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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 171


Chapter 171: Rules of the Iron-Blood Camp

Translator: WQL Editor: DarkGem

August 6th, 889th year of Black Iron Calendar, Iron-Blood Camp's station, Blackhot City.

Compared to the scene when he came here five days ago, this time, the entire Iron-Blood Camp's station was over ten times more boisterous.

Zhang Tie had put on the handsome dark red military uniform of a second lieutenant. After foisting the bottom of the trousers'legs into the shiny boots and lowering the brim of his military hat, he looked sharper. With a long sword at his waist, Zhang Tie presented his certificate to the sentry and entered the station of the Iron-Blood Camp, gaining the attention of all the soldiers passing by him in the station.

This morning, adviser Vessie had driven Zhang Tie here. After that, the adviser drove away, unable not to mumble to himself, ’’After merely five days, how can he feel much sharper than before...’’

Of course, adviser Vessie didn't know that in the past five days since he parted with Zhang Tie, the latter had already eaten a Fruit of Brilliance, which surged his spiritual energy by three times. Also, last night, Zhang Tie had eaten another Leakless Fruit, which stimulated the fourth burning point on his spine to radiate yellow light. If nothing unexpected happened, next month on this day, Zhang Tie would become a LV 5 warrior after igniting two more burning points.

The Leakless Fruit increased his burning points at a frightening speed. So Zhang Tie was considering whether he should be low-key, leaving several ripe Leakless Fruits on the small tree, when he entered the Iron-Blood Camp. If he encountered any situation where he would be bled or something damaged his vigor, each Leakless Fruit on the small tree could act as an emergency first-aid kit.

Zhang Tie thought it over for awhile and gradually considered it's usefulness. In the end, when he almost reached the division's Building of the Iron-Blood Camp, he decided to temporarily not pick ripe Leakless Fruits anymore in the following four weeks so that he could save up several emergency first-aid kits for himself. As he was not familiar with the Iron-Blood Camp of No. 39 division, it was not bad to hide his real force.

Donder said that each army in any region had their own unwritten special regulations which influenced and were followed by each soldier. Sometimes, even the superior's words were not as important as these unwritten regulations. You could not acquire the agreement of the colleagues in the army with only a position appointed by the superior.

When adviser Vessie left just now, he also warned Zhang Tie to be careful about those army ruffians. If they continuously filed suits about you to Colonel Leibniz for trivial things, it would not be very glorious.

Knowing that there must be someone who detested him, the newly promoted second lieutenant, head of Platoon Three, Company Five of the Iron-Blood Camp, Zhang Tie had well prepared to face the challenges. However, he had not imagined that the challenges would come so fast.


’’Are you that boy toy struck by the lightning bolt?’’

Unexpectedly, Zhang Tie saw three tough guys snigger at him with arms crossed, standing in front of him on the way to the office area of the division's Building.

Zhang Tie glanced over their ranks first they were all sergeants. Among the Iron-Horn Army, sergeants were all LV 5 warriors with rich battle experience. These guys usually performed as team leaders under platoon heads. They were the backbones of teams under the platoon head.

These alleged backbones was a role that you needed to crack down on. If you could not do so, they were then called - trouble makers or army ruffians!

’’Don't you need show respect when you see your superior?’’ Zhang Tie calmly asked.

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, the three guys, the shortest among whom was half a head taller than Zhang Tie, exchanged glances among themselves before bursting out laughing, as if having heard a good joke.

’’Brat, you know where you are? Here is the Iron-Blood Camp of No. 39 division, the casualties of which could rank top five in the entire Iron-Horn Army. According to the rules here, the only one who deserves our respect is boss Reinhardt. You want us to show respect to you? Have you even completely grown your pubic hair yet?’’

They then burst out laughing again, casting contemptuous eyes at Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie felt embarrassed. He rubbed his face and stared at these arrogant guys. ’’Fine, since it is the rule of the Iron-Blood Camp, I will then follow that rule here. Additionally, since you asked, I will tell you that I've completely grown my pubic hair. However, as you are not women, I'm sorry, I won't show them to you. Even if you were three women, I would still not show you my pubic hair, either, considering your looks!’’


Many bored military officers were leaning against the windowsills of the division's Building of the Iron-Blood Camp, watching Zhang Tie's confrontation with the three army ruffians. With sounds of ’’Puchi...’’, they guffawed, unable to stand it anymore.

’’Boss, this brat is very interesting...’’

’’It's really my first time seeing anyone in the entire No. 39 division dare to declare that the three guys look ugly!’’

’’I've read this brat's records in Blackhot City. I found that this brat was very talkative, able to even confuse the truth. Additionally, his temperament is not bad. I like him. If this brat cannot stay in the company anymore, just dispatch him to us, the department of general affairs. I'll arrange for him to argue with the bastards in the logistics department and the headquarters to prevent him from losing his life...’’

Zhang Tie didn't know who was saying this upstairs, but with that person's words, many people upstairs started to have a good feeling about him and came to his side.

The relationships between people were that marvelous. Sometimes, someone would like you only by your words instead of having to look at you. Of course, sometimes it was the exactly opposite...

Standing before the window was a tough man with golden hair of around 40 years. With the beard covering most of his face, the person in the lieutenant colonel uniform was biting a big cigar. None of the buttons on his coat were buckled, and even some on his shirt were left unbuckled too.

