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Bringing The Nations Husband Home - Chapter 945


Chapter 945

Honestly, when Yang Sisi saw Xu Jiamu write "Song Xiangsi"on the paper, she had wanted to break down.

She didn't dare to say how much she loved him, or rather, that no woman would be able to be unmoved by such a remarkable guy.

Hence, when she saw the different styles of "Song Xiangsi"on the paper, it deeply cut into her heart.

When she knew all of his passcodes were Song Xiangsi's birthday, she was furious.

She was infuriated for being a substitute.

But after she heard his story, all the anger gradually dissipated. 

She wasn't moved by their story, she knew ones that were more moving, just like Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao’s, the shy crush from youth developing into a deep love that emitted bliss and warmth.

She was moved by his honesty, however. Even though his words were hurtful, they were better than a sugar coated lie. Besides, he didn't humiliate her like how rich people did - giving her money, a house, or cars.

Even though he hurt her, he was still able to give her respect.

Was she sad? A little.

But Yang Sisi blinked, then broke into a faint smile. She took a deep breath, struggling to keep the mood light. "Jiamu, even though I’m a little sad and disappointed that we can't be together, I'm glad that you didn't just use a random excuse to brush me off but rather explained the situation honestly.

"Wasn't there a saying 'easy come easy go'? Before we part, can we have one last meal together?"


Xu Jiamu didn't object to her request, driving her to the city to find the best club for lunch.

After they ate, it was already 3pm. Once they came out of the club, he asked, "Where are you going? I'll drive."

"It's fine."Yang Sisi laughed.

Xu Jiamu didn't force her, hailing a cab for her. Just before she entered it, she asked, "Have you considered getting back with Song Xiangsi? Isn't it a pity to just let her go?"

He chuckled warmly before his lips curled into a faint smile. "She's going back to America tomorrow."

There wasn't much emotion on his face, but Yang Sisi caught a glimpse of sorrow in his lowered eyes.

"You already rejected me, why not get her back?"

After a moment of silence, he replied hoarsely, "...She's married."

So, even though he knew he could no longer be with her, he still wasn't willing to find someone else to live out the rest of his life?

He was just thirty, a long way from death, to live alone for such a long journey... Just the thought brought a wave of heartache.

"What do "What do you intend to do in the future?"

Xu Jiamu lifted his head to glance up at the sky.

Even he himself didn't know what he planned to do... 


Even though Yang Sisi broke up with him easily, her heart was still hung up on him. The moment she boarded the cab, tears started to stream down her face.

What's weird was that she only knew him for a month, why would she be so upset?



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