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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 154


Chapter 154: A Dragon Driven Mad

Translator: WQL Editor: DarkGem

From the wild beasts that surrounded Zhang Tie, breathing heavy, one shadow rushed towards him...


Another faster shadow grabbed the first man's arm and punched him, sending him flying back through the air.

’’That brat is mine...’’

The latter shadow was taller and stronger with a feel of tyranny. Behind him was a looming huge black spider, which indicated that this man was already a LV 6 fighter with battle Qi.

The moment this man stood up, all the other shadows that surrounded Zhang Tie stopped moving forward and lost their aggressive stances.

’’This brat is mine...’’ That huge shadow pointed at Zhang Tie, who remained unchanged beside the entrance, and growled like pointing at a piece of food, ’’This chubby boy is mine, nobody else can steal him away from me!’’

’’Ma Long, this will not depend on you...’’ A humpbacked guy sneered with the voice 'Jajajaja'as he slowly walked one step forward. He had scattered hair like a big mouse's and walked trying to keep its shoulders square. ’’You're truly powerful, but if we attack you together, you won't be our opponent either!’’

’’Long time no see such an interesting toy...’’ Another man with an ugly look whose nose seemed have been cut off, leaving two flat bloody holes, walked a step forward. There was another huge black spider behind him. ’’I really want to smell this brat...’’

’’This boy is not yours alone, he's ours...’’ With these words, another person walked out of the crowd, his feet and hands dirty like a wild dog's, while his thirsty eyes fixed on Zhang Tie like a wolf's which had been hungry for several months. At the same time, he licked his lips. ’’The blood of this kind of young man tastes the best. I don't care how you will play him. But you have to hand him to me before his last breath. If he dies, his blood would be hard to drink...’’

’’I need five hours...’’ Ma Long firmly said, giving a concession after thinking for a while.

’’The last guy was played by you to death in merely three hours. This young man seems not that strong...’’

The other people moved closer to Zhang Tie.

’’At most one hour. Additionally, you have to guarantee that this brat is still be alive in that time. You have only one hour!’’ the humpbacked old man fiercely argued. ’’If you don't agree, after a while, when the others hold you back, I'll break this brat's neck first so that he can easily die. If that happens, nobody will get to enjoy him!’’

It was Zhang Tie's first time to be seen as a piece of meat. While arguing about how to share him, no one even glance at him, most likely seeing him as already dead. Zhang Tie just gazed at these guys with an icy expression and gradually understood what kind of people they were.

Even the worms on rotten corpses of the animals in the Crescent Prairie were cleaner than these guys!

Those put behind the bars of this cell were not qualified to be called humans;instead, they were stinky walking-dead which could breathe in the darkest corners of the cell. They should have long been buried and turned into fertilizer. They should have never been allowed to continue living in this world.

Zhang Tie's eyes over them gradually became icy and emotionless.

Just now, these beasts had already reached an agreement: in the first hour, Zhang Tie belonged to that guy called Ma Long, who had to ensure that Zhang Tie would still be alive at the end of the first hour, and major organs should not be damaged. Once that hour would be over, the other guys decided on who had the right to use Zhang Tie, as well as to whom belonged each of his organs, even his blood as precisely as each second before he was tortured to death.

After Zhang Tie was shared, besides Ma Long, all the others stood back to 7-8 m away from Zhang Tie and formed a circle of glittering eyes on him. At the same time, they forcefully swallowed their saliva, gasping from excitement. They prepared to watch Ma Long's performance for the next hour. This was a program that they had negotiated to spice up their daily lives.

Ma Long was taller than 2 m. His developed muscles all over his body made him look like a small mountain. Being nude like all the other people in this cell, Ma Long just strode towards Zhang Tie. This length of time was aplenty for Zhang Tie to see that Ma Long had been castrated and was not a man any more...

’’Heh heh, what have you seen? Are you weird out by it?’’ Seemingly having realized that Zhang Tie had noticed that he was castrated, Ma Long's face twisted abnormally. ’’That f*cking woman was very beautiful. In order to f*ck her, I killed her man, threw her kid onto the ground to death. After that, I bundled her at her home and f*cked her for one month. One month later, she became docile. There was a time when I took a rest after f*cking her, and she expressed her desire to clean my d*ck using her tongue. I trusted her. She then bit off my p*nis. In revenge, I twisted off her neck and scooped my thing from her mouth. Pitifully, I couldn't reconnect it as she had not only bit off my thing but also chewed it into pieces...’’

’’So why are you still alive, why didn't they hang you when you were arrested?’’ Zhang Tie calmly asked.

’’They didn't know about it. The women who were f*cked and killed by me were not able to appeal to the court...’’ Ma Long revealed a weird smirk. ’’I was put inside because of another case. They just took me as a common major criminal offender. So they let me live by sentencing me to life imprisonment. You know what? When I came here, I found that even if I had no pen**, I could still do a lot of interesting things. As long as you're docile, I'll let you survive for a couple more days...’’

Saying this, Ma Long stretched out his hand as wide as Zhang Tie's thigh, intending to grab Zhang Tie's head.

Seeing Ma Long being ready to start his performance, all the other walking dead revealed various weird smirks.

There was a sharp difference between the figures of Zhang Tie and Ma Long as the latter would roughly be three times the size of the other.

Zhang Tie then gripped Ma Long's wrists to stop it from moving forward even a bit. Sensing that, Ma Long's face immediately turned pale, and he started to intensify his strength with a shadowy black spider behind him. However, Zhang Tie's hand remained still. Gradually, Ma Long's face started to twist, and sweat begun forming on his forehead...

