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Bringing The Nations Husband Home - Chapter 791


Chapter 791

"Mmmh, I understand."Lu Jinnian nodded his head calmly in acknowledgment as though he was listening to a report. But when he finally processed the words, he froze.

A hard to explain happiness exploded within him, spreading across his entire body. He raised his hands abruptly, grabbing onto his assistant’s arm. Full of agitation, he exclaimed in a shaking voice, "Qiao Qiao is pregnant?"

His assistant endured the pain in his arm, nodding his head violently. "Mr. Lu, congratulations! You’re going to be a dad now!"

The signing ceremony concluded, and the emcee was closing up the competition.

Lu Jinnian bolted upwards, startling his assistant. When the man realized that a huge crowd was staring at Lu Jinnian, he hurriedly raised his hand to tug at his sleeve. "Mr. Lu, you should sit first."

Lu Jinnian ignored his assistant, he flicked his hand away and walked out of the VIP section towards the stairs up the stage. Ignoring the restrains from the crew members, he took large strides onto the stage.

At that moment, the emcee was already done with his closing speech. Just as the audience was about to leave the grounds and the filming crew about to retrieve their equipment, they caught sight of a figure rushing onto the stage. The crowd directed their gazes back, and those that had already made their way way to the door stopped in their tracks, turning over. Even Qiao Anhao was intrigued, glancing over to the side of the stage.

The man had on a cap that shielded more than half of his face, and he was taking large strides through the stage heading towards her. He was walking against the light, which hid his features. 

Qiao Anhao could feel a strong force heading towards her but before she could react, he grabbed onto her elbow. Just as she was about to struggle out of his grip, she heard a familiar voice, "You’re pregnant?"

It was Lu Jinnian! But shouldn’t he be in the car waiting for her? Why was he here?

Qiao Anhao glance at him in confusion, and nodded her head. "Mmh, I found out yesterday, the baby is one month old."

Lu Jinnian felt his heart race, it was as though it was about to jump out of his throat. He stared at her with a fiery gaze. "Does that mean that I’m going to be a father?"

"Yea."Qiao Anhao nodded her head continuously, bliss spreading across her face.

"Why didn’t you tell me yesterday!"he exploded.

Qiao Anhao’s smile faltered from his outburst, it was just that she wanted to give him a surprise today.

She lowered her eyes in disappointment, but just when she was about to struggle out of his embrace, he bent down to carry her.

Qiao Anhao circled her arms around his neck instinctively, knocking over his cap.

The front row had a clear view of Lu Jinnian’s face, and they quickly fished for their phones to snap a couple shots. Two girls who had been sitting behind Lu Jinnian shouted out in excitement. "He was sitting in front of us just now!"


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