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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 157


Chapter 157: You've Been Recruited

Translator: WQL Editor: DarkGem

Previously, Zhang Tie had dreamed of sitting in a car numerous times, however, he had never imagined that the first car he sat in would belong to the Norman Empire's Iron-Horn Army.

As the head of the prison of Blackhot City, Captain Quin owned a private car - a 'Mountain Cat'SUV produced by the Norman Empire. Compared to the common steam-driven vehicles in the market, 'Mountain Cat'SUV had a higher chassis, stronger off-road performance, and stronger driving force.

Although also being driven by steam power, military vehicles had better configurations and performances than common civilian vehicles. The steam power units equipped on this 'Mountain Cat'could allow this vehicle to maintain a speed of 80 km/h even in the wild.

Previously, Captain Quin was worried that Zhang Tie would seek a chance to escape or to bring him trouble, however, after entering the SUV, he found that Zhang Tie's whole attention was put on the vehicle to the point of even ignoring him.

As time passed by, the two people in the car got more acquainted with each other. Captain Quin even swore at Zhang Tie 'Blackhot City's being rustic numerous times, gradually loosening his alert.

'How can such a guy be an enemy and a potential insurrectionist?’’ Captain Quin started to doubt the crime laid at Zhang Tie's feet. 'This guy doesn't look like he's hostile to the Norman Empire.'

Though based on Zhang Tie's age and looks, Captain Quin was really confused as why Battle God would choose him.

'Iron-Blood Hidden Strength! Less than 1 out of 100 elite soldiers of the Iron-Horn Army can form it. How could this rusty Blackhot City form it?'

Captain Quin started to sigh inside as he really couldn't understand it.

Could it be the favor of the Battle God?

Captain Quin was at a loss.


Zhang Tie was driven directly to the place where the headquarters of No. 39 division under the flagship of the Iron-Horn Army was located in Blackhot City. Two months ago, this place was the general headquarters of the City Guard.

The military residence was strictly defended. There were dozens of various vehicles parked outside. Besides these iron and steel beasts, there were many iron-horn beasts that Zhang Tie had witnessed several week ago in the Crescent Prairie. Of course, the most numerous guardians here were soldiers of the Norman Empire in dark red military uniforms.

Captain Quin parked his vehicle directly outside the entrance of the headquarters'building. He then jumped off and greeted a second lieutenant who was standing next to the building. After exchanging for a short while in quiet voices, the lieutenant cast a glance at Zhang Tie and quickly left. In less than half a minute, that second lieutenant came back together with four tough looking soldiers. After handing Zhang Tie over to them, Captain Quin left.

Soon after, Zhang Tie was escorted by the four tough looking soldiers and the second lieutenant into a cell marked with words Interrogation Room on floor one of a building beside the headquarters.

After closing the iron gate of the Interrogation Room, the four soldiers stood outside, leaving Zhang Tie alone in the cell.

No matter what, the environment here was a hundred times better than in the black cell of that smelly underground floor 3.

The sunlightt came in through a narrow window two meters off the ground. Standing under it, Zhang Tie kept his eyes closed and head raised up. He seemed to be enjoying calmly basking in the warm rays of the sun.

If everything went well, the mixed division of 25 thousand people led by Colonel Leibniz under the flagship of the Norman Empire's Iron-Horn Army would be stationed in Blackhot City. Was that the prelude to the chaotic world that Zerom had mentioned?

Thinking of his parents'terrified expressions when he was taken away yesterday, Zhang Tie felt painful inside once again.


When Captain Quin returned to the prison of Blackhot City, he found several new faces, one among which was a bastard of the Military Administration of Blackhot City, while the others were from the Scouts Camp. The bastard from the Military Administration looked embarrassed while the guys from the Scouts Camp looked infuriated.

At the sight of Captain Quin, the newcomers hurriedly saluted him.

'What are they doing in my place?'

Because of Zhang Tie's affair, Captain Quin didn't look good. So he asked without any emotion, ’’What's up?’’

’’Sorry to bother you, Captain Quin, yesterday, the Military Administration had someone escort a Chinese youth called Zhang Tie here. There might be a misunderstanding, so we come here to take him away!’’

Saying this, the second lieutenant took out the authorization certificate signed by the Military Administration and gave it to Captain Quin.

’’Sorry, this person is not in the prison any more!’’ Captain Quin said without any mood to be bothered anymore.

’’What? Is he dead?’’

A young soldier of Scouts Camp moved one step forward, almost falling down onto the ground. Talking with a superior at such a short distance was forbidden under normal circumstances. However, this time, looking at this emotional young soldier who even had a wound on his leg, Captain Quin didn't care about his move and asked out of curiosity, ’’Do you know each other?’’

Seemingly having realized his rudeness, Salvey became a bit more clear-minded. ’’Sir, that youth saved my life several days ago. Because I was carrying out a task at that time, I didn't have a chance to thank him. However, when I visited his home today, I was told he was set up and sent to the prison...’’ Salvey briefly explained what had happened.


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