As Ma Long increased his strength, he also started to trigger his battle Qi. Since he felt no battle Qi on Zhang Tie, he thought that once his battle Qi invaded Zhang Tie's body, the boy's life or death would be at his discretion. However, Ma Long found that the moment his battle Qi reached Zhang Tie's hand, it would immediately evaporate like when rain and fog met magma.

Ma Long's face greatly distorted as he found a hidden strength, instead of battle Qi or transformed strength in Zhang Tie's body. That hidden strength formed into a string in Zhang Tie's hand. Akin to having hit an iron wall, Ma Long's battle Qi could barely enter an inch.

How could there be such a hidden strength...

’’How could this be?’’ Ma Long exclaimed as if having been slashed by a machete.

At the same time, Zhang Tie's hand was also gradually gripping more tightly, increasing its force.

All the onlookers in the cell saw that something was not right. ’’No way, how could Ma Long be weaker than the brat...’’


Ma Long finally could not stand it anymore and used his another hand to punch at Zhang Tie's head.

’’Go die!’’

With glittering eyes, Zhang Tie kicked Ma Long's lower body using his right leg before the others punch had reached his head. This kick was rightly named Cannon Leg in Iron-Blood Fist skillbook. It moved upward from Ma Long's crotch. The moment Zhang Tie hit there, his Iron-Blood hidden strength on the foot broke out...

Hit by Zhang Tie's amazing kicking force, the 2-m tall Ma Long was sent flying back like a balloon, with a terrifying sound of breaking bones. His head hit the 3-m high ceiling of the cell, making the sound of 'Kacha'. Spraying fresh blood everywhere, Ma Long fell down to the ground.

After falling, he was as soft as a piece of mud that had no breath of life anymore.

Zhang Tie's kick was really terrifying.

Like having been pinched on their necks, the wild beasts in the cell stopped all the weird voices and gasps in a split second.

Ma Long just died like this? The LV 6 Ma Long had been kicked to death by this youth just like that? Since they all knew Ma Long's real fighting force, the wild beasts were scared and started to move back...

It was hard to say what Zhang Tie was thinking about he just gazed at Ma Long's dead body before shaking his head.

Zhang Tie then raised his head and glanced over the other beasts in the cell. Was it more frightening to be surrounded by these scumbags than by more than 300 wild wolves?

He walked towards these guys...

’’Since Ma Long has died, nobody can hurt you in this cell...’’ the humpbacked old man said, moving back.

Zhang Tie ignored his words, just walking towards him...

’’You can do whatever you want here...’’

The humpbacked man continued to move back...

Zhang Tie ignored his words, just walking towards him...

’’We can all follow your orders...’’

Zhang Tie ignored his words, just walking towards him...


The moment the humpbacked old man shouted, four shadows charged at Zhang Tie, the humpbacked old man's shadowy black spider appearing almost at the same time.

Zhang Tie consecutively punched out four fists in a split second. At the same time, four shadows were sent flying back in the air and fell to the ground. Three of the four did not pick themselves up again, while the humpbacked man was bleeding and staring at Zhang Tie in an astonished kind of way. He felt his guts being broken into pieces by a surging strength.

Before death, he growled, ’’Hidden strength, how could that be...’’

At the same time, a mouthful of blood mixed with his broken guts sprayed out from his mouth, leaving no breath anymore.

A LV 4 warrior could form hidden strength, but not every LV 4 warrior. Even some higher level warriors could not form it. Level represented the number of burning points ignited and how a person's physical potential was tapped.

Hidden strength represented how a person's strength and physical potential tapped chose to act. Although steel and iron could be used to produce weapons, not all the steel and iron was used to for weapons. Many people who owned the materials could not use them to produce weapons. Likewise, people who had formed hidden strength indicated that they had produced their physical potential and strength into cutlery and swords and other fighting tools.

Zhang Tie had already formed hidden strength, which was not the common kind but Iron-Blood hidden strength. Somehow, even if Captain Kerlin had said that less than one out of one hundred people can form hidden strength, on the first day Zhang Tie reached LV 4, he had already sensed this wholly new strength hidden in his body. Of course, he could easily master the Iron-Blood hidden strength.

Zhang Tie had learned that the largest amount of Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits that could be produced on the small tree was nine.

When the three-month survival training came to an end, Zhang Tie had already become a LV 4 warrior. Besides, he had formed hidden strength of Iron-Blood Fist skill and had the full strength of nine wild wolves in his body.

At this time, the power of the Iron-Blood Fist skill in his hand had also startled Zhang Tie himself. From now on, the imperial battle skill of the Norman Empire started to radiate its brilliance in a wholly new way.

Besides Zhang Tie, nobody knew that he was no longer the same person as three months ago.

’’We can all follow your orders!’’ someone shouted from the back of the cell.

’’You parasitic worms in the darkness, you all have to die today!’’ Zhang Tie's killing intent immediately exploded. ’’If I let your survive, it'll definitely be the biggest blasphemy to the human clan!’’

In the dark cell, more shadows charged at Zhang Tie with weird screams. Using Iron-Blood Fist skill with ease, Zhang Tie punched again and again, the growls of a tiger resounding after his every more...

Two minutes later, the growling punches stopped. The cell regained its peace. After patting his sleeves, Zhang Tie found a semi-clean place beside the iron gate and took a seat. With eyes closed, he started to polish the fourth burning point on his spine...



On the Fibonacci's golden spiral that represented the path of evolution, Zhang Tie had moved four steps forward. He was going to take the fifth step. In the future, each step forward would be many times harder than before. However, Zhang Tie was not afraid. For him, everything was just a matter of time as he had the Castle of Black Iron and that small tree inside...



A question flashed across Zhang Tie's mind.

'I wonder what the world after LV 9 is like?'


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