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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 268


The heavy winds were still turbulent at a thousand meters in the air which caused Zhang Tie’s clothes to make rustling noises. At this moment, Zhang Tie was running back and forth at the top of the gas bags as if running on the ground without any protective gear.

At this time, the red-snake sword in Zhang Tie’s hand seemed like it had truly become a red snake. Each time Zhang Tie slashed out, there was a twisting snake shadow along with a silver light in the air.

Each time the snake shadow in Zhang Tie’s hand twisted, there would be a spray of fresh blood in the air, which drove the remaining Iron-beak Ibises into a frenzy.

Being different from the last time when those Iron-beak Ibises would attack the airship, this time, Zhang Tie became the sole target of all the Iron-beak Ibises. Each Iron-beak Ibis in the air seemed to have great hatred towards Zhang Tie as they surged towards him one after the other.

The airship penetrated through the clouds at a speed of above 120 km/h…

The fight between Zhang Tie and Iron-beak Ibises was still underway…

"Is this the feeling of being a level 5 warrior? Is this how Invisible Iron-blood strength feels?

One hour ago, Zhang Tie had eaten the latest Leakless Fruit, which directly helped him to ignite the 5th surge point on his vertebrate, sending him into the realm of level 5 warriors.

When he was promoted to a level 5 warrior, Zhang Tie felt his bones itch all over like numerous ants were crawling inside. However, he could not reach them by scratching. It was itchy to the extreme and after all his bones cracked, a wholly new sensation appeared.

Zhang Tie felt great strength flowing through each bone, promoting Zhang Tie’s Hidden Iron-blood Strength to an entirely new level.

Invisible Iron-blood Strength! The new-born strengths were Strength of Bone and Strength of Marrow.

The number of people who could be promoted from Hidden Iron-Blood Strength to Invisible Iron-Blood Strength counted for less than one tenth in number, even in the entire Iron-Blood Camp of Noman Empire. However, Zhang Tie felt it was as easy as drinking water during the process like he had been well prepared and expectant of it. Even Zhang Tie was confused as to how that could be.

The red-snake sword driven by Invisible Iron-blood Strength started to present an utterly different strength than before. With the exception of a great force, each time Zhang Tie launched an attack, there would be an agile, virtual snake shadow mixed with the sword qi.

Zhang Tie hadn't experienced this feeling of "one with the sword, one with the world" for a long time.

At a thousand meters in the sky, Zhang Tie jumped up almost 3 m from the top of a gasbag while the Red-snake Sword in his hand suddenly opened its bloody mouth like a dragon and engulfed the 5 Iron-beak Ibises in the air at once.

Only one Iron-beak Ibis was left…

The moment Zhang’s feet left the ground, the last Iron-beak Ibis had already thrust his javelin-like bill in front of Zhang Tie’s chests, aiming to fight Zhang Tie to the death.

During the past days in flight, Zhang Tie had grown very experienced in fighting Iron-beak Ibises. At the sight of the Iron-beak Ibis, he smirked inside as he just slightly tilted his body. In the meantime, the long bill of the Iron-beak Ibis was pinched under Zhang Tie’s armpit.

When it stretched its sharp claws towards Zhang Tie, the latter also stretched his five fingers towards the Iron-beak Ibis’s sharp claws.

When the bird’s claws clashed with the man’s hands, the claws immediately broke off, making a ‘kacha kacha’ sound.

With its bill being pinched, the Iron-beak Ibis couldn’t wail but instead quivered all over.

"Heh heh, sorry, as you are the last one today, stay a while!" Saying this, Zhang Tie rapidly clipped the other foot and the remaining wings of the Iron-beak Ibis, causing them to completely break apart.

Being too weak to struggle, the Iron-beak Ibis stared at Zhang Tie with extreme grief and fury. Zhang Tie didn’t show any mercy at all. After doing this, he rudely grabbed its bill. Pulling the half-dead Iron-beak Ibis, Zhang Tie ran two steps towards one side of the airship as he seized one rope and jumped off the gas bag of the airship, seemingly ignoring his own life.

Within several seconds, Zhang Tie had already fallen dozens of meters. When that rope automatically returned to the middle part of the gas bag, Zhang Tie lightly landed on the airship for a second as he swung outside once again. After that, the rope returned once again, this time, Zhang Tie loosened his grip while he was thrown onto the deck of the airship and steadily stood on it. The whole process was as graceful as an acrobat in high altitude without any protective measures. Additionally, during the process, the airship was rapidly moving.

What was even more amazing was that Zhang Tie was holding a crippled yet heavy Iron-beak Ibis.

There was nobody on the deck. Zhang Tie directly held the anguished Iron-beak Ibis and entered the cabin. After that, he casually opened a door. Without even taking a look inside, he had already thrown the completely crippled Iron-beak Ibis inside.

No one was on the airship.

Haha, free time!

Zhang Tie trotted onto the third floor from the second floor. The third floor was mainly where the bridge was located. Zhang Tie then entered the bridge.

