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Bu Ni Mi Wo Sasagete Hyaku To Yonen. Elf De Yarinaosu Musha Shugyou - Chapter 19.1


Leaving Arufareia

「Then Cheryl. Have you done everything you wanted in this town?」

「Un....not yet. But it's fine....」

The difficulty level of the request this time is a bit higher.

For me who has finished acquiring the funds for the trip, I stood on the edge of Arufareia.

Before our eyes, the boundary of the town was just a step away.

Although there were various Martial Arts masters in this town, it can be said that they weren't the cream of the crop. Iya, perhaps Ted could be considered the cream of the crop. When I see that muscular strength, I am reminded of my old self, and if he didn't appear in the middle of this trip, I may have received him as a disciple.

But this Ted, is no more than the first person whom I have met in this large world. An example of what kind of Martial Artists there are in this world. It can't be helped that it feels fun when I think about it. (TLN: この広い世界にはどんな武術家がいるのやら。それを思うとやはり楽しみで仕方が無い。)

Fumu──even though it was only a few weeks, this town was a lively town. (TLN: This 'town' is the 'Capital' after all...)

It feels a bit regrettable to leave now that I think about it.

If I was able to arrive at the pinnacle of Martial Arts, it would have been nice to spend my remaining life in such a lively town.

The warmth of the Elven race, after all, is preferable. (TLN: エルフの人々の暖かさと言うのは、やはり好ましいものだ。)

For a brief moment, there was hesitation.

The thought of 'why would I dare go down this road when I'm just going to be struck repeatedly'. (TLN: 思えば何故あえて打って打たれてを繰り返すこの道を降りぬのであろうか。)

If I just fought people with my fist like Chester, I could spend my life easily once I grasped the money.

Delicious meals can move one's heart after all, and with a spacious house, it would be a suitable place to take root.

Still, it's hard to get off the road of Martial Arts──

「Slava-kun, I had a lot of fun....」

As expected, it seems to have been a lot of fun.

This tough and steep road, advancing even one more step. With that alone, the next step becomes more maddening to overcome. (TLN: それだけで、次の一歩が狂おしいほどに待ち遠しくなってしまう。)

In the end, a Martial Artist──is a sadist, in addition to being a masochist. (TLN: Here's the line if you want to MTL it lmao ->結局のところ、武術家というのは──とんでもない嗜虐主義者で、また被虐主義者でもあるのだろうな。)

「Iya, it's fun to think ahead. Then, let us say goodbye to Arufareia.

──Farewell, Arufareia.」

「....Bai-bai. Arufareia.

....Nee Slava-kun, can we come here, again?」

「Maybe, if our trip is over, then we'll come. Do you want to see Ted's face before we go?」

「Un. I'm looking forward to it....」

To the city where we rested ourselves for a while, we said goodbye to two people. (TLN: 少しの間骨を休めた街へ、二人で別れを告げる。)

To the owner of the inn, Ted. As well as Phillips who I bid farewell personally.

Since I was challenged by many inexperienced Martial Artists, there were several people looking forward to next time. (TLN: 幾人もの未熟な武術家に挑まれたが、先が楽しみな者も数人は居た。)

Until my trip reaches a turning point, which is only a decade for elves, but there probably aren't any people who understand the weight of time. (TLN: 私の旅が一旦の節目を終えるまで、エルフにとってはたった十年ではあるが、さてどれほどの者が時の重みを理解できたか。)

If my trip is over, let's visit Arufareia once again after all.

See ya, eh. Making a vow in my heart, I took a step──and left the town of Arufareia.

With the help of the map that I bought in town, we walked on a somewhat fixed path.

Although it was a slow pace for the quicker-than-a-horse me, time seems to go slower this way, and it gave off a quaint feeling.

Cheryl runs fast, but she is still a child unlike Chester and I. There's a difference in speed, and even though I say little──her real age is 25 years old though──child, I don't plan on running all day long.

Foremost, there isn't a need to hurry there. Due to this, we walked leisurely along the journey.

There is still some time before the sun sets. Now then, how many days will it take to arrive at Natousha.


Watching her bouncing and hopping, Cheryl occasionally turns side to side.

Somehow, she doesn't seem to hate walking.

There would be a feeling of emptiness when I walk down a long road, but watching such a lovely child doesn't tire me out.

「Is it fun?」

「Very fun!」(TLN: At this point in time, the TL-er is thinking of putting an exclamation point and he DID)

Those languid eyes don't change, but the voice is lively. It must really be fun.

In such a state, a smile is invoked involuntarily. This is a really good child if you exclude her power.

I fear her bloodthirst and cruelty.

Even a mild-mannered Elf would frown upon seeing a Majin's child....huh. The relationship is shown in appearance once takes a glance.

That reminds me, I haven't seen that berserk state recently.

This may be the result of stopping before hitting during sparring.

....Fumu. To the extent of stopping suddenly, it causes some uneasiness. (TLN: あれほど起こしていたものがぴたりと止まると、かえって不安にもなるな。)

Stress should have accumulated.

「Hey Cheryl~ya」

Walking the long route, there was more exposure than usual──Cheryl who was dressed in a boy's clothes, stopped moving.

The gentle eyes of the girl, captivated me.

「....What is it?」

「Recently you haven't been flying into rage, is there no irritation?」

The stress, that accumulates from trivial things.

