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Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse - Chapter 101


Chapter 101

Chapter 101 - Wooden Token

’’Why did I exchange the devil's snare for this wooden token?’’

Lin Feng and Qian Zongguan walked away from the grill stall a little ways down the street . Lin Feng asked Qian Zongguan as he held the wooden token that he had exchanged for the devil's snare in his hands .

To Lin Feng, this devil's snare was something that he risked life and limb to obtain throughout the treacherous areas of the Tianheng mountains . Not only did Lin Feng have to face zombies and savage beasts all along his path, but was nearly robbed by a seventh class cultivator as well . Now he had been told to exchange the flower for this tiny wooden token that besides its fine engraving had no other significant features . It didn't look like something that was of equal value to all his effort and without Qian Zongguan hinting to trade it, Lin Feng hadn't even considered the exchange .

’’Sect master, this is indeed something great . ’’

Qian Zongguan responded to Lin Feng with a smile .

’’Elder brother Qian, hurry up and tell Bro Feng what this wooden thing is and stop keeping us in suspense . ’’

Nearby Dong Wu was starting to get impatient .

He had started to sober up, but when Dong Wu heard the old lady offer the wooden token in exchange for the devil's snare he felt like something was off as what she was offering didn't seem to be equal in value to what Lin Feng was offering .

Lin Feng was very kind to Dong Wu, letting him eat well and covering the costs of their operations . Before, Dong Wu couldn't afford weapons, but now he had three top of the line weapons in his apocalypse watch, all things that Lin Feng had given to him . If it weren't for Lin Feng, Dong Wu would still be in Zhanlang base and living in the slums without knowing whether or not he would survive the next day .

Dong Wu was already one of Lin Feng's followers and secretly took a vow never to drink again . Even though he had only caused a minor inconvenience today, Dong Wu wouldn't be able to handle it if he got drunk and made a big problem for Lin Feng later on .

’’Haha, sect master, you don't know but this is the token of Dongshan base and this humble servant thought that you should obtain it . ’’

Qian Zongguan smiled as he explained to his clueless master the power this token held .

A token of Dongshan Base?

LIn Feng looked at the wooden token in his hand, and if Qian Zongguan was correct than the ’’East’’ character that was carved on the front of the token referred to Eastern mountain base . Lin Feng had only been in the apocalypse for a month and didn't know if this kind of thing was normal . Lin Feng was still unsure but Qian Zongguan had insisted that exchanging the devil's snare for the wooden token would still be gaining a profit .

’’In Dongshan base the number of people that have a medal like this absolutely doesn't number over twenty . I have only seen this medal once a long time ago . ’’

Qian Zongguan recounted his experiences to Lin Feng as they walked .

’’The influence of this medal is very high, allowing for access to any part of Dongshan base and even allowing the mobilization of its guards . Only the highest ranking members of the base would have this medal, which is why I suggested that you try to obtain . ’’

Qian Zongguan explained this to Lin Feng as they returned to the house .

Lin Feng understood after he heard Qian Zongguan's explanation . It was because this medal had incredible influence that Qian Zongguan had winked and hinted for Lin Feng to try to obtain it .

Lin Feng didn't expect to be holding a medal so influential to Dongshan base, so much so that it was able to mobilize its troops . Something so rare and valuable that few could hold, it did seem that he profited from exchanging for this item .

The only question that Lin Feng had to ask himself was why the old lady had this kind of thing on her . She obviously knew the value of the medal and used it to trade for her son's life .

This meant that this medal was specifically given to the old lady . Lin Feng could tell from the lack of fluctuations coming from her body and from her age that she wasn't a cultivator . This meant that the old lady's son definitely had a high position in the base in order to give her something as important as this medal .

Lin Feng didn't expect that in the process of getting a bite to eat that he would run into this situation . After they entered Qian Zongguan's house, Lin Feng sat down on the sofa and sighed . Since he didn't have a use for it at the moment, Lin Feng put the medal into his apocalypse watch .


’’Elder Bro, Tianlong base has contacted me and reported that they have obtained have obtained a devil's snare . ’’

In Dongshan base's hospital ward, Feng San read a message from his apocalypse watch and relayed it to Feng Yi .

Feng Shi and Feng Wu had both been injured and in order to be healed they had been placed in Dongshan hospital's largest ward . The three other base leaders had come to check up on the injuries .

Feng Shi's injury was less serious . He had been injured by a crossbow bolt . Although the impact was large, the injury itself was small and hadn't hit any vital locations . After he was treated by the hospital there was no risk to his life, and after a few days of recovery he would be healed .

Feng Wu's situation was much more serious . Although his exterior wounds had been healed, he still had the mithril toxin in his bloodstream . His current condition was very unstable .

’’Oh? Who sent the report?’’

Feng Yi and Feng Er asked at the same time in response to Feng San . Even Feng Shi who was still bedridden had tried to ask .

Feng Yi and the rest shared deep feelings for each other . From the dawning of the apocalypse they had fought together and after three years of surviving they had established a medium sized base, Dongshan base . These few people had worked together to be able to make this happen and had grown closer through the process . Therefore when they heard that the life saving remedy had been found they all were pleasantly surprised .

’’It was Feng Wu's mother who sent the message from Tianlong base . Because she knew that he couldn't receive the message, she instead sent it instead sent it to me . ’’

Feng San explained to Feng Shi when he saw that Feng Shi had woken up .

Because they needed to be examined by the doctors and their apocalypse watches could interfere in some of the tests, Feng Wu and Feng Shi didn't have their apocalypse watches . The apocalypse watch shut down automatically when it wasn't on the body and couldn't receive messages .

’’My mother did? Did she explain how she obtained it?’’

Woken by the conversation, Feng Wu opened his eyes as he spoke .

Feng Wu wondered about his mother who was in Tianlong base . He had wanted to have her move to Dongshan base, but she didn't do it . Instead his mother had opened up a food stall in Tianlong base and Feng Wu couldn't do anything to change this .

But saying that his mother had obtained a devil's snare, Feng Wu couldn't believe it . His elderly mother who ran a food stall in Tianlong base, how in the world would she be able to obtain a devil's snare? Even if Feng Wu placed a devil's snare in front of her, his mother wouldn't be able to tell what it was .

’’She said that she was able to exchange something for it . She said that she was very grateful to that person but also took a photo of him so that you could thank him yourself . ’’

Feng San looked at his apocalypse watch and read the details aloud to the others .

’’Oh? Is there anything else? Bro San, let me see what kind of person it was . ’’

Feng Wu used the arm rest of his bed to prop himself up as he asked Feng San .


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