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Bringing The Nations Husband Home - Chapter 912


Chapter 912

Just as the woman was about to put the ointment back into her handbag, Xu Jiamu suddenly asked, "What's your name?"

"Me?"The woman lifted her head and shot him a smile. "Sisi. My name is Yang Sisi."

Sisi... Xu Jiamu looked stunned for a moment, as he let slip, "Si, from Xiangsi?"

"Yeah, 'Si'from 'Sinian'."The woman seemed to like to smile. Without a word, she revealed a row of straight teeth, and held up the ointment to Xu Jiamu's face. "You'd better take this ointment... it's really good... otherwise your fingers will swell up so crazy tomorrow, you won't be able to hold your pen."

Xu Jiamu remained quiet for a while, then eventually reached his arm out to take the ointment and said in a gentle tone, "Thank you."

Then, he didn't go back to the living room of the party, but stayed to chat with Yang Sisi for a long time. She was quite bubbly, similar to the old Xu Jiamu. She enjoyed talking with her hands and feet, while Xu Jiamu leaned against the balcony railing and quietly listened to her.

From how she described it, she didn't come from a rich family. She was born in a small town in Hebei, she got into a medical school, and after graduation, she went to become a doctor at a hospital in Beijing. She earned just eight thousand bucks a month, so the only reason she had ended up in this party tonight was because her friend had invited her.

When the party ended, Xu Jiamu personally placed Yang Sisi in a taxi, sending her home to a shared room in the suburbs of Beijing.

The moment she got out the car, the two of them shared their numbers.

After the party, Xu Jiamu and Yang Sisi didn't see each other again. The two of them just texted each other.

Xu Jiamu saved her number as "Sisi"in his contacts. From then on, no matter what he did, no matter if he was in a meeting or taking care of clients, as long as "Sisi"sent him a message, he would reply.

In reality, Xu Jiamu and Yang Sisi started to get together a week later on her birthday. She invited a few friends for dinner, and also called him over.

That night, she got drunk. Xu Jiamu asked where she lived, but she incoherently slurred her words. In the end, he had to book a room at a nearby hotel for her. When he had to go through a check in and register Yang Sisi's details, he pulled out her ID from her bag, and handed it to the front desk to check in. When it came to write a name, he wrote without thinking "Song Xiangsi".

The tip of his pen stopped abruptly. After about ten seconds, he messed it up so the words were unreadable. In the space next to it, he carefully and neatly rewrote the words, "Yang Sisi".

Xu Jiamu escorted her into the hotel room, and then went back to Mian Xiu Garden.

After he took a shower, he laid in bed, but couldn't sleep all night.

He clearly told himself that he was going to start a new life, but... of all the women he could of gotten close to, why did he have to choose a woman called "Sisi".

He sent messages to "Sisi"everyday. Though he called Yang Sisi, "Sisi", but who was he really sending these text messages to and who was he really calling?


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