Let alone a girl of Cheryl's age, I don't understand what can cause abnormality the heart.

During the trip, I thought that such attention was necessary but──

「Uun, there isn't.

....There's Slava-kun, together with me under the sun.

That alone is amazing, because it's a lot of fun.」(TLN: I regret not being able to show what a cute legal loli Cheryl is)

Looking at the gentle smile that was as bright as the sun, it seemed to be an imaginary fear, so I let out a breath.

Although some immaturity still remains, she has grown up from the first time I saw her.

I wonder what this warm feeling is. (TLN: こんな暖かな気持ちは何時振りであろうか。)

──Really, it is the feeling when I see Alma, it's that kind of sensation. (TLN: Like watching someone or something grow up)

「Is that so. If Cheryl is enjoying it, that's good」

I unintentionally laughed.

Children keep one's mind at ease.

....In this life, perhaps it would be a good idea to get a wife. Maa, when I wonder about if a woman could like a man like me, I highly doubt it.

「Now, let's take a break.

The precious sandwich will become impossible to eat if it becomes too old.」

「Obento? ....Yatta!」(TLN: Oh Cheryl, so moe in writing. This basically means ’’Lunch? ....Yay!’’)

In any case, now. (TLN: ともあれ、だ。)

Currently enjoying this slow time, in addition to having fun. (TLN: 今はこのゆっくりとした時間を楽しむのも、また一興ということ。)

While feeling heartwarming feelings towards Cheryl who had a broad smile, I took a parcel out from the luggage.

Opening the parcel, there were some sandwiches inside.

Although it is only a dish with a bunch of ingredients stuffed inside of the bread, this dish still makes one's heart race.

Moving away from the sunny area, I sat down under the shade of a tree.

With a cool wind blowing, it was just the right temperature. It provokes sleepiness when the two are put together. (TLN: Tree shade + Cool breeze)

But we were currently more hungry than sleepy. (TLN: だが今は眠気よりも食い気だ。)

When I smiled at Cheryl who sat down next to me, Cheryl returned the smile.

I handed a sandwich to Cheryl, matched her timing, and bit into it.

....I see. The contents were smoked salmon and lettuce. (TLN: NO MAYO(CHIKI)!?!?)

The smoked salmon, made on wood chips, suffused a delightful smell that pleased the nose as well as fill the mouth. (TLN: Smoking guy from Soma anyone?)

It wasn't the taste of a simple fish, the taste had a maturity that came distinctly from smoking it while keeping the fish clean. There was also a salty taste that came from preparing the fish.

The salty flavor that was weakened by the lettuce and bread, though it is still salty as it is now, was able to be felt. (TLN: レタスとパンによって薄められたこの塩気、そのままであれば恐らく塩辛い、と感じていただろう。)

But with this bread with the fluffiness of clouds and extremely fresh lettuce, the sandwich was changed to just the right salty flavor.

In addition, the lettuce is placed wonderfully. The fresh lettuce releases a clear sound when I take a bite, releasing water from its collapsing fibers, washing away the fat and salty taste in my mouth. 'The salmon isn't the main role', it felt as if it were arguing that. (TLN: その役割は主役は鮭ではない、と主張するかのように完全だ。)

The texture of the smoked salmon disappears the moment you think about it. (TLN: かと思えば次は忘れるなとばかりにスモークサーモンの吸い付くような食感がやってくる。)

It hugs your teeth as if it wanted to stick to it, with a fleshy texture that makes one slightly regret letting loose one's teeth, and I let it go smoothly. (TLN: まるで抱きしめるように歯に優しく吸い付き、その肉厚な食感は歯を離すと僅かな未練を感じさせつつも、するりと離れていく。)

Sometimes the sticky texture is annoying. However, the fresh lettuce changed it into an enjoyable texture.

With the comfortable taste of the lettuce dissipating, the captivating taste of the fleshy salmon came forward.

Different joys alternating, a duet was played in my mouth.


Thus, it caused a simple word to come out. The word that was naturally said, just came out naturally like a ball of yarn being unravelled. (TLN: 故に、出るのはそんなシンプルな言葉だった。息を吐き出すように自然に出た言葉は、解けかけた糸のようにするりと消えていった。)

There were a multitude of words to express this taste. But after all, this is the only way to simply compliment it.

Oh dear, though I say that it is a simple dish, the euphoria is great. (いやはや、これほどまでにシンプルな料理だと言うに、この多幸感は大したものだ。)

Looking at her, even Cheryl's cheeks became loose. Although a lavish dish would bring the same amount of deliciousness, this sense of combination is able to produce such joy even without money. I can't help but say that there's a road to master in any field.

The contents are fish, so it should be eaten as soon as possible. Passing a sandwich, I remembered the face of the landlord of the inn, and suddenly laughed. (TLN: At this point in time, we cannot tell if the landlord of the inn is Ted or someone else due to raltzero's MTL JP)

Losing such taste, I guess I lost. (TLN: これほどの味を失ってしまえば、私は一つ損をしていたな。)


「Aa, the best」

Above all──in nature's warmth, eating a meal with a friend. (TLN: それに何より──暖かな自然の中で、友人と食べる食事だ。)

Delicious food and above all, a good atmosphere.

During the time that drifts slowly, we enjoyed this brief respite. (TLN: Because respite >rest)


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