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Bringing The Nations Husband Home - Chapter 615


Chapter 615

He had intended to forget everything, so why would he suddenly reminisce about the sealed past?

It was probably because of her sudden reappearance.

He wanted to know why she would find him now when she was so ruthless back then…

He shook his head violently at that thought, closing the tap.

This was bad. He had used such a long time to forget her and had been trying to convince himself to cut off all ties, but just her reappearance was able to cause a stir in his heart.

If this went on, he would definitely make the same mistake… But such heartache and despair was too much to go through for a second time.

Lu Jinnian gripped the basin. He lowered his head and fell into deep thought. When he seemingly made up his mind, he pulled out a towel to wipe his hands before going back to the bedroom. He removed the shirt that was missing a button and changed into a new one before placing his few belongings back into his luggage. Reaching for the hotel phone, he dialed the counter. "Help me order the earliest flight to America, and I want to check out."

After hanging up, he scanned the room. When he was sure that there wasn't anything left, he closed his luggage and headed for the door.


After meeting Lu Jinnian that day, Qiao Anhao had sent up a new chat group with her, Zhao Meng, and Lu Jinnian's assistant.

The day she was chased out of Lu Jinnian's room, her first thought was to send a crying emoticon to the chat.

Zhao Meng's first reaction was [Qiao Qiao, what's wrong? You didn't succeed?]

Qiao Anhao raised her head to look at the tightly shut door before replying sadly, [No]

[Ah?] Lu Jinnian's assistant sent a shocked emoticon, then asked, [Miss Qiao, didn't you have a talk with Mr. Lu?]

[I wanted to, but the moment I mentioned Valentines Day, he became infuriated and even took hold of my neck in a strangling motion. He then threw me out of the room]

Zhao Meng who was a big fan of romance novels seemed to have forgotten the motive for the chat and sent a love emoticon. [Wa, best screen actor Lu is so cool, drools]

Lu Jinnian's assistant remained calm. [Oh, previously, when I mentioned Miss Qiao, Lu Jinnian was also immediately enraged! I was so scared that I couldn't continue.]

He then added quickly, [Miss Qiao, he's defending against you]

[I'll just wait at the entrance till he comes out...]

The assistant then wrote, [By my understanding of his personality, he probably won't give you an opportunity to speak.]

[Are you here to help me?]

[I'm, but I'm just stating the truth…]

After fan girling for a while, Zhao Meng suddenly sent out an emoticon showing disgust. [You two dummies! If he doesn't want to talk about the past, then don't! The more you try to bring it up, the more he will avoid you, and what if he suddenly goes missing again? I say the easiest method would be to sleep with him!]


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