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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 64


Chapter 64: Human Calculator

Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey

As expected, with the rise of the prices of grains and sugar, the sales of the Zhang Family's brew

store also gradually declined. Although the wealthy would probably not be affected by the

change of several copper or silver coins, for many at the lowest rungs of society, even a trivial

increase in the price of grains or other commodities would greatly put pressure on their ability

to survive. Naturally, they were more sensitive to the changes in price. Although the Zhang

Family had only increased the price of a bowl of rice brew by a single copper coin, to some, it

was a 20 percent increase in price and was something that would be difficult for them to accept.

Seeing the Chinese woman dragging away her kid, who kept swallowing his saliva, in the rice

brew store, Zhang Tie could only force a bitter smile. In the past, this kid used to eat rice brew

in their store, but due to the recently increasing price, the kid's mom had no choice but to drag

him away. For commoners like them, the rising price of grains not only affected the price of a

bowl of rice brew but also their overall living expenditure. Influenced by rising price of grains,

the price of the other daily necessities like cooking oil and salt also increased. In addition,

Zhang Tie heard that the price of coal had also started to rise in Blackhot City for the past few

couple of days. Obviously, the price of a wagon full of coal balls had also increased by 5 copper

coins. As the price of grains and coal increased, the price of steel produced from ironworks

would also naturally increase. Although it was only a small fluctuation, it was not a good feeling

for many of the commoners.

The Zhang Family's ugly, remodelled three-wheeler had been borrowed by a neighbor to buy

grains. These past two days, several people had come to borrow it to transport necessities. As

his sister-in-law said she was a bit uncomfortable this morning, his mom became worried and

accompanied her to the hospital, leaving Zhang Tie alone at home. In the rice brew store, Zhang

Tie boringly drove away the flies with a fan.

Absent-minded in the rice brew store, as Zhang Tie concentrated, an interesting thought

appear in his mind...

With his spiritual energy increasing by seven fold, Zhang Tie realized that the <Mental

Arithmetic by Abacus>that he had been painstakingly training for the past two weeks had

greatly improved. Before yesterday, it would take him a long time to visualize an abacus with

three columns in his mind, the image of the abacus wouldn't be steady, and he couldn't

calculate quickly using it either it wasn't even able to match the speed of just calculating

manually. All in all, he could not use it to do daily calculations easily. Surprisingly, this

situation has improved sharply this morning.

At this moment, a golden abacus with seven columns was suspended steadily in Zhang Tie's

mind. The beads on the abacus were moving up and down automatically, outputting results.

What's 36 multiplied by 98? 3528!

What's 1269 plus 9621? 10890!

What's 362 times 125? 45250!

What's 639 divided by 12? 53.25!

What's 98564 divided by 125? 788.512!


In the past, Zhang Tie needed to use the abacus techniques in order to get an answer, but now,

he was able to know the answer the instant he saw the question. After practicing for a while,

Zhang Tie realized that he didn't need to use abacus techniques anymore. After using the

abacus for two years, Zhang Tie finally realized how powerful and effective the time-honored

calculator was. He didn't know where the book <Mental Arithmetic by Abacus>that was marked

as ’’After-class reading for preliminary students’’ was from; however, Zhang Tie didn't believe

that any preliminary school student could match him from the intensity and effect of spiritual

energy. Previously, his spiritual energy might have been similar to that of a preliminary school

student, but ever since his spiritual energy had combined with the Fruit of Brilliance, it has

already become seven times of that from before; it was much more powerful at this moment.

Benefitting from the new spiritual energy, he could fully experience the powerful effects of

<Mental Arithmetic by Abacus>, as he could work it out the instant he saw any calculation

question within seven digits. Additionally, Zhang Tie realized the abacus was easily stabilized

after it was visualized. During this entire experience, Zhang Tie had even sold a few bowls of

rice brew...

