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Castle Of Black Iron - Chapter 152


Chapter 152: Murdering People with Others'Hands

Translator: WQL Editor: DarkGem


His eyes fixed on the villain, Zhang Tie was really startled that Samira could jump out at this time. Previously Zhang Tie had set him up as 'a spy of the Norman Empire'. However, he had never imagined that this guy would end up so well off that he would even bring soldiers of the Norman Empire's army to find him trouble at his home.

’’Hey hey, you would have never imagined this. To tell the truth, I have to appreciate you...’’

Samira glared fiercely at Zhang Tie. He could never forget about what had happened in the Wild Wolf Castle. It was this youth who had used his mouth to beat him into hell.

At that time, Samira thought that he was over. Unexpectedly, after being put behind bars in Blackhot City for a few days, the Norman Empire's army came knocking. By a stroke of luck, Samira had obtained a chance. Before, he was a rat beat up everywhere in Blackhot Ciy;now, he became a good citizen of the Norman Empire.

’’You must have made a mistake. How could my son be the enemy of the Norman Empire. He's just a student!’’ Zhang Tie's mom exclaimed in terror. ’’Look, we have our flags of the Norman Empire and the Iron-Horn Army before our door...’’

After glancing over the flags before Zhang family's door, the soldiers of the Norman Empire looked a bit better.

’’Yea, my son has just completed his survival training in his last year at school, so how could he have become an enemy of the Iron-Horn Army?’’ Zhang Tie's dad also argued loudly, his face turning pale.

In the past few days, the Norman Empire had killed so many people in Blackhot City that everybody else were left terrified. All the insurgents and robbers that went against the Norman Empire's army had become corpses.

Of course, all parents were afraid of their children being involved in these two groups the most: the 'enemy of the Norman Empire'and 'potential insurrectionists who are hostile to the Iron-Horn Army'. Either of them would easily make the children lose their lives.

Seeing his parents becoming anxious, Zhang Tie was pained inside.

’’I believe that the Norman Empire's soldiers are greatly different from thugs who only know how to set fires. I also believe that no matter how others frame me, I, as a loyal citizen of the emperor of the Norman Empire, will deserve a fair treatment...’’ After glancing over the soldiers beside him, Zhang Tie said calmly, ’’I know you are taking orders, therefore, I don't want to argue with you here. However, before you take me away, please give me some time to talk with my parents. I've just completed the survival training and have not even entered my own home yet!’’

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, a guy with the rank of sergeant cast another glance over Zhang Tie, who looked calm at this moment, and his anxious parents before giving a slight nod. ’’You have only two minutes.’’

’’Thanks!’’ After saying this, Zhang Tie turned back and faced his parents. ’’Dad and mom, don't worry about me. I'll be okay. I have three huge wolves'hides in my luggage, which are my gifts for you. One for each of you and my elder sister-in-law...’’

’’Who dares to bully my younger brother!’’

With a loud scream, a shadow rushed out of the room inside.

When Zhang Tie was talking with his parents, his elder brother Zhang Yang ran out the house. Seeing so many people surrounding them through the window, he had immediately grabbed his sword and rushed outside. At the sight of Zhang Yang's move, the soldiers of the Norman Empire also pulled out their long swords in a split second, holding him from moving away from the door. As a result, the present situation abruptly escalated.

Along with Zhang Yang was his wife, whose belly was swollen due to pregnancy. At the sight of the scene in the courtyard, the woman's face immediately turned pale from fear.

Due to the weapons being pulled out, not only those people passing by Zhang house, even the neighbors and onlookers hurriedly scurried away. Samira sneered and silently hid behind the soldiers.

In an informal dress, Zhang Yang rushed out and put his long sword in front of his chest, aiming to protect Zhang Tie and their parents behind him. After that, he glared at those soldiers of the Norman Empire. ’’What do you want to do here?’’

’’Elder brother!’’ Zhang Tie called as he put his hand on Zhang Yang's shoulder. He then forced a smile like this was nothing serious. ’’Have you noticed that guy with a poisonous snake's head and triangular eyes? He's Samira. We bear grudges against each other.

’’Now, he has seized the chance to frame me as the enemy of the Norman Empire. So these soldiers came here by orders of their superior, intending to take me away for an investigation. Don't worry. You know the best what kind of person I am. I'll be okay. Come on, put down your weapon. Look, you almost scared my elder sister-in-law!’’

Zhang Tie looked relaxed as he moved his hand down along his elder brother's shoulder. Then he patted Zhang Yang's hand to comfort him before separating his fingers one by one like making pieces of rolled iron straight.

Zhang Yang, as a LV 5 warrior, was really shocked by how Zhang Tie forcefully took his long sword away from his hand, then handed it to the elder sister-in-law, who was standing by the door in fear, a twitchy smile on her lips.

’’Elder sister-in-law, bring the weapon away. You, elder brother, and our parents should just go back inside. I'll come back in a couple of days...’’

After saying this, Zhang Tie exchanged a serious look with his surprised elder brother, telling him his words through that look that could only be understood by brothers, ’’I'll be okay, elder sister-in-law and our parents all need your care. It is not the right time for you and me to use force...’’


