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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 164


Zhang Tie's revenge plan had been aborted on the next day of his release. When he prepared to aggressively seek revenge against Samira, he found out that despite him locating Samira's Business Group's base, the man had already hidden himself away.

When Zhang Tie was set free and promoted to be a second lieutenant yesterday, Samira learned of it the same evening;the Military Administration of Blackhot City had canceled his business group's supplier certificate. Scared by such an abrupt change, Samira had rolled away all the money of the Business Group and disappeared on the same evening without even giving notice to his employees.

When Zhang Tie arrived there, he found those employees were seeking for their boss, no one able to locate him. There were also many people who were bustling outside, asking for payment and goods from Samira's Business Group. The moment they found out that Samira's Business Group's supplier certificate was suddenly canceled by the Military Administration of Blackhot City, the partners rushed here;pitifully, they were still one step late.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Tie could only sigh that Samira was too cunning. Merely over one night, this guy had already slipped away.

Failing to catch Samira, Zhang Tie had to leave the base of Samira's Business Group.

Unexpectedly, only after a few days of his return, he had already managed to scare Samira away. Thinking of this, Zhang Tie became a bit arrogant.

A couple of days later, he would leave home and go to register in the Iron-Blood Camp, so the days left at home became precious. He had to hurriedly arrange and deal with his previous affairs: Donder, Iron-Thorns Fighting Club, Hit-Plane Brotherhood, and the three girls, Pandora, Alice, and Beverly, in the short period of time left to him.

Additionally, that damned circumcision operation concerning his 'se* happiness' should also be dealt with. Otherwise, after registering in the Iron-Blood Camp, Zhang Tie was afraid that he would have less time to do that.

From adviser Vessie, Zhang Tie had learned some information about the situation outside. Besides that confrontation between the Norman Empire's army and Sun Dynasty's army in Kalur, the entire Blackson Human Clan Corridor seemed to be being pushed to be chaotic by a dark force.

Many places had broken out in small-scale wars. Some small forces were annexed by bigger forces. Blackhot City was lucky enough to get included into the map of the Norman Empire, as in other places, there were many casualties everyday in the wars, and such a chaotic situation in general.

The next day, Zhang Tie found an abacus at home. He spent an afternoon to impart the oral skills of the 'mental arithmetic by abacus' to his elder brother and asked him to copy all the content in the book.

After learning that the 'mental arithmetic by abacus' could improve his spiritual energy and accelerate its recovery, Zhang Yang opened his mouth so widely that it could even hold a chicken egg inside.

After trying it, Zhang Yang could immediately sense how 'mental arithmetic by abacus' improved and helped to recover one's spiritual energy.

With his experiences and insights in the past years, of course Zhang Yang understood how precious this 'mental arithmetic by abacus' was. In this age, any method that could be used to improve one's spiritual energy would be regarded as the top secret which could not even be purchased by money.

On the third day, Zhang Tie put away that handsome military uniform, and instead put on a proper set of plain clothes. He left home in the early morning, slid into a hospital introduced by Hista, and completed the circumcision operation at the cost of 54 silver coins.

After taking off his pants together with his underwear and lying down on the operation table, a 30-odd plump and tall nurse lifted Zhang Tie's 'bird' with two fingers and cleaned off the fresh pubic hair under it. The shaving knife was very sharp. When it touched under Zhang Tie's abdomen, he felt all chilly. Having not made this operation before, Zhang Tie was scared that the aunt would directly cut off his 'bird'. He really did not know how this operation would go.

’’Hehe, that's fresh!’’ When shaving his pubic hair, the aunt ridiculed him with a smile. ’’Many kids have already taken this operation when they were just born. This is called capistration. What's pitiful boy is that you did not discover this problem before. But when you wanted to be a man, you realized it cannot work!’’

The aunt hit it directly, leaving Zhang Tie, whose pants and underwear had been taken off, lying on the operation table, feeling embarrassed all over. He had not been that embarrassed since he was born.

After shaving his pubic hair, the aunt brought a basin of water before washing it. Zhang Tie was overly embarrassed during the entire process. When she moved his 'bird' back and forth, the relentless guy abruptly became as hard as iron. Seeing that, the nurse kept giggling while washing it.

’’I did not imagine that you've got such a great 'root'’’ Saying this, the aunt forcefully flicked his 'bird' using two hands, leaving an unexpected stimulative to Zhang Tie, whose face turned red all over in a split second.

'I've been played by an aunt?' After experiencing it for the first time, Zhang Tie felt hot blood rushing downside, making the thing below as hard as iron.