’’I am able to calculate faster than the manual metal calculators used in trading agencies and

commercial banks!’’ Zhang Tie became excited. He never would have imagined that the sharply

increased spiritual energy would help improve his <Mental Arithmetic by Abacus>skills so

greatly over night. Zhang Tie was sure that Donder would definitely be startled if he saw his


As Zhang Tie felt great about using <Mental Arithmetic by Abacus>so easily, an extremely

absurd thought suddenly came to mind maybe this was how people used the abacus in the

beginning? A long time ago, people had powerful spiritual energy and could easily use this

calculating tool in their mind; however, later on, their spiritual energy declined and they could

barely finish calculation in their mind. Thus, someone decided to use a real object to replace the

imaginary object in their mind and started to operate by hand. After another hundreds or

thousands of years, when everybody was accustomed to operating an abacus by hand, a guy

suddenly realized this calculator could be visualized in the mind and could replaced by

visualized object. As a result, he invented the <Mental Arithmetic by Abacus>, which reflected

the original usage of this calculator...

If his assumptions were correct, then he would be the only person who could master the true

usage of this calculator. Zhang Tie didn't know whether this marvelous calculator could be

improved. He remembered that Donder had once told him about a powerful profession in the

East called ’’fortuneteller’’, which would own a calculator known as ’’Yi’’. This calculator was not

used to calculate numbers but instead the fortunes or disasters that would befall a person and

the changes between the heaven and the earth. Was <Mental Arithmetic by Abacus>related to


While Zhang Tie was pondering on this thought, his mom and sister-in-law had returned.

Instantly breaking the abacus formed in his mind, he ran towards them. ’’Mom, what's wrong

with sister-in-law?’’

After speaking, Zhang Tie realized that he had said a really silly question. In response to his

question, the face of his sister-in-law flushed slightly, and his mom glared at him ferociously

and flicked his forehead. ’’What matter? Go make lunch...’’


In the afternoon, as usual, Zhang Tie helped his mom make rice brew, but this time, it was

different; his sister-in-law had joined them. As a result, they finished much faster than before.

After lunch, their neighbor brought back the three-wheeler, and thus Zhang Tie rode it to shop

for rice and sugar. As expected, the prices had risen a bit again. Considering the poor sales of

rice brew last week, he only bought two bags of rice this time. Returning home, Zhang Tie

noticed that his mom was teaching his sister-in-law how to make liquid yeast.

’’This liquid yeast is the key, as it determines the final taste of the rice brew. Our Zhang Family

makes our own liquid yeast, and we store it inside the spare jars boiling water after they have

cooled down. We prepare two jars of rice brew; one is to be used, while the other is to be left to

ferment. When one jar of rice brew is almost used up, we'll add some water, cut-up fruits, fruit

rinds, and kernels, and we'll open it every day and give it a shake to give it some fresh air. After

a week, a new jar of rice brew would be ready. We usually put two spoons of well-fermented

liquid yeast into each jar before covering the lid. Taste some, this liquid yeast is delicious.

Zhang Tie used to stealthily eat it before...’’ Zhang Tie had remembered those steps deeply in

his heart. He didn't pay attention to what mom had told to his sister-in-law at the beginning;

however, his mom really made him lose face in front of his sister-in-law. While listening to

what his mom had said, Zhang immediately thought about something...

Yeast Rice brew

Mutated and evolved yeast Mutated and evolved rice brew ?

Zhang Tie remembered that there was an option in the Castle of Black Iron that allowed all

living beings to mutate and evolve, and he had even tried it on a sprouted potato the first time

he entered the Castle of Black Iron. As he hasn't seen any improvement lately, he had almost

forgotten about it. Watching his mom teach his sister-in-law how to make liquid yeast, Zhang

Tie had a sudden realization. If he could help mutate or evolve the yeast used to make brew,

would the taste of the rice brew be improved? If so, that would help improve the sales of the

Zhang Family's rice brew.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie felt this way was feasible. At the very least, he could have a

try. ’’The Zhang's family has already used the same method to make rice brew for the past two

decades, so why not try something new? Nothing is lost even if it fails!’’

Thinking of this, Zhang Tie became excited. In response, in the evening, he found a clean glass

jar in the kitchen and stealthily filled it with half a bottle of liquid yeast. Afterwards, he took it

back to his room and quickly entered the Castle of Black Iron. Opening the ’’Living Beings and

Species Management’’ option, he chose ’’Carbon-based Living Beings and Species Management’’

and then ’’Microorganisms’’. After selecting that bottle of liquid yeast, he inputted 300 points of

aura value, 5 points of merit value, and 0.1 point of basic energy storage and started the first

evolution and mutation for the yeast.


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