If he was another commoner, people would consider him a drunk with untidy clothes. However, now this person revealed his natural fierce and heroic aura by dressing this way. This man was Reinhardt, the head of the Iron-Blood Camp.

Seeing Zhang Tie downstairs, Reinhardt revealed a shadow of a smile at least this brat assigned by colonel Leibniz was much more interesting than those bastards who came to the Iron-Blood Camp to make money...

Hearing Zhang Tie's joke, all the unscrupulous military officers upstairs burst out laughing loudly while the three guys who were holding Zhang Tie back turned purple.

’’Brat, do you know the outcome of insulting the three of us?’’

The three men walked one step forward at the same time, immediately surrounding Zhang Tie while making sounds of 'Pa pa'by pinching their fingers.

’’If I treat your honestly, does it mean I'm insulting you?’’ Zhang Tie said with amazement, staring at them seriously. ’’Then, I'm sorry about what I've said, actually you look very beautiful. I mean it, you look very beautiful. There is really few man as beautiful as you three. If you were b*tches, I would definitely show you my pubic hair...’’

The scrupulous military officers upstairs laughed so heavily that they started holding their their bellies with their hands as they squatted down to the ground, tears almost running down their cheeks. Even Commander Reinhardt's face continually twitched...

’’F*ck, Beckham, I cannot stand it anymore! Even if I'll be put into confinement, I have to beat this brat up today!’’

A man on the left of Zhang Tie became infuriated and shouted loudly before punching with his fist towards Zhang Tie's head without any hesitation.

’’Beat him!’’ Another guy also screamed and attacked Zhang Tie almost at the same time. ’’It's fine as long as we don't beat him to death or cripple him!’’

Zhang Tie didn't use his hidden strength at all, instead, he only used his barbarous strength to catch an incoming fist before kicking at the other guy's, who was trying ferociously to kick at him, leg away.

The latter one was immediately kicked two meters away while the first attacker's face immediately twisted as he felt an irresistible strength take hold of his arm.

At the same time Zhang Tie pulled the third person's arm and crashed him onto the first attacker. In a split second, the first attacker and the third attacker crashed into each other and fell to the ground, dazzled.

The battle was over almost in a heartbeat. Seeing what happened, the onlookers upstairs immediately became quiet and turned solemn with their eyes on the three people under the control of Zhang Tie.

’’He didn't use his hidden strength!’’ a military officer said.

’’He controlled his strength well!’’ another added, nodding.

’’He has great physical strength!’’

A tough military officer became spirited with his eyes on Zhang Tie.

’’He has rich battle experience. The kick that he used to send Beckham flying backwards through the air was highly skilled!’’

Another military officer nodded.

’’Based on his power alone he could win the position of the second lieutenant of Platoon Three under our company!’’

Another military officer nodded towards Reinhardt.

’’It seems that colonel Leibniz got the right person for us this time!’’ Reinhardt smiled as he flicked his cigar. ’’Guderian, go downstairs to call him here, no more playing.’’

A first lieutenant then walked downstairs.

When Guderian walked downstairs, Reinhardt turned back from the window and seriously glanced over those in the conference room. He then said in a very, very solemn tone, ’’Who among you would like to try being struck by a lighting bolt? If you're lucky enough, you might form Iron-Blood battle Qi like this brat. I will then transfer my position to you!’’

Reinhardt's expression was filled with instigation and amusement, his eyes glittering. If it was anyone else who had said this, everybody would understand that he was joking. However, as it was from the head of the Iron-Blood Camp, everybody knew it to be true. If anyone dared to nod, he would definitely be bundled onto a kite and sent flying in the sky or be directly tied onto a cable and suspended under a cloud with the most lightning bolts.

Battalion commander could definitely do this thing!

Seeing his eyes full with expectation, all the military officers hurriedly lowered their own heads, preferring to hide them closer to their crotches...

After glancing over the conference room, Reinhardt found nobody daring to be that brave, therefore, he let out a deep sigh of disappointment.

Downstairs, the moment Zhang Tie beat the three bad *sses off, he felt being locked on by many killing intents. The previously boisterous Iron-Blood Camp abruptly recovered its quiet. Soon after, many more guys ran towards him with their weapons while those guys who were lining up, training, or wandering cast their icy eyes onto Zhang Tie all of a sudden.

Seeing 70-80 more guys with bad looks surrounding him and the increasing amount of people running towards him, Zhang Tie finally knew that he had stirred up trouble.

The moment Zhang Tie started to prepare for a ferocious battle, a first lieutenant running downstairs shouted out an explanation. ’’This is the second lieutenant platoon commander of Platoon Three, Company Five of the Iron-Blood Camp assigned by Colonel Leibniz...’’ .

’’Ha... he's one of us...’’

Hearing his words, those guys who had intended to beat Zhang Tie stopped moving forward. Instead, they smiled and departed.

’’The three guys dared to provoke a superior;they deserved to be beaten up, hahaha!’’

A group of people who had planned to take revenge for Beckham and the other guys who had been beaten up by Zhang Tie started to mock the three awkward guys.

With such a sudden reversal, Zhang Tie immediately felt the collaborative atmosphere of the Iron-Blood Camp. This was an extremely united team that didn't allow their members to be bullied by outsiders.

The military officer who had helped Zhang Tie out of trouble greeted him.

’’Follow me up, boss Reinhardt is upstairs!’’


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