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Card Disciple - Chapter 32


Chapter 32 - The vigorous Cracking Operation (4)

It was easier to think than to execute. Reality was cruel, and the path was winding.

No need to mention that Token Card, the other eleven Cards that he had never heard of before was already a tremendous challenge to him. However, Chen Mu didn't feel discouraged. On the contrary, he was extremely excited. His mind was deeply emerged in the process of creating Cards.

If Lei Zi came back, it wouldn't be that easy for him to concentrate even if he wanted to.

Returning to the institution, the crowd of disciples were making detours for the unsightly-countenanced Zuo TingYi to go pass. Right at that moment, he overheard a small group of people discussing in front.

’’Have you heard that? Some people in our cracking squad have broken several devices of the institution.’’

’’Cracking squad? Is it the group of people who were trying to crack that thing, eh what is it called, 'Fortuitous Encounters'? ’’

’’Who else? They think they are great. Ha, wanting to go crack other people's Cards, this is going to be good.’’ The one who could say this was the typical person who had wanted to see others got in trouble.

’’Several devices? Aren't they familiar with it? How can they break it?’’ The other couldn't help but ask.

The first one gestured something with his hand;face was fullof mystery.

’’Seven?’’ The people around them were astonished. ’’Impossible! Seven devices? What has happened? We are friends, can you please be clearer?’’

This person was capable of attracting others' attention. He complacently said, ’’I don't know the exact situation. However, the fact that they have broken seven devices is definitely true. One of my best friends is in that cracking squad. He told me so with a grimaced expression yesterday.’’

’’Seven, ah ah, they have to pay an enormous amount of money then!’’

’’It's not just huge. Some of them are high-level devices. Someone has calculated that, among thirty of them, each must bear two million Odi. My friend hugged me and cried all night long yesterday, so sorrowful that he even wanted to die!’’ The one who was speaking shook her head, sympathizingly grieved. The money that he has been saving for two years had went with the flow just like that.’’

Everyone was sighing.

Zuo TingYi sneered while standing behind them. He didn't know whether or not it was because of his mental fitness that had gotten balanced, but his expression was getting brighter. He had broken a twenty hundred million which was worth an analyzing device yesterday.

It wasn't that he minded this amount of money. He was just hurt due to his failure. He felt as if someone had slapped him, hard. With his arrogant self, he abhorred this feeling.

Stupid Movie Card! He gritted his teeth in silent fury, cursing.

’’I have returned.’’ Lei Zi brought numerous of the big and small bags into the room, yshouting. These were the things that he had especially brought for Chen Mu. Most of them were edible.

’’I don't even know how you could have messed up this room up just in several days.’’ Chen Mu muttered on one side and pushed the room's doors on the other side.

BAH! A sound of numerous things dropped down on the floor echoed.

In his eyes, weird things were scattered everywhere in the room, not to mention the mess under his feet. He estimated that was the pile that he had indirectly thrown down.

A pair of ragged eyes looked up at him from behind the mess. The eyes were as if it were ejecting fire and frightened Lei Zi to death.

’’I, I ... wrong room.’’ He let go of the big bag on his hand even before finishing his sentence, he then frantically ran out.

He didn't return to Chen Mu's place until dark.

He pushed the door and stepped in again. This time, it was like an entirely different room. The room was as clean as a new one;the scattered stuff was orderly organized in the corner of the room.

Chen Mu was bending down and collecting his things. He didn't look up, asking in a calm tone, ’’You're back?’’

Seeing Chen Mu not angry, Lei Zi instantly smiled, ’’Yes yes Isn't it because I miss you? So I immediately came back.’’ He sat down on a chair. The crooked chair immediately screeched to protest.

’’Where did you go? Did you have fun?’’ Chen Mu asked curiously. He had never stepped outside of the Eastern Citadel. His knowledge about the outside world was pitifully little.

’’Wonderful!’’ Talking about this, Lei Zi was extremely excited, ’’I went to FanA city in FanASi District. The magnificent Sicilio waterfall is indeed a humans' miracle. If you didn't see it with your own eyes, you wouldn't believe how majestic a sight of hundreds of big and small waterfalls could be when they appear right in front of you.’’

Like hundreds of giant silver color noodle strands? Chen Mu imagined for a while, but still couldn't come up with an answer. He then agreed with LeiZi, ’’It is indeed unimaginable.’’

’’Do you know what is the most famous building in FanASi District?’’ Lei Zi asked in a tone filled with enticement.

’’I don't know,’’ Chen Mu bluntly shook his head.

Lei Zi immediately showed a hint of mocking, ’’ I already knew that you wouldn't know. Tsk, it's true, such a wooden head like you wouldn't have any interest in this. This is one of the most brilliant masterpieces that the humans had made, the Chain of Bitter Temples!’’

’’The Bitter Temple?’’ Chen Mu confusingly asked, ’’The Bitter Temple among the Great Six.’’

’’Your lack of knowledge.’’ Lei Zi didn't bother to disdain him, ’’That place which is called Bitter doesn't only consist of that sole Bitter Temple. They are several of temples standing side by side, all gathered in one place. That is why it is called The Chain of Bitter Temples. The Bitter Temple is only a representative among them. In fact, many of the temples in there even have a longer history than the Bitter Temple.’’

’’Oh.’’ Chen Mu's half-understood-face immediately discouraged Lei Zi from continuing explaining to him.

Lei Zi and Chen Mu were two different types of people. Their interests were also entirely different. However, the two of them could believe and respect each other.

’’What are you so busy with lately?’’ Lei Zi looked around. The mess from before seemed to have left a deeper impression on him.

’’Creating Card,’’ Chen Mu handed Lei Zi a cup of water.

’’Any progress?’’ Lei Zi took the water cup and excitedly asked.

Chen Mu shook his head, ’’Nothing. There are too many problems.’’ During the past few days, he had put all of his effort, but he could only create one out of the twelve Cards. Moreover, he had wasted one-third of his materials. He was certain that the amount of remaining materials would never be enough to make all twelve Cards.

’’I can't help you,’’ Lei Zi shrugged while standing up, ’’I want to go and see how our Movie Cards are going. It will be good if we can sell one or two more.’’


Chen Mu hurriedly stood up. He looked as if he was itching to sell thousands of them right away. Money had made him gone mad. Card Creating was truly for burning money! All was money!


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