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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 57


Chapter 57: A Test Concerning Life and Death

Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey

Although this was a test, for Zhang Tie, it was not an impossible task. On the way back to the

hotel, Zhang Tie realized that it was possible to lock onto the marvelous arched door between

his eyebrows. That meant that once he was given a couple of seconds, he could disappear from

their clutches and seek refuge in the Castle of Black Iron. However, once he did this, although

he would be able to rid himself of the immediate danger, he could potentially bring a greater

and more dangerous dilemma to his family. The secret of the Castle of Black Iron was

something so great that once it was exposed, nobody related to him would be able to survive, be

it his family, the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, and perhaps even Donder. In the eyes

of those great figures, the lives of dozens meant nothing when compared to the secret of the

Castle of Black Iron.

Returning to their room, they closed the door and Huck and Snade immediately showed their


’’Bang!’’ Zhang Tie was almost thrown onto the ground while his neck was still gripped by Huck.

As a result, the bones all over his body almost broke, and as he couldn't stand the pain, he cried

out miserably.

’’Quiet! That might be heard by others!’’ Snade told Huck. Hearing his words, Huck reluctantly

pulled back his foot, which he had wanted to use to kick Zhang Tie. Squatting in front of Zhang

Tie, Snade patted Zhang Tie's face. ’’What's your name?’’

’’My name is Du Shaofeng...’’

’’What's your elder brother's name?’’

’’Du Shaowu!’’

’’What's his position in the City Guard Army of Blackhot City?’’

’’Major commander of the 3rd Battalion, 4th Regiment of the City Guard Army of Blackhot

City...’’ Zhang Tie responded miserably, ’’That piece of wood was truly thrown to my nephew as

a building block, I swear! Once you let me go back, I will bring it back to you. Why don't you

trust me? I have suggested for you to enter with me, yet you refused! What do you want?’’

’’Where is your home?’’ Snade ignored what Zhang Tie had said and continued.

’’B301 in that community...’’

After asking the question, Snade fetched some dirty rags and a rope before he forcefully opened

Zhang Tie's mouth and stuffed some rags into it, causing Zhang Tie to be unable to utter a

single word. He then bound Zhang Tie's hands with the rope. Afterwards, Snade patted his

palms and stood up. He said something to Huck before leaving, resulting in only Zhang Tie and

Huck being left in the room. Zhang Tie struggled on the ground for a while. He knew where

Snade was heading for; however, he wasn't afraid. Du Shaowu was his elder brother's superior.

He had heard information about the Du Family when he chatted with his elder brother. Unless

Snade has a picture of Du Shaofeng, he would never be able to discover that Zhang Tie was

telling a lie.

Half an hour later, Snade returned again.

’’How about it?’’ Huck hurriedly asked as Snade closed the door from the inside.

Snade looked really gloomy. ’’It took me 1 gold coin to verify that all the kid's words were true.

There really is a major battalion commander by the name of Du Shaowu in the 3rd Battalion,

4th Regiment in the City Guard Army of Blackhot City. Du Shaowu has a younger brother called

Du Shaofeng, who's as old as this kid. They live in B301 in that community. In addition, Du

Shaowu has a 2-year son...’’

Hearing Snade's words, Zhang Tie started to twist on the ground again.

’’That's impossible! I feel there is something wrong with what he has said...’’ Huck said

furiously, ’’I should have kicked him to death!’’

’’I have also felt that there was something off about him, but I couldn't figure it out. We have no

other ways now. If the kid is still telling a lie, we have to kill him!’’ saying this, Snade moved in

front of Zhang Tie. Squatting down, he patted Zhang Tie's face with his hand before saying, ’’I

have known since the beginning that you might be cheating us. I simply wanted to see what

tricks you would play. Do you know your mistake? When a man tells a lie, his heartbeat would

speed up, causing the veins all over his body to pulse even more strongly, and their body

temperature would also slightly increase. Earlier when I had wrapped my hand around your

neck, I could figure out when you were telling a lie through your pulse and your body

temperature. I could feel that you became most nervous when we were walking towards those

soldiers. If you were telling the truth, then your heart then shouldn't have beat so quickly. You

are smarter than most of the other kids at your age I have seen. Pitifully, you have met me!’’

As he said this, Snade pulled Zhang Tie's hair, ignoring how much he was struggling on the

ground, and brought him into the washroom in the room while Huck followed behind.

Entering the washroom, Snade's dagger suddenly appeared in his hand once again. With a

chilly aura, Snade cut the rope on Zhang Tie's hands. He then stepped on Zhang Tie's left hand

while he turned around Zhang Tie's right hand and placed it onto the toilet bowl. Afterwards,

he placed his dagger onto the artery of Zhang Tie's right hand.

