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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 172


Chapter 172: Being Accepted

Translator: WQL Editor: DarkGem

Zhang Tie knew that it was almost like a dream to have such tough guys who were elder than him, had been serving in the army for longer than him, and had much more battle experience than him to show their respect to him. To tell the truth, these guys looked like tools of violence.

'Do I need to fight them?'Zhang Tie asked himself before a surge of pain distracted him. His d*ck's wound was acting up again since after circumcision it was still in recovery. If he moved too heavily, it would be ripped again. If that happened, Zhang Tie was uncertain as to when that thing would stop being a mummy.

Between his se*ual happiness and those tough guys'obedience, Zhang Tie had to think only for two seconds before choosing the first option.

He was suffering from the wound after circumcision for the time being, while there was still a long time for him to begin getting along with those guys, so he didn't need to show his real force at once. This was the intelligence of the Chinese clan time tries all.

’’When I was coming here just now, first lieutenant Freo suggested for me to stay with you guys. He said that this way we could deepen mutual understanding and get along with each other later. I feel like First Lieutenant Freo was right...’’

The moment Zhang Tie opened his mouth, many guys surrounded him with grim smiles. After the three bad *sses of Beckham's group had suffered a loss, they started to describe how this toy boy was great. Hearing that, many people didn't believe it and wanted to have a try themselves.

However, Zhang Tie's words didn't come to an end.

’’First Lieutenant Freo was right, but I don't plan to greet your guys and deepen the mutual understanding between you and me in this way. When I was in the division's conference room, Major Guderian told me that there was a rule in the Iron-Blood Camp: we have to talk the truth.

’’I feel that this rule is very great as honest exchanges between people are better than fights. So firstly I want to make an honest exchange with you today!’’

With a smile, Zhang Tie glanced over those tough sneering guys that were not used to such an exchange pattern and were now exchanging glances with each other.

’’I will introduce myself to you. I'm Zhang Tie, native of Blackhot City. 15 years old, almost 16. I've just completed the survival training of my graduate year. Since I had formed the Iron-Blood hidden strength, I was recruited by colonel Leibniz.

’’Before putting on this military uniform, I had never imagined that I could be a soldier of the Norman Empire one day. Previously, I only dreamed that I could stay in Blackhot City instead of being dispatched to the farms outside the city walls where I would have to depend on my petty shrewdness and luck after serving the army. Then I would find a way to do business and make a lot of money so that I could play with women everyday and wait for death. This has always been my biggest dream which remains unchanged even now!’’

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, some guys even from among onlookers unconsciously smirked. Zhang Tie's dream was similar to that of most men. So the moment he mentioned it, he obtained appreciation from many people.

A person who could talk honestly would always be interesting wherever he went. Some tough guys already felt that Zhang Tie was a bit interesting, at least being different from the toy boys who were arranged for the Iron-Blood Camp only for glory and money before.

’’To tell the truth, until the survival training was half done, I still felt that the Norman Empire was the enemy of Blackhot City, or might be the biggest enemy that I'll have to face after graduation. After the Blackhot City event happened, I was even very panicked for a period of time, fearing that I'll have to encounter you on the battle field after coming to serve in the City Guard of Blackhot City where I would get killed by you.

’’When I was at school, the Iron-Horn Army of the Norman Empire was described as a very terrifying organization by the animals at school. I though that way until the next morning after the Iron-Horn Army appeared in Blackhot City when I learned that the Coal, Steel, and Iron Federation of Blackhot City that I planned to die protecting had surrendered unconditionally only after being surrounded by you for several hours.

’’Upon hearing the news, I only had one thought in my mind: I felt that I was simply a motherf*cking idiot. Those bad *sses of the Coal, Steel, and Iron Federation of Blackhot City who had controlled the most wealth and the most powerful army here didn't even dare to fight before declaring their surrender. I even had thought about sacrificing myself for the timid guys and fighting you for their Blackhot City!

’’One pair of leather shoes that those guys wore was more expensive than my dad's one-year salary. In the stores along the Avenue Bright of Blackhot City, a pair of leather shoes that was provided for them would cost 16 gold coins. However, my dad could only make 12-13 gold coins a year. Even if my mom and I sold rice brew at home, we could only make a couple of gold coins a year.

’’The price of a bowl of rice brew was only three copper coins. When the price had to be increased by a copper coin because of rising rice prices, our business declined and mom worried about that very much. Before survival training, my dad gave me the most pocket money in my life three silver coins out of his private money, letting me go to get a woman and bid farewell to the virgin status.’’

By now, all the soldiers before Zhang Tie had stopped walking forward.

’’Guys like me who took three silver coins of their dads'private money to f*ck a women and even felt reluctant to drink one more bowl of rice brew at home which would cost three copper coins had thought about protecting those guys who would spend more than my dad's one-year salary to buy a pair of leather shoes. I planned to sacrifice myself to protect the guys who could not even stand one night in front of the enemy and would not notice a person before they sold them. Then I finally understood that I was the biggest idiot in the world!'