The bridge of the airship was at the highest position at the head of the airship below the gas bags. The bridge characteristically allowed for a broad vision with the nearly 1m-high and 270-degree circular, translucent and high-intensity glass windows, the driver would almost have no dead angles of vision.

Outside of the bridge were floating white clouds. As nobody was inside the bridge, the airship was moving forward in a straight line.

The door of the bridge was locked from inside. Because of the large-piece of translucent glass on the door of the bridge, Zhang Tie could clearly see the inside. Thinking of how he entered violently every time, Zhang Tie forced a smile.

'Bang’, Zhang Tie directly kicked through the wooden door and made a big hole on it. After that, he put his hand inside the hole and opened the door from inside.

Since he entered the bridge, this airship had become Zhang Tie’s personal toy.

In the middle of the bridge was a good-quality rudder that could be held with two hands. On both sides of the rudder were a great number of operating levers of different heights and lengths. Below the rudder were two pedals that could be controlled by feet.

These days, after causing this airship to crash over 10 times, Zhang Tie finally understood the functions of these operating levers. Additionally, he learned how to pilot an airship. During these accidents, the most miserable one was when Zhang Tie pulled down the operating lever with a red handle at the very of the rudder, the airship fell down at a free fall speed, causing Zhang Tie’s face to turn blue.

After this accident, Zhang Tie knew that the red operating lever was the emergency landing lever. As long as the lever was pulled down, the 12 gas bags of the airship would start to deflate at the same time. As a result, the airship would lose its buoyancy in the shortest time. When Zhang Tie pulled down this lever, he even hurriedly stepped down the steam-driven output pedal, pushing the propeller of the airship to rotate at a greater speed, causing the airship to rush towards the ground at a higher speed. As a result, Zhang Tie lost his life miserably.

This accident left a deep impression on Zhang Tie.

The fact was that as long as a person didn’t fear death and had more lives, he could learn anything very quickly.

Zhang Tie drove the airship for over 2 hours and enjoyed it very much. After feeling that time was almost up, Zhang Tie left the bridge. Inside an equipment room beside the bridge, Zhang Tie skillfully carried a parachute bag before rushing onto the deck on the second floor. With a strange yell, he jumped off the deck…

"I’m here, hooah…hooah…ah…ah…"

After several seconds, a small white flower blossomed in the air…

After several seconds, the white flower landed on the ground smoothly…

After another few minutes, the whole world broke into motes of light.


Within a bedroom in the airship, Zhang Tie opened his eyes as he lay on the bed comfortably, revealing a wisp of a smile.

Zhang Tie didn’t know whether what he had done was a petty trick, but he had some more feelings regarding the use of Trouble-reappearance Fruit.

The latest Trouble-reappearance Fruit was from Iron-beak Ibises. The first scene was on the airship. After fighting Iron-beak Ibises many times in the Trouble-reappearance world, Zhang Tie found that if didn’t want to stop if the effective time of the Trouble-reappearance world, he had to make sure the last Iron-beak Ibis didn’t die. Under those conditions, the Trouble-reappearance world would not break into motes of light. With the exception of spiritual beings, nothing else was different than that in the real world.

As this Trouble-reappearance world was situated in the air, which was a opportunity rarely seen, of course, Zhang Tie wouldn't want to give up such an opportunity. After dying many times, Zhang Tie learned how to use parachutes and drive the airship. Additionally, he became more experienced in fighting with Iron-beak Ibises in the air.

Since they left the Loulan City, on the way, they didn’t encounter any other dangers. The airship kept moving southward smoothly. Due to always being in a state of cultivation, Zhang Tie didn’t know where the airship was currently located.

Today, the moment Zhang Tie exited the Trouble-reappearance world, he heard someone knocking on his door.

Zhang Tie opened the door and found that Zhang Zhitian was outside.

"What’s up?"

"We've arrived!"

"What! We've arrived?"

"Huaiyuan Prefecture, we've arrived!"

Zhang Tie was inwardly shocked as he went to the deck together with Zhang Zhitian. On the ground below the airship was a great river that Zhang Tie had not seen before, the width of which might be over 20 km. The whole river twisted for as far as the eye could see and seemed to flow like a huge dragon below the airship. There were many steamers on the river, forming a very boisterous scene. Black smoke columns rose up from the chimneys of the steamers. On the sides of the river, Zhang Tie saw vast golden wheat fields dotted with several lofty castles erected on the plains on one side of the great river.

This initial image of the Huaiyuan Prefecture Zhang Tie imprinted within him the magnificence and richness of Huaiyuan Palace.

"This is Yuanjiang River, which belongs to Huaiyuan Palace. Tonight, our airship will arrive at the Yiyang City, where the headquarters of Changfeng Business Group is located, namely where the Clan Shrine of Huaiyuan Palace and the Head Palace of Huaiyuan Palace are!

"Huaiyuan Palace, I've finally arrived!"

Thinking that he could rapidly unite with his family members in this strange place, Zhang Tie took a deep breath, "No matter what, as I’m here, I will rescue my father from prison!"


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