After glancing over his family members and the surrounding soldiers of the Norman Empire, Zhang Yang gritted his teeth and gave a forced nod.

’’Dad and mom, trust me, I'll be okay. I'll be back in a few days...’’ After comforting his dad and mom, Zhang Tie turned back to the soldiers and said, ’’We can go now!’’

Zhang Tie was not concerned about his safety at all as he had his own trump card. He believed that if he used that card, even if the soldiers of the Iron-Horn Army wouldn't know how to deal with him.

This time, Samira had really driven Zhang Tie mad...

Pleased with himself, Samira followed Zhang Tie and the soldiers of the Norman Empire. He looked at the youth in a commanding and gloating sneer, 'Brat, I'll let you know the outcome of going against me.'

Zhang Tie didn't care about Samira at all. Instead, he just shared the whole story about how the enmity between him and Samira came to be in the Wild Wolf Castle.

At the beginning, Samira was complacent;however, by the end, his face was becoming increasingly worse. In contrast, at the beginning, the soldiers of the Norman Empire didn't care about him at all and looked solemn, but by the end, some of them had been deeply attracted by the plot.

A youth revealed Samira's conspiracy to cheat his classmates to go to the Crescent Prairie at the risk of their own lives. Framed by the bodyguards of Samira's Business Group, the youth used the darkness in the mining tunnel and escaped at a critical moment.

Going against the bodyguards of Samira's Business Group. Being interrogated in the court and righting the blame put on him.

Finally, a miraculous reversal. Samira was accused of being a spy of the Norman Empire and sent behind bars.

Although it was a short story, after being described in an emotional way, it became pretty attractive;especially the part where he argued with Samira in the court. The story even had a happy end. Anyone who heard it would be intrigued by it.

’’Don't believe in his nonsense, that brat is full of bullsh*t. He's just an insidious, poisonous snake and the enemy of the Norman Empire. When he was at school, he was extremely hostile to the Norman Empire. He's now become a terrorist!’’ Samira shouted loudly, jumping up in the air behind them.

’’Everybody could identify who's more like a poisonous snake. There are more than 20 teachers and thousands of students from the four schools who could be my witness. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Blackhot City should have also preserved the detailed investigation result about this event. It cannot be changed by just moving your mouth,’’ Zhang Tie replied calmly.

’’Since this person went to the Military Administration to report you, it is the organization that wants to interrogate you. As Blackhot City is still under military administration, the guilty are interrogated by the criminal court of the Iron-Horn Army. You will be brought there as well. Just remember you have the right to defend yourself. And we're just following the orders of our superior.’’

After hearing Zhang Tie's story, the squad leader who was quiet the whole way opened his mouth and broke the rules to tell Zhang Tie why they had come to take him away. Because of the story, most of the soldiers turned more sympathetic and appreciative towards Zhang Tie instead of Samira. At the same time, they loosened their alertness and showed their contempt to Samira by ignoring him.

However, they were ordered to catch Zhang Tie;no matter what they thought, they had no choice but to follow the order.

After knowing how Samira had set him up, Zhang Tie started to plan inside.

Right now, he feared most that Samira had someone backing him. But Samira had appealed to the Military Administration of the Norman Empire, which at least indicated that he didn't have a strong backing. Not in the affair to set Zhang Tie up, anyway. Since if he had it, he would not have gone through all of these procedures, instead, just greeted his backer.

This time, Samira planned to kill him using the hands of others. Son of a b*tch!

Soon after Zhang Tie was taken away, his elder brother Zhang Yang had hurriedly put on his formal clothes and went to find help: of course, he had his own friends and acquaintances.

In a short while, Zhang Yang had learned about what had happened between Zhang Tie and Samira, and learned the status of Samira: a LV 3 material supplier of the Military Administration of Blackhot City.

After Blackhot City was 'liberated', Samira was set free. With the fault of being 'a spy of the Norman Empire', he used his talent in socialising and obtained the trust of the Military Administration. Later, he won a license of a LV 3 material supplier and slowly expanded his popularity.

Hearing that Zhang Tie was escorted away by soldiers of the Norman Empire, Zhang Yang's friend immediately turned pale. ’’Well, sh*t. I understand what that guy called Samira is planning to do. He doesn't want for Zhang Tie to be interrogated in the criminal court at all;instead, he just wants to put him behind bars...’’


Zhang Yang also became tense.

’’Now, the prison of Blackhot City is brimming with people. There are all sorts of murderers and major criminal offenders in there. If a 15-old youth put inside such a cell...’’

Zhang Yang's friend stopped talking.

Hearing his friend's explanation, Zhang Yang's face also turned pale. He also knew how dark the prison was. And right now, it was definitely the darkest one in the past dozens of years. All the rapists, murders, major criminal offenders, and a batch of criminals awaiting death penalty that had been caught by the Norman Empire's army were put together.

Casualties happened everyday in the prison of Blackhot City these days. The Military Administration of the Norman Empire would never care about what the criminals did inside. If a chubby boy like Zhang Tie was put inside with those...

Zhang Yang almost passed out from the image in his head.


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