By then, all the dozens of people before Zhang Tie had become quiet. Since this story was very sincere, it could move them. When Zhang Tie talked about how his dad had given him three silver coins out of his private money to let him go for a woman and that he could only earn three copper coins for a bowl of rice brew, those onlookers all thought back to their own parents. Even those people who were training on the playground beside moved closer and started to listen to Zhang Tie's story.

There was not another second lieutenant in the Iron-Blood Camp like this.

’’Therefore, on that morning when Blackhot City surrendered, I finally understood it faster than anyone else by accepting this fact. I didn't even pity myself for that, instead, I felt lucky. Since my elder brother was serving in the City Guard of Blackhot City, thinking of that he won't have to fight you guys on the battlefield, I felt very lucky. As for such an Andaman Alliance and such Blackhot City, I preferred them to be over. No reason to feel sad for their end. It had nothing to do with me.’’

’’Although we lived in the city, my dad worked hard everyday. He had to hand in taxes. My mom diligently worked at home while the rice brew business at home also was levied taxes. My elder brother had enjoyed several years'compulsory trading by serving in the City Guard. I've even an eldest brother that had become a martyr while serving in the army. Nobody in our family owed anything to Blackhot City and the Coal, Steel, and Iron Federation.

’’As for those businessmen, everything in Blackhot City was based on trades, as if doing business. Since it was a trade, I don't need do anything for it, like sacrificing myself.

’’It was not bad to become a citizen of the Norman Empire. After realizing that I had become a one, the first thing I did was to use barbarous survival training rules regulated by the Norman Empire to break the neck of a vicious guy who had tried to kill me several times, before one thousand people. He was a true beast. Besides, I beat up the other members of his group by stomping on them. At that moment, I felt so cool that I really wanted to shout loudly 'Long live Norman Empire!'

’’After I returned home after the survival training, I was screwed by a villain, who sent me behind bards, claiming that I was an enemy of the Norman Empire. Thankfully, when I was in the survival training, due to special karma, I formed the Iron-Blood hidden strength, so I was not killed in the prison of Blackhot City.

’’Also a brother from the scout camp of No. 39 division whom I had saved in the survival training had positively mediated relationships for me after learning that I was sent behind bars, so as to clear my name. Finally, I had the chance to see colonel Leibniz, who, after learning about my experiences, immediately recruited me into the Iron-Blood Camp and awarded me with the rank of second lieutenant, according to the rules of the Norman Empire.

’’I didn't refuse it, instead, I even felt excited about that because this promotion was very cool and indicated a brilliant future ahead. Additionally, even if I had to sacrifice myself, I felt that I'd have a brighter future by serving the emperor of the Norman Empire than serving a bunch of guys who only care about their business. As for the last point, I have a deep understanding...’’

With a smile, Zhang Tie patted his own clothes and pointed at his boots.

’’Second lieutenant of the Andaman Alliance would not have such a good treatment. Additionally, I find that this second lieutenant military uniform is very handsome, and I even feel reluctant to take it off. I heard treatment in the Iron-Blood Camp was even higher than that in normal battalions. Therefore, I happily registered in today...’’

At this time, many people had lost the hostility and alertness from their eyes. Nobody felt like to fighting Zhang Tie anymore. He was just chatting with them like friends. In their hearts, they had already decided that he was reliable, or at least not annoying.

’’I know what you're all thinking about. I told you this to explain that I'm just a commoner and am no different from you with exception of being a bit younger. I put on this military uniform completely out of karma. I didn't have anyone above at all. Neither did I lick shoes nor have any reliance on anyone. I'm here because of my own luck and power.

’’I don't expect to obtain your welcome, nor did I plan to punch you down. There is an old Chinese saying, 'Only by long-distance travel will one know the real strength of his horse;only by passed time will one clearly see the person beside him.'

’’I don't mean to show off anything today. All of me will be tested by time. As your platoon leader, I promise you that I'll try my best to protect you on the battlefield and strive for the chance to help all of you survive. If any of you don't believe in my real strength, you're welcome to fight me in two days'time!’’

’’Why not today?’’ a tough man of Platoon Three asked out of curiosity.

’’Because I've just taken the circumcision a few days ago, it's not well recovered yet. If I beat you up, the wound will not recover soon, which would make me feel unwell. Nobody would like his d*ck being wrapped like a mummy all day long, right? Unless a person has no d*ck at all, only then he would not know the pain of being cut on your d*ck...’’

Hearing such a reply, many onlookers were startled while more of them laughed their *sses off. Some scrupulous guys even whistled.

After seeing that Zhang Tie wasn't fighting the guys of Platoon Three, but was instead being jeered by a great amount of animals, the three guys of Beckham's group immediately took off their pants and tried their best to swing that thing in their crotches to show off around. Everybody then burst out laughing. Under the great laughter and the weird calls of 'mummy, mummy, mummy', Zhang Tie pulled off the zipper of his pants, which really startled the great amount of bastards, and they howled.

Zhang Tie didn't fight the guys in Platoon Three, still, he was well accepted by them.

Freo, Guderian, and several military officers then stared at each other, standing far away from those animals. In the Iron-Blood Camp, no new second lieutenant could be agreed on and accepted by the rest in such a short period. What magic had Zhang Tie used?


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