’’You have one last chance. Tell us where you hid the token!’’ When Snade asked, he pulled out

the rags from Zhang Tie's mouth.

’’It's in my elder brother's house. I really mean what I have told you! The reason I became

nervous was because I was worried that you would kill me once you got that thing. I could feel

that you two were having malicious thoughts and were trying to cheat me by exchanging for

that thing with gold coins. Once you promise not to harm me, I will definitely bring that

motherf*cking wooden plate back to you...’’ Zhang Tie seized the opportunity to explain.

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Snade frowned and foisted the rags back into his mouth.

Afterwards, Zhang Tie's right wrist felt cold. Following an excruciating pain, fresh red blood

trickled down into the toilet bowl. The instant Zhang Tie wanted to struggle, his body had

already been held by Huck, causing him to be unable to move in the least.

The scene suddenly reminded Zhang Tie of how a butcher killed a pig. They bound the pig and

poked it. He had found it funny when he saw people slaughter pigs; however, when he was the

one slaughtered like a pig, Zhang Tie didn't find it funny at all. He now started to understand

how the pigs thought when they were being slaughtered...

First he felt pain, then it was followed by weakness, and finally, he felt cold. As more and more

blood had flowed out, he gradually became more afraid...

’’We have already lost patience! We will give you several minutes to tell us the truth. Once you

do that, we'll stop the bleeding and let you live...’’ Hearing the alluring words of Snade, Zhang

Tie suddenly realized that how happy he was when he wasn't bleeding.

Blood continued to trickle down into the toilet bowl from Zhang Tie's hand, turning the

originally white toilet bowl into a pool of blood. Looking at the bloody toilet bowl, Zhang Tie

suddenly remembered the topic that he and Donder were talking about, ’’Blood Sense’’. He was

truly amazed at how women didn't feel pain when they bled every month... At that moment,

Zhang Tie started to admire women... Gradually, he felt cold and weak. He forced a smile and

muttered inside, ’’What mother*cking blood sense!? I really don't understand it at all, but I am


Time slowly passed by as more and more blood trickled down from his right wrist.

He then felt dazed and could hardly lock onto that arched door in his mind. ’’Should I enter the

Castle of Black Iron?’’ Zhang Tie asked himself. He wished to survive a bit longer; however, he

didn't want to bring a greater and more dangerous crisis to his family members and the

members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood.

During that period, the rags inside Zhang Tie's mouth were pulled out one more time.

Afterwards, Snade asked the same question, yet he received the same answer. Thus, the rags

were stuffed back into Zhang Tie's mouth...

Zhang Tie started to think of his mom's plump shadow... the increasing white hair on his dad's

head... the pair of leather shoes and the underwear gifted by his elder brother... and Fatty

Barley's suggestion of getting circumcised...

’’F*ck! I haven't even been circumcised yet and am going to die a virgin. It truly is shameful to

die as a virgin...’’ Zhang Tie felt that he was gradually losing his consciousness...

Looking at the young man's pale face and his miserable white lips, Snade started to have

doubts. He had estimated that the body had already lost over 1800 ml of blood. ’’If we don't stop

the bleeding, he will die soon. But, he still hasn't said anything. Were we wrong? Could it be that

what he has told us was true? Was the boy actually nervous because he realized we were having

malicious thoughts?’’

At this moment, Huck also stared at Snade. Since the two of them had worked together for

many years now, Huck knew that the method Snade used had made many tough guys succumb

to him. Very few people would simply wait for their death since it was much more miserable

than just being immediately killed. Could this boy be tougher than those guys? Impossible!

Otherwise... were the boy's words true?

At that moment, Zhang Tie's body had completely turned limp by itself. He was no longer able

to move. If Zhang Tie simply died in this way, then the two would have to escape tonight from

being endlessly hunted down by their organization.

Seeing the look in Huck's eyes, Snade also became frustrated. He cursed as he placed two

fingers onto Zhang Tie's cut artery, ’’F*ck! Just stop the bleeding first. Maybe... he was telling

the truth...’’

With the artery on his right wrist being pressed down, the blood stopped flowing out. At the

same time, Zhang Tie saw a bright light before his eyes among the endless darkness. A line of

words appeared in his mind:

The Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree has detected that the body energy, Qi, and blood of the

lord is approaching a dangerous, minimum level. Do you want to begin recovery and invert the

flow of blood and Qi through the Leakless Fruit ?


Zhang Tie spent his last effort to click ’’Yes’’ in his mind...



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