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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 58


58: A Huge Plot

Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey

Huck and Snade carried Zhang Tie back onto the bed. Snade then pressed Zhang Tie's artery as

Huck fetched a strip of clean cloth and a vial. Opening the vial, Huck shook out some white

powder onto the wounded wrist of Zhang Tie. Afterwards, he wrapped up the wound for Zhang

Tie with the cloth strip quickly in a familiar motion as he discussed with Snade about their next

course of action.

’’It seems that he was telling the truth. What will we do when he wakes up tomorrow?’’ Huck

asked impatiently. They never would have imagined that they had mistaken the kid and had

almost killed him. Huck was somewhat afraid, as they would never get the token back if the kid

was killed. If so, they would be killed as well.

Looking at Zhang Tie, who was in a deep coma, Snade frowned. ’’We can't enter that community

residence since it is 100 times more dangerous than that gang we swept. If we enter, we would

be killed the instant the kid shouted out. We are not able to fight a major battalion commander

like his elder brother, Du Shaofeng. According to the military traditions in Blackhot City, it's

impossible to become a major without being at least LV8 or LV9. So, we should try to avoid

meeting his family members and have him bring it back to us...’’

’’But he's too cunning! I swear he will betray us once he leaves!’’

’’So what do you have in plan?’’

’’We have to poison him and have him exchange the token for the antidote. If he's smart, he

knows what to do...’’

’’Good! But will we give him the antidote?’’

’’Heh, heh, we will kill him when we get the token and have ensured that he had not revealed it

to other people. Since he has seen us, if he tells his elder brother about what had happened after

getting the antidote, we will be screwed. That's why we have to kill him...’’

’’We might be in trouble if we kill the kid since people in the hotel have seen us with the kid. His

family would definitely be able to get that information through their rich connections!’’

’’That's why we should contact the Niumuen Merchants Group in Blackhot City as soon as we

get the token and reach an agreement for that event as well as the time for action. Once that's

out of the way, we will leave Blackhot City. One day after the kid has disappeared is enough time

for us to complete our mission. By that time, his family members might not even have been

able to respond to what had happened. After that... heh... heh... we will have to worry about


’’Once we succeed this time, Blackhot City would belong to us. And then we will definitely kill

his elder brother, Du Shaowu, with the help of our Lord to prevent potential trouble...’’ Huck

said viciously.

After wrapping up the wound for Zhang Tie, the two checked his wound and ensured that it

would no longer bleed. Thankfully, Zhang Tie's life had been temporarily saved. At that

moment, Huck's belly made a ’’gulugulu’’ sound, reminding them that they had not yet eaten

supper. Nobody could survive without food, no matter how great he was.

’’You go and buy some food from the hotel. I will go outside and prepare some things...’’

’’What about the kid?’’

’’We'll return soon...’’ Snade stood up and stared at Zhang Tie, who was lying on the bed like a

dead man. He then pressed and touched the spot by Zhang Tie's heart and smirked. ’’Don't

worry about that kid. It would be amazing if he could wake up from the hemorrhagic shock

tomorrow morning!’’

Afterwards, the two left the bedroom and closed the door...

The instant the two left, Zhang Tie, who was supposed to be in a hemorrhagic shock from

Snade's observations, opened his eyes. Actually, when the two carried him onto the bed, Zhang

Tie had already recovered his consciousness. Although he could still not move, he could still

perceive everything that was going around him, thus he had heard what Snade and Huck had


Niumuen Merchants Group... Contact... Action... The alluring Blackhot City... Lord...

Zhang Tie felt cold all over. This time, he knew that he had gotten involved in a huge conspiracy

against Blackhot City. Huck and Snade were just two trivial figures dispatched by an

organization to contact the Niumuen Merchants Group in Blackhot City. That piece of red pine

wood was the very token between the two and the Niumuen Merchants Group...

’’What should I do now? I need to recover my strength and survive tonight at first!’’

Zhang Tie smiled bitterly. He then closed his eyes again. He could feel something different

from his head, spine, heart, and liver as a wisp of warm Qi was rising from those places...

