie had not even heard about all the others which were not useful at this moment. There was even a rank poison called bone erosion in a red vial. According to Heller, a bit of that rank poison could kill over 100,000 people. Even knights could not survive it. It had no antidote at all. Additionally, it was as colorless and tasteless as water.

"F*ck you, b*stards of Three-eye Association. Look at what you have!" Zhang Tie started to swear after Heller's introduction.

"Do you want to throw it away?" Heller asked innocently.

"No!" Zhang Tie hurriedly stopped Heller as his eyes gleamed stealthily, "Just keep it, I might have to use it in the future!"

Heller immediately coughed heavily like being choked...


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