When a man's hot blood rushed down, he would find every part of the woman before him beautiful. Like now, this 30-something nurse in Zhang Tie's eyes became a bit enchanting. All in a sudden, the nurse's chest, waist, and bottom were full of an alluring sense of mature and se*y woman.

Instinctively, Zhang Tie moved his hand to her bottom.

It was very huge and soft. Although scared by his own audacious move, Zhang Tie truly felt it very stimulative.

The nurse only cast a glance at him with a smile. She then continued to help him clean it. During the process, Zhang Tie's heart pounded as he felt very stimulated by touching the nurse's butt using one hand with a layer of white nurse uniform in the middle.

Soon after, she cleaned it up. The nurse then forcefully patted Zhang Tie's untamed thing like punishing it down. ’’Wait a moment, the doctor will come soon!’’

Then, she took the water away. Lying on the operation table, Zhang Tie was still recalling that nice feeling in his hand. This was his first time touching such a mature woman. Compared to Alice, Beverly, and Pandora, a mature woman seemed to have another special taste.

The wait passed by quickly. After lying on the table for a few minutes, a doctor came in.

It was a male doctor in a mask and hat. Zhang Tie couldn't clearly see his face. After sterilization and anesthesia, in less than ten minutes, Zhang Tie became senseless. He could only feel a bit of icyness on that thing. After a circle cut, the entire operation was completed.

Once the doctor left, the nurse carefully daubed medicine onto his wound before bundling it using gauze. Afterwards, she told Zhang Tie that he could put on his pants and underwear after getting off the table.

When he sat up, Zhang Tie looked at his thing, which was as ugly as a mummy bundled in a gauze with only the head exposed. The red-white scene was really dazzling——it was really too ugly! Additionally, covered in gauze, it felt heavy and uncomfortable, at least not as free as usual.

’’Here is the gauze and medicine. Three days later, you can change medicine and the gauze by yourself. If you recover fast, it'll be okay in a week or so. Before it recovers, you should not do too many excessive activities. Watch your health. Wear loose pants so as to lessen the rubbing against it. Before going to bed, drink less. Additionally, don't think about doing bad things;otherwise you will suffer a lot!’’

After telling him about the taboos, she handed a small roll of gauze and a vial of medicine to Zhang Tie. ’’The anesthetic effect will disappear after a while, so it'll be a bit painful for the next few days. Stand it!’’

’’Thanks!’’ Thinking of his aggressive move not long ago, Zhang Tie abruptly felt embarrassed. ’’Er... back then... sorry about that!’’

’’No need...’’ The nurse smiled carelessly. ’’Once stimulated, you kids will always be curious about doing something. That's very normal. However, at least that indicates that I'm still enchanting...’’

Looking at the smiling nurse, Zhang Tie learned it that mature women would become beautiful by smiling.

’’Er... will it be very painful after the anesthetic effect disappears?’’

’’It will feel painful for a few days. But it's still bearable. It will be okay if you don't let blood rush towards it and make it hard.’’ Saying that, the nurse touched Zhang Tie's head. ’’Today, one more bad brat was made capable of bullying girls. Remember to treat well your beloved girl!’’

’’I know!’’

Zhang Tie felt embarrassed, and scratched his head before smiling awkwardly.

After chatting with Zhang Tie for awhile and telling him about the taboos, the nurse arranged the items on the operation table and twisted her waist away.

Walking out of the operation room, Zhang Tie suddenly realized that he could be a man like others in a few days. He then felt his life being filled with sunshine and wonderful things...


The anesthetic effect started to disappear five minutes after Zhang Tie had left the hospital. The wound started to feel painful. But after surviving through the countless agonizing experiences in the numerous miserable practices in the Trouble-Reappearance Scenes, Zhang Tie cared nothing for this bit of pain.

During the last hour, he had removed the biggest obstacle in his path of becoming a man and bravely flirted with a nurse. Such an experience made Zhang Tie feel unbelievably proud of himself.

He felt so good, knowing that his spring will come soon. In one more week, he would be a real man, a man who could defeat women.

After leaving the hospital, Zhang Tie walked straight towards Doner's grocery store near the railway station of Blackhot City.

Under the military control, many places in Blackhot City became somewhat depressed since soldiers in dark-red military uniforms of No. 39 division could be seen patrolling everywhere around the city. However, unexpectedly, that flea market beside the railway station was more bustling than before. The population flow there was at least 30% greater than before.

Donder remained unchanged the past three months. When Zhang Tie entered the grocery store, he found the man with his head lowered, calculating on an abacus before an account book.


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