Zhang Tie recovered consciousness through the first wisp of warm Qi rising from his head. He

then could slowly controlled his movements and opened eyes through the second wisp of warm

Qi rising from his spine. From the third wisp of warm Qi that rose from his heart and liver and

spread to his organs, Zhang Tie could feel that he was quickly recovering his vitality...

Is this the result of the inverted flow of energy and qi and the blood regeneration from the

Leakless Fruit? Zhang Tie tried to move his fingers and found that they could move.

Zhang Tie realized that this might be his beacon of hope tonight. As Huck and Snade thought he

was in a hemorrhagic shock, they would never have imagined that he was already quickly


He had to escape before the two returned!

Zhang Tie was brimming with anxiety...

Within ten minutes, when Zhang Tie realized that he could sit up, he heard a series of heavy

steps and the sound of someone opening the door. He then knew Huck that had returned,

indicating that his escape plan would no longer work.

Zhang Tie then became dejected once again.

Be patient, patient, patient... Zhang Tie reminded himself. As long as he was patient enough, he

would definitely find an opportunity. Closing his eyes again so that only a faint amount of light

could be seen through the corners of his eyes, Zhang Tie began to observe what was going on in

the room...

’’Well, just put food on it. I will take it in myself, you can go...’’

’’Yes, enjoy...’’

Afterwards, a dining cart was pushed away and the door was opened as Huck entered with

plates full of food on them. Instantly, the room was filled with the fragrance of food. After

placing the food on the table, Huck walked towards the bed. Zhang Tie then fully closed his eyes

and pretended to be relaxed. Huck put one finger under Zhang Tie's nose and confirmed that

Zhang Tie was still breathing before turning around. At the same time, Zhang Tie slightly

opened his eyes and observed the situation in the room through the corners of his eyes.

Zhang Tie saw Huck walking towards those plates. The moment Huck picked up something, he

suddenly thought of something. He then put it down and muttered something. Afterwards, he

wandered in the room anxiously.

’’F*ck, I never want to do this again...’’ Huck cursed.

Snade also came back within 2 minutes.

’’How was it?’’

’’I've made the preparations. We will feed him the poison when he wakes up!’’

’’Fine, let's eat. I am so hungry!’’

The two then walked to the table. Zhang Tie saw Snade taking an object out and poking the food

and the bottle of alcohol with it. After observing the object for a while, Snade uttered, ’’It's

clean. We can eat it!’’

However, less than 2 minutes since they started eating, the sounds of knocking drifted from

outside. The man on the other side of the door shouted, ’’Magistrate of Blackhot City, routine

investigation. All registered persons, please come out...’’

Instantly, the doors opened and curses reverberated in the hall...

’’Why so late? I had already fallen asleep!’’

’’Buddy, what are you doing?’’ Complaints were heard everywhere in the hotel.

’’Friends, I'm very sorry. Since some things have happened in Blackhot City recently, we have to

do some security checks. As you might have heard, a couple of days ago, someone had set fire to

a place near the railway station. It's said that there were dozens of bodies found from that

incident. Because of that incident, the big figures were really shocked, and the magistrates are

forced to do security checks. As it's almost time for the curfew, people who have registered at

the hotel would be in big trouble if they're not in the hotel now. Therefore, simply show your

face...’’ As the serviceman in the hotel explained what was happening loudly, those curses

gradually disappear. Although those pioneers were defiant, they were not idiots. Nobody

wanted to fight those guys in uniforms.

’’Motherf*cker...’’ After cursing, Huck and Snade stood up and walked outside the door.

Hearing the door having been closed from outside, Zhang Tie opened his eyes immediately.

Seeing the food and alcohol on the table, Zhang Tie suddenly thought up of a crazy idea. ’’F*ck

you, bastards, I don't care about what happens to you anyways...’’

Be quick!

Zhang Tie closed his eyes and locked onto the arched door in his mind. In a split second, he

disappeared from the room and entered the Castle of Black Iron...

Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, welcome to the Castle of Black Iron!


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