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Card Disciple - Chapter 33


Chapter 33 - Guessing

Lei Zi was surprised looking at Chen Mu's excitement, smiled, then said, ’’I hardly see you being this diligent, tsk tsk, didn't you get a girl?’’ However, he immediately felt that something wasn't right, ’’You wooden head, how can any girls be interested in you.’’

Chen Mu didn't even care about Lei Zi's mocking. Girls? Until now, he had never thought of it. He knew that he and Lei Zi both had the same attitudes towards this aspect. They were poor kids, how could girls be interested in them?

Although Chen Mu was anxious and wanted to see whether the Movie Cards were sold, he didn't follow Lei Zi to take a look at the situation. Lei Zi could handle this by himself.

No doubt, Lei Zi came back half an hour later. Even when he hadn't reached the door yet, Chen Mu could already hear his hysterical screaming, ’’Wooden head, wooden head! Quickly get to work! Right now! Ha ha, we are rich this time!’’

As soon as Lei Zi arrived in those stores, the store owners anxiously rushed over to see him.

Movie Cards! They wanted Movie Cards! Everyone was waving money in their hands, shouting their lungs out!

Chen Mu was already familiar with creating the ’’Fortuitous Encounters’’. He promptly grabbed a stack of materials then instantly got to work.

He was especially excited when making the Cards this time. In front of him, those uncompleted sets of Movie Cards were like materials. Ha, this place needed a celestial stone, some more strokes, haha, adding a handful of yellow worm's bones powder... Under the light, Chen Mu's eyes were like stars. He put in his all in finishing these Movie Cards in front of him. Behind him, Lei Zi was drinking Clear Sky Flowing Water, casually humming to a song, as if he was a supervisor.

This time, the number of orders was high. It had almost reached a hundred sets of Movie Cards. The profit in it was seven hundred thousand Odi. When divided, one could have thirty-five hundred thousand Odi's each.

Wow, life was beautiful. Lei Zi was still holding the bottle of Clear Sky Flowing Water, satisfyingly took a sip. He glanced over to Chen Mu, who was still frantically drawing. Lei Zi felt that this life was full of happiness.

He could sell two hundred sets just in one institution. This consumption rate had far surpassed his expectations. There were indeed many wealthy people that existed in this world. Nonetheless, he knew with such a consumption rate;it would reach the equilibrium soon. After he had finished selling these hundred sets, he decided not to make more of the ’’Fortuitous Encounters’’.

He just needed to maintain the well-known state that the ’’Fortuitous Encounters’’ had experienced right at this present moment. When he established his next set of Movie Cards, if its quality could pass, then he definitely didn't need to worry about not being able to sell it.

It seemed that he needed to start working on the second set of Movie Cards, Lei Zi was thinking hard while drinking the Clear Sky Flowing Water.

Zuo Ting couldn't help but sigh, looking at the analyzing device and the Movie Card which were both emitting smokes in front of him. The illusory card of the ’’Fortuitous Encounters’’ that he was using to experiment with right now was the one he had just bought. Right now, a set of ’’Fortuitous Encounters’’ had reached twenty-five thousand Odi. The Card Creator had announced that this would be one of those last sets as the price had been increased almost instantly due to this news.

A hundred sets, towards the mad female fans, this number was nothing. When Zuo TingYi bought this set of ’’Fortuitous Encounters’’, the price had already been thirty thousand Odi's. However, this amount was insignificant to him. No need to mention thirty thousand, even if it were three hundred thousand Odi, he would have still unhesitatingly bought it. He even purchased another set for his younger sister as an apology for breaking her ’’Fortuitous Encounters’’ set last time.

Because these hundred sets of ’’Fortuitous Encounters’’ had appeared in time, moreover, since several devices were broken because of this, the institution's cracking squad couldn't do anything except gloomily disband. This was considered one of the most shocking news in the DongWei Institution this year.

However, Zuo TingYi didn't give up.

He didn't believe that the difficulty in a level one Illusory Card could have defeated him! Although the fact that he had broken those analyzing devices had put him in a problematic situation, he surely wouldn't want to give up. If he, a person who could create a level three Illusory Card, was unable to crack a level one Illusory Card, then this would be his biggest shame.

If the other party was a supreme master, then it wouldn't be a problem. Anyhow, time after time this person had never proven his popularity. Wooden head, such an old-fashioned and strange name that he had ever heard of before.

Zuo Ting's attractive face was too focused, to the point it was as though sweat was running nonstop on his face.

Was this actually a level one illusory card? He truly didn't understand, how could such a small level one Illusory Card be able to create such tremendous damages? He had broken ten devices in his laboratory;the total amount went up to above one hundred and fifty million Odi. This level one Illusory Card was like a sensitive being, as soon as it felt that it was being threatened, it would perish together with its opponent.

This was indeed a magical Illusory Card.

Those things had completely surpassed what he had learned by now. Getting to this point, he decided he needed to find a helping hand. In his family, there were a few capable Card Creators. They would definitely be able to figure out the mystery inside of this Card for him.

Zuo TingYi put the other level one Illusory Card away. After that, he wanted to find the Card Creator Mei Da. Although his Creating Cards skill wasn't the best, in terms of knowledge, he would certainly be the most erudite person in this place.

As soon as he stepped out of the laboratory, a servant had soon been waiting outside, rushing towards him.

’’Young master, Master has asked for you to come to the study room.’’

Zuo TingYi was dumbstruck, the study room? That place was where father used to welcome important guests. Zuo TingYi was rarely allowed to enter. It seemed that father had looked for him to discuss a serious matter this time.

Outside of the study room, Zuo TingYi slightly fixed his clothes. He took a deep breath, then started to knock.

’’Come in.’’ A low voice came out from the study room.

Pushing the doors open, Zuo TingZi stepped inside.

’’You are here?’’ Zuo TianLin didn't move his eyes, although his eyebrows, which originally looked solemn , had slowly gotten softer. Zuo TianLin had an upright face and sturdy figure. He sat there like a small unflustered mountain, emitting a prestigious aura even when he wasn't enraged.

’’Yes, father.’’ Zuo TingYi slightly bowed down. Although it was just a glance, he could still see the temples with white and gray hair colors. An indescribable pain suddenly arose in his heart.

Zuo TianLin sat in front of his working table and examined his son. After a long while, he asked, ’’Have the exchange disciples from the Stars Courtyard come to your institution yet?’’

’’Yes, it has already been two months.’’ Zuo TingYi answered in details. Although he was confused, he believed that his father had something to say.

Zuo TianLin seemed to be thinking about some matters, after a few minutes, he raised his head and asked, ’’How do you feel about this?’’

Even though Zuo TingYi's experiences were still little, he was incredibly smart. The way his father asked had captured his attention.

Zuo TianLin's bright eyes were looking straight at his son.

Zuo TingYi immediately understood. Something big might happen. He thought for a while, then answered, ’’With the Stars Courtyard's capacity and position, it is indeed strange that they have decided to organize an exchange trip to our institution.’’ He firmly raised his head, a hint of fright could be seen on his face, ’’You mean ... they have planned to do something? However... what can be worthy in DongWei